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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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lightning strikes in west valley. we are watching the radar and we will have answers for your tomorrow. a look at the 70 for casting the 1st 10 minutes. phoenix police need your help finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a man. here is a live look at that area. you see crime tape. police currently have the intersection and many of the roads in moments ago we spoke with a friend was walking with the man who was killed. >> i went over there and looked, he was already gone. >> we are waiting on any information on the vehicle the fee -- police maybe looking for. i will have more details on what arizona more morning at 4:30. valley thieves ripping off thousands -- thousands of dollars. the 2 suspects are
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the homeowner is currently offering a $1000 reward. >> reporter: he wants to see the 2 are caught. they walked into this carport, found a piece of wood and towel, walked over here smashed out this glass, reached inside and unlocked it. they had no idea that every move they made was being recorded by a sophisticated video surveillance system. take a good look at these 2 young men. the arcadia homeowner says these 2 busted into his home before 2:30 am. they stole at least $30,000 worth of stuff. >> a lot of stuff i had to work hard to afford. that is difficult. >> reporter: his camera system uploaded video to the cloud shortly before video -- the
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was able to get detailed images of the burglars and use them in a detailed facebook post. >> more than anything and more concerned about them hitting other houses. i am angry. angry they came in here and walked around this house. >> reporter: the cameras captured an identifiable sartell it had to. as well as a tattoo of what looks like flames. throughout the video be seen and heard arguing. and cussing back-and-forth. >> i want to look around. >> stay out of trouble. >> reporter: you can also hear one of the burglars calling the other one michael. the victim thinks they may be responsible for other burglaries in the area and they
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we are tracking the latest developments of southern california where a massive wildfire is burning just outside of la. these live pictures are coming into the satellite center. this is called the blue cut fire. it has destroyed 40 scare miles. -- square miles. here of the fire lines on top of the ridge. 34,000 homes are under evacuation orders. many homeowners in the area have refused to leave. the fire i will have the latest tomorrow. an update tonight on breaking news brought to last night. about the topic was hit by a phoenix police squad car of getting ice cream. we are hearing from the ice cream truck driver himself who says he witnessed the patrol car hit the girl. police say the girl ran into the street after getting her ice cream and the officer who has 8 years with the department struck her and then rolled over
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the girl was rushed to the hospital and she is still in critical condition. >> i gave her a cherry cone. when i give a tour she asked me for another one. i went to open the freezer when i heard screaming. i closed the freezer and went to go look and that is when i saw the squad car. >> he said he stayed at the scene and feels horrible for everyone involved. police are investigating how the acci still no sign of 10-year- old jesse wilson. several searches have come up empty-handed. we did get new video in her police 1st dealt with jesse wilson running away back in april. >> reporter: after watching this video i saw a few things that stood out. 1st off he was shy. he didn't say much. he barely said his name. the other thing that stuck out was that when they asked him where he lived they refused to tell him.
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his house was to doors down. why did he keep running away? quiet and scared, jesse wilson did not say much as the officer speaks to him in a neighbor's garage. >> are you scared but he? a little bit? >> reporter: he did not say where he lived or the name of his parents. officers checked his name and found out it was 2 doors down. >> to have a child named jesse wilson? >> reporter: they find his mom and find out he snuck out through this window. during all of this he is still in the back of a police unit. an officer continues to talk to him. but he appears shy but is thanked of -- but he trill -- but he is still trying to find out why he snuck out. >> reporter: at no point did they go into the home. they interviewed the neighbor and mom. and then handed him over. >> 1st of all you know better.
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where a tipster accuse the boy's mother of starving her 5 adopted children. lease went to investigate and found plenty of food, the thing that stuck out was to kids who were strapped to their beds. she told the police that is because they kept getting out at night. police left the house saying there was nothing out of the ordinary. flagstaff police released this sketch as a cop and raped woman over the weekend. officers say he approached a woman in the car downtown and then convinced her to go to a secluded area and attacked. if you recognize the suspect please call flagstaff police. new details into what caused cardinals head coach bruce arians to be hospitalized. mark mcclune is live in san diego with answers.
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san diego. 24 hours ago we were in the dark about the future of bruce arians. he returned to the team today. he was on the field when cardinals started the practice. >> stomach pain and doubled over. which is what it does do. i thought it was a kidney stone. i've been diagnosed with diverticulitis. in my last colonoscopy. >> reporter: he is back in the practice field after a giant scare last night when he left qualcomm stadium in and amulets. -- amulets. -- ambulance. >> i had to check up on them and let them know i was praying. i'm glad he's okay. we have to take care of that guy. the heart and soul of the team.
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>> reporter: he has been on a strict diet and said he was surprised that this happened. once released from hospital he is sounding like himself. >> mad i missed the practice. a lot of good work was done. i will watch the tape. and move on. i tend to push it. but we will see how long we stay and it's nothing serious. >> reporter: we are waiting the news on whether he will coach friday night against the charges. just in from rio to american swimmers were pulled off a plane headed to the us. they will not have to stay in brazil. investigators are still questioning the claims of them being robbed. i can point. ryan lochte was with them on
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a judge in brazil wanted to seize all of their passports. >> was the 1st thing you're going to do? >> i'm not going to give any questions. please give me myspace. -- my space. >> maybe he was caught he told us to call his agent if we wanted an interview. let's look at the forecast. we have active weather. this is taking place in the farr west valley. a good deal of showers north of the i-10. look at the shower activity and thunderstorm activity up north into parts of prescott. along the 303 some thunderstorms pushing through and some showers you can see.
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together and move closer toward the phoenix area. we can use the rainfall. and air quality alert for tomorrow. a live look outside with mostly clear skies. the temperature is still warm. high of 109. the folks with respiratory issues, advisory. a lot of activity will take 6:00 a.m. , a few high thin clouds. a lot of activity in the afternoon mainly to the north. pretty calm conditions across the valley. another chance friday into saturday. seven-day forecast. 105 for tomorrow. a few clouds. friday into saturday 20% chance of afternoon showers. the temperature is cooling down below average over the weekend. you have everything you
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get some rest, but if you do you might miss out on white adele canceled her show tonight. it's got a great lawn in a perfect location. and out chase field is on the market. how technology is helping commuters say hello to a driver
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. sean mclaughlin , kris pickel, you are watching cbs 5 i know a lot of people were flying in from all over. it's the last thing i want to do but i have to look after myself. >> she does not sound good. a lot of disappointed adele fence. she posted this to her twitter account. she canceled her 2nd show at talking stick resort because she is sick. she promised fans she will
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your tickets or get a refund. chase field may be sold. the board voted unanimously to let negotiations begin on unsolicited offers. county leaders say selling the tax funded stadium is about keeping the diamondbacks here long- term. and protecting taxpayers the millions of dollars it will take to repair and upgrade the facility. >> arguments about what the taxpayer this removes that from the taxpayers. the taxpayer does not have to worry. they are not going to pay for it. >> the unknown group of investors wants to buy chase fields and cover the necessary upgrades to keep the d-backs downtown. the diamondbacks will negotiate directly with the potential buyer. part of the deal includes development all rights downtown for the private investment
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and now live report on the potential impact. >> reporter: we know this east coast investment group wants to create a sports and entertainment district surrounding chase field. when they say would enhance the downtown area. beyond that, we don't know much about what this development would look like and exactly where it would be. a click -- a quick glance shows it's mostly parking lots and warehouses. there is ple r there are a few bars nearby. one is alice cooper's. it opened the same year as tasted. over the 18 years they have seen a number of businesses closed their doors. the general manager says jump starting development would be huge. >> we are in the back alley. south of the arena. there is not much back here.
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businesses that would be great. >> reporter: the gm says 60% of their businesses come from games at the stadium. 40% comes from foot traffic. finding ways to boost foot traffic on nongame days would help. we don't know much about the investment firm but we know it's called stadium real estate partners and it has no connection to the diamondback ownership or to their investment. that would make this sale unusual because in most cases stadiums are owned by taxpayers or by the teams themselves. we have answers on what the cardinals head coach 37 -- what can to the hospital. a doctor says it's important to be on a high-fiber diet with diverticulitis. it is small pockets in the
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even the smallest bits of stool can catch in those areas leading to infection and inflammation. >> the abdomen becomes hard trying to protect the inflamed area of the colon. constipation is extremely common. nausea, vomiting and fever. >> the doctor treatment is antibiotics. as long as there no perforation or bleeding. the olympics have people thinking about the zika virus. scammers are trying to take advantage. now a warning about zika virus protection claims. >> the federal trade commission is really cracking down on this. they sent letters to 10 online marketers warning them against making bogus claims about their buttocks ability to protect
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some are peddling wristbands, others stickers and patches. they claim these will protect wearers from the mosquito borne zika virus. it causes flulike symptoms in some but also has been linked to serious birth defects. consumers need to know these products are bogus according to the organization. there is not sufficient scientific evidence indicating these products are effective in protecting consumers from mosquitoes. the ftc is warning that these statemmu clinical testing. they are urging companies to review claims or delete and change them now if they cannot be substantiated. there are no vaccine to protect zika virus. the best way to protect yourself is to use insect repellent with deet in them. forget about the bogus products. if you want me to check out a scam, download our app.
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more children are ending up at the hospital because of stroller related injuries. that according to a 21 study. 361,000 kids ages 5 and under went to the er. the most common injuries our children falling from a stroller or carrier. followed by the products tipping over. >> are generally safe however injuries to occur in these can be serious. >> researchers always buckle up children in the stroller, lock the wheels and don't hang heavy bags on the handles. getting social during your evening or morning commute, a new app that lets you connect with other drivers. it's called car mafic. it's tender for drivers. users sign up to get messages. if someone cuts you off or if you notice someone, you can give them a piece of your mind or a message by sending a text.
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message. what about safety? >> realistically people will be doing this while they are driving. >> do you think? we want to know what you think. give me a comment on facebook or tell us about the safety issues that were you with this app. # cbs5az. we have another check of your forecast coming up. had to share this a lightning strike which looks like t rex. it was spotted over the petrified forest in northeastern arizona. the department of the interior posted this picture. have you more caffeine for tomorrow, sean mclaughlin is setting his alarm clock for 2:30. >> i am on the downhill slope.
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today's to wake up with me.
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: some activity to the west of us. we will zoom in closer. that rain e of buckeye heading toward whitman. we do have some showers. right along the 303 moving up. we will wake up tomorrow morning with a few high thin clouds. it 80s in phoenix. temperatures in the upper 80s in the us who.
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high temperatures, 72 in flagstaff. 105 here. >> -- have a tendency to push it. but will go out today and see how long. >> reporter: good news today in san diego. bruce arians is back on the practice field 24 hours after being rushed to a local hospital. he was diagnosed today with diverticulitis. he surprised everyone when he walked into the media room. take a look at the video from practice. there he is back on the practice field. he stayed for half a practice. the cardinals wrapping up today's workout. they get tested today. scrimmaging each other in training camp for the past 2
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>> i feel like that is what we did. we came out here and played the game in a how to play. >> trying to cover gates it's different. i feel like we really got better. across the board. >> reporter: the cardinals will get a workout tomorrow. and we will hear whether bruce arians is going to coach again if you've seen a familiar face days ken catching up at qualcomm stadium. he led the cardinals franchise to the super bowl. >> we had a good run. we one some playoff games and had success. we are grateful to the fans for their support.
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bruce and the players have worked hard. they worked hard when i was there and it's good to see them have success. >> reporter: let's go to chase field. diamondbacks against the mets. how about back-to-back home runs. ricky and he has money, -- each hits 2 home runs and the diamondbacks win big. that will do it for sports.
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an artist in dallas has created a real-life pokimon go. she leaves them at poke stop's. look how cute they are. they are well done. the players find them, she says that is the way they have something. >> a little creative. nice work. tracking your tomorrow.
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that is awesome. you can see the rainbow in the distance. a height for tomorrow up to 105. we will start the morning in the mid-80s. >> i will see you in a few
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(jet engine reving up) you hear that?
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>> stephen: all right, time for another show. senator sanders! wait a second. you were my guest on last night's show. >> the struggle for justice continues. i still have a path to being on tonight's show. >> stephen: sir, i'm like-- i'm sorry. that's-- that is just not going to happen. >> too late. here i am. ( laughter ) >> tonight, stephen welcomes kevin hart. taylor schilling. and rupaul charles. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for "the late


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