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tv   The Hollywood News Report  CBS  August 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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natalie: hello and welcome to "hollywood news report." i'm natalie storrs. your cinema guide for what's going on in movies today. we're getting hollywood's hottest stars to give us an exclusive in-depth look at their latest films. join us as we capture hollywood's a-listers behind the scenes and on the red carpet. only on "hollywood news report." where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. >> you're very brave. did you know that? you might be the bravest boy i've ever met. ? >> mewelde's funniest comedians
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funniest comedians were out in support of "sausage party." >> 10 years ago we came one the party and wrote the movie for three years and tried to sell it for around three years. and then we've been actually making it for around four years. >> we had two different ideas. the idea to make a move called "sausage party." just a title. and we really wanted to do an r-rated animated thing and we realized it was the perfect combination. >> there are elements but it's changed a lot and if anything just gotten pushed every boundary. these guys, they want to do groundbreaking stuff and they can do it. there's not a lot of people that can do that well. and they've done it. >> they threw eggs at me and threw food at me and said this is what the next movie is. come do it with us. >> once you see the film there was no limit to this. i'm very surprised. it is a very -- a very nasty, dirty, filthy film but very smart and those guys have threaded the needle in a very interesting way.
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and the actors only them. so they can really focus on just their own performances. because of that we get them to say some very messed up things. >> they brave the my seas together in the finest hours. now actors ben foster and chris pine are reteaming to save the family farm by any water." >> those banks loan the least they could so they could swipe your mama's land. >> too big. >> that's what she said. >> they took everything from your family. this is your chance to take it back. >> on the ground! >> taking it back with their own money. >> if that ain't texan i don't know what that is. >> with an action film, and something like star trek a different beast and a lot of it is taking care of the narrative and driving the story. and with this there's a bit
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people be people. and watch people being people. >> ? people love people ? >> either you don't like somebody and that has a charge or you do. and that has a charge. more fortunate in our circumstance for -- we're pals so getting to work with somebody you like is more pleasant no matter what job you have. >> any idea how much i owe debbie in child support? >> you got enough in your front pocket to fix that problem right now. >> can't spare it. you know that. branch. >> you know you talk like we're not going to get away with this. >> i've never met nobody that ever got away with anything. ever. you? >> why in the hell did you agree to do it? >> because you asked, little brother. >> we rob banks. >> we rob banks. >> that's not a nice thing to do.
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>> it is robbing, yeah. >> not nice. >> i don't think taylor sheridan wrote the scrent was trying -- not a black and white morality play. and i don't think he's condoning what these brothers do. as much as just presenting what happens in real life. and what the outcome of screwing people over like this could be. >> the big short is telling you what it was like on wall street i hope our film tells you a little bit about what it's like on main street. and i -- i grew up really very privileged in california. and to go to these small really affected real people was eye opening for me. and i think the job of art or good art is hopefully put a mirror up to society and show us what's happening and what we're doing and how we can change. >> and other than a good bank heist film is saying real things about real life. >> love you, toby. mean it.
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>> you want to get us killed? natalie: when we come back, more from hollywood's biggest films. only on "the hollywood news
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natalie: we've returned and we've got a lot more movie news to show. only on "hollywood news report." >> it was a night full of laughter and singing as meryl streep and hugh grant premiered
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and her dream of becoming an opera swinger. "florence foster jenkins." >> i think that her appeal is something beyond bad singing. i think it has to do with just the love of the thing itself and wanting to give it. the thing that she loved more than anything in the world. unfortunately she couldn't deliver. >> as a project, it was irresistible and it was merril concept of making a film. it was clear that "florence foster jenkins" is a funny character. i used to laugh at her cassette tapes in my 20's. but to find out who the real person was and how she got like that and why she was so famous, seemed to be a great concept. but the part is actually a lovely part for me. because it's got -- he's ultimately a good man who adores her.
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and we wonder for some of the film, is this a good guy or is it not? >> she made me feel better all the time which is remarkable because sometimes i'm inconsolable with self-doubt. you know, there was -- there was a particular scene that we shot. and i think we both kind of -- it was -- the whole thing was great fun. everything. but sometimes challenging. and sometimes -- and i got a little emotionally taxed. and a little filled with doubt. and i cou s she was sort of -- we didn't know what we would end up with in this scene. and we both kind of walked away, oh, gosh, and i said, well, you know, here's to giving up and she said no, no, no, here's to giving in and a wonderful moment of just realizing that we're all filled with these fears and concerns and you just -- you give in to them. that's part of the job. that's actually i think why we do what we do. is to kind of live in that feeling of -- it's a very human
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but ultimately a treat. a massive treat. and not every day you get to work with the proper -- class fible genius. >> i don't know if she was confident as much as she was eager. eager to give this -- this great joy that she took in music and she just wanted to communicate it. it's a true amateur. somebody who is doing it not a lot of money. but to -- for the joy of it. >> he's an oscar winning actor and accomplished singer-songwriter best known for miss laid back persona on and off the big screen. now, jeff bridges is riding shotgun with gil birmingham to
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in "hell or high water." >> woo! >> did you hear about these bank robbers? you may get to have some fun before they send you off to the rocking chair yet. >> i may have one left in me. >> i always love it when a movie kind of transcends its genre. and a modern day western. and often in westerns, one of the themes is the times they are a changing. whether it's automobiles coming in or whatever. and in this case it's banks owning most of the land and risk of losing their homes and causing people to do some desperate things. like robbing banks. >> reckless is what it is. >> i'm telling you. >> i don't think these boys is reckless. damn sure ain't tweakers. and they know exactly what they're doing. >> i don't know now you're going to survive without somebody to outsmart -- >> you need a hobby. and quick. >> droifing back from one location, david said yeah, we
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position and go, guys. and we just stayed in character and talked. >> i come from a family of teasers. and it was always a display of affection. i could see that. and that's the spirit in which my guy kind of meant it, i think. >> and display how well he knew this guy. and i can push your buttons and they're going to get your reaction. and have fun with each other. >> i come from a law family. and my father was a military policeman for 30 years of his er so i kind of lived that part of it. >> and i was fortunate enough to hang out with joaquin jackson who's a famous texas ranger who died recently. but he was so helpful. and also taylor sheridan who the screenwriter, his cousin. mark mack narm was a marshal and very helpful. and this screenwriter knows what he's talking about and
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i figured. >> no record and never been arrested and you don't fit the bill, marcus. natalie: we'll be right back with more of your favorite stars. right here on "the hollywood
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natalie: we're back. now let's take a look at some more films only on "the hollywood news report." >> disney rolled out the green carpet in hollywood to welcome
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>> there was a day on set when i thought to ride on the back of elliott and i kept shrieking the whole time. and i'm in my mid 30's. and i'm riding on a dragon. it's -- it's incredible. because when i was a kid, my grandmother would bring me to disneyland at least once a year. and -- and, you know, it just brings me back to my childhood. in more ways than one actually. >> it was really, really fun. you get to imagine all sorts of sorts of stuff. and it's really, really cool. finally seeing it as a finished product. the film, i mean. and even the dragon is just mind blowing. >> a truly special experience. david lowry, the director, created this amazing world. he's not really specific time period but set in a time before technology. like we know it today. so to live in that, be in new
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special experience. this dragon makes you feel a lot of things. and not just an animal. feels like your parent and your best friend from school. and feels like -- feels like so many things. so i don't know how they do what they do. >> you can do anything you imagine these days. so very important to limit yourself. and to find the boundaries at which point -- if elliott did certain things this movie he would cease to feel real. and everything else in the movie is so real. and it went -- we went to a real florist and real locations and make sure weer breaking his character. and breaking the rules of what a real dragon could do. if a dragon actually existed. >> for more than 5 years, robert redford -- 55 years robert redford has been a producer, actor, director and environmental activist and his role in "pete's dragon" shows
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>> how word travels in this town. how long has he been out there? >> six years. >> you don't survive in a forest for six years. alone. >> he says he wasn't alone. >> there was a time when i was starting out in the industry when i started out in the theater in new york, and then it went into live television, in new york. and then it television. and then into film. so i had a history of doing a lot of work. and when i was doing television work, sometimes i do two in a week. and i realized that it's so invirg rating -- invigorating but you don't stop and take yourself back to zero and i felt it was always important to be able to stop and take yourself back to your original starting point.
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and then start again. and that -- that keeps you going. that's revitalizing. if you just keep going, going, going, without taking a break. you burn out. and you lose your objectivity. and your imagination begins to get tired. you stack this up against all is lost there's quite a lot of denis and it was so -- of different and it was so unexpected. the idea it allowed me to return to my own childhood. you lose that -- when we lose childhood something gets lost. we become adults and we look back. and oh, gosh, i m you can't wait to be an adult when you're a child but when you're an adult and gosh, i miss that time. so this film was a chance for me to return to that moment. in my childhood. and that felt great. >> scaring the kids again dad? >> no, no, no. just giving minimum a leg up on what's out there in those woods. >> the dragon set upon me. >> >> i drove it home. >> scake the kids again, dad? >> no, no. just giving him a leg up on
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woods. >> i accepted that's what my role in life is a story teller and this is following along that line and felt good to be a real story teller in -- and it felt very comfortable. and you're dealing with subthemes and nature and animals. >> you're very brave. did you know that? >> bad mom. >> here's this week's rundown of the top five movies in the u.s.a. >> 32 kills. >> people were a lot safer because of what you did. >> you're very brave. did you know that? you might be the bravest boy
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>> children! >> let's play. >> you got something better to do? natalie: there's more hollywood
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in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x. >> in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled
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>> i don't know that an insurance theme come he can book is what we're looking for. >> did i mention he can save people nearly $600? >> you haven't heard my catch phrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. natalie: thanks for joining us again. now let's get back to more entertainment news. only on "the hollywood news
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>> for most of his movie career he's been the good guy. saving the world in films like "independence day." "then black" and "irobot" and will smith is joining an elite group of supervillains known as the suicide squad with jay hernandez and cara delevingne. >> this is the deal. you're going somewhere very bad. >> wo! >> to do something that will get you killed. >> much more of an ensemble and great for me to be in this position. i'm used to being in every scene and taking on a film. there's a whole lot more work that i usually have to do. and in this, with an ensemble cast, it actually freed me up to make friends. you know what i mean? >> yes. >> yeah. >> that's so true. >> a really special, special thing. >> that's his superpower. creating an environment where actors can explore themselves and flair characters and really
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like a director. but he understands human behavioral psychology in a really special way. that's fun to be a part of. >> you seen when they do open brain surgery. and they touch some little part of the brain and somebody starts twching twitching. -- starts twitching. >> that's what he does to us on the set. >> dissecting us. >> something in your ear -- >> i said yesterday, he gets into our brains, and makes wine like he's making grapes. just -- and makes some really good wine. >> comes out of your nose. >> exactly. >> and probably didn't need to add that. >> that was excessive. -- enchan tres. she has walked this earth for a very long time and will likely be here when we're long gone. >> this meeting is now a magic show? >> major not this girl can do some pretty incredible things. >> it was fun to see that kind
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actor is different. everyone has their own process. but i definitely watched some of joker and harley's scenes and he would pick on people. it was phenomenal. >> some days jared is not going to make it. jared, he's in too deep. he's in too deep. >> and can't come back from what just happened. >> you can't go full joker. >> never go full joker. >> seriously. >> he did some wild stuff and set the bar for the actors. he was4- months. full joker. so the joker jokes. and he was out on the edge with some of those jokes. >> especially since he was in and out for six months. he was bad for six months and walking around new york when he wasn't -- going to the gallery. like seeing his mom. >> bye-bye. >> what are you going to do? >> you want to see something. >> you want to see something? >> yes, i want to see something! >> i was just trying to get you there. no hard feelings, right?
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>> mears a look at this week's worldwide box office numbers. >> jesus christ that's jason bourne. >> why would he come back now? >> mind your own business. what happened to you? >> you're going somewhere very bad. >> wo! >> and do something that will get you killed. natalie: that's it for this week. please join me "the hollywood news report" where news is entertainment and
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing.
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