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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  KPHO  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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another early morning storm in the valley. president barack obama is on the ground in louisiana getting a firsthand look at the flood devastation. an update on the girl critically injured when she was
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you for joining us. for the first time we're getting an update on the three- year-old hit you police vehicle after getting ice cream from an ice cream truck. this happened last week. >> reporter: a news conference took place in this room earlier today with two attorneys representing three-year-old vanessa the girl that you see on the screen who was tragically hit and run over by a phoenix police cruiser one week ago. rl whose life changed in an instant. her parents visibly in pain as there daughter remained in a sleep state under intensive care at phoenix children's hospital. one week ago it was light outside her family's attorneys say when vanessa was with her mother brother and sister buying ice cream from a truck part in front of there house. -- their house. >> the ice cream truck parked along the same side of the road in front of the cruiser along
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it is our understanding that there were no vehicles in between the police cruiser and the ice cream truck. >> reporter: moments after purchasing the frozen ice cream girl was hit and run over by an officer's vehicle. >> vanessa was dragged under the police cruiser while her head and the side of her face were scraped up against the asphalt. >> reporter: thus far vanessa did not run out into the street or dart out into the street. >> reporter: when asked how the tragedy occurred if vanessa did not run into the street, here's how one of the attorneys responded >> that is a fair question unfortunately that is not one we can answer right now. >> reporter: the parents did not speak during today's news conference but shared this pre- recorded statement. >> i appreciate that everyone
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>> reporter: you would like to help with the ongoing medical expenses just visit the website on your screen. they have a gofundme account set up in the family will also be periodically updating you on vanessa's condition. we did reach out to phoenix police to see if they would like to respond and at this point we're waiting to hear back. a car crash shut down part of the loop 202 during the morning commute. this happened in the far east valley. look at the scene from the penguin air and plumbing news chopper. the yellow car is a must a miata nearly cut in half by the impact. the driver critically injured. the street was shut down southbound lanes for about one hour while the wreckage was cleared. a couple lost their home and dog when the fire tore through their apartment overnight 20 avenue and indian school. flames from the apartment caused a lot of smoke to spread
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woman tried to go back for her dog but firefighters held her back because of the fire -- the cause of the fire is still under investigation. storms came through the valley this morning but you might have missed it entirely. this was far east valley near apache junction. there were pockets of rain across the valley before sunrise. mother nature certainly is giving us a good lightning show. look at these pictures from the across town. a transformer got your 32nd st. and mcdowell knocking out power for over 1000 people. the power came back on quickly. en joins us with the rest of the forecast. showers mainly in the north valley but our viewers are sending in some great pictures. eric nice shot over the mountains. and you can even see the
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let's look at the time lapse. showers and then clearing and then more cloud cover to the four n. all in all the valley is looking dry right now. there is cloud cover that is helping hold down our temperatures. clear but clouds in the north and a few showers around in the. we are seeing lightning in the prescott seeing some rain as well. and places like payson and show low all seeing some thunderstorms this afternoon. flagstaff most of this has been to the south not ruling out thunderstorm. temperatures around the state no one is in 100 degrees.
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cloud cover downtown phoenix. we get to about 98 and the clouds have helped hold down our heat. we could still see a stray shower but what about tomorrow? the full forecast coming up. in the search for the phoenix serial killer police are actually investigating one tip that one of our crews gave them. we started a suspicious car at the scene of at the time they were catherine footage of 30 street and sheridan when they spotted this older model black bmw with front end damage. on july 11 this is the driver of a black bmw opened fire on a car at that same intersection and nearly hitting a man and his four-year-old nephew. we spoke with that man and he said he saw coverage on social media before the attack. >> i think a lot of people feel this way that that will never
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we have to stay alert because it can happen to anyone >> that man and his nephew were not injured. here is another look at the sketch of the suspect. if you know who this man is call the number on your screen. there's a $50,000 reward and we all the submission on our facebook page and mobile app. president barack obama is in louisiana now firsthand look at the devastation left behind by the recent deadly at historic flooding. don champion reports. >> reporter: president barack obama landed in baton rouge around noon today and visiting the region after devastating floods killed at least 13 people . cleanup is underway with clearing debris will take months. recovery will take years. >> we wanted to come back home book --.
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people have registered for emergency federal aid. >> we don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: people tell cbs news they want to ask the president for help me on financial assistance. there has been a call for outside volunteers to help with the massive cleanup effort. 80% of people in louisiana do not have flood insurance. >> i don't know what they will do. they need assistance. they need money from fema and attention. >> reporter: mr. follows a stop by donald trump friday the republican nominee criticized the president for not cutting short his vacation on martha's vineyard. >> obama ought to get off of the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: louisiana democratic governor dismisses the decision saying security resources were needed elsewhere. a prosthetic leg found
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is now on its way back to its rightful owner. we told you about the story a couple of weeks ago. it was found to the salt river and he's been trying to track down the owner ever since. posting about it on craigslist and read it. someone in phoenix some story but did not think anything of it until a client came in without his leg saying he lost it. they connected all the dots and called us and we called perkins and he was happy to drop it off. > hands and back to the proper owner. >> it remains to be seen if the patient will be able to still use that leg but we're told he's excited to get it back. the staff are already in the process of making him a new one. coming up well into the campaign season hillary clinton is still answering questions about emails. and donald trump is still talking about immigration. his stance is shifting.
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road without anyone behind the wheel. it might be the future of our roads. the earphones ready. we're giving away tickets to see the phoenix mercury take on
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50 years ago today we got our first real view of the earth. spacecraft circling the moon. a storm is looking for smooth areas on the moon's surface as a possible landing site for later missions. on august 23 the lunar orbiter sent back this image of the cratered surface. the white spot in the background is earth. some sad news this evening. a soldier was killed in afghanistan today during a nato
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working with the afghan army in the southern part of the country when they hit a roadside bomb. one american soldier died and another was injured. six afghan soldiers were also injured. this is the first major american deployment in the area since foreign forces withdrew two years ago. officials say the taliban still control about 80% of the region. hillary clinton struggled with questions about email and donald trump loosens his position on deporting undock it weijia jiang has the latest. >> we have released 30,000 so far so with a few more? >> hillary could to try to laugh off the latest developed in her email controversy. a federal judge ordered the state department to review 15,000 additional emails to the fbi discovered during its investigation of her private server and release them to the public. >> have you considered using facetime set of email?
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>> actually i think that is a good advice. >> reporter: the judge's ruling says her emails -- keeps her emails in the news >> until election day in that's not something in the candidate wants. >> reporter: donald trump is calling the email episode another clinton lied. he's focusing on immigration this week. >> were going to build a wall. >> reporter: but he is no longer saying he wants to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the us. >> the first thing we if and when i win is get rid of all of the bad ones and as far as everybody else we're going to go through the process >> reporter: he also told hispanics and african-americans to vote for him because he says the democrats have failed them he is struggling to win over support from both demographics. let's look at wall street. of about 38 points and also you
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but it still wouldn't be cheap. tesla is now offering two-year leases for the model s. you can make a down payment of $7000 and pay $593 a month. they say it's a two-year lease is one of the most common customer requests. uber is getting bigger. they bought a company called auto it's designed systems to make a big rigs drive themselves. runs on closed roads now and heading out into traffic with a human in the driver seat in case of an emergency. brooklyns the technology for its ridesharing service. in a few years they may not need drivers at all. >> self-driving technology will be like smartphone technology of the last 10 years. it will show up quic things dramatically. >> truck drivers present operate only on highways and
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of the highway. barbra streisand is asking for and getting a change in the iphone. she noticed when series has her name she pronounces it with like a z. it's pronounced with it s. she called apple ceo tim cook to complain and he says when series gets an update on september 30 they will fix the issue. undergraduates can no longer drink hard liquor on stanford university. the been included hard alcohol at more than beer and wine are still allowed. this decision comes months after former stanford swimmer brock turner was sentenced to six month in jail for sexually assaulting a woman after a party. both had been drinking that night. the school insists this policy is not directly related to the turner case. rescue crews in pittsburgh had to save a man who got stuck between buildings overnight.
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just met. they met at a bar and went to the roof and he tried to show off by jumping from one group to another and did not make it. he slid down getting stuck in a narrow gap. it took firefighters three hours to tear through the brick wall of the restaurant to pull him free. he had an ankle injury was otherwise okay. i'm sure his ego was far more bruised. >> that is how people are impressing women these days? >> whatever happened to a magic trick. >> or the pickup line. maybe he's a superhero. >> maybe it was spiderman but we will confirm. let's look outside. -- look at this picture rain in the grand canyon. rain or cloud cover in the grand canyon during sunset makes for some beautiful pictures. thank you lord for sending this to our facebook page.
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twitter or instagram. here is the time lapse. looking toward the san francisco peaks. the rain showers are moving along and they have been in the clouds most of the day. right now this is the current picture. you cannot even see the mountain. here is a live look in phoenix. we have our own cloud cover and that is helping with the temperatures. some showers moving along your the anthem area creek. thunderstorms were active this morning. prescott you are seeing some rain and more on the way. nothing severe and there are no flooding issues. active in places like snowflake and show low. as far as the rest of the day goes the mountains and the northeastern part of the state
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next few hours. we could see one of them click the northeast part of our county so we're going to keep a slight chance of storms in the valley. and some could see storms this evening. but you can see it is picking up and moving north and east. for the monsoon 2.13 inches and normal is 1.8 and we still have some time to go so on track as far as monsoon 2016. temperatures 90 degrees in august. you cannot beat that. even the usual hotspots are doing okay. 90 bullhead city. 90 phoenix. we have cloud cover and the slight chance for storm. we get to about 98 today and if the clouds hang out it might only be 97. anything below 100 is great in august. a drying tech trend wednesday
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for some storms friday and saturday. moisture will enter the state once again and we will see temperatures climb but nothing very crazy. average high is 104 this time of year. some rafters encounter the crosswind adam goodman into another country. that is next.
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start dialing phoenix
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sparked. the game is a talking stick arena august 20. the number on your screen. fifth caller wins the tickets. 1500 people in michigan took part in the port huron float down and they were blown off course to the other side of the st clair river. the problem is that that side of the river is in canada. some of the people sealed off the rest and try to i hassle of landing in canada without id. the rafters were rounded up by several agencies including canadian coast guard and taken by bus back to the us. on the panda watch is a panda birthday party. the panda celebrated her birthday today. her child had her first birthday last week. they got to share a special
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a live look at the santa monica. in california. it starting to move into fall
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98 today. that's because of the cloud cover has helped temperatures down. slight chance for storms this evening and we dry out for couple days and then storms reenter the picture. all in all temperatures are right where they should be. happy campers. thank you for joining us. see you again on the news at
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? >> wyatt: this is not the solution, steffy. >> steffy: there is no solution. that's why i have to go. >> wyatt: i know my mother is a huge problem. but she doesn't have to be the end of us. i won't accept that. she won't destroy our marriage. we'll figure it out. >> steffy: i can't -- i can't do it anymore. >> wyatt: so we'll figure something else out! >> steffy: okay, tell me. tell me one thing we haven't tried. any way to get your mom out of our lives. tell me. >> wyatt: i know this is hard for you. my mother and your grandfather. trust me, i get it. i get why you're fed up and you're totally freaked out right now, but steffy, come on. i can't, i won't -- i won't let you walk out that


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