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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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tragic accident the put a 3- year-old girl in hospital. she suffered life-threatening injuries after a phoenix police officer ran her over in a cruiser. tonight a lawyer for the family is raising new questions over whether that officer is to blame. >> reporter: it was right here on this street where that little girl got run over by a phoenix police car. today attorney's painted a very different picture. the 3-year-old remains in a valley hospital tonight with extensive head and brain injuries. the child was run over by a phoenix police car one week ago today. near camelback and 72nd avenue. the mom and dad have set up a go fund me page >> i appreciate everyone praying for my daughter and my family. so she can get better. >> reporter: phoenix police said
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out into the street and was hit by the police cruiser. >> as you can see -- >> reporter: this morning attorneys for the child's family disputed what happened. >> investigation shows she did not run out into the street, or dart out into the street. as has been reported. >> reporter: family attorneys claim the police cruiser was behind the ice cream truck the early evening when it was light out. at some point the police car pulled out construct the girl. if the 3-year-old did not run into the street how did she get run over? family attorneys are clearly implying the police officer is to blame. we reached out to the police department to get their side of the story. we're told they are not commenting at this time. also developing tonight police are investigating an overnight shooting that involved a young couple out walking their dog. the 24-year-old man and his
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ties when they say a man came up, exchanged a few words and shot the man. the victim is expected to be okay. the woman and dog were not hurt. police are now looking for the shooter. he is described as either black or hispanic 5 foot 7 inches, police say this incident is not connected to the so-called serial street shooter. there is a $50,000 reward to catch that serial killer. this is a sketch tried to 7 murders around phoenix. if you know anything call silent witness. you can remain anonymous. tonight a freshman is sharing the story that almost made her miss the t day of college. catherine parker says she is supposed to move to flagstaff on thursday. but only recently learned was a snag getting her transcript to
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going to go to school and i really don't want that to happen just because of a small mistake. >> after frantic calls to her high school and cbs 5, administrators sent a new transcript through certified mail. parker is part of the 1st graduating class from collegiate academy. administrators say bags are not o her message to new students, double check and don't be afraid to call if you have questions. and aps worker is in the hospital after being shocked on the job. he came in contact with an electrical line. he was rushed to the hospital, the worker was in a bucket truck when it happened. we are still working to find out exactly how it happened.
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lots of monsoon action last night. check out the lightning. it was pretty widespread. the storm lasted into the early morning hours. let's take a look outside. it is so pretty. and so nice. the big question is what can we expect the rest of the evening? >> things will be calm as we head through the evening. take a look here, this is the rain we saw early this morning. it started after 3 pm. -- 3 am. that is adding to our monsoon totals for the season we have had 2.03 inches. are averages 2.71. we are dry here in the valley.
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are moving through northern arizona. you can see one starting to move toward flagstaff. they will continue with this through the night before they begin to dry out. we will take a look at temperatures and what you can expect coming up in your seven-day forecast. it looks like sheriff joe arpaio could be on the road to victory. despite all of his recent legal trouble. he is predicted to win next week's republican primary by a landslide. by at least 40 points. however he is expected to face stiff competition in november against the democratic candidate. and now another possible visit to the valley by donald trump. he is expected to scope out potential sites to deliver a policy speech next week. some are speculating the speech might be about immigration since trump is no longer
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undocumented migrants living in the us. however, he still insists his plan is to build a wall and that he is not changing the plan. nothing has been finalized for the visit but there are reports the campaign is also looking at sites in colorado. republican congressman at a surprise endorsement. andy biggs is battling other republicans next week including christine jone. dennis sat down with jones for a preview of what is to come next tuesday. >> politicians, they are all the same. >> she is positioned herself as a political outsider. and she is. quite literally. >> i don't live in the
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outside the district she has no plans to move. >> if it makes sense for us to live there we will. but i have no current plans. >> we are outside her secluded neighborhood in north phoenix. we wanted to know how far to see live from the district she wants to represent? how long will the commute take? >> we took 32nd south to the freeway and drove east on 202 we arrived on the outskirts of mesa. it took us about 20 minutes to go the 20 miles just to >> we found it makes no difference to people. what they want is an outsider, someone who is not a politician. >> is that will be up to the voters. she wants to remind the same voters that just because she doesn't live there doesn't mean she has no roots there either. >> in this representative form of government you ought to represent people with whom you share the most values.
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stay with us for full coverage of the upcoming arizona primary. important nominations are all up for grabs for both republicans and democrats. election day is one week from today. caught on camera, a man stealing a pair of sunglasses. these are not just ordinary sunglasses. take a look at this security video. yo in his pocket. the store says it was a pair of very special sunglasses the belonged to the owner of the shop who passed away 4 years ago. >> i would say that's all i want. dales sunglasses back. and we will call it a clean slate.
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the means a lot to our family. we would like to have those back. >> the store posted the security video on its facebook page. if you think you recognize the man you are asked to call your police. are your kids vaccinated? why some kids were turned away from the 1st day of school. going door to door selling education. white they are hitting the pavement. are the cardinals cursed
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right now 3 percent of high area. 2 decades ago the area stood at nearly 22 percent. city leaders say a big reason for the lower rate comes down to the engagement efforts. today city officials took their efforts one step further for the 1st time they brought along former phoenix suns player steve hunter and also phoenix
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it was all about following up with students who didn't show up at the beginning of the school year. >> it's about getting into the homes and eliminating carriers and finding out how we can provide support. it has been successful. >> the mayor says every time one student goes back to school and finishes high school, it could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars of income over the course of that person's life. thank you to a valley judge, some students are prepared to take on the school year. cody williams visited an elementary school this morning. he gave out more than 30 backpacks to underprivileged kids. the judge decided not to hold a big event but rather visit the school. >> we also realize not everyone can get to those locations. so we went directly to the school to find that led the greatest needs. and let them tell us who we can donate the backpacks to.
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classroom. why they were not allowed to attend the 1st day of school.
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a lot of students missed the 1st day of school in california because the new vaccine law. the school district says they turned away thousands of students who failed to meet the
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date on their shots before they can attend last. the district officials say the majority of students without the proper records come from families who just did not know about the requirements. >> we have a lot of students who wouldn't have been in school and many times in our country at all. controversy in parts of california. thousands of parents thought the vaccine requirements out of fear that vaccines are linked to autism. doctors and scientists say there is no link between the 2. here in arizona students are also expected to have their shots before starting school. but a student can be exempt from acquired vaccines for certain medical reasons or if it conflicts with the students religious beliefs. new at 6:30 another reason to visit the d-backs at chase field. they just added 8 twitter
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-- a twitter vending machine. they are teaming up with a soft drink uppity. all you have to do is tweet using the hashtag d-backs man soul and any other custom #you can only get if you visit the vending machine. you'll have to head to the upper concourse to find the machine and claim your prize. the cardinals are making headlines. sports illustrated predicting they will win the super bowl. they are one of 4 teams featured on for regional covers. mark taylor joins us, and mark, some people think this attention could be a jinx. >> it depends on how superstitious you are. the cover says that any team or player featured is jinx. they are featuring one of 4
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not only win the super bowl but the magazine says they have the most complete team in the entire nfl. a sentiment that many fans share as well. they say the team has a ton of experience on both sides of the ball. some people are cautiously optimistic and some people feel the sports illustrated cover curse. >> they've a great quarterback. >> it's original cover so therefore other guys. maybe the curse will go newton. >> while the magazine has them on top, the others feature the panthers, the steelers and the broncos. what will happen next, we will have to wait and see. the 1st game is september 11 against new england. we're not worried about the curse. i don't believe it.
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>> i say no curse. >> we will be cheering for them all season. our weather, something to cheer. >> no storms. other parts of the state getting some moisture. currently outside under fair skies. in phoenix 95. glenn dale is at 91. scottsdale 92. most areas have winds out of the north/northwest. today a have 96. normally at 104. the record of 114 set in 2011. here's what we will see tomorrow -- throughout the rest of the evening. clear skies 93 by 8 pm. dropping to 92 by 9 pm. what we will see is a drying trend as we head into tomorrow and the next day. slightly warming for now.
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the west winds will get gusty every now and then. as we jump ahead through this evening we see the moisture over northern arizona will move out. the tomorrow afternoon you might get a little late moisture through the flagstaff area but most of it will be over new mexico in phoenix and tucson. -- phoenix and clear will stay -- phoenix and tucson will stay in the clear. thursday as we head into the evening showers will pop up over northern arizona. you have the best chance over the next couple of days to see any precipitation. tomorrow 101 in phoenix. 104 good year. 100 tempe. like have assumed 108. flagstaff 72. show low 75. take a look at the next 7 days. as we jump into your thursday
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10 percent chance on friday and on saturday. a slight chance of showers for us. as we head into the start of the week temperatures will warm up and we will see 106 on monday and 107 expected on tuesday. >> a looks nice. thank you. 50 years ago today we got our 1st real view of the earth. this excerpt was taken by a sp astronomers are looking for smooth areas on the moon to serve as landing sites. on august 23 on august 23, 1966 the lunar orbiter one setback this image. moons cratered surface, but that white spot in the background, that was the 1st picture of earth. everything you need to know before prime time is next.
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here are tonight's takeaways. 3-year-old girl hit by phoenix police court -- police cart remains in intensive care. police say she ran across the street after getting ice cream. the family lawyer says that is not what happened but is not
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the discovery of a man's body in a car has triggered a homicide investigation. the body was found outside an apartment complex last night. officers say their obvious signs of trauma but it's unclear how long the man's body was there or how he died. police are looking for a suspect. a man went out to walk his dog and ended up getting shot. this happened near the 1st and broadway last night. the 24-year-old his girlfriend were walking their dog that is when they say the gunman came up , exchanged a few word and shot the 24-year-old. the victim is expected to be okay. be sure to connect with cbs 5 on facebook, twitter or instagram. use the hashtag cbs5az. that is all the time we have. thank you for joining us.
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