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tv   The Hollywood News Report  CBS  August 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MST

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hollywood news report. i am natalie, your cinema guide for what is going on in movies today. from the behind the velvet rope and sitting down with your favorite celebrities forex latest films. only on the hollywood news report where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. >> certain s ask myself what would a bad man
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roderigo santoro and toby kebble have been traveling around the world to bring "ben hur" to the masses. we chatted about their reimagining of the classic film. >> we were conscious we wanted to be there in front of everything, no cgi when we were on those chariots, we were on those chariots. everything we could do we did, and that is brilliant today's world with all the things we haven't our fingertips it is lovely when you take it back and you look at the movie as a character piece. it has unbelievable action. it is a ride, it is a thrill but at its core it would not mean anything that was not for the relationships between these characters and that is what hooked me. >> jack is a lovely chap. when you get on set it does not necessarily translate to the film. i was glad that i was with such
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that interesting to watch. >> during the chariot race my job -- i was sitting on the throne looking at the other guys doing all the work. i had to talk to morgan freeman at the end of the film, i lost, here you go. it was interesting. the worst thing was sitting in the heat with the costumes. but that was not that tough anyway. >> a unique opportunity that once-in-a-lifetime when you have this opportunity i absolutely scared, happy, excited, i got all kind of mixed emotions when i finally signed to do this. i could never look at it as a job. it truly transcended my own expectations and craft as an actor itself. it was a personal journey, it was something that cannot compare to anything else i have done before just because of this
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figure of jesus. i do my best -- tried my best and it was beautiful, completely unique and unforgettable. big break playing a hitman on the hit series "boardwalk empire he is kicking his i gear by taking on the title role of ben hur. >> we were between by my own brother. >> we have done nothing wrong. >> i realized it was remake, it was a reimagining of the beautiful book. i felt it was very
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years ago, over, about a time to thousand years ago and yet i saw the similarities in today's world. first of all the characters, one of the great characters, judah ben-hur, i can f myself in the sky, i can go there, i can start somewhere and and somewhere completely different which means you have a beautiful journey to work on and i was conscious of that. and when me and we were making something relevant. actually introducing ben hur to an audience. it is a great story. no matter how far you take something, love and innocence conquers all and it is easier to love and hate. it is a beautiful revenge story up to a certain way. it is based on a foundation of love between these two brothers. it i
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it has all the action but at its core it is a character piece. >> friends of rome. we celebrate the power of >> close to about months of training before we shot it and then we shot first unit for six weeks and then we shot second unit five weeks, close to three months on the chariot race and anything you did -- you see we did. there was not any every time you see us it is us on the horse up there. it is one of the great scenes because now you have to experience this in imax 3-d and it is amazing. very immersive. from hollywood's greatest films. only on the hollywood news
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nelly: we have returned and we have a lot more movie news to show report." >> he can do comedies seamlessly and he has two academy award nominations to prove it. his start power has been on the rise ever since he got whiplash. now jonah hill and miles tanner are venturing into business
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friend from junior high. >> i am against this war. >> this is not being about pro-war. this is about being pro-money. >> it is too crazy to believe if it did not happen. i thought this was insane, i cannot believe this actually happened and i tried to buy the rights but todd had beat me to the punch. i was into it from the beginning just from hearing about the story and reading about the character himself. >> he sent me a thing in the trade saying todd's company got -- spot the rights to arms and the dudes and here is a young to the article and you need to tell taught that you should be in this movie. and i did. i saw todd at the restaurant and said my dad said i am perfect for this, you have to put me in this thing. >> is the safe driving to baghdad? >> very safe.
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50% we live, 50% we die? >> yes. x that is why nights, it is safer. >> how much safer? >> 50-50. >> taught when he was developing the script he had a lot of meetings, he said he met with david and it is important if you talk to the guy who lived through it. your smaller companies that are telling you we have all of these credentials we are good, we are ok. here is our bid. i started out with good intentions trying to build the economy and create a market for this kind of thing. things got a little out of hand and they had to switch some things around because these guys exploited that. >> they are getting closer. go. >> you drove this.
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golden globes, and can be recognized just by the sound of his iconic voice. for more than four decades, actor morgan freeman has been turning in masterful performances including his latest movie, "ben h >> the world you live in is ro me. >> was it a quick death? >> go, go. >> this one will stay aro i do not know how long. it is going to, we all hope, have a special resonance with audiences worldwide because the
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redemption, of forgive men -- forgiveness, of tolerance and it promotes that in a good way and big way. >> you should have kill >> it is really timely. we are at a point in human existence where brother against brother is possibly believe that i believe this, oh, natalie: we will be back your favorite stars only on the
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natalie: we are back. let's take a look at more films only on "the hollywood news report." fantastic four, waged a war and now toby cattle -- taking on his brother. >> you feed him an empire. then you will have your vengeance. >> they won out of your mind, what are we doing then you start to be told, you need to read the book, the
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1800s, it had turned into a play and a movie, you have to find out what it was so when she read the book, you are, ok, they did a reimagining. we are doing the same thing but we do not have to speed up the film. we are all doing it, we are racing for real. it is scary but it is the technology has changed so we can do it. >> you will see glory. you will see them fight for honor. you will see them die for you. >> that is the hope that we are not playing a baddie, we are thanks and one who made a terrible mistake. he is at the it where -- at the point where you all respect me. he said he would and sometimes you cannot hear
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and make that terrible mistake. that gives us the go-ahead to have so much forgiveness. knows that the handwork is real. we did it accurately because we were pulling the chariot, we took a month to learn and filmed it for three months, the chariot to shoot. we went through the actual process. we came up with the weird thing in the beginning, we were held -- holding our hands here holding on for dear life. things had to change when we became more fostered and cool looking. it did look weird. it looked like we were hugging ourselves. >> we wanted to do it as much as we could. when he did do something the rig broke down but it was nice to have the stunt man there.
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wanted to know what it was like so even if i did have to fake it which we did not end up doing i would know what that experience was. it is dangerous because it is worse is and they have their own brains but it is a hollywood movie. i did not feel like i was in danger. i felt scared. >> come on, go >> here is this week's rundown of the top five movies in the u.s. in certain situations i have to ask myself, what would a bad man
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>> to do? sought after leading man after putting all his focus on his career. she is an a homeland for something more. together, rodrigo santoro and she are telling an story of redemption. >> that drum is your and your god is rome. >> it is an important story that
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to keep retelling it until we connect with that message and that is unconditional love and redemption. it is never irrelevant. as relevant as it was 60 years ago as it was in 1880 when the story was written. and every incarnation that has been told since then. >> remember, first to finish, last to die. >> i did not look at that at this part as they was a part of me, this is a part i am playing, i have to communicate but it was such a personal spiritual journey that i said, let me give it a go a couple of times, do not -- let's not reset it as possible -- if possible. i did not want that woman to be like a scene in a movie set. i had the weather helping. my brain was frozen, i could not
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somehow it was helpful. that is why the take was really long, i do not remember being that long periods to me it was so quick but it was 20 minutes or something straight. it was a powerful experience, am glad i do not remember. but i have it in me. >> people will follow you. i would follow you.
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[ tires screech ] ? flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming.
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natalie: thanks for joining us again. let's get back to some more entertainment news only on "the hollywood news report." >> they together in the finest hours. now actors ben foster and chris pine are re-teaming to save the family farm by any means necessary in "hell or high water >> they took everything from your family. this is your chance to take it back. >> pay them back with their own money. >> i think with an action film it is a different beast and a lot of it is taking care of the narrative and driving the story. with this there is a bit more time to breathe and let people be people and watch people being people.
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>> either you like someone who has a charge or you do. it was more fortunate that we were pals. getting to go to work for someone you like is always more pleasant matter what the job you have. >> do have any idea how much you owe debbie in child support? >> you cannot spirit, you know that. >> maybe we should hit another branch. to get away from this. >> they don't let anyone get away with anything ever. >> why in the hell to do it? >> because you asked, little brother. >> we rob banks. not a nice thing to do. it is robbing. not nice.
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sheridan who wrote the script, it is not a black-and-white morality play. he is not condemning what they do but presenting the outcome of what screwing people over like this could do. >> i hope our film tells about what it is like on main street. >> i grew up very privileged in california and to go to the small-town gentoo see how poverty is really effecting real people art is to put a mirror up to society and show us what is happening and what we can do to change that. >> it is saying some real things about real-life above and beyond in a good heist film. >> i love you. >> love you, too. >> you want to get us killed?
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-- huh? >> here is a look at this week's worldwide box office numbers. >> it is jason bourne. why would he come back now? >> you are going someplace very bad. to do something that will get you killed. >> minder on business. what happened to you? natalie: that is it for this we hollywood news report" where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's august 27th, welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a bunch of ads on race. donald trump and hillary clinton release new attacks accusing each other of bigotry. >> the mother of two beloved nuns killed inside their home, an arrest made last night. overturning the ban on the burqini. how france is fashioning a new


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