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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  August 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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first weather!! some people living in phoenix woke up to no running water this morning. it was all because of a water main break near bethany home and 15th street.crews are still out trying to fix it. no word when some of those people without water will have their water back on again. and right now, on the corner of 35th avenue and van buren, city crews are still fixing a
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thursday - a 70-year-old water main cracked deep beneath the roadway.this city bus got trapped.the roads will be closed in both directions until monday morning. coming up - caught on camera: an officer pulls a man from a burning car.why police say they're lucky to be alive. plus - a call for help.two men stuck on an long it took for two stranded mariners
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investigators say sister paula merill and sister margaret held's bodies were found inside their home thursday morning.their stolen car was found miles away later that day.police have yet to release a motive for the killing. ( says, "it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's
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. it's only getting worse. >> donald trump pushing hard on his outreach to african american votes, the day after e shooting of dwayne wade's cousin. during his speech today he stress thad the government has failed black communities. hillary clinton spent the day getting her first security breveing. her meeting lasted more than two hours at the fbi offic new york. trump received his breveing earlier this month. we're four days away from our state's primary election. on tuesday tune in to cbs 5 and we'll have results for you online and on air. >> still to come, how you can help find the person who did this to this puppy and bring them to justice. >> preseason football has arrived.
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. it was pretty clear that he had been abused, physically sooner he probably would've survived this. >> a puppy abused and abandoned near a phoenix canal. here is how you help track them down. >> reporter: a disturbing image of a puppy that police say was so badly abused that he had to be put down to stop the pain. if you don't want an animal give it away to somebody who
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abused and abandoned in a plastic container near a phoenix canal. police are asking anyone with information to call violent witness. you can call anonymously. >> right now phoenix police remain on the look out for the serial street shooter. this is what the police believe the killer looks like there. is a $75,000 reward arrest and conviction . if you have a tip you can remain anonymous. we have a link to call or text violent witness. >> new aerial images show how much damage was caused by the earthquake in italy. the 6.2 earthquake flattened buildings and at least 292 were killed. rescue crews have spent the
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survivors. >> heavy storms caused by mass flooding in parts of kansas city, missouri. you can see the flooded out streets. several people had to be rescued from their cars as the fast moving storms hit. >> that was in the downtown area that they saw the heavy rain. they had not seen flooding like that since about 1997. here at home, look at these brilliant blue skies. out there. we started off this morning with a little bit of rain for central phoenix and north phoenix. this is the warmest we've been so far today, 96 degrees. 93 for you in bullhead city, 75 in sedona. 66 in flagstaff. nice light breezes out there for us as well. we'll have gusty winds tomorrow
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we've been seeing isolated scattered activity up to the north. we have an area of low pressure right here. it will continue to move to the east and the high country should continue to see the off and on showers throughout the night. we'll take a look at futurecast for the rest of the evening. the area of low pressure slowly moves toward the east. as we start off the day for tomorrow you should see more moving towards the east. maybe a little bit that'll be moving through parts of the northwest, northeast corner of the state. then things are going to dry out as we head into sunday night and monday for you. temperatures for us tonight, 79 in phoenix, 41 in flagstaff, 78 for us in bullhead city. one 102 in bull head tomorrow, 68 in flagstaff. we'll warm up as we head into
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on monday of 10 104. >> valley police officers need help sometimes. the kindness of friend make all the difference. 9-year-old sebrina cannot go outside, go to school or play with friends. bubble. she cannot afford to get sick. >> she was diagnosed with a rare illness which affects her bone marrow and blood, compromiseing her immune system. her father, eddie sa peoria police officer who has had to miss work to help take care of
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>> fellow officers have seen what their friend is going through emotionally and financially. they reached out to cbs 5 to pay it forward to eddie and his family zzzzzz. >> we wanted to do this from our squad so show him even if you're not at work you're in our thoughts and prayers and a major part of our life. you're a man that's really taking care of his family and done so much for us on the squad and for the police department, we'd like you $500 for you and your family to use that money anyway you see fit. god bless you man, we love you. >> it's pretty much family. they've offered to do anything. that's the kind of people i work with. we take care of each other like that. >> jason berry, cbs 5 news zzzzzz. >> if you'd like to nominate
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over to >> hi, i'm joe. so much football to talk about. the cardinals heading to houston. todd graham talks about his quarterback situation and mile
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. 15 days from now it across the real deal f cardinals. the team will get the adrenaline to deaf come 1, open the season against the patriots. sports illustrated has big red winning it all. is that a curse of prelude? so much to accomplish before earning a trip to houston for the super bowl. sunday arizona is on the road against the texans. roster spots are up for grabs.
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roster and we still have some go ahead about theals going on. everybody is anxious to get out. >> i mean this is the best team i've been a part of. i think we got a lot better than we were last year at this point. a lot of times it's tough decisions ahead for the front office. >> for second year in a row the dallas cowboys get punched in the gut. fracture thursday against seattle and could miss up to ten weeks. the dak prescott era starts early for the cowboys. >> manny wilkins will start at quarterback then sun devils open next week against neu. coach todd graham has not made it official but he almost did. >> i was going to announce it today but you asked that
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i don't know. ask our players, they know. i think they've known for several weeks. i don't know. we might announce it whenever, tomorrow, maybe not until the first guy runs out there. >> high school football, glynn no is not afraid. he'll take his team any time anywhere. tonight they're facing centennial out california. the chandler wolves get a facelift for the season. they lose three players and departures would hurt some but the wolves are a different breed. they just reload. if we come together as a team and play together as team we'll be there at the end. >> the goal is obviously state. coach has high expectations for
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this is a family here. >> the squad proved they'll be a force in class 6 a led by new quarterback and tail become. the wolves howled out of the gate to open the season. three touchdowns routing red on the 3 #-10. >> it was a fun win many we were able to learn a lot of things. >> i thought we came and recouped after a couple quarters and played >> this weekend the wolves play underneath the saturday night lights. chandler gets a shot to defend arizona fot ball pride on the road facing centennial out of corona, california. >> they've been a power house for the last few years in california and the country. we'll see real quick where we are in comparison to them. we've played go ahead games and so have they.
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he's also not afraid, also take the show to colorado. flat out balling. mad max furry road a74-yard touchdown. suara up 21-7. later hit zach wilson on a 52-yard touchdown. they roll 49-28. on catalina foothills. that is going to do it for us, this special edition of cbs 5 news. we'll be back at 8 for a
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