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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>>reporter: he remembers his daughter sophia and the love daugn'2r sophia and the love >> she would have 97 mile-per- hour pitch9=?5sn. she loved to >>reporter: he said she had a promisingv[ to join the military. it was cut =!yt: >> it is so hard to go through me up inside. >>reporter: the two bodiesc?8?0 found shot to death. aerial video of the crime scene showed the male victim collapsed over the fence and sofia? a horrific crime scene that remains unsolved.yzt:
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this. >>reporter:?#?msn7 a year after murder he is pleading for help. >> ???0 information we need to make ?4g: conviction. sophia should not go ?m?qt: >>reporter: he says finding justice for his little girl is the only thing that can bring ken and his family peace. be able to put this behind us.p0 >>reporter: it is such a heartbreaking story. police and family are urging if you have any information to contact silent -480?a?un'2 there is to -- up to ?wt: reward. the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist last night in phoenix may have been
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outside of a crosswalk
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friends])? the phoenix police department and the agencies around us.?: this was the first timekqt: that precinct held the event and i plan to do this to mark the anniversary of other fallen soldiers?
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on a bed and grabbed him bringing him to safety.9(?8 his position on illegal immigration that is when he shows us questions remain.k >>reporter: donald strong campaign manager told john dickerson?? presidential nominee has not changed his stance on undocumented immigrants. t: been the centerpiece of his candidacy and his vision in the beginning.+ >>reporter: what has changed is? trump's position on what will happen to an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in ug trump's original plan laid out in november call for a deportation tois country. in recent days his campaign
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called a more humane approachu? have not shifted. >> what you heard and described their?z?5r american waym not a policy, u more details in the next two weeks. >>reporter: on the democratic side=r defended clinton after trump called her a big it last week. >>( the black community are gone to a black church at hillary clinton has centered : presidential nominee spent the day fundraising in the hamptons and trump held no public events> after some back and forth on friday it appears to9 trump will be making a trip to the valley on wednesday that he tweeted he ?='@?0 legal immigration speech when he is here. we are working to confirm exactly where and when and will pass that information along to
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, important city state congressional nominations up for grabs on both sides.?f8 we'll have continuing coverage on air and online and on our mobile app.qkxt: coming up after the break incredible video of a?msn'2 officer sitting a man from being run over by a train.z-?i2 ?t: on the side of the road, drug paraphernalia. we will take you to the cleanup effort. streaming live ?t:
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caught on camera, new jersey transit police offi
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run over by a train. investigators say the man was lying on the tracks just as the train was approach[?mqt: the officer tried to pull the man from the tracks but he resisted and ortiz fnv seconds before the train would have had. some volunteers spent the day cleaning up and injection drug material and some unexpected?,?t: -- in public places.lot: this one searching for needles, syringes and any hazardous material associated with drug use.wus: fix to range cleanup is to help . and address the opioid crisis in arizona.m grantor is leading the effort.pp >> injection drug use is an issue that is a community issue and affects us all. it is an issuecpat: solutions. >>reporter: in a short time
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open needle. >> we found a lot of syringes and needles g?osn'?0and tinfoil is heroin use. >> it's good to??3 there are hazardous material but good to be aware that people to have a safe way to ?0spose of them. >>reporter: this i-70 quarter was specifically chosen based (5sn7s have had different community organizations and neighbors reach out to us about the issue and we've had a contact with law enforcement that this is been a hotspot.tnm >>reporter: making a difference the matter how small and raising awareness is what we says/?"?0 makes it worth it. >> if you come together and start a conversation about what we can do we have a healthy;rgt: community and we can move forward on these issues without: having to resort to fear mongering. >>reporter: reporting and north
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temperatures cooler than normal. cool and dry in the forecast but how long will it last? struct preseason game number three takes the arizona cardinals to houston; the texans. the first-team offense needs to get on track and swagger?7z5sn7 carson palmer and othery?9t: outing and takes a shot to the
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8r@?0 cooler and we are enjoying not, but the 100 degree temperatures are dangerous. "b0 rescue crews on our hiking trail have been busy.ll was airlifted off camelback mountaingv?]sn7s pretty twisted 5sn and another rescue this time in the dark.i halfway up the peak a hikers fatigue and dehydration got the best of her. ranger jim says it can happen easily. >> drink water and bring water=2 -- more water than you think you will need. to forget sunscreen and o6+msn7sa half. i
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out.3z-5s9 >>reporter: he says it's not just the sun hikers need to be aware of. >> stay on the trail but if you are on the trail]2?0 from rattlesnakes and critters. >>reporter: if you ?d( easy for rescuers to find you. >> if you are on a trail you are easy to find. ?: a funnel cloud and northeastern arizona 150 miles east of flagstaff.s? they say there could be more on the way.k mark taylor joins us with the weather. >> what a 9y?5sn7great sunday. it was cool for us here in the phoenix metro area. a live look outside and sunny skies for the afternoon. it wasn't just you cooler than it should be this
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e tomorrow morning it will be another great day. overnight lows into the upper 70s. when you wake up tomorrow morning=? run it should be great.35?0 right now 98 in phoenix, 97 seven arizona 80 80 gallas and 100 and like have assumed. temperatures=zgt: unseasonably low for tonight and drive. loob? valley in phoenix. the only place we will see a northeastern part of the state because of the weather happening in new mexico, the residual rainfall. not going to affect us in ?91 valley. this is where we see the thunderstorm activity. for 9??t: tomorrow morning we are looking dry and will stay tomorrow morning 7 am looking very clear for us]?gt: and more sunny skies.
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run do it because temperatures will be in the low 80s and upper 70s. san diego weather.i dry weather will continue into tuesday as well and only chance we see overnight low tonight 77 in phoenix 77 he will ban]?t:
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wilder for an 8 yard los[ he comes right back up top and : the rookie 35 yard gain leads to a field goal. second quarterd; gets picked off by simon yard return and palmer's second sixth of the season.@c"@?0 after the plate he gets laid out , five drew stanton hooks up with goldman and leads to a?e will fuller 16 yard touchdown justin bethel burned on ?? play. tom savage,?= half. third-quarter?m?5sn7s matt bark
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this is bad. hold onto the ball;k sacked. he finishes 12, 18 for 162 yards and two touchdowns and two pics and cardinals loser;5s 24 and there are reasons to be concerned. at minnesota charters and vikings san diego expecting # melvin gordon and a second quarter ported room to roam?/>5 charger running free with a 39 on7s9touchdown and two touchdowns. teddy;tq 2 1/2 and hooks up with how rudolph for a 27 yard touchdown . minnesota?; winning 23, 10.[?0 a renovated stadium and new quarterback for the michele and 18 anxious to show they are better than everyone thinks. saturday the sun devils open the season#u?5sn7 against an is richard says you'll see a lot from ybpt:
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and interceptions and coverage t: classes. a lot of special teams9 and touchdowns. a lot of everything.>>?5sn7s going for t series when of an arrest beating up on daily in the first.x]ms9 shot the center scores?v5sn7 pa a three run first bradley angel looking for his first win in over a month? and bradley six runs, six innings only two runs. d backs@ sometimes you have k!?0 in. a two-run blast the center and is team-leading 27 and d backs take the series winning this one .?a?n7sn7 i know cardinal fans saying oh my goodness, zero and
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placement for critical players that would have made such a difference.elxn'?0 one of these is in game left against denver on thursday.?;?t: patriots two weeks from today.
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one last look at the seven- day forecast, enjoy those
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if you want to go for a run tonight or tomorrow morning do it because we're jumping back up to normal tomorrow???0 this week and cancer monsoon come back wednesday afternoon. e8t: you exercise outdoors thanks
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someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow...
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expect great savings and a whole lot more. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: the man in the gray coat with the german accent is an undercover investigator posing as the representative of a fictitious african minister who wants to bring millions in questionable funds into the u.s. >> if it's not in his name... >> yes. >> then he needs what is known as a straw man. >> kroft: it's part of a hidden camera sting operation to see how willing american lawyers might be to offer advice. >> so we have to scrub it at the beginning, if we can, or scrub it at the intermediary location that i mentioned. >> there is a clear pitch consistently presented in every one of these tapes of what amounts to an incredible number of red flags that scream corruption.
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>> leslie stahl: schuyler bailar seemed to be a young woman who had it all: outstanding grades, admission to harvard. >> for harvard. >> stahl: and a top spot on their women's swim team. >> lane 2, schuyler bailar! >> stahl: schuyler still swims for harvard, but he's now on the men's team. welcomed by his classmates as an openly-transgender athlete. how different are you? if i had met you a couple of years ago and then saw you today-- >> physically? yeah, you might not recognize me today. >> stahl: you look that different? >> i would say so, yeah. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes."


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