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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MST

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so that the owners are worried the whole buildings may collapse -- building may collapse. >> we have been here 42 years. >> they still sit on the counter of the bakery amidst the rubble that was once a key part of the unity. >> we specialize in mexican pastry and mexican food.>> the owner says she first-- her father open the bakery but this future is uncertain.>> speed is a factor we are looking into. >> tried to abduct a woman not far from here, she got away then got into an suv with another man and pursued the silver car in an alleged short chase at high speeds before the silver car crashed into the bakery.>> the driver of the silver vehicle attempted to flee from the vehicle but was stopped a short distance later. >> two men in the silver car were injured and have not been
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reckless driving to aggravated assault. >> a lot of our customers were in tears. >> owners hope to rebuild and reopen that say it will not be easy and it will be costly. >> it is a shame for something like this to wipe out a business after so many years.>> the family set up a gofundme page, if you would like to help out go to . phoenix police have released photos early morning bar. investigators say two men were denied service because it was a little late. as they were leaving they got into a fight with another man and that is when they opened fire into a crowd of people. two people are expected to be okay. if you recognize these suspects please call police. 30 border patrol agents
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they became suspicious when they spotted an opening at a cemetery and inside they found digging tools, a generator and a small swamp cooler for ventilation. the feds are offering $50,000 to help put this fugitive behind bars. the polygamist sect leader escape while awaiting trial in a foodstamp fraud case. they are now accused of defraudin million, that is when a judge granted him release despite objections from prosecutors that he was a flight risk. a break in two cold cases known as the septic tank murder. deputies are looking for this suspect. they are searching for his brother who is considered a person of interest. two men went missing from west phoenix in 2008. when was found dead in 2009,
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the sheriff's office is linking them to a violent mexican drug game. >> we are the protectors, we do not walk in fear of these criminals but our job is to protect our communities and to say this kind of vicious crime cannot go unanswered in the state of arizona. >> deputies say one of the victims was murdered because of drug trafficking and the other was in the wrong place at th >> some scary moments for a valley family headed home, this big rig caught fire while he was going down the road. instead of driving off, this family stopped the driver to eight help. jason has the story -- the driver to help, jason has the story. reporter: how far would you go to helping driver in distress? on and dad didn't think twice even with the kids in the car.
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flames along the beeline highway . the mother, her husband and their eight children were headed back to the valley when they noticed smoke and flames coming from behind it. they pulled up alongside the truck to get the attention of the driver and get them to pull over and it is a good thing they did. within minutes the entire 1-800- law tigers was on fire while the kids stood by the side of the road and watched. we asked mom why they stopped to help in the first place known your kids could be at risk. >> what with the kids have thought if we had just driven off? i think it was a huge learning experience for them to take time out of your day and help somebody else. >> here's a great picture of the driver being greeted by all of her children. they were worried about his safety so they ran over and gave him a big hug. it is still unclear what caused the truck to catch fire but what is clear is that the truck driver is fortunate he had that
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some officers will now be wearing body cameras. 19 of them were purchased for the department in each day they will upload their footage to a cloud-based storage system and officers cannot tamper with the video files stored online or on the camera. the man convicted of taking bribes to see your-- to send resume valley contracts to specific companies will spend time in prison. january of bribery, conspiracy and expression-- extortn. he was accused of accepting envelopes and guess like condominiums and mercedes to help red flex traffic systems obtain contracts in a decade- long scheme. preventing backpack problems, answers about how to make sure your kids are not hurting themselves when they are carrying all of that schoolwork. after a cooler weekend above average temperatures for
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the answer in a few minutes. how one phoenix district is
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parents concerned. >> doctors want families to think about the kind of bag baby and how much weight they load on their children. avoid messenger bags. instead use a bag with two wide padded straps to distribute the load. adjusting the backpack so that it fits at the bottom-- so the bottom fits at the waist, and make sure it is packed properly. >> if you have heavy items try to center the backpack in the lower part distributes the weight. >> 5400 kids are treated each year for backpack injuries and many are sprains and strains from the shoulder and lower back. what's old is apparently new again, a school district is getting creative when it comes to fixing up school buses. in an effort to save cash the washington elementary school district is now buying old school buses and using then
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tanks but other parts are just fine. it saves thousands of dollars and we will have more on the story coming up tonight at 10:00 including the potential benefit that students can actually see inside the classroom. as we get ready for the primary, there is an important risk a little attention. before heading to the polls
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the race for the white house is coming back and donald trump and his running mate will be here on wednesday. their plan is to focus on immigration, trump has taken some heat for what some believe is a softening of his stance on border issues. >> dialogue within the campaign, you are seeing this major policy decision said it's going to be difficult to win, if you don't 20 policy change on these. >> a new poll shows that he and hillary clinton are in a dead heat. that survey has been at a statistical tie. three seats are up for grabs on the state corporation commission.
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raise your electricity way. >> the power company sure does. who is spending money on this race. >> this is one of those that does not get much attention but from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, the corporation commission affects your wallet. >> the arizona commission back to order. >> they are downright boring but the business taking place affects your pocket book every single day and night. >> why should people care about the corporation commission? >> it is the most influential body in arizona that nobody knows anything about. >> they regulate utility companies including power and water and okay wait increases.
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of the state. >> they have taken on the states largest ties to the facility. in 2014, aps was accused of spending more than $3 million to get to candidates elected. they have never admitted any of this but meantime other groups are sitting on the election, one is the solar industry. >> we are doing it openly, ho regulated. >> chris is the chairperson. she argues that there is a difference between openly spending and secretly spending. >> at someone-- at some point someone is going to force them to disclose what they did. >> it looked like that may have happened when the commissioner tried to start an investigation into their campaign spending.
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spin-- spend, but they need to report. >> the rest of the members disagree and the investigation was dropped. officials refused to talk about how much money they spend or whether they were spending any money on this election.>> is it really coming down to solar versus power companies? >> solar is the elephant in the room, a lot of people believe this cycle will determine the future of solar in arizona. >> there is a link to different candidates and different biographies. one day before the primary, the fbi is confirming that hackers broke into election data in arizona and illinois. there is no evidence that
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illinois they believe that hackers got personal information for up to 200,000 people. the fbi is asking states to scan their systems and look for signs of hackers. as we get ready, we will send out important alerts right to your cbs5 mobile application. you could soon see more drones flying above your neighborhood. >> they go into effect and basically means the sky is open for their business. the new rules are similar to those of hobbyist. if they fly-- they cannot fly over 400 feet or at night. they have to stay in visual site of a human operator. they will no longer need to get a pilot's license and now they must pass it as a written test and get a pilot certification.
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commercial unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $82 billion for the us economy and by 2035 could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> more than 3300 people will sign up to take the exam but the faa estimates 600,000 commercial drones will be flying in the us within the year . you can buy airline tickets with monthly payment. cheap is chip-- teaming up with the finance company for finance plans for aircraft. airfare prices have been dropping think so low fuel costs and more capacity. some expect them to drop even further. some new residents are moving in the odyssey aquarium
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as the sharks, penguins, and baby otters adjust to their new homes. some are learning to swim.>> when it is feeding time, it's a fun time. they are committing to their new homes here. there is no official opening day but it is expected to be within the next couple of weeks. it will be the largest area in the made decorated olympian to this, michael phelps is appearing and in the company's 94 year history this is the fourth time he has been on the front of the wheaties box and wheaties tweeted out congratulations michael phelps you have inspired us. i was really hoping for the phelps face.
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we have a beautiful sunset with a few clouds in the distance, temperatures are a little warmer than what we experienced, we are sitting at 103 after we hit a high of 105, unbelievable over the weekend. starting out with temperatures in the triple digits, and average around 104, close to a high of 105, over the weekend but we will see increasing chances of showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow morning when you wake up mostly clear skies, then the afternoon starts to get interesting over to the white mountains and staying quiet here in the valley we will see an increasing chance starting wednesday and a 20% chance of storms thursday.
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degrees and get up to 105. staying above average for tomorrow with a high of 104 and cooling down, chance of showers friday saturday and sunday highs staying below average through the weekend. this young man is a robb suspect. he is shown walking into a ma . this happened on a wednesday in july. once inside the suspect ran into a woman, grabbed a chain from her neck and took off. the man tried to chase the suspect but he jumped into a car with someone else driving. the suspect is described as a hispanic male, 6 feet tall, with black hair and brown eyes. he was wearing a black shirt with white sleeves and a white design.
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cruiser. there is also a warrant out for the arrest of sean anderson, 5'10" tall with black hair and brown eyes. he has a scar on his left eye and a tattoo of a kings crown on his left arm. he is wanted for probation violations in a charge to-- from failing to register. eric is 5 foot eight eric is 5'8" with black hair and brown eyes, he is wanted for violating probation after a cof if you have any information on these fugitives called silent witness. anytime you want to help cops catch crooks download our free news application and click on the manhunt monday section. donna rossi, cbs5 news . everything you need to know before primetime is coming up
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here are tonight's takeaways. charges pending for the driver who crashed into this glendale bakery on the corner of glendale and 54th avenue. police say it started when three men in a silver car attempted to adopt a woman. she got away and hopped into another vehicle. a short chase happened before silver car crashed into the
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nominee donald trump will speak at the phoenix convention center on wednesday and says his speech will focus on immigration. new polls show he and hillary clinton are in a dead heat among voters with clinton at 40% and trump at 39. finally, this is for you. a couple in ohio has created this to honor lebron james and the cavaliers next to the word homegrown hero. >> it shows an image of t trophy, they are-- they apparently caught his attention and tweeted about this saying it was an honor and he was touched by it. >> you are honor, let me tell you. that's going to do it for us here at 6 30. >> we will be back at 10:00. your online home for news and information brought to you by desert diamond casino west valley,
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