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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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after a cooler weekend we had a warm start to the work week. is the heat here to stay? you're watching the only station that respects your time with your full forecast in the first 10 minutes. >> with our beautiful yet sometimes brutally hot weather, firefighters rescue hundreds of people each year off of our mounted toys. viewers often ask us why n' hiker law which makes the hiker pay for their own rescue? jared dillingham joins us now, one local agency is billing hikers who need help. >> reporter: another round of hiker rescues this weekend here also over at camelback mountain. rescued hikers in phoenix won't have to pay anything. but for those in unincorporated parts of the valley, rural
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arizona has a stupid motorist law for drivers submerged in floods. but there is no stupid hiker law for hikers who need help. >> there's nothing stupid about this particular situation. >> reporter: george kyle called for help after his niece fell ill on a hike in the white tank mountains in the west valley. she drank some water in the shade and felt better. but a rural metro crew was already hiking up. >> took her blood pressure and e >> reporter: the fee for that cooldown service? 600 bucks. the bill arrives this weekend, two weeks after their hike. >> i was stunned to find out they had the guns to -- and the guts to send a bill. >> reporter: rural metro charges flat fees for the services. >> no tax that comes to rural metro to support our services and operations. we have memberships and the members pay for the services. >> reporter: since george's niece isn't a rural metro
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charging will discourage people from calling for help if they need help? >> i would hope not. i would hope the last thing they are thinking about is i better not call anybody when i need help because i might have to get a bill for it. >> i would sit out there and see if i could get better before i made any attempt. >> reporter: rural metro says that $600 covers the cost of the crew, the cost of medical supplies and also the fuel needed for the rescue. live in phoenix, jared dillingham, cbs 5 news. the poles will open in eight hours and we want to welcome you inside our cbs 5 war room. this place is going to be packed. each and every monitor man -- manned, we are going to bring you the results from the primary election but tonight one presidential candidate is actually laying out his plan
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making his stop in phoenix this week expected to focus his speech on illegal immigration. cbs 5's amanda goodman reports. >> reporter: the final confirmation of his visit coming from a tweet he'll be here at the phoenix convention center just about 36 hours from now. he says he will make a major speech on illegal immigration. his running mate mike pence will also be here of course. it's a highly anticipated speech giving his campaign trailrh backing off his original stance, to deport 11 million immigrants estimated to be living here illegally, so everyone of course curious about what this speech will entail. his event coming just one day after our state's primary election. we asked analysts what kind of impact if any trump could have on tomorrow's primary election. >> historically this primary will not be any different than other arizona primaries. meaning some people were expecting to see larger numbers
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won't have an effect in the primary election. perhaps in the general but not in this election. >> reporter: as for trump's event here, doors open at 3:00 on wednesday. they expect to start speaking around 6:00. i did reach out to immigration activists who tell me they are planning some sort of peaceful protest but the details are still being worked out. reporting in phoenix, amanda goodman, cbs 5 news. >> thank you. hillary clinton spent the day in new york state holding several fundraisers. this is video of ni event. as clinton and her husband bill clinton dying in the hamptons, tickets rate from 10 to $35,000. the host had to shell out between 50 to 100,000 reportedly get the clintons to their home. cbs 5 news is of course your home for all of tomorrow's election, starting at 4:30 a.m. with wake up arizona team, then throughout the evening, and of course complete coverage on the results starting at 8:00 p.m.
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election coverage is coming right to the palm of your hand. if you want answers, on the latest election news you can find them by opening up our cbs 5 mobile app, click on the campaign 2016 tab. this just in, a massive boa constrictor was found on the streets of scottsdale. take a look at this picture, scottsdale fire tweeted this out, that snake measures over 7 feet long. it was down at 75th and osborne. they say this is actualle found in one month. american highways are getting more dangerous. according to the latest report, deadly accidents jumped almost 8% in 2015. two over 35,000. that is the single largest year increase in 50 years. last year we saw 890 deadly crashes. speed and impaired driving and not wearing seatbelts are the
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adot when it comes to roadside memorials. the memorial has to be made of wood, plastic or be a plaque. as for placement, they can be put as close as possible to the outer edge of the highway. if the memorial -- adot will tag it and if it's not fixed in 60 days, they will remove it themselves. arizona ranks as one of the worst in funding education. so districts have me the washington elementary school district has found new ways to save big using old buses. jeff van sant explains. >> reporter: a brand-new bus costs about $150,000. that's a ton of cash. so this district decided to go a cheaper route, they decided to buy five old buses from another district and begin to take old parts of them and keep their current buses on the road. and they are saving a lot of
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taking care of 115 buses, it's no easy task. it's costly. an engine can run about 35 grand. so in a time of budget constraints the washington elementary school district found a new way to save. and save big. with a special sort of recycling program. buying old buses for parts. >> not only the engine parts, electrical parts, interior parts, body panels, lot of stuff we can use. >> reporter: the district bought five from paradise valley for five grand. >> when we are stopping at the quarter-mile, to let kids off the bus, however long it is, that start and stop mile is really hard on engines. >> reporter: as for the savings, it's already paid off. about 60 grams of our. >> in the next two years or so we are looking at probably 250,000 to half a million dollars. >> reporter: that can mean a world of difference in a time
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>> we are always trying to look for ways to be more fiscally responsible. >> reporter: jeff van sant, cbs 5 news. there was a threat at a local valley high school, forced police to evacuate that campus over at phoenix christian high school. that is at 17 and indian school. students there reported some sort of object in an abandoned locker. phoenix police say the threat was not exactly credible. those students were allowed back on campus. >> we do get a lot of complaints if they do have businesses in downtown scottsdale northeast of old town are frustrated with the parking situation, but relief is coming. after years of tourists, customers and business employees competing for parking, the city now says people working in the area, city employees, will be encouraged to parking garage is a little bit further away. they will then catch a ride on a trolley that will be running in the early morning hours. and the three hour free parking
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cut down to two hours. the city is even hiring another traffic enforcer and it is welcome news to local businesses in that area. a lot of them complain about having to move their cars. even if they were located further away taking the trolley would make it easier. >> the city is investing about $280,000 to make this happen. it goes into effect september 19 september 19th. monday monday hope you had a good one. temperatures we were warming up, above average, high today 105. 97 currently. and winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour. what a weekend we had. three straight days with temperatures below average. effect below the triple digit mark. and then things are spiked today hitting the high of 105. average high around 104. reason why? mostly clear skies, all across the valley. pretty much all across the state of arizona. tomorrow afternoon, moisture push in. tomorrow morning 8:15 when you wake up, clear conditions.
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yes, it will create instability out there especially from sedona through payson. out towards show low with a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms. another round of clouds, are best chance of showers will take place wednesday and thursday. here that seven-day forecast, in the first 10 minutes, excited about this, temps at around 105 on tuesday. and then 104 wednesday, thursday. the final preseason game with the arizona cardinals, a lot of threaded showers, 20% of the afternoon. tailgating starts about three hours before game time. we'll see temperatures cooler, 102 thursday, mostly clear skies, gre weekend with highs below average. thanks, paul. 10:10 and we gave you the answers you need for tomorrow and a lot more answers you're going to want to know next including if you own a pool and you're tired of what you consider a burden, one valley city wants to pay you to get rid of your pool.
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i was reading the paper. set an old guy. [ laughter ] we just got flipped off. >> getting tired of terrible drivers? these two are giving fellow drivers a piece of their mind. and you want a behind the scenes the cbs 5 news? we are live right now online.
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if you ever thought to yourself i am done with my pool, all that maintenance and safety concerns, can cause pool owners to maybe rethink their own backyard. now the city of scottsdale has answers for those who want get -- who want to get rid of their pool. cbs 5's jarret stoll is live with details. derek? >> reporter: good evening. across maricopa county one study found for every five pool that get installed, three are
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pool removals with a rebate program the first of its kind in the state. >> i'm very thrilled. i can relax and not have to worry about spending a couple more hours out in the sun. >> reporter: anthony grubbs is all smiles after filling in his backyard pool earlier this month. it cost about $5000. a lot less then the $7000 in repairs he needed plus all those recurring expenses. >> the chemicals were a big deal. that cost us electricity and chemicals, probably a couple hundred dollars a month to maintain it. >> reporter: the average pool costs $2000 a year to maintain. and then all the lost water. >> the average pool is going to evaporate its entire volume every year. if you have an 18,000-gallon pool, you can expect to lose 18,000 gallons just to water evaporation. >> reporter: the city of scottsdale started offering homeowners a rebate on their
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fifty cents per square foot up to $1500. >> $1500 won't cover the entire cost. but what it does do is it incentivizes pool owners to make that first step towards reducing water in their yard. >> there's other ways to get cooled off in arizona. >> reporter: anthony grubbs plans on using his newfound space to build a basketball court for his two young sons. removing your pool may also lower your properties to property tax burden. you might want to check with the assessor's office to take a drainage of the rebate program, you have to be a city of scottsdale resident. we put all the details on our free cbs 5 mobile app. reporting live, derek stoll, cbs 5 news. looks like arizona some of the hardest workers in the country. a new poll ranked the nation's hardest working cities based on hours worked per week. out of the top 10, gilbert, scottsdale and chandler all made the cut with chandler
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39.1 hours a week. arlington virginia and anchorage alaska are the top two hardest working cities. in the u.s. tomorrow is primary day here in arizona. tonight, the fbi is confirming that hackers broke into election data systems in two states. arizona and illinois. state leaders say there is no evidence that anything was compromised but in illinois, thel 200,000 people. the fbi is now asking states to scan their systems looking for signs of hackers. cbs 5 news will bring you answers about tomorrow's election starting at ford -- 4:30 a.m. with "wake up arizona" throughout the evening news and look for complete coverage of results tomorrow night starting at 8:00 p.m. on facebook and on tv and you can always open up our mobile app for answers on polling places and times. parents, you're not alone
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school backpack is getting bigger and heavier. it's all becoming a threat to your child's health. doctors want families to really think about the kind of bag they buy and how much weight they load on their children. some answers about how to do that, avoid messenger bags according to the doctors. they tell us to use a bag with two wide padded straps to distribute the load that is. adjusting the backpack so that the bottom sits at the waist and make sure it is packed properly. >> if you do have try to center in the center of the backpack packet. and in the lower part to distribute the weight. >> 5400 kids are treated each year for backpack injuries. many of them strains and sprains to the shoulder or lower back. asu football fans, this may affect you, forget the purses and backpacks. if you plan on seeing the sun devils this year, just bring a clear bag with your belongings.
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the new policy is meant to increase safety including at the nfl, another change this year, fans can now bring factory sealed water bottles. the sun devils take the field, saturday at 8:00. check this out, what does the ceo of the biggest social media site give the pope? a drum of course. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife met with the pope and gave him a solar powered aircraft that beams internet access to areas of the world that are without it. the two discussed how to expand technology to developing countries. the pontiff may not want to fly that himself. over the u.s. because new drone rules are now in effect for commercial flyers. drones may not flyer -- may not fly at night. they must be under 55 pounds and have to stay in the visual sight of a human operator. pretty much similar to the personal drones that hobbyists fly. these rules are. faa regulations say operators
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now they must pass a written test to earn a certification program. >> over the next 10 years, commercial unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy and by 2025, could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> more than 3300 people signed up to take the first exam this morning. the faa estimates 600,000 commercial drones will be flying here in the u.s. within the year. have you ever wan give the driver next to you a piece of your mind? two ladies from texas are using flash cards to get drivers attention. check it out. >> holly self and dd jones drive down i-10 in houston flashing signs at everyone they see not watching the road. they have seen just about everything from drivers hopping curbs to nearly slam into the car in front of them. the question here is, do these roadside vigilantes think their approach is also a distraction?
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we hope that they just read the sign and do what they're supposed to do. and drive on. that's our point. >> like, what? >> still seems like a distraction. take the time to read the sign in the car next to you. not everyone likes their message. the women say they've been approached by angry drivers after flashing the signs. august is a notoriously slow news month. it can be hard for me to find stuff to talk about fortunately, something popped up. anthony weiner. oh, boy. stephen colbert take a moment to talk about the recent sexting scandal involving former congressman anthony weiner. yes. it's happened again. catch his entire monologue on the late show right after the new -- on this newscast. >> anthony weiner was just on his show giving political analysis. >> awkward. >> he would love to have him back again. >> i don't think that will happen.
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a look at y tomorrow morning wake up to this, mostly clear skies continuing to see clear conditions over the last afternoon. strawbridge high-pressure we'll high pressure we'll see that temperature climb quite a bit tomorrow. temperatures comfortable in the morning hours. sunrise at around 6:00 a.m., temperatures drop at around 81 degrees. 48 up in flagstaff, 59 the low out in prescott, high temperatures take a look, 105 in phoenix, only high of 113 in
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i respect his right as an american, you know? freedom of speech is one thing. i disagree with it. i want to stand and cheer for all the people who have lost their life of every race and religion, gender. defending that flag. so it's not my opinion but i respect his right. >> the sports world buzzing about nine or cornerback colin kaepernick, bruce arians si along with a number of question marks headed into the season opener on september 11th against the patriots. the biggest question, who's going to start at quarterback -- at cornerback? if you saw mike jenkins go down, he feared the worst. jenkins has a torn acl. his season is over. huge loss for the defense, jenkins may have been that starting corner. >> oh, man. that's a huge loss for us. jenkins was coming along. took him a little bit to get
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well. really good. and back to his self. so i feel for him. strike the cards play again on thursday night. it's about to get real busy for larry fitzgerald. supper club at dominick's in scottsdale. bruce arians in attendance along with a long list of stars. to benefit the first down foundation, supporting kids and families around the valley. >> established in 2004 to raise proceeds for breast cancer research. and mammograms. early detection is key. also activities for the youth, you have to believe in the youth and give them resources to be able to live their dreams. >> for a good cause. five days until asu opens newly renovated sun devils stadium with a visit from northern arizona. 8:00 p.m. kickoff on saturday night, todd grimm still mum on which quarterback will take the field with the first-team offense. >> our team knows who our guy is. we will run out there with the
10:27 pm
got confidence in with manny and brady. and then a young quarterback that will be our third guy, dylan sterling, that is extremely talented and that's where we're at and we will announce it when we get ready. >> keeping it under lock and key. play of the day, in the toledo mud hens, dixon machado! a one-handed catch to record the final out of the game. in style in indianapolis. that's how you finish off a three hit, two rbi night.
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put your finr to good use. person to person transfers on the firstbank mobile app. a good evening, everybody. i'm heidi gottier tracking tomorrow's traffics from the traffic center, overnight closure, we want to be sure you know about the westbound lanes of the i-10 as you transition northbound on the 303, that ramp is going to be closed from 11:00 until 5:00 tomorrow morning. doing overhead bridgework, instead the alternate pretty easy and shouldn't cost you too much extra time. you are going to exit, take
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lane is the frontage road for that 303. so you can take that until you can merge onto the freeway itself. have a great night, join me tomorrow morning i "wake up arizona." i'll have your early-morning traffic updates. that's going to do it for us. >> yeah. stephen colbert is up next on your monday night. we will see you tomorrow for election primary day right he on cbs 5. interesting day.
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yeah. chase. so you can. >> i tried to make a home out of you. >> i was the floor boards and the sheetrock. >> but doors lead to trap doors, >> i had to climb up the window just to get to work this morning. it's ridiculous. (cheers and applause) ?


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