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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 1, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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pause for (breaking news) hospital right now after he picked up gun and accidentally shot himself.this is a look at rousseff nieto. a 2-year-old picked up a gun and accidentally shot himself. this is the scene of the the police are questioning the three adults who were home when the two-year-old pulled the trigger.
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we're tracking the radar bringing answers on the storm. look at our shot. this was an hour ago of lightning strikes. this is mainly east valley event. now we're seeing showers south of phoenix. let's show you the activity. showers in north scottsdale north of the 101. this is north of seeing showers, pushing c to avondale. measurable rainfall in queen creek. we're seeing the winds pick up. winds in the east, southeast gusting at times nenenenenenenee will the stick the morning commute? build a great wall along
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and mexico will pay for th wall. >> it was vintage donald trump staying on message saying when he is president yes we're building a wall. >> dennis is live on trump's plan. >> this was donald trump's fifth visit to -- valley, this was a speech that felt like a rally. he took spots at the media, democrats and hillary clinton. he did manage to layout the plan and here are the highlights which start with building the border wall and insisting that mexico paid for that. he said that the mexico an
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the wall. there will be no pathway to citizenship for those living here illegally. he vowed if he wins he wi create a deportation task he get d of people. trump said the task force his democratic opponent. >> i'm going to make a deportation task force removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who evaded just like hillary clinton. maybe they will deport her. >> included in the plan trump
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and release. at no time did he say how much it was going to cost. >> it was a busy day. he started in mexico city meeting with the president. the two appeared together after the meeting. trump calling the president his friend. border wall. he had a softer approach. >> we discussed the wall. >> mexico's president telling a different version. he tweeted at the start of the conversation i made it clear mexico will not pay for the
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mexico. clinton i]tweeted trump failed his first foreign test, diplomacy is not as easy as it looks. a crowd of protesters gathered. a cartoon of trump preppist -- supremist robes. i just got back from the speech. what you didn't see list of speakers. the ca known republicans. arpaio got a standing ovation. and mike pence and rudy
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notice his hat. a twist on make america great. make mexico great also. the fbi is warning every state to shore up cyber defenses on voter data hacks. the simple method that hackers used. you got up close and personal. >> have had success. we first told you about this hack in arizona in july. a flash bulletin was leaked online and lays broke in. on the secretary ofstate web
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it tushes out those boxes can be a gateway for hackers. >> it's popular way of reaching a database, it's easy. >> hackers copy and paste special codes and it confuses the database. >> it can drop the continue tends you can see who the users were. it will allow you to things in the database. >> election officials shut down the voter registration and found no evidence anyone's data was compromised. in illinois hackers stole the data. >> it's easy to against, it's prevalent. asu cyber expert said the way
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rules. >> nobody's name has a semicolin. nobody's driver's license has an equal number in it. the hacks in arizona and illinois did not involve any sort of ballot tampering. there was such a concern homeland security held meeting and offered experts to scan election systems. speaks of elections. answers on the tight race on county reporter, going head-to- head with the hopes of the general election. there's only 350 votes separating them. no report if this tally will triger a recount.
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experts are not surprised. there's more states that have legalized it. they expect usage to increase. prop 205 seeking to legalize it just cleared the final legal hurdle securing its place on the ballot. what would it look like in arizona if it's passed. >> the measure lays we can tell you the governor who's opposed to this would have to play a role if it's approved. >> in 68 days voters will decide if they want to legalize the use of pot for those 21 and older. >> i'm so for it, even in the recreational use as well. >> what happens if the measure passes.
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or against aren't sure what it will look hike. >> adults will be pro directed from -- protected against prosecution. >> that would happen in january, buying from a licensed facility could take longer. a new agency has to be created the department of p.m. licenses and -- marijuana licenses the governor has to appoint a director and seven people to make the rules. once in place, buying from a licensed facility. >> it will look like this. nothing there checks. >> there's a lot of people who would like to see this fail including the governor. we'll find out one way or another soon. let's look at the forecast.
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showers taking place around the south part of phoenix. just north of south mountain through the levine area, you can see shower activity in the east valley, pushing through gilbert and chandler. by 5:00 in the afternoon best chance from flagstaff along the rim, 20% chance of pop-up storms in the forecast for thursday. here's the seven-day forecast, look at the weekend, comfortable temperature below arm through sunday and cooler into next week. coming up, how the three state universities are helping students pay for tuition. ckers got ahold of information, what are they doing with it. a crossing guard is
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i saved my money and make
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>> students investing in their college education. someone else is sweetening the deal. >> arizona universities are matching what they save. how students can earn to learn. >> here's how it works. for every dollar that students stash away for school. the university will put up to $4,000. >> brenna walking the bath ways of asu she has to pinch herself. >> it's hard to believe i'm here. >> the hard work started in high school. >> i worked at my school cafeteria. >> she saved $500 that was matched with the earn to learn.
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>> the students move through a series of steps that involve financial skills and knowledge. >> the program is only available to some low-income students. >> 75% of the students are the first person in their family to go to school. without this program she may not be walking down the path. closer to her degree. >> first person in my family to go to college. we have answers about your children's wellness. if you skip vaccinations your doctor could dump you. let's look at the vaccination rates in our state.
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gardens signed up. the county target, 95 ofstudents. if you are a walmar customer and on the lookout for a suspicious e-mail. a warning in the scam alert. this is mysterious, no one knows what this including walmart. random people are receiving e- mails asking you to reset your password. if you have an account this looks lejet. they are well -- leget. following the link is not giving your information to a hacker. the it may cause you trouble down the road.
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not accepted them out. someone got a list of e-mails and send the e-mail to see if they are valid. if you got the e-mail. keep an eye on your account watch for suspicious e-mails in the future. it's been more than 50 years since a commercial jetliner took off for cuba. today that changed. jetblue is taking people from fort lauderdale to cuba. charter flights were the only way to get to the island nation. tesla meteors will up --
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grade the technology. instagram has a new feature allowing users to get up close and personal. zoom will let people zoom in on photos and videos. photos could only be viewed in squares. 160 arizona families are check out the computers. they are part of a partnership between phoenix, co along with the pc they were given monitor, keyboard, mice, power cords. if you use nexus, the end may be near. google wants to do away with the nexus partnership and develop thorough line of smart phone. a crossing guard hopes his
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it's a crosswalk safety exercise in portland. sasquatch walked the kids. they want attention. the agassi said and -- agency said and careful. >> i'm trying to send a stop for me they will stop for the creatures in the road. >> the little creatures in the road [ chuckle ] >> never go faster than 25 in a school zone. >> i think that would be effective. earlier is walking by a monitor and that was up there. >> that was just paul.
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would be freaked out. >> i don't want to go back to school. we have rain to talk about. wet tomorrow and the rest of the workweek? good evening, tracking tomorrow's traffic. we're in the time night of t ramp closure in the 303 northbound. that ramp is closed to 5:00 tomorrow morning. this has been going on for zvgq few nights. it's easy to get around.
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the big island preparing for major storms. boarding up windows supplies. madeleine has has lester. it's about one how the mails offshore and could -- 1000 miles offshore. we have rain to talk about. viewers said it's windy in chandler.
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there's showers heading toward asu, shower activity south of phoenix, north of south mountain. that will continue tomorrow, temperature 83 degrees. the high tomorrow below average. tomorrow we'll get to 102. it's about to get fun for football fans. the season starts the fiesta bowl ending 2016. the kickoff luncheon, may a valley resident offered who can play in glendale on new year's eve. >> you have to break this down and offer predictions, it's hard to tell what will happen this week. who do you like in the final four.
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will take it. i like florida state, people are high on clemson. florida state from top to bottom is better. oklahoma has something to prove. they have to team to do it. i took an outsider, notre dame. and we had to have our picks in three days before black friday. soit was like would happen. brian said this is the most athletic team. i think notre dame is a team you have to keep your eyes on. what's it like walking down the street. >> it's great. you ought to go to ohio with me. you need a kevlar vest. i try to tell the truth. it's all good.
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watching. >> big game for the diamondbacks, michael bourn traded to baltimore phone a fifth round pick. miller back on the mound. buster posey doubles into the gap. 2-0 egypts -- giants. shelby settles lowers his e.r.a. below seven. the giants started he was sharp. the diamondbacks 56 and 77. with hermine striking the east coast. look at matt brown, nifty
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gets the 60-yard touchdown run. he made a run r the rosters.
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a look at the forecast for tomorrow, 83 degrees, below average. we'll get to 102, a chance of showers and storms. sunrise around 6:00 and sun set around 6:50. not that bad. not near 110. >> christian sl with steven colbert. we'll be back here tomorrow
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