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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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canceled. check out what it looked like just within the last hour. >> not so pretty there. a huge wall of dust stretching miles across the valley from south mountain, hitting tempy, gilbert, even parts of mesa. the peak of is was in rush hour knocking visibility down to a quarter mile in some places. >> this is morgan low out in the desert working on a story. this is his video us from casa grandee. coming toward phoenix this. is what it looked like on the freeways. he says at some point it dropped visibility down to 200 feet. >> 35th street and fry this. is in the east valley. look at the street flooding. several inches of water on the road. as cars pass -- here they come. look at that. you just see the spray of water
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cars. paul horton, it looks like we have pretty strong cells hit nothing certain areas. >> nearly stationary. upwards around a half inch of rainfall. pretty intense. let's zoom in. we're seeing rainfall still currently taking place. a lot of these cells starting to die down which is good right here scottsdale, in the downtown area, mcdowel road, seeing pretty good pockets of heavy rainfall. if you're headed out to old town, expect to see wet roadways as well. chase field -- right now, 19th avenue, looks like thomas seeing light rain. there's camel back mountain in the distance. you can see the dark clouds out there temperature wise, hit a
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degrees. winds are a little breezy at the airport, now starting to die down as well. big holiday weekend coming up. we're going to cover your friday and that three-day weekend here in just a few minutes. the more the public hears about the serial killer loose in the valley, the more tips the police receive. >> still donna rossy live from our news room. >> police believe the break that they need to catch the street shooter will come from the public and they're using all the tools at their disposal including composite sketches like these. they also want people to think beyond these renderings. >> we've received more than 2,000 tips from the community. >> reporter: tips on the serial
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>> this is one of the most challenging investigations he does had in his many years of homicide. >> reporter: challenging because at this point the shootings are ranked areom. 7 dead and others wounded or shot at. >> we have two sketches. each was done by a different person at a different incident. >> reporter: given that fact, police are asking people to think beyond the sketches and not get hung up on an grown a beard, shaved his hair, he can alter that appearance. it's important any suspicions are reported. >> reporter: every day, police consider why the suspected shooter has become dormant. >> he could have been incarcerated. he could have left the area. we could just be laying low. >> police tell to ask people to
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reporting live in the news room, cbs5 news. thank you. there's still a $75,000 reward for you. he could be driving several cars including a 2000 black bmw 5 series seen here on the scene. if you know anything about the case, call silent witness. a phoenix toddler is expected to pull through after he accidentally shot himself. tonight there are a lot of questions about how the two year old got a hold of the first place. it happened in this home on 39th avenue in pier .y the two year old shot himself in the leg. three adults and a 5 year old were inside the home when the little boy got the gun. it really is the ultimate not in mybackyard story. >> tonight thousands of south phoenix homenners are coming to grips with the fact that a new facility is here to stay.
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trying to get along. >> reporter: the fight may be over between arizona's department of corrections and thousands of home owner who is live in this community. residents are realizing this new reentry center isn't going anywhere. today we caught up with two home owners, julie and anne. they met with charles rhine this morning to voice the concerns of their community over a new reentry facility for inmates i17 and happy valley road. the ncv a transitional facility to help inmates reenter society. thousands of home owners have signed petitions demands the center be moved. after today's meeting, it appears the two sides are doing their best to get along. abc has set up a -- what the reentry center does.
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answer page to address home owners' concerns. >> the feelings of mistrust that members of the community up in north phoenix have with the doc will hopefully start to lessen. once those community meetings start to take place and they feel like they have a dialogue and discussion back and forth. >> we all want these folks to come out of the system and become productive members of society. the truth is i think if you started walking down the street and asking folks would yo the center to be in your mile or three mile from your home, the answer is going to be no 99.9% of the time. >> reporter: concerned home owners can see exactly what they do and ease their concerns. jason barry, cbs5 news. tonight, two major arizona primary races are still too close to call.
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100% of the precincts report aring. look at that total. an official winner has not been named. christine jones still leading andy bigs by less than 100 votes. this would be an upset. [ indiscernible ] is now leading by a very slim margin, 400 votes separating her from aaron helen purcell leading this race y less than 400 votes. a series of missteps from her election department recently has led to this close race. purcell was asked how she felt about the very real possibility of losing her job. >> the ballot box is the ultimate determinate and that's the way it should be. if people decide they want or don't want somebody in office, it should be done at the ballot
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rien fontes in the general election. donald trump was out on the campaign trail today trying to drum up support. >> he made a lot of bold statements last night. which ones were fact and which were fiction? dennis welch sorts them out. >> reporter: donald trp making it clear his top priority, deporting immigrants with dangerous criminal histories. >> there are at least 2 million criminal aliens now our country. 2million people, criminal aliens. >> reporter: though trump cites federal stats, other studies put the number of undocumented migrants who have committed felonies at 187,000 to 690,000. trump proposes a deportation task force. >> we will expand and
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to identify hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens in local jails. >> reporter: sheriff joe arpaio used 287g to deport illegal immigrants. >> presidential half of new illegal immigrants came temporary visas and never, ever left. >> reporter: overstayed their visas. should trump win the white house, he says they would be deported back to their home countries whether they want to take them back or not. >> there are at least 23 countries that refuse to take their people back after they've been ordered to leave the united states. >> reporter: dennis welch, cbs5
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thousand words. what's this guy saying? find out who won this epic battle between a tode and a tarantula. >> a live look at some amazing clouds in the valley. are more monsoon storms on the
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once again, back to our top story here at 6:30. you can see a massive build up of clouds ringing in the valley. we had storms earlier tonight that brought up dust from the southern part of the state mountains with redeveloping thunderstorms. conditions may or may not happen for the valley later on tonight. paul is going to check in coming up. it's a typical problem when you have one bathroom, one roommate taking forever in that bathroom. >> one woman grabbed a gun to try to speed things along. this happened at glendale in
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roommates were taking too long in the bathroom. there was a struggle. the gun went off striking a roommate. she is in serious but stable condition. a thief caught in the act of crawling through a doggy door and it's all caught on
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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right through that doggy door. he thought it was a clever way to break into a house. but it was all caught on camera. it happened midmorning earlier this week near 43rd avenue and bell. he helped himself to about $2,000 in cash and jewelry. neighbors tell us there have been a number of break ins. >> it makes me feel very vulnerable. >> we had to lock the utilities because they shut off the ie to break in. >> police are hoping someone will help them solve these crimes. also developing right now, families in one chandler neighborhood say there has been a string of recent car thefts. >> this is happening in chandler. they think they all could be related. >> reporter: neighbors say there's been at least three car thefts this month alone. this time cameras were rolling and the whole thing was caught on tape.
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4:00 a.m. >> reporter: williams' dodge truck being cased by what looks like a light colored two-door car. and then stolen on the night of august 24th. >> from the time they pull up along side it to the time they pull away, it's only a minute and 15 seconds. >> reporter: smith believes it's tied to other car thefts in the area. chandler police say they're investigating two other car thefts within a half mile august. don't know if they're connected. >> obviously there's two people. the stolen truck and one has to drive the get away car. >> reporter: as for smith, he hopes the car's original design working in his favor. >> it's lifted 3 and a half inches, it has the loud diesel motor. >> reporter: and is offering a
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are. in chandler. don't bite off more than you can chew. these pictures trending right now are proof. you can see a toad in tucson trying to swallow a tarantula. the toad ended up giving up his dinner after the tarantula bit him numerous times. how do we know this? >> because the university of arizona professor actually caught this rare encounter during a hike. this picture has been more than 1500 times. >> it's kind of fascinating. but then you think of a tarantula biting the inside. >> don't feel bad for the tarantula. we had activity tonight that's for sure. everything's simmering down, that's good news. let's take it quickly to live 5 doppler radar. we'll zoom into some of the
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rain. there's areas around chandler right now. receive aring a half inch of rain in 30 minutes. right over the top of old town scottsdale, you can see the last few frames, conditions starting to improvement live look outside, should be a gorgeous sunset. sunset alert, head out and enjoy this. should make for gorgeous colors. temperature wise, 98 winds at 10 miles per hour. still that slight chance of a few passing storms. still stronger storms out to the far east of us. across the country, here's what everybody's looking at. hurricane hermine bringing wind and heavy rainfall across areas of florida. strong winds already hitting the east coast. a lot of -- across the state with the high surf this afternoon. that's what they're worried about. forecasters are really worry body the storm surge tonight
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heavy rainfall expected. hurricane and tropical storm warnings stretch all the way up north into the carolinas. it's going to be a mess for the next 24 to 48 hours. let's get back to our forecast. zoom in closer and show you what future cast is indicating for tomorrow morning. when you wake up, mostly clear skies. showers around eastern arizona and still shower activity over the grand canyon through flagstaff. and clearing skies over the holiday weekend. 103 for friday. 102 saturday. 101, below average temperatures with clear skies and looking nice into next week with temps below 100 wednesday and thursday. the valley school students are learning more than just reading and writing this year. they're getting a lesson in life as their teacher battles with breast cancer. >> jason barry explains how compassion is often the best
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>> reporter: second grade teacher annie good isn't about to let a thing like cancer keep her out of the classroom. >> i couldn't imagine not coming. i think coming to work and getting to teach, even though i'm not doing very well, has been a benefit, has been a medicine that helps me stay focused on what's important. >> reporter: the instructor at saint gregory's tag lick school in phoenix was diagnosed with breast cancer has already undergone a number of treatments. it's been a struggle, but mrs. good tells us the support has eased her pain. >> it makes me feel even stronger because i don't feel like i have to convince anybody that i can do this. they believe in me. >> we first got the news around the beginning of august. >> reporter: fellow teacher knows what a long road her
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treatments, her husband and children, along with the classroom. >> it just kind of broke our hearts a little bit. she's -- she's a good person and it just seems unfair that this would happen toker. >> how are you? >> i'm okay. >> we have a surprise for you. you are one of the most dedicated and selfless teachers we have known. every student is special to you and every student feels special because of you. we know the challenges ahead will meet them and beat them with your courage. thanks to cbs' pay it forward, here are 5 $100 bills. we are all praying for your speedy recovery. she is a fighter. she's not going to give up. >> reporter: jason barry, cbs5 news. if you would like to nominate someone for next
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medical marijuana patients banned from buying guns? answers on the provision that denies the right to be armed if you use cannabis as medicine. that's all new tonight at 10:00. >> >> that's going to do it for us here at 6:30. thanks for being with us. >> see you at 10:00.
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