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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

10:00 pm was a wet windy day in the valley as the monsoon strikes again. >> neighbors in ahwatukee is drying out. flooded streets made the drive home dangerous. a dust storm made slow down on i-10. amanda goodman is in ahwatukee. >> by the looks of things, it doesn't appear a storm blew through here. if you look at video shot earlier today you can see what it looked like. this was around 5:00 in the middle testify commute.
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commute. at times visibility dropped, for the most part drivers were able to navigate with no issues. when the dust fizzled out the rain came causing minor street flooding. not much to speak of tonight as far as lingering effects >> taking a look at the valley, calm conditions across the valley. we will have the rainfall totals in a minute. you can see globe seeing light rainfall and showers in the high country, north of prescott had showers, now williams and flagstaff reporting rain.
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south mountain .10. no rain at sky harbor. we'll see the chance of rain for f. we'll have that answer. breaking news, phoenix police are looking for two men after a shooting. one man was shot in the stomach. they believe all three men were playing a card game before the shots look for updates overnight. she was kidnapped, blindfolded and held at gunpoint. but a valley woman is safe. >> derrick stahl is live. >> good evening, according to court documents the teller at the bank of erica noticed something wasn't right when
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withdrawal. the 22-year-old is in custody and two other men are on the run. >> it started when the 35-year- old woman pulled into the parking lot of her boyfriend's apartment. two cars boxed her in and she was kidnapped. they blind fold elder, took her according to court documents the membership said they had -- men had been watching her and threatened to kill her family. the woman said cabrera took her to 2 bank of americas where she tried to withdraw $19,000. the bank teller noticed the woman was in distress.
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made the arrest. >> in all the woman was held by her captors for 11 hours. tonight police had looking for taaccomplishes. two -- the accomplices. >> scary stuff. check out the car fire near i-10 and baseline. this was just before 8:00 p.m. no 1 troopers are investigating what sparked that blaze. no markakising marijuana -- no mixing marijuana and guns. >> a federal judge decided if you have one you can't have the other forcing thousands of
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want more. >> marijuana holier thanks pot for helping him. >> my health has improved. >> a vietnam veteran he is also a gun holder. >> on wednesday the 9th circumstance it -- circuit have a medical marijuana card cannot own a gun. users are more likely to be involved in violent crimes. >> i don't like it. but they have to make a decision. they have to decide if they want to use medical marijuana
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worms. and people are law-abiding citizens do an alternative medication they are an outlaw. >> i feel like i'm losing my rights. >> if he let his card expire he could go back to owning and buying firearms. mess are gettg police are getting tips in the search of a serial killer. investigators have received 400 steps since last week. now they are asking you not to concentrate on the sketches but use your imagination. everyone's perception of people is different. >> we see things differently.
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someone but they don't look like the sketch. call us anyway. there's a $75,000 reward to track down this guy. donald trump is trying to change the focus of the immigration speech he gave last night. tonight he says many didn't understand it because details were drowned hispanic voters hoped he would change his tone, but they didn't see that last night. clinton's campaign is spending cash in arizona. you will start seeing tv ads tomorrow. arizona is now a swing state. arizona has been carried by
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presidential elections. there's a push to get out the vote in the latino community. jeff has answers about their tactic. >> nowadays you have facebook and twitter. if you want a message out there quickly use mass media. >> spanishlanguage airwaves are spreading the word. get involved in the presidential difference, get out and vote. you're going to have the same message across the board. >> mi familia teams up with someonish outlets. 2500 psa will air.
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on each outlet. >> markets, grocery stores, community centers, everywhere we can get into. >> mi familia is hoping to register 75,000 people before the election. it does focus on key issues like immigration. robert gram said it is partisan but getting people involved in the political process is a win we want more citizen involved. it make for a healthier debate. all new, gabby giffords upset about a new attack ad. they are up set about the bullet holes.
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asking the republican party to refrain from using this irresponsible imagery and to apologize. let's look at the forecast. doppler is showing calm conditions in the west valley. east valley hit hard with rainfall. still showers in the high country. from williams to flagstaff, showers earlier today in prescott. a high of 104, we're at 91 degrees, a 13- degree different. this is hurricane hermine making landfall right now. look at the thunderstorms all the way up into georgia. the hurricane making landfall. forecasters are worried about the flooding issues with the high tide and heavy rainfall.
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carolinas. it will be a mess along the next 24 hours. our forecast clear skies, here's 5:00 a.m. , you can check out wake up arizona and check out the forecast. in the afternoon notice the line of showers through flagstaff and along the mogollon rim, staying quiet here. it will be quiet through the weekend. 103 for friday, temperature below average for monday. >> answers for tomorrow, your friday, you will want to stick around as we talk safety. >> dispatchers are the first ones to hear your call for help. >> first responders didn't know how to handle this situation after mama bear and twins takeover pasadena. what we do during the commercial breaks. you can find answers on facebook live.
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each day is a different type of stress, we go home with it. we work with it and learn the manage it and balance it. >> 911 dispatchers are part of the emergency system. why aren't they considered first answer -- lindsey has answers. >> emergency dispatchers are office workers, these folks tell you they do more than sit behind the desk and answer phones. >> this is 911. >> every day is different. is anybody injured. >> you have to be patient and you have to be quick. quick on your feet to handle any situation. >> randy hill who's been an
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sheriff office for 18 years says it's worth it. >> knowing you helped people, you did the best you could and helped deputies in the field. >> there's a grow be movement called hashtag i am 911, aiming to remove them from the clerical category and into the same as the firefighters. >> i could hear the fear in your voice. >> we handle a lot of stresses that are similar to the deputies in the field. >> supporters say this won't give them any more money or benefits but more respect. >> they are amain key to what we do. >> doug madison agrees dispatchers are the true first responders. >> lives are on the line and
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>> advocates are encouraging people to chime in while they accept public comment. did you see this on your facebook feed. just an enormous explosion at cape canaveral. this was a falcon nine rocket. testing the engines on the launch pad. this is part of spacex the reason you saw it on facebook feed, there was an israeli made sat light on it and facebook planned to use that to bring ask net service to africa. >> just incredible video. if you have installed a car seat it's tricky.
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specifically in cars released in the past year. vehicles were rated for car seat safety. the lexus rx is top. the 2016 toyota prius. researchers looked at latch hardware lower anchors and tethers for children. >> when the latch hardware is mistakes. >> all the vehicles that received a perfect score allow users to place the car seat in the middle position. that's the safest spot for a child to sit. if you're looking for permits there's answers. paper applications for the 2017 spring hunting season will be available. online applications will start
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the government has awarded wilcox an american classification for their wine. that is only awarded to premier growing regions that of exceptional grape growth, good reputation and characteristics that sets the wine apart. i think they like it. it's like virtual reality is bringing the world to young and old. researchers are focusing on seniors and the emotional affect. >> i feel for the people in the communities they don't have enough stimulation. they need a sense of wonder about the world. they need to be curious and
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that this is wonderful. >> most are exotic, other experiences are more emotional. especially for marianne who went home one more time. >> do you recognize the house. >> wait a minute. don't say that. >> you ca overwhelmed. they hope the use the technology to help seniors keep their minds active i'm a homeowner in peoria had a surprise guest. the bobcat on her brick wall. she snapped the photo. this is second time she's seen this bobcat this year. three bears taking over a
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cubs dive for trash. they were scared off by a dog who apparently chased them away. >> they met up with mama and took a dip in two different pools. state wildlife officials think mom weighs about 300 pounds. the bears went up a tree and the officials expect them to go back in the dark. >> this isn't winnie the pool. >> windy the pool? >> that's an awesome slip. >> thanks for pointing that out. >> we had the strong winds, the
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on.
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more video coming in, the valley wasn't the o that had rain. prescott had some. you can see the puddles on the roadway. slow going in prescott. live doppler radar. from good year to the east valley. in prescott, there was a cell push through the area. still shower activity in the flagstaff area. we're going to start out around
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highs tomorrow below average. we'll get to 103. >> here it is the last preseason dress rehearsal for the cardinals. it's the last impression for those on the cutline to be on the roster. early on, braxton lynch hooking up poor tackles. he's gone. 57-yard touchdown. matt park barkley and the offense gets it going. barkley to nelson, 14-yard touchdown. arizona has a pair of field goals. barkley leads the team. 14-yard touchdown.
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a touchdown. the defense making plays on the evening. pack night lynch -- braxton lynch. 29-yard pick six. arizona picks up the first win of the preseason. mark is live at the stadium. >> they close out the preseason with a win. now they roster. however they look on september 11th. bruise aryans feels they has an contender. >> i'm confident. we had a great camp, we've had moments offensively and defensively that show what we're capable of. i think we'll be more than ready sunday night. >> you mentioned the running of penny, lewis may have made a
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to martin means that may be a open spot. they will submit their 53 roster on saturday afternoon. the patriots coming in here two sundays from now. cameras in place for the national anthem. colin kaepernick refused to stand. he said he wouldn't, eric
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let's get a look at if forecast. tomorrow is friday. a high of 103. we'll start off in the mid- 80'sment starting to dry off and the weekend is looking nice. >> that's a beautiful shot.
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flag. >> perfect. >> i'm with you. >> we agree. >> larry wilmore, the first interview since his show was canceled. . >> dan: score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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na and talking stick resort! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> larry: thank you! hey! thank you! thank you very much! thank you very much! thank you! welcome to the "late show." i'm your host, larry wilmore. ( laughter ) ( cheering ) how's it going, jon. good to see you. hey, did you all see the big trump speech last night? i haven't seen that many angry white people since they cancelled a coldplay concert. ( laughter )


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