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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema and thank her for holding congress accountable. first, a phoenix police officer shoots and kills a robbery suspect. it happened overnight.
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noon on cbs 5. right now a phoenix police officer is on paid administrative leave after shooting an armed robbery suspect early this morning. lena has the details of what led up to that shooting. >> the man shot in this over night shooting lunged at an office ere with a 12-inch knife -- officer with a 12-inch knife. we'll learn more how this officer involved is incident unfolded. we know when he noticed a man that matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. when he approached the man, he refused to obey the officer's demands and refused to show his hands. when he revealed his hands, he revealed a 12-inch kitchen knife in his possession. he was close enough to the officer, aggressive enough to the point the officer felt threatened. >> the subject is non compliant.
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awareness, going to elevate the threat level. that's when the officer drew his weapon. in this case, the suspect did produce a weapon. >> the shooting shut down deer valley road in several hour this is morning people being diverted. i can tell you that officer on paid administrative leave. the man who is shot is expected to survive. breaking news out of east valley to students at williams field walked out of class today to support their principal. this is an hour ago. students there say dr. terry wattawa is forced out to resign. they want her to return the school district has not responded to clarify what's going on there. we have a crew working to learn
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on cbs news at 5:00. the loop to 202 freeway reopened after a deadly crash shut it down for hours this happened at 32nd street. police say one of the vehicles was speeding in a construction zone when it hit another car. the car it hit flipped over, a passenger was thrown out of that vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. police are looking into whether alcohol was a factor in this crash. >> police are searching for two men that broke overnight and shot and killed one of the men overnight. investigators say the men broke in, forced 25-year-old mario into a back room and shot him to death the second victim was forced to the ground. the men stole guns and drugs before taking off. >> police are getting hundreds of new tips in their search for the serial killer tied to seven murderers around phoenix now.
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tips since last week's news conference totaling 2,000 tips overall. they're asking you to not concentrate on that particular sketch. use your imagination. everyone's perception of people is different. . >> we all see people differently, see things differently f. you have suspicions about somebody but are hesitant to call because it doesn't look like their sketch, call us any way. >> there's a $75,000 reward to track down this guy. find to call or text silent witness. download that, and it's free. a valley woman is safe after being held against her will more than 11 hours. 22-year-old cabrera is accused of kidnapping the woman at gunpoint. police say he took her to bank of america and demanded she withdraw $19,000. she didn't have the bank card. the bank teller noticed she
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wait a moment and called 911. police moved in a short bit later and made the arrest. officers are looking for two accomplices. local spanish tv, radio and newspapers are teaming up with the voting organization to get latinos registered for november. a voter registration group is hoping to register 75,000 people before the election. while the organization non partisan, it focus focuses on issues like communication. >> doesn't matter what our community prefers to see, listen to or read you'll have the same message across the board l. >> state republican chairman robert graham says getting people involved in the political process is a win /win no matter what. tropical storm hermine is
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after a category 1 hurricane overnight in florida. hermine is bringing heavy rain and wind tops georgia and -- winds to georgia and carolinas. kenneth greg is in charleston, south carolina with more. >> waves splashed the bull peculiar head along the water front. shopkeepers sandbagged water fronts ahead of the tropical storm hermine. category 1 hurricane. a seven foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets and downed trees, knocked out power to 100,000 residents. >> we'll spend coming day assessing the damage and responding to needs of our commutes and florida families. >> hermine is bringing heavy rain and 60 miles per hour winds to georgia and south carolina. >> we're taking this storm very
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hermine is no longer a hurricane, it is still a threat. >> we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall, that can lead to flash flooding. >> here along charleston's water front, hermine is a spectacle more than a threat, at least for now. >> we're enjoying getting out now. not really prepping or anything i guess. >> i love it. >> you love it? >> absolutely adore of his life. he's taking this storm in stride. >> i'm afraid it's going to veer and go inward. >> it's expected to move off the northeast and stall off the coast of new jersey for labor day weekend. kenneth craig, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. . all right. here in the valley, a different
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is that hail i hear or hard rain? >> hard rain coming in sideways. you know when it comes in side way, it's serious business. in some areas, drainage couldn't keep up with downpour. this is around 45th and fry. road flooded over the curves at 5:30 last night. big question is, how's your weekend going to look? >> it's much improved. that was a video shot by the man running colin. >> is that his house? >> colin, you've got hit good. colin wants to know -- he's in my ear. >> look at this picture. this is the aftermath of that first video you saw. mitch tally shot this picture. look at that water on the deck. hopefully he was able to dry it out or push into the pool. >> right now there's two pools. >> yeah. most of the storms in the
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lapse over flag staff. that's the botanical gardens. i'll show you next time. let's take a look over downtown phoenix. this thing is getting messy on me. hold on. you see clouds bubbling up. storms are not in the valley. we had a cup until the valley this morning by surprise. all action to the north. prescott, you guys seeing a nice amount of rain approaching from the southwest. storms came from the southeast today. the southwest. keep that in mind. chino valley, paulding. storms pushing up toward tuba city and grand canyon. going to be active in hebrew, pacen, white mountains.
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goes, could see a storm roll through this evening. 87 stafford and thatcher. no 100s on the board. mesa is. chandler 98 and glendale. looking over downtown phoenix, going to take it to 102. still muggy out there. dew points in the 60s. still humid conditions. when will we get rid of humidity? people want to know aboutth next forecast. >> thank you. remember the swimmer at stanford who served six months behind bars for rape? he's out of jail after serving half that time. we're going to explain coming up. samsung is admitting the brand
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th fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? . brock turner has been
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sparked outcry when sentenced to six months for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman. danielle noting hale reports turner only served half the time. >> 21-year-old brock turner walked out of jail friday. he was released on good behavior the ex stanford university swimmer was convicted of sexual assault against woman outside a fraternity party in january 2015. the case exploded nationally amid criticism of the judge's sentencing in the case as a poignant statement from the victim swept through social media. >> the judge removed himself from hearing criminal cases starting next week. he starts three years of probation. he must register as a sex
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he's said to be moving to dayton, ohio to live with his parents. his lawyers say he will appeal his conviction. >> the family of a utah man who's son disappeared in china 12 years ago has a glimmer of hope. a news article claims he's alive and living in north korea. he disappeared in china in 2004. the chinese government believes he probably died while hiking. his family says there's no evidence. ey north korea. the new article in japan would support that. it claims he's married with two kids, teaching english in north korea. it says he even tutored north korea leader king jong-un. his family is pushing the government to investigate that claim. a woman went to pick up her son at the airport and was handed a different kid.
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sent on different flights. cell phone video shows martinez here in the black hat passing the boarding gate at the santiago airport into dominican republic. somewhere along the way, a passport mix up sent andy to boston and this boy to new york. martinez describes the three excruciating hours while waiting for her 5-year-old son missing or kidnapped. >> then i'm told he is not there. i say oh my god. what did you do to him. where is he at? >> cannot imagine that the mother paid for her child to be accompanied by a flight attendant during this trip. jet blue is investigating how this happened. they offered the family a refund and money for future flights. no thank you. i'm sure they didn't want that. the mother says they won't be
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samsung electronics is recalling high end smart phones. if you have one, listen up. the galaxy note 7 is released two weeks ago. dozens of consumers reported their smart phones are catching fire prompting the company to recall 2.5 million of these phones. at a press conference in south korea, the president of samsung mobile business says the recall costs so ache. that's a lot of money. he says safety comes first. he says the company identified the glitch in the battery cell which caused 35 phones to explode or catch fire while being charged. >> other fires have caught on fire. to have a real flag ship phone. they have pretty much the entire run of the phone. millions are recalled after they get released. i can't think of anything that's
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>> recall comes at a crucial moment the note 7 was scoring pretty strong reviews and better than expected sales too. samsung was counting on success to help challenge apple which is expected to announce its newest phone september 7th, next week. plenty of us are going to be grilling over the labor day weekend. doctors want to remind you, the grill may expose you to chemicals linked toa meat, powell poultry and fish cooked at high temperatures have been linked to cancers. there's things you can do to reduce your risk. start with clean grill and cook at lower temperatures for a longer time. >> we also recommend marinating meat. that increases the moisture. that will decrease the formation of chemicals.
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safer. they cook more evenly. fruits and veggies can be grilled with no health risks. don't use the bristle brushes. that's a risk too. >> they can get caught. >> it's hard to get out. it can cause major health problems. just don't grill maybe? >> no, no no. >> did a bird fly by? >> a wasp. >> let's get to weather. >> get me out of here. >> oh my goodness. look at this is one of the best rainbow shots in arizona i've ever seen. >> that's gorgeous. >> amazing. he's a pilot. he flew around and just got the right angle. you can see this beautiful rainbow over the red rocks. awesome. thank you so much for that picture. go to our facebook page. send us pictures. we'd love to see the hashtag on twitter and instagram. here's the time lapse i was
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storms roll in. rain hits the camera there. it's active up there now. no thunderstorms in the valley. we are seeing definitely a lot of activity in places like prescott, eventually pacen. look at thunderstorms in flag staff. these move from southwest to northeast. pretty busy up there. in places like prescott, a lot of rain falling right now. we had flooding yesterday. keep an eye ont area. not seeing a ton of lightning. heavy rain around prescott and storm around i-40. not rule out any mountain location a slight chance for one of those in the valley. we're clear now. we show you dry air is really starting to move in. it's going to scour out that moisture. all this rust color is dry air starting to push in from the west. we're going to wind down showers
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hours. here's the 6:00. we'll look at spotty storms still. saturday, the focus of storms in the north eastern part of the state. we're going to see drying on the west side of the state. sunday is money day. everyone seeing sunshine. no more rain getting rid of that humidity. even in phoenix, it will feel better tomorrow as far as humidity goes. high temperature 102 today. your seven-day forecast shows decent forecast. one of the three -- 103 saturday, 101 monday. increased moisture for the end of the week and cooler temperatures, maybe rain by the end of the week. >> we need rain to wash that 4 -- >> there was a wasp on the camera. >> it's huge. ian, thank you. it's a terrific weekend for arizona football fans. going to break down what you
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. college football is here. tomorrow something incredibly rare is going to happen. all three major public universities in arizona are going to open their season on the same day all here in the valley. asu will have the home opener tomorrow when they host nau. a lot of fans excited ant this. this is going to be the first time they get to see the newly renovated kickoff scheduled for 7:45 for that game. don't forget to bring a clear bag for your stuff. no other bags allowed this new policy is obviously meant to increase security and safety. another change this year. fans can now bring in factory sealed water bottles. arizona will host byu tomorrow at university of phoenix stadium in glendale. kickoff 7:30 going to be pretty warm. the roof will be closed.
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university of phoenix stadium, the clear bag policy is in effect there too. still to come on cbs 5 news. ian has a last look at your forecast coming up.
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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. here's a live picture from our news valley cam.
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>> 102-103 still muggy out there. we've got humidity and a chance of a thunderstorm. you'll feel better as far as humidity saturday and sunday. labor day, official holiday. monday looking a-okay. high of 101. rain chances and 90s next week. >> we'll take it. overnight lows getting really good too. we're almost there. >> we're so close. >> we see the finish line. if you have a three day weekend, enjoy cbs 5 news at 5:00.
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