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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a man is shot by phoenix police after charging an officer with a knife. the search for a missing boater comes to a tragic end this morning. but first, tropical storm newton rolls into the valley creating a pretty wet morning
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5 news. good afternoon everybody. i'm heidi goitia. think you for joining us here at noon. tropical storm newton is keeping things wet here in the valley. if brought rain here this morning. our jamie subreddit is live with what turned into a pretty big rain event for some places. >> reporter: we have the raindrops falling on us right now. it is breezy and cool and here at the top of the peak, it is wrapped in cloud cover. the outer bands of tropical storm newton did not keep people from climbing camelback mountain this morning. any of them enjoying the cooler weather. taking the chance of getting a little wet and the rain. at the university of phoenix stadium and glendale, it created a impressive overflow. this is a picture from penguin aaron plumbing news chopper there. you can see the water pouring down that ledge down in front of the big doors of the stadium. at the loop 101 in thunderbird. check this out. training systems and retention ponds doing their work. it looks like a waterfall as a
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of the road with fall and flair. the roads were pretty dry this morning. rain was hit and miss around the valley. the rain is focusing on southeastern arizona and moving into mac -- into new mexico. >> you were chasing rain every. a lot of people are wondering what is next -- you were chasing rain everywhere. a lot of people wondering what is next. let's take a look at the child -- time lapse. is kind of a gloomy d are really not going to see the time at -- the sun at all. you will see the reflected in our temperatures. but show you what we are dealing with out there. we are still seeing some spotty activity. that is mainly up over in the mountains and in the southern part of the state. there is a tropical storm pushing into the area. right now in phoenix, the center of the city, not really a whole
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congress. some near prescott. it is even spotty. while we are seeing rain, it is not been as heavy as what once -- what we once thought. there is a flash flood morning but it has not been too heavy. 80 degrees in payson. 71 in tucson. it is all because of the cloud cover that has been lingering around. the sun cannot eat us up. 77 and glendale. the rest of your day over downtown phoenix, with clouds, it looks like this. we're at 81. we have dial back the temperature to 90 degrees. we could still see a thunderstorm. i will tell you what i think will happen and what tamara looks like coming up in the next forecast. another man is dead after being shot by phoenix police who tell us that man came at them with a knife. this happened near 37th st. and thomas. marc liverman has the latest from the scene. drug police investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that happened late last night.
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37th st. and thomas. it happened at the apartment complex. you can see right there that police, through the morning hours, they were investigating this officer involved shooting. i want to show you some video of what this look like earlier. this all started when police got a call of a man threatening his mother. they arrived at an apartment around 4 pm. they are told that is when the man left. police left as well. around 10:45 pm, dated -- they got a call that the same n people. they went to an apartment and they were told he was inside with possibly two other people. that man would not come out and so they created a perimeter. he then came out with a knife or a sword attached to his hands. officers asked the man to drop it, and that is when he rushes toward them and they opened fire, killing the man that they tell us where five officers were involved.
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felony charges once out on him. we talked to a good friend at the scene when all of this took place. take a listen at what he needed to -- of what he had to say. >> all you hear is to move. to move. all i knew is my brother was pretty much dead. i just had that feeling. >> weed scene officers come in and out of that apartment complex all morning long. we had seen them coming out with weapons as well as they continue their investigation. police tell us that they are st suspect had a history of drug abuse or mental illness. back to you. a man attacked two police officers overnight. this one happened near dunlap and 29th avenue. a man stopped his car in front of the officers for no apparent reason. he got out of his car, the officers got out of their car. that is when the man attacked them.
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and eventually they arrested the man. we're waiting to find out why he stopped his car or why he went after those officers. police have identified the suspect that was shot and killed by police officers after a crime spree that stretched across the valley yesterday. the man's name is stephen del rio. he is 31 years old. police say that he start -- it started when a bank robbery call came in out in avondale. three people held up the bank on van buren before shooting at police and taking off. during the pursuit, to arrested. del rio refused to give up when he was cornered at the baseline of i 10. struck the bus used by drake and his future besser, the prints. according to police, thieves stole a briefcase with property worth an estimated $3 million. dmz is reporting that the
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area hoping to find the thieves. the story we have been following all week long on cbs five. this morning, authorities found the body of a boater who had been swimming with friends when they realized he was suddenly gone. a warning force female -- a warning for female runners. a predator runners. it is happening on the bridle path. a woman along with other victims have compared stories. the next woman to report this said she was crossing one of the residential streets on central when she was stopped by a silver car. the driver's ignored -- the driver signaled toward her, and as she was crossing the street, he accelerated acting like he was going to run her over.
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some lewd behavior on social media. i think that the biggest concern that everybody has is that somehow this guy is going to take it a step further. that just watching women brian or exposing himself will not be enough. >> i will never tell you that calling 911 for something that concerns you is a waste of time. it is not. >> police are advising any runners to go out in pairs and take a cell phone with you. of course be very aware of your surroundings. a woman who was busted for running an unlicensed dental office out of her phoenix apartment is now on the run. the arizona atty. gen.'s office has issued a warrant for zamora after she did not show up in court. acca me, an undercover agent poses a patient and found her apartment will of dental instruments and a bed set up like a dental chair.
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the ag's office said she posted $20,000 bond and took off. the two main candidates for president are getting ready for a form tonight hoping to win over military voters this round. plus, why do so many people in an italian village still live
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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days in laos working to strengthen ties between our two countries. but he spent most of today as a torress. he visit a 16th century group in an ornate building. he greeted a group of 20 young buddhist months -- monks and visited a gift shop to look for souvenirs for his daughter's back in the us.
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hillary clinton are focusing on the military and foreign-policy this week. trump is making a case for expanded military while clinton shares her thoughts. clinton -- >> reporter: clinton was to expand the military but does not want to send soldiers to fight foreign wars. >> i believe that we need to have a national policy the focus on america's security and >> reporter: truck and -- trump and clinton will participate in a forum based on -- based on veterans today. he is focused on nuclear weapons. >> he is very loose in his talks about nukes. he said he doesn't care if other countries get them and why they haven't been used already.>> reporter: clinton is
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clinton is facing allegations regarding personal and national security emails, trump compares it to watergate. >> they are asking why a computer specialist deleted secretary. clinton's email archives in march after a congressional subpoena had been issued. >> reporter: the fbi resolved all of this. th the findings included the latest conspiracy theory.>> reporter: the state department announced that all of -- that all but one of the emails had been turned over. cbs news, the white house. lawmakers have been back a one will -- a $1 billion bill to fight the zika virus.
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the republicans had inserted some provisions that would eliminate a ban on confederate flags and military cemeteries. >> the display of the confederate flag -- there are some people that want the display in certain areas. what this that have to do with zika? >> several congressional republicans suggested that they might lump zika funding in with other government spending measures. there hoping to resolve the issue by the end of the month. >> after spending three months in the hospital, the last remaining patient of the pulse nightclub shooting has been released. their land a regional medical center confirmed the news via twitter today. they said that they have treated 35 patients on the shooting and completed 76 operations. last month, orlando health in the hospital both announced that they will not build the survivors for any out-of-pocket medical expenses. federal health officials
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not use the nasal spray vaccine for the upcoming flu season. they said that dr. should stop using the flumist because it has been an effective and they are worried that it will impact the number of kids who are prepared for this year's flu season. >> the recent -- the reason is that children prefer the flumist is because the shot hurts more. >> reporter: doctors say that -- >> vaccine is important. more than 200,000 people our backs -- art hospitalized every year because of the flu. let's take a look at what is happening on wall street. not a whole lot. the dow is down 14 point hospitalized every year because of the flu. let's take a look at what is happening on wall street. not a whole lot. the dow is down 14.2 sitting at pretty flat trading with just a couple of hours to go. apple, you may have heard, just unveiled the iphone seven. this happened in california.
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dramatically improve the quality of photos taken on the phone. it also input -- it also has improved stereo speakers which are two times louder than the current model. it is waterproof. here's one change that is expected to bring criticism. it does not have a headphone jack. you will have to use bluetooth or special apple earbuds or you will have to plug your adapter into the lighting charger jacks. it will come with an adapter in the box. you can preorder the phone starting a week from friday. remember the computer out -- computer outage the disrupted delta airlines for three days. that outage cost the airline's $150 million. they revealed the price tag today in a presentation to their investors. they were probably not happy about that. delta hedging cancel 2000 flights that they were offering. they were offering refunds and vouchers for any future travel. scientist say they may have discovered a sort of
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particular region of italy where people seem to be living longer and healthier than ever before. it is a place called archer rowley. it is on the coast, 40 miles south of salerno. the mayor says that one in 10 people there are over the age of 90. he credits the late -- the laid- back lifestyle to bury in life there. it is attracted a doctor from the university of california san diego. these people different? >> they have less alzheimer's. they have less cataracts. they have less bone fractures. whittlesey any heart failure. they have high blood pressure but the heart seems good and healthy. that is an everybody that we measured. there is something they are. >> the research team thinks that the diet, which is rich in fresh fish and locally grown fruits and vegetables plays a part in this. they also think that there could be a genetic link to
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trip there. they call that reporter involvement. >> i don't think they're going to pay for us to had their but we will ask after the show. >> we had some rain this morning. >> it was great. >> people probably enjoy the cooler weather as well. was take a look at the time lapse. you should see mountains once we get the signed up. there they are. kind of obscured by the clouds and the occasional shower here and there. kind of a gloomy day out there. that is played a major keeping our temperatures away down. about 10 degrees or more below normal. here's a live look and you can still see the clouds hanging out. let's look at the past 48 hours. there is what was once hurricane newton rolling of the baja and then it makes its way into arizona is a tropical storm. quite a long journey. it brings up plenty of moisture which helps fire up the rain that we had this morning.
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seeing some spotty rain to the north and west of whitman just to the south of prescott. we have not seen lighting but we're not ruling it out. some real spotty south -- some real spotty stuff. things are kind of calm in the valley. we're also seeing some of that rain in the southeastern part of the state. there is a flash flood watch up. it may fall early. not as much rain has fallen in the southeastern part of the state. i think that the threat i would not be surprised if this drops as we get going into the next few hours here. futurecast picking up on that rain. still existing in the southeast. we watched some of these cells that make came -- come close to phoenix. not that we will not see any rain but we are diminishing those rain chances as we get going into the next 48 hours. we are going to peel those clouds back. we are going to dry up and a
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tomorrow. we will see a different in the next couple of days. 69 in flagstaff. it is warmer on the website where we have see more sunshine. right now, 81 degrees with viewpoints very high. a little bit of a breeze out there. high temperatures, we will maybe get to 90 in the valley. before tomorrow, we will probably get up to 90 degrees with friday looking at 100 degrees and drive. saturday, we will take it up to 102 this time of year. it sure has been nice to see the cooler temperatures. if you can get a 90 out, that is a good thing in this summer. >> it is a little sticky but
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whales are now off of the endangered species list. a global ban on whales started more than 50 years ago. former sunstar steve nash is once again a married man. he tied the night with 26-year- old lola frederick. she is a former volleyball player pepperdine. they posted this instagram. they announced the engagement back in march. this is nash's second marriage. and 800 foot chimney was imploded. there we go. check this out. it was on the isle of graiin kent, english -- kent, england. until this morning, this chimney was one of the tallest concrete structures in all of the united kingdom. dozens of people gathered around to watch the demolition
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welcome back. this is a life with -- this is a live picture from camelback mountain. i would not be surprised if people are not hiking that all
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send us your pictures. >> we could still see the rain and thunderstorms. spotty. slight chance for rain tomorrow. we will see more sunshine tomorrow. warmer temperatures. the humidity still sticks around. we were introduce storm chances, a good old-fashioned monsoon. it is not hurricanes and tropical storms as we get going into next week. >> we will take it however we can get it. >> i like the clouds. >> thank you. they ul
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