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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. as a kid and desert family is definitely a shot emily and never returned to the boat.>> our first look at the man dealing $3 million worth of jewelry from 's tour bus here. asu police thought they
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talking stick downtown phoenix. what was once hurricane newton lost steam. the center of newton did not cross into arizona as a tropical storm. the southern part of our state did get a lot of rain and there was flooding in nogales some areas got upwards of four inches we did have rainfall in the valley, averaging a 10th of an inch. the rainfall totals in just a moment. still seeing rainfall, what's left of newton out there. heavier shower south of casa grande a comma to sun and up towards white river, show low seeing rainfall. band of showers is pushing towards globe. look at the cloud cover,
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average. we had a high today in the 80s. the last time we did that was may. we are at 87 degrees and it still sticky out there with dew points close to 70 and relative humidity of 51%. two thieves messed with the wrong guy, they werecaught stealing a us flag from a front driveway. lindsey reiser has the story.>> we love the country. >>reporter: flying the flag outside his home.>> it's always been there. >>reporter: that was until sunday. at 3:30 am, two men drove up, ran up the driveway and stole the american flag in front of his home. >> it was too young kids. >>reporter: this home is outfitted with security and cameras. a lover of the country and
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flag. it's already flying in front of his home. he is also posting this video of the flag thieves online hoping someone recognizes the crooks. >> there probably just teenagers. if you have a story idea that you want us to check out, had to our facebook page and click on the light button, then send us you can see a piece of 911 -- 9/11 history, a piece of steel was moved from the haey- davidson center to the center of the performing arts. >> we all know where we were that day and what happened. we all of a personal
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to family members in the towers. she brokdown in tears when she was able to touch a piece of steel.>> there's the piece, that is now displayed at the center for performing arts in downtown scottsdale. there is a free 9/11 exhibit that runs through next tuesday. on the campaign trail, donald trump and hillary clinton are taking part in a forum on security tonight. trump got a head start laying out his plans for protecting our nation. >> immediately after taking office, i will ask my general's to present to me a plan within 30 days, to defeat and destroy isis.>> trump says he wants to spend billions to beef up military, in coach stoops and navy ships and fighter planes. clinton criticized him for not
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campaign has been one long insults. to all of those worn the uniform. >> clinton has picked up an end from the dallas morning news. she is the first democratic candidate the paper has supported in more than seven decades. good news if you plan to travel, getting to your flight is getting faster. the tsa tells us 92% of travelers spend 15 minutes in security lines. part of officers and more signing up for those pre-check lanes.>> total membership in tsa project is now 3 1/2 million compared to 1.6 million a year ago. >> the tsa is looking for improvements like installing more automated ?rlanes. personal online stock trading is growing. many are still unfamiliar, if you are thinking to give it a
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pros and cons. >>reporter: 14 million are signed up with online trading, that's where traders make the decisions themselves without input from a broker. it is an alternative to traditional trading, it can be intimidating. the pros of each rating, you pay $5-$10 to buy and sell stocks at online brokerage firms. you have execute a trade immediately. it takes longer with traditional brokers. you avoid advice that might benefit the broker, more than yourself. you have access to online research and you can monitor your stocks in realtime. some of the cons, because it's easy, there's a risk of poor choices oh over investing. moving quickly can cost you lots of money. online traders are on their
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relationship to navigate volatility and uncertainty in the market. trading stocks can be like gambling, there's an addict of nature. escapes the potential for games. you are at the mercy of the web, a broken internet connection could cost you an important trade. you could have buying errors due to computer issues. assuming a trade was not comple can cost you money. if you think the trade did not go through you may buy again and invest twice check with online brokers about verifying canceled trades. now that you have some pros and cons, start small and go slow until you get your feet wet. let me know if you have a view, go to our website , fill out my form and i will get back to you. apple rolls out
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the iphone7 is finally here. apple showed it off in san francisco today. as chris martinez reports the company might be a victim of its own success.>>reporter: james corden helped tim cook add more hype for wednesday's announcement of the iphone7. >> it makes all the things you do every day so much better.>>reporter: the new
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of its own digital connector or wireless headphones. it features more memory, a faster processor and better cameras including a second telephotolens.>> this is the best camera ever made.>>reporter: the updates made diehard fans, every day consumers may not rush to the store. sales fell 27% this year, the $649 price tag.>> the threat is that people will hold their phones longer. they start to look at the cheaper iphones and say that is good enough. >>reporter: apple announced its second generation all -- apple watch. analysts say wearables could be the next big moneymaker for apple, which until last year was the biggest company in the
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angeles. >> preorders for the new iphone and apple watch open friday. both are available for shipping next friday. the cardinals kick off their season in just four days, against the new england
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you hope your player show up and play well. it's different for us.>> cardinals welcome nature it's sunday night. he is being very modest about at one. they are two of the best coaches. >> this is a matchup of one of the best offenses coaches and the defense of coach. bill ballard check bikes to it exploit will this -- weakness. he goes right at the weakness, that's the best thing and how he said so much success.
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patriots like to do to a weakness, chandler jones knows. >> i do know they will try to expose certain weaknesses. they do a good job of studying what a teams weakness is and they will expose it. that's one thing to look out for.>> i am opposite of a cornerback. i will get i give up.>> jimmy grabow low will be starting for the suspended tom brady. the cardinals hope to rattle the first-time starter.>> there is so much going on mentally.
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the opportunity is here to take advantage of.>> the diamondbacks closeout with the dodgers tonight. the final time vince scully will call a diamondback game. the team is giving him a key to chase field. he will take over the arizona airwaves in the second inning. both television and radio. he started calling dodger games in 1950. here's a look at history, tennessee and virginia tech set to play at the still motor speedway, that's what paul on a racetrack. 150,000 fans expected. that will be at -- an ncaa record. it certainly is history. >> did you see the monitors above the field?
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on.
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z23eoz zvpz y23eoy yvpy paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse.
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indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. newton brought us rainfall throughout much of the valley. the gray skies and breezy conditions south. look what's taking place south
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has reports of rain. we are seeing light to moderate showers out towards right river. -- white river. three quarters of an inch in buckeye, a half-inch in sun city, sky harbor got four 107 inch of rain. we will add to the totals. temperatures story. 87 degrees outside right now. average high is 104. today we got up to 88. 63 in flagstaff and 74 in prescott. satellite radar shows a wider view. you could see the rotation and that batch of moisture moving east. parts of new mexico will be hit hard with rain.
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skies. the morning commute will have- clouds. clear conditions will last through the weekend. overnight lows drop to 76 degrees in phoenix, 47 in flagstaff, 58 in prescott, 74 in gila bend. 70 in casa grande a. if you are for thursday and mid-70s friday. temperatures warm up saturday and called on sunday, monday. chance of rain monday and the threat of showers in the valley. temperatures will dry out starting tomorrow. they will stay dry through sunday. scientists may have discovered the fountain of youth in italy. people in one region seem to be living longer and healthier.
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it's a place for you can find an 88-year-old tending to the town garden daily. or the 94-year-old anita. i feel young, she told us, as a 100-year-old joined us. mayor residents are over the age of 90. he credits the laid-back lifestyle. enter the doctor.>> can you list what makes these people different?>> they have less alzheimer's, less cataracts and no heart failure. there is something there.>>reporter: he is a card
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diego that's working with rome's university on a pilot study to look at those super agers in this region. the research thinks the diets of fresh fish and locally grown fruits and vegetable play an important role. we asked the doctor if they found the fountain of youth and he said they weren't sure, more research is needed. he did say it was likely the combination of activity levels, low stress, diet and genetics. here tonight's top stories, an update on the bank robbery that turned deadly. two of the suspects are ruben rodriguez and sergio escobedo, they are now held on multiple charges including armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. both will remain behind bars on a $250,000 bond. as for the third suspect stephen del rio was shot and killed after police said he had a gun. a woman accused of performing it sex act on a boy
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court. lindsay radomski pleaded not guilty. the grand jury dropped over a dozen charges due to lack of evidence. closing evidence tomorrow. if convicted she could face six months in jail. a valley woman in trouble witthe law is on the run. eldra zamarra is accused of running an unlicensed dentist office from her own apartment. here is underc warrant for her after she failed to show up to her first court hearing. ryan lochte has been suspended, us olympic committee and the usa swimming punished him with ten-month suspension. banning him from participating in the 2017 world championship, this all came from the fallout after the gas station run in in rio dacia narrow. w3connect with cbs5 and facebook, twitter or instagram,
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this out, would not you want one of these in your yard? look at this. it's your first beer fountain, you get a special glass with a microchip, you can try five different brews, they will all be made in slovenia and they will change regularly. it costs seven dollars. they hope it will bring more tourists to the area.>> i will that's amazing.>> that's one way to age gracefully. thank you for being us --
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. 62 days now before the election.


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