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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a man is killed by a hit-and- run driver right on the side of interstate 17. clinton calls up trip in california after being diagnosed with pneumonia. hundreds of kids are week -- waiting to find out when to wait for cost now that the school is off-limits.
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thank you for joining us at noon. . today's class is canceled for kids at two glendale schools after -- after and then engineer said that buildings are unsafe cracks in the walls and the foundation. kylee cruz explains on what will happen most. you could take up to five weeks to get the cracks 60 -- fixed. you can see a crack here on the we another one affected, they found the deep cracks -- a deep cracks in the outer walls, it was discovered when they were doing renovations, they were with the rising the building, the repairs could cost as much as $2.4 million. an engineer said students cannot come back to class until the repairs are done. what happens now, school is canceled today, tomorrow and
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close to 1500 students in all. on thursday the kids will be placed in another school plannefor where the students will go had not been finalized, but to cut down on overcrowding. a lot of parents are frustrated by all this given that now they have to suddenly change plans to accommodate the kids. we usually walk. so we will be gas work and send them on the bus, the district is holding several meetings with parents to finalize plans on where the students will go. and talk about some of the issues with the school buildings and the meetings will be held at the glendale civic center at three, five and seven. a man is dead after he was hit by a truck on the eye 17 after 2:00 a.m. near thomas road, the man in his 20s and hit by a truck after his own car stalled on
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pronounced dead. the driver of the truck took off and hasn't been seen, it's an older model chevy with modified the lights, it will likely have a damage on the right-side in the horde. traffic is back to normal after a rough commute this morning all caused by a semi that rolled onto its side spilling a load of asphalt to the interstate ten. this was in the eastbound lane near university, crews had to another truck. traffic was at a cold for hours. fire destroyed a model mobile home, they spotted the fire and once over -- was overhead before emergency crews arrived. it happened around 630 this morning near 22nd avenue and broadway. neighbors sprayed the fire with garden hoses until the firefighters arrived, the home was destroyed, no one was
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like the fire started in the living room and spread to an addict being used for storage. this is a home near 59th avenue and bell, they had a pretty tough time getting the flames out because of the small pete spaces. two cats have been revived and a dog was saved from the fire. they believe an electrical issue had been the cost of this one. managing coming home and finding burglars ransacking your home, this happen find one of the suspects. it happened in mesa, us 60 and -- a man came home from work and found the intruders inside, he tried to fight them all off, but was hit in the head with a kitchen's chair and he ran across the street to get some help. it has been a stressful day. it's a bit disturbing and what it's an otherwise pretty quiet neighborhood.
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-- and the second one got away and the home owner is expected to be okay. door as in the case of the woman shot and killed while she was driving on the state route 51. forty-nine-year-old the next farmer, a mother of three and battling breast cancer. the family ?-tilde-tilde fundraiser this week to help with the funeral cost. her daughter worked -- here in phoenix and his love -- is loved and provide always had a smile. for us, she's one of a family, and family helps when they can. detective said farmer reported being followed which they say -- which they say increases the likelihood that this crime might be related to something that happened before the shooting, lowering the likelihood that it was random violence, and -- anyone is asked to call silent witness.
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clinton has canceled her plan for a two-day trip in california she battles pneumonia, a rival says that -- arrival says that he takes no satisfaction in her health issue issue. hillary clinton is recuperating at home a day after video shows her stumbling and needing help getting into her it suv, she was leaving -- leaving an event in at ground zero. later, a smiling clinton left her daughter's child in manhattan campaign said she felt overheated and sunday evening her doctor announce that clinton had actually been diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. the -- republican opponent donald trump -- donald trump who repeatedly questions for health expressed concern on cnbc. he was quite sad to be honest with you and i hope she gets well soon. no satisfaction whatsoever. clinton is 58 and trump and 70 and neither has released their records and he said this
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weekend press release the results soon. he released a new ad attacking clinton's comments last week at an lgbt fundraiser which he insulted half of trump supporters. you could put have of trump support in to what i called a basket of deplorable's, the racist, sexist, -- you name it. people like you, you and you, deplorable. clinton said she regrets a comment. up to skies overnight in the valley. check out the lightning, in scottsdale. and we got -- got another round of popping up right now in parts of the valley and the state. glad you asked. rude awakening for you guys, tons of lightning and in pine, strawberry getting hit this morning.
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the rugged raggedy look what we cook the are dealing with, the east valley we will see similar picture. pop-up showers here in their clear for the most part. we have a chance for some thunderstorms, not much going on in phoenix just to the east their globe along with the 60 there are -- they are seeing thunderstorms in south and east as well. tucson, a couple showers crossing the ten. show low break right now, we can see more and storms right over the apache national forest mount -- white mountains pushing to new mexico. we could see a thunderstorm developed later on. not bad for summer.
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no one has hit a hundred year -- yet, chandler 95 degrees, 90 deer valley, 89 scott -- scottsdale. right now a little -- a little unit, about 99, creepy a thunderstorm, when that might happen and what we could space bar morning. do you have to sing the national anthem at a -- the next -- a phoenix home game ? >> she's got some types, no space chanceo show off your skills, phoenix fans are holding -- holding auditions for the upcoming season, they are going on until 7:00 tonight. at the casino arizona -- casino arizona pavilions which is right inside, you don't need to register, just show up and let her rip. in -- convenience
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a volcano in the i've reunion island erupted yesterday shooting without -- lab the way up in the air, it translates to the peak of the furnace as the second time it a wrap this year. one of the most active volcanoes in the world. when than 150 were the eruption since the 17th century, it's an uninhabited part of the island. nine people including five children were killed in an overnight house fire in memphis, one child was pulled from the home in critical condition. the fire broke out around 130 this morning in the living room only about 20% of the house
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throughout the house. not clear if the victims try to get out, but firefighters that there was a smoke detector and it was working. not clear whether it was working rather. this is the same place that the pulse night club the shooter omar mateen used to pray at, and once intentionally started the fire, more than 100 people are expected to attend an event at them off this morning the good news no one was there when the fire started. a private security company night club shooter has now with now hit with a major find, the company called the s4 with find more than $150,000. by the state department of agriculture. it provided inaccurate information on forms that allowed omar mateen to carry a gun be the paperwork lifted the -- that no longer practice is the person who did the screening. more than 1500 other forms also had that same error in the company said the mishap was due
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it is confident that mccain was evaluated . 3 million kids and teenager that please, soccer in the us now when -- a new -- in the research study shows as the sport is becoming more popular morchildren are getting hurt on the float. researchers looked at 35 years of data and found 330 children are treated in the er every day for sprains, strains and fractures. the number of concussions have also -- recent -- we since increased include more awareness, new athletes learning the sport and keep -- kids playing on your -- keep playing a year-round at higher intensity. there are ways for to prevent getting hurt. make sure they are participating in preseason conditioning program that have exercises to build their core strength, neck muscles and flies and hip muscle to make sure they are learning about concussions for -- that they know the finance -- fine and symptoms.
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then kids ten years and younger from hitting the ball with their heads. a clerk in connecticut recovering after a car smashed into the store. the whole thing caught on camera, check out the top of your screen, you can see the ford explorer backing away from the store and it is coming forward and accelerate the smashing in front of the building, you can see the impact to the clerk who was standing there. he walked away with only cuts and bruises. business and we acted to help out. to help board of the business and take some personal belongings out. police believe the 64-year- old driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the breaks and he was charged with reckless driving. sent the check in on wall street, dow jones up 243 points.
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seasonal workers to be what they called -- called remote customer service associate calling a research program, the -- employees can work from home and you can make as much us $10 -- as $10 an hour. amazon says you can choose to work between one and 30 hours a week the average right now is 12 hours. con artists stole millions of dollars from americans every single year and most people likely to cam might not who you think. another marker for cheese thought he won over a million dollars from the publisher's clearing house in 2014 . i thought this was great thank you god. when the 87-year-old called to collect us when -- collected 20, a con artist told him he has to pick 40,000 in taxes and he -- texas and he did and found out the letter was a
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most people think that senior citizens are most likely to fall for a scam, but -- but new research from the better business bureau found out it's the exact opposite. younger people and more educated people tend to be more likely to lose money. they looked at 30,000 scam cheeses and 11% of seniors ended up giving up money and three times as many 18 to 24 -year-olds go for that scam. the better business bureau call it optimism by him -- an young people are -- are overconfident and don't keep your guard up. we are all at risk and the stereotype is that older people or gullible or less educated, those are the stereotypes and not an accurate reflection of the reality. they also found seniors are much more likely than millennials to port a scam. anybody can become a
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-- you, the anybody. i bet millennials are embarrassed that they fell for it. and did not tell anyone. how -- how's the weather ? >> my buddy mike bradley drives a truck, a trucker and he got this awesome shot of the sunrise in the east valley. that was nice -- nice presented to you. i told him to. reflecting off the hood, think --omma think you might bradley for that traveling all over heavy machinery. looking to the west i think, if a couple thunderstorms earlier in the day today for the most part we are clear right now in the valley as we take a look to the east where we start to see thunderstorms in -- the thunderstorms in globe. past nine -- path know pushing to the console basin, heavy winds, gusty winds, heavy rain
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south as well, i tend to tucson, but impact some of that, mountains white -- white mountains busy, these storms right here will pushing the white mountains and show low will see some storms today, not a ton -- city, not attend but we are not willing no chance for thunderstorms, we are getting some 80 from a little system right here that will help bring some uplift. you can see a storm in the valley and the c be after 2:00, futurecast trying to pick up on those -- the southeast of the valley. places like cost -- better chance than new river. south -- in the new river. southeast valley keep a special close eye on the skies. mountains and east -- east of phoenix the best shots as we get going into the tuesday and beyond we will start to dry out and temperatures will get not
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around the state feels like 75, 97 yuma, i temperatures not budge too much 99 high in phoenix, 105 lake havasu, 68 flagstaff -- state flagstaff, drying as we get to the middle of the week, temperatures they are going to stay below normal. 101 and we should be below that most of the week, my favorite in the 70s. you can get to work may be windows -- maybe windows down i don't think it's cool enough to open the windows all night. doesn't get cool. you're getting -- we're getting there. inching closer. thank you. the great look at some
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this is getting a lot of attention. over the weekend scully tom hanks -- tom hanks plays lab pilot who pulled off the miracle on the hudson it has above expectation debuting on top of the box office with 30 5.5 million dollars one of the -- one of the biggest september opening ever. new pictures from mars saw some pretty spectacular rock permission and those some plateaus, not nonstop curiosity rover took it last thursday, it is mount sharp that formed billions of years ago, when scientists in the curiosity team said that these permissions are eroded sandstone deposited by winds, you can see -- wind, you can see more pictures, nasa is going to compile colored images of it.
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-- poland this happens. take a look, it's a mark of that dioxin, wiener dog owners walk they're that's for -- that's for the city very probably, 22nd year. twenty-second year of the event area and told to come -- still to come, final check of your forecast.
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welcome back. camelback mountain power can. hiking, now it's 94 maybe not. and if you meant -- it's humid. ninety-nine instead of 100. until muggy out there. -- monkey out there. maybe wednesday area and i'm not going. we are going to dry out and get rid of the humidity and stay below 100. we will take it. thank you for joining us here onfi you at 5:00 you .
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at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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