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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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s campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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sources say ahmad khan rahami was seen in surveillance video and saturday's bombing. c we are extremely fortunate and grateful no one was killed.>> reporter: the search for rahami continues after obamas donated >> the a speculation from the police department is that they were not time to go off and so therefore whether they were being investigated are followed, they were disposed of in a garbage can in a very hasty mann police took five people into custody on a traffic stop in brooklyn in connection with the explosion in chelsea. the fbi combed the manhattan neighborhood collecting evidence. surveillance video shows people
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a second bomb was found for blocks away but did not explode. a pipe bomb seaside park before charity run. no one was hurt in that attack. rahami is a suspect in both the jersey shore and chelsea bombings. >> investigators in minnesota are tweeting mall as a potential act as terrorism. several shoppers were stabbed in a mall in st. cloud on saturday. nine people were stabbed but all survived. the attacker is identified as dahir adan is a college student. he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. authorities believe he may be inspired by isis. he asked people if they were muslim and if they said no, he stabbed them with a knife. dahir adan is a somali american who had lived in the united
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the man accused of plotting terror attacks against government buildings was in court today. he pleaded not guilty in july 2 charges stemming from an undercover fbi investigation. the 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to attack buildings in maricopa week counties. he suffers from mental health issues and is not a threat to society said his parents. his court date is november 16. there is additional security at a high school in tempe beco this message is posted up -- posted on the school website. it says there are rumors something would happen today. tempe police are looking into it. it started after a fight between students. at this point they don't believe the credit -- threat is credible. but they have extra police on- site. an elderly woman is in the hospital after she was pulled from her burning mobile home overnight. that is not the correct video.
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>> reporter: a woman in her 80s and her son are recovering in the hospital after being stock inside of a mobile home fire late last night. you can see the damage we are talking about. debris all over the place. walls burnt out in parts of the ceiling burned. this spread all the way to the car which is right next to it. part of the car md. ground. shards of glass all over the place. it spread and the damage is very severe. we are told. this happened at 10:30 pm last night. a neighbor across the street saw the flames and ran over to help. he and the son found the woman collapsed on the floor. she was overcome by smoke. they dragged her out of the home. firefighters say the son went
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the hospital. in stable condition for mild smoke inhalation. after this happened, we caught up with a neighbor. >> there was a lot of fire so i just went over there. i started to lay on the ground.>> reporter: firefighters tell us the cause of the fire is under investigation. back to you. a deadly shooting investigation is unfolding in guadeloupe a. it happened and men were shot and killed in the neighborhood overnight. deputies are going door-to-door to find out if anyone knows anything that can help in the investigation. police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital. this happened near this morning -- near six street and thomas. a man in his 30s was shot in the back. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police don't have a suspect description. in scottsdale, officers arrested a man who threatened a
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this started on the 101 when dps officers stopped a car that was weaving. the officer noticed pot in car. the trooper then pulled something from his seat. of the trooper heard a click and believed it was a misfire from a gun. the trooper pulled out his gun and the driver sped off. he ditched his car at apartment. but a k-9 unit found the suspect hiding in the bushes. no weapon has been found but the driver could face charges for speeding. an armed robbery -- armed robbery caught on camera -- police need your help finding the suspect. take a look the video as the man in the white shirt waits for all but customers -- in churches chicken to leave. he pointed his gun at the cashier and demands money. he gets in the car with the
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>> anytime you use a weapon in a crime, people are scared and be our glad no one got hurt. that could easily happen the way he was handling that firearm. >> if you recognize either of the subjects you are asked to call silent witness. silent witness has their message on an eye-catching car. they are hoping it increases the public's awareness is -- awareness and leads to tips. >> it's a great way to reach out to the valley and all members of the valley when you attend an event or you see the car at a police event. it's a great way to reach out to the valley and tell people about silent witness. >> silent witness relies on donations to fund the rewards they offer. >> the weather on monday is a struggle. to put it lightly. >> tomorrow we will see big changes. let's look outside.
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gloomy at times. that is all because of tropical moisture which is coming in from the south. so rain chances return for the next couple of days. doppler radar showing we are clear skies from sun lakes whitman. a similar story in flagstaff. you guys same story in kingman and to las vegas. south a bad look at the rain starting to pop up on the radar. over the baja. i think we will be dry for most of the day in the valley. temperatures not too bad. we are starting to warm up. 88 in pace and 90 in sedona. 90 in lake have assumed and 90 in yuma. cloud cover is pretty thick and i think it will keep our temperatures cooler than first thought. we are 97 apache junction. goodyear 95 degrees.
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around 101 around 1012 around 101-2104 on the high end. coming up in the arrest -- forecast, we will talk about when the rain starts in phoenix. the seek as zone is free of the virus. what the governor of florida is urging. the last store in the world is in danger grab your phones, we are giving away tickets to the monster jam happening saturday, october 8 at university of phoenix phoenix -- stadium.
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asking residents to return to an area once hit hard with the zika virus. governor rick scott says there have been no new cases in the last several weeks in the area north of downtown miami. state officials say sections of miami-dade county are safe. florida still has more than 93 cases of locally acquired zika. health officials have expanded the zika zone to an area of four. health officials have expanded the zika zone to an area of 4.5 s. grounding 10 of its new f 35 fighter jets. bad insulation in the cooling lines along the fuel tanks is to blame. the plane is described as the most expensive weapons system in history. the program costs are estimated at $400 a jetblue plane was diverted to boston for an emergency landing after was by lightning this morning. the ffa says it left new york down for bermuda when it was hit by lightning and the crew declared an emergency.
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incident. the faa is investigating. hillary clinton is set to attend united nations general. assembly in new york with president obama. obama is set to address world leaders today for the last time as america's president. he is expected to talk about the crisis in syria and the of pardons of the ling a global con martha stewart to her supporters. she says she will vote for clinton because donald trump is an prepared for presidency. the businesswoman says being a president requires knowledge, diplomacy and kindness and those things, quote, don't exist in the world of donald trump. let's check in on wall street. the dow jones up 35 and approaching 36 points at 18,159. a famously curious monkey
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his stored us. this curious george store in cambridge, massachusetts is now the only one left in the world. the online petition has been started to save it. the owner start of the petition because they need to relocate. the petition says one could say, curious george was born and raised the surrounding area dedicated to children's literacy and educational tool -- toys. hopefully they can raise money and make that happen. >> i didn't know there were stores. >> i didn't either. he's a cute monkey. >> he is. you'll notice in this time lapse of phoenix, use the sunshine starting to gain, but watch the clouds thicken up as
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that will be our life for the next couple of days. a gloomy next few days ahead. as we go into tuesday and wednesday. here's a live look at the peak. you can see the veil of clouds casting a shadow. no rain. we are clear in phoenix and the northern arizona. we are seeing a cloud cover. radar over the baja the sea cortez -- maybe a couple showers trying to put the southern border. this is happening in part because of hurricane -- hurricane paine. it is going to head our way and inject some moisture into the state. you can see the flow pushing north and that is the direction this hurricane will take. the good news is, it will do some steam. there are guest up to 105 miles per hour. it will impact land of the low
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cover and rain in the next couple of days. i'm sure most of the state under cloudy skies. the rain will be hitting -- hit and miss tomorrow. about a 40 percent chance in the valley and wednesday. will remove the cloud cover for wednesday that will allow for some daytime heating and for us to pop up slow drizzle i caught seattle rain. wednesday will be more of a thunderstorm style rain where we got the lightning. 93 in phoenix with dew points creeping up. they were in the 30s this morning and now they are in their 40s. we expect those to rise. highs today look like this one 07 in lake have a sioux city. 101 in p the cloud cover is really
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into tuesday. the cloud cover it's really going to bring down temperatures. will be in the low 90's tomorrow. that is ball for phoenix. 93 on wednesday. we start to dry out for the middle and end of the week. the good news is, there will be another system that's not really wet, but it will keep artificers down. so below normal. normal now for this time of year is 99 degrees. >> stick around. >> it's what are you doing? >> why has this thing picked up steam. september 19 distant -- isn't just any native international talk like a pirate day. this began to decades ago. [ laughter ] google and
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on the act -- accident. i end up talking like an australian. facebook users have a captain's log and i guess you can change your settings. it's a lot of fun. [ laug krispy kreme and you talk like a pirate you get a feed on it. the five second rule gets pushed away at the ballpark.
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i was diagnosed with lung cancer. as a firefighter approaching a fire i had to confine it, contain it and attack it. and i went to cancer treatments centers of america. we were able to do a where we could use tiny incisions, we put a camera inside the chest and tony was able to go home three days after surgery. we have excellent technology that allows us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. our individualized care model gives each lung patient specific treatment options with innovative procedures that are changing the way we fight lung cancer. here in phoenix we have targeted therapy's looking for a specific molecular target and then
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dures, and the experienced physicians who deliver them, go to lung cancer is a very deadly disease. we can make the most impact when it's in its earlier stages. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. start dialing we are giving away tickets to monster dam this saturday, university of phoenix stadium.
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screen. 187-7755 cbs five. the fifth caller will win. good luck. we have a consumer alert this afternoon. apple's iphone sevens are nearly sold out. summit early users are getting an earful. some have taken to social media to complain the phone is -- has a hissing sound. especially when they are subjected to a heavy workload. the new phone comes with a better camera. it is also water and resistant. apple decided to scrap the headphone jack. users have to plug into the power jack or use their new wireless headphones. football is getting more social by 233,000 fans watched thursday nights game on twitter. tv viewership was higher. the nfl made a deal with twitter to lifestream it's weeknight games. fans can watch for free on
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media out. caught on camera, dad is busted here. the five second rule gets a new meaning. at the long five seconds. check out this video from the marlins and phillies game. his dad takes up the hot dog before five seconds -- or a little close to it and puts it the hot dog back in the bond. mom was watching right away. also did to come on cbs news we will have a final lo later tonight on cbs 5
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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welcome back. this is cbs 5 news tower cam. >> oh yeah. >> there is a shot >> enjoy it while it lasts. it is kind of rainy tomorrow. >> you know you are on-air. >> not me calling >> it will feel kind of gloomy and in the 90s so won't be a cold day. you can see the cloud cover moving in. this is all for me were --
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there, hurricane paine. it won't hit phoenix as a hurricane that we will get the moisture and that will increase rain chances for the next several days. it will do a number on our temperatures going from 101 going down 10 degrees on tuesday. >> look at the overnight low on tuesday -- 66. >> thursday is the first day of fall. so i actually mean at this time. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you for choosing cbs 5 news at noon. join us back here tonight at
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? >> bill: we really don've the jet is waiting. >> brooke: i can't just walk away from my son. >> bill: you're back, right? i mean, you're gonna be here for a while. isn't that the case, sport? >> r.j.: that's the plan. >> bill: then you can talk about this till the cows come home. you can work through it. you can help him to understand how much we love each other after we're back. >> r.j.: mom. i'm asking you not to go. >> bill: brooke, we need to leave. everything is set for our wedding.


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