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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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all new at noon... that high school... now given the all clear good afternoon.. i'm heidi goitia.lina de floria joins us live from the school with what led to today's cancellation. 3 3 after four hours, the lockdown at maricopa county hs was lifted at about 1030 when police and us marshals gave the all clear no bomb was found but know we know the same one paragraph fax was sent to two other
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threatening to detonate a bomb on campus and kidnap faculty members.the fax came in at about 630 so students weren't on campus yet, they were bused to another school to be picked up by their families.everyone we talked to this morning said they heard about the lockdown a different way. says, " ."1st dad: found out from a neighborhood kid2nd dad/daughter - good sound from her that she heard about it from friends/overheard it on bus radio 3rd mom - said school did a good job w
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all classes at maricopa hs will resume on wednesday as scheduled pause for anim
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new at noon...six people... are wanted for allegedly running a money's how it works...the victims are promised a large amount of money... that dyed black to avoid detection by authorities... they're told the money will turn back to green with a special reality... the money is black construction paper...and the chemical is vitamin c and water.warrants have been issued for the arrest of the people on your screen. happening today.... parents... at one valley school... are pushing for more playtime! kylee cruz parents are pushing for more play time. why they think their kids need more breaks during the school
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for you, are your kids getting enough time for recess? here at fulton elementary in chandler, a group of parents, some of them, don't think kids are getting enough down time. 3-6 graders are getting 1 recess for 20 minutes but some parents feel it is not enough, they need more down time and that is why a group of moms got together to petition the another recess. increased recess improves academics and social behavior. there are no district policies that say they can or cannot have more than 1 recess. 15 of the 32 schools in the chandler school district have 2 or more already and the parents at fulton pushing for more play time have met with the principle and the district and hoping to move forward to make the change happen. >> children learn by playing and exploring their world.
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get other parents' input and are sending out a parent survey. that will really determine the change that is made. >> reporter: ultimately it will be the principle who will have the final say on this, there, though, a meeting later this afternoon at 4:30, it is open to the public and at the school library. to begin the process on deciding what to do, you are invited to attend. reporting in chandler, i am kylee cruz, back to you. folks in scottsdale are at ds desert discovery center at the base of the mcdowell mountain, a protected area. those in favor hope to have an interpretive center built on 13 acres in the mcdowell preserve within a few years, the issue was up for discussion again at scottsdale city hall last night. >> the idea behind the desert discovery center is teach ing people how to lub and know the desert, and know why we set aside 30,000 acres as a
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natural environment to put a building up is improvement. i think that is destruction. >> reporter: the crowd at city hall hopes the city council would push the issue to a public vote but the koins refused. the biggest construction project in arizona history is now under way, crews have been working through the night on the beginning phase of the loop 202 southbound freeway project. the whole idea behind the $1.8 billion project is to cut down onr around the valley easier, it was a very long road to get to this point, a lot of controversy involved. even a lengthy legal fight. drivers love the idea of cutting down on traffic but folks who live in the area have fought this from the start. >> i got off on the wrong exit and it took me over an hour to get back turned around in the right direction because there is so much traffic. >> reporter: you think it will help? >> it will help a lot. >> i don't mind driving the
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>> i would rather not see the freeway, and i live back there. >> reporter: if you live anywhere near the new loop 202 expansion, we know you have lot of questions about the construction and the traffic that will be coming your way in the next few years, you can find answers now on our cbs 5 mobile app. new information on saturday's plane crash in gilbert, we know the pilot did try to put out the fire on the plane before he jumped out. we also have the radio call made before p down. cbs 5's mark mcclune gives us an upclose look at the wreckage near gilbert and ray road. >> reporter: any time you have an emergency on a plane, things can go from bad to worse really fast. you listen to the 911 calls from saturday in gilbert and you see how quickly that fire spread and how quickly that pilot had to react just to be able to escape alive. ryan killgore never responded after he radioed that a fire broke out.
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the plane hit this gilbert home saturday night. he escaped with burns to his body and it is hard to tell what someone would do in a situation like this, the cockpit can fill with toxic smoke causing the pilot to pass out and in the last radio call, the tower tries to divert him to chandler airport, incredibly, the other 2 people inside that plane also managed to escape. >> emergency situation. fire on the wing. fire in the ane chandler? >> that plane went down. >> a lot of time tlz is no option, you do your best to avoid people as much as possible but there are power lines, street lights, not always going to be an option. >> reporter: you can see there is a lot of damage that remains, burned out ceilings, burned out walls, debris, glass, all over. they have a fence around the entire home at this point, but the wreckage, that has since
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and in terms of the pilot, he is expected to be okay. brad and angie, they are calling it quits, one of the most glamorous couples is headed for divorce. a volcano erupts spreading fire and ash thousands of feet into the air. grab your phones, later in the news we are giving away 4
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an update on the bomb attack in new york and new jersey over the weekend. investigators are trying to figure how the bombs were made and who made them. investigators say the explosives are not hard to make, this comes after the main suspect was taken into custody. police captured ahmad khan rahami after a shoot out yesterday, he is facing 5 counts of attempted murder of police officers, and some gun charges. new york city's police commissioner says right now they
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in connection with these attacks. donald trump and hillary clinton are facing a terror response test now. the presidential candidates are taking very different approaches in discussing the latest string of attacks. trump is suggesting the u.s. should institute racial profiling. >> israel has done unbelievable job and they will profile. they profile. they see someone sus pishus and will profile and take-- suspicious, and profile and take, do we have a choice? look at what is going on, do we record as secretary of state, calling for changes to visa program, improved intelligence, and collaboration within the muslim community. >> it is usual that we continue to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim american communities. we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists.
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election, polls show 51% of voters say trump is better prepared to fight terrorism compared to 45% for clinton. those polls believe clinton's temperment is better suited for the overall presidency. all right, it is 12:15, lets take a check in on wall street, the dow jones is up 61 points, sitting at 18,181. i know, you are just, can't believe this, right? break up heard around the world today. one of the most high-profile couples, angelina jolie and brad pit are splitting up, the actress filed for divorce and makes startling claims. danielle has the latest. >> reporter: angelina and brad celebrated their 2nd anniversary, but the actress has filed for divorce. tmz says joely is asking for
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to limitation. they married in 2014 and have been a couple since 2004. sources say joely is unhappy with how pitt is parenting. her attorney said "the decision was made for the health of the family." cbs news, los angeles. >> tmz reports joely is alleging substance abuse and anger issues as a trigger for her decision, she is not asking for any spousal support. dreyfuss death has been wrong, greatly exaggerated. he was quick to point out that he is arrive and well, confusing him with the father of julia luis dreyfuss. different. >> different guy. >> that guy, that actor, he is doing all right. sometimes weather will slow down a flight.
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>> right. >> volcanoes, too. if you are in costa rica. >> my gosh! >> that is, kind of put a damper on air travel, a bit of smoke. this is a volcano in costa rica sending up a lot of smoke into the air, gas as well. at least 4 different eruptions and it grounded a few flights because they didn't want to fly through it. falling ash, as far as 60 miles away. check this out, boy, near japan, different places, they have been seeing a couple different typhoons, this brought several inches of rain, buildings were destroyed, and yes, flooding as well. heavy, heavy rain because of a typhoon in japan, just very active there. this is catalina island, why are we showing you this? well, they are seeing gloomy conditions and the cloud cover they are experiencing is the same cloud cover we are experiencing. kind of a gloomy day in
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there and even a little fog developing, kind of mid ridge there, you can see after some rain in the area, it has been raining for most of the day. clouds over flagstaff and then we have clouds in the valley as well over camelback, very gloomy day. this is all from what was a hurricane, now a tropical storm, trop ical storm paine pumping clouds into san diego, the first shot we showed you, and then into you can see the southwest-northeast pass, where we see most of the rain. it is over the colorado river, places like baghdad, prescott, chino valley, williams, flagstaff seeing rain as well. not as much on the east side of the state. but we will see some of that start to develop today and in the next couple days. in and out of showers in phoenix and in and out of showers for today and this evening, but, boy, the clouds are steking around. here is the 6:00 picture shgsz
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the grand canyon and northern arizona. as we get into wednesday we will see a bit more sunshine that will allow for daytime heating, we kwlil get the air parcels to rise. might pop up some thunderstorms but it will be pretty spotty and i think a lot oaf people will stay dry. even a chance for showers going into thursday. the moisture is sticking around, gloomy conditions sticking around but each day will show improvement, more dry and more sunshine . it is really doing a number on our temperatures, only in the prescott, 72 in payson, dew points are way up, though. we were speaking to you yesterday, it was dew points in the 30s, we have seen them increase dramatically, that is why we are feeling the muggy conditions. highs look like this, we will struggle to get out of the 70s in hafb sue, about 91 in phene, normal is-- phoenix, normal is 99. way below normal. temperatures stay below normal, cloudy and muggy the next couple days, really start to taper off
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but another system, which looks like it will be dry, will keep temperatures below normal. what a great weekend ahead. 92 degrees on saturday, and 90 degrees on sunday. i am really liking the overnight lows, seeing those in the 60s. i don't know, kind of debatable if you want to sleep with windows are open, i don't think we are there yet, because it will be 90s, takes a while to cool down but it is great just to have the overnight lows, comfortable. >> makes it sweater weather in the morning, atea >> crack out the hoodies, break out the hoodies. break open the hoodie. you know. preme yk or regial-- premium or regular unleaded? is it worth filling your car for high-grade gas? wait until you hear what aaa has to say. here is this week's
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welcome back, time to start dialing, we are giving away 4 tickets to monster jam, happening saturday, october 8 at university of phoenix stadium. the number is on your screen, 1877-755-cbs5, the 5th caller will win. good luck. consumer alert may saying, lego my eggo, 10,000 cases of eggo newt rugrain whole wheat are recalled over listeria concerns, 25-state recall. arizona is not included. the recalled waffles are in 10-count packs with best if used by dates of november 21 and 22 of 2017. so far no one hawse gotten sick-- has gotten sick. is premium gas worth the extra price?
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it looked at cars with v-6, v-8, and 4 cylinder and found no benefit to higher grade gas. the report says drivers wasted more than $2 billion just by misfueling their cars last year. aaa does say using premium won't hurt the car's engine. still to come on cbs 5 news, we will have a final check of the forecast.
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welcome back, live look at camelback mountain from our cbs 5 tower cam. it is cloudy out there. love it. >> it really is. i don't think you will see the sun until tomorrow, actually. >> there you go. tomorrow morning. >> 91, rain chances next few days and dry out for the weekend. saturday looks great, 92 for your high, and sunny. >> nice way
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? >> bill: all right, listen -- i-i understand that you're torn. but r.j.'s a teenager. teenagers have issues with their parents. they always have, and they always will. >> brooke: and you, of course, are an expert on teenagers. >> bill: i'm an expert on everything. you should know that by now. >> brooke: r.j.'s not your normal teenager. >> bill: ah, spoken like a true mother. >> brooke: he's older than his years. he always has been. >> bill: okay. then give him a gold star and stick it on his forehead. but don't let him run your life. we're supposed to leave today -- start our adventure,


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