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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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okay but he is not cooperating with officers on scene. 27th avenue is closed in both directions. this is from glendale to marilyn. please avoid that area. it has been 2 years since the faa changed flight patterns coming out of sky harbor. but for people who live nearby and under that airspace, that noise is still unbearable. we have learned planes aren't even following the mandated government patterns. we go live to sky harbor. >> reporter: hundreds of planes and the phoenix aviation department says as many as one half of those don't even follow the route put in place by the faa 2 years ago. taking them over noise sensitive areas like neighborhoods. >> that is what i'm talking about. >> reporter: it has been 2 years since steve could last say his neighborhood was quite. >> that is loud.
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engines punctuates his day. >> every 2 1/2 minutes we will hear a flight. it's hard to concentrate if you're trying to be quite indoors. it's difficult to have an outdoor experience. >> reporter: the change came when the faa started using a new navigation system called next general in 2014. >> it's tremendous technology if used correctly. planes can fly er couldn't do before. >> it rerouted aircraft out of scour -- sky harbor. it was supposed to cut down on fuel cost and increase safety. but the new routes appear to be more like guidelines. the aviation department says planes often deviate flying low and loud over residential areas. >> what we as a community are asking to have happen is when you make changes that impact us
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>> reporter: in the decade before the change they received less than 200 noise complaints about aircraft per year. since 2014 it has had over 65,000. the city of phoenix and several neighborhood groups filed a lawsuit against the faa. it still working through the federal court system. this plane somehow caught fire and cras tonight the parents of that burned a pilot are speaking out about their injured son. >> he flew an incapacitated aircraft as long as possible and birdwell skydivers execute -- exited the plane. >> he still recovering from his injuries. 4 skydivers on the plane survived i parachuting out.
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>> the immediate questions were about those who may have been injured. >> as you can see the aftermath, the plane crashed into this gilbert county home. amazingly this couple populist -- talked to us and they are find that their home is a loss. we're talking about rainfall. cooler temperatures. the high in the 80s today. let's take pinpoint doppler radar. a few stray showers passing through. the bulk of moisture in the high country around areas of flagstaff and down into prescott this is a live look at any you. you can see the cloud cover and normally you can see the san francisco peaks. but for us in the clouds are sticking around and temperatures are comfortable.
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we will have that answer in a few minutes. developing tonight, 3 separate security scares at 3 different schools. one happened and north canyon high school in phoenix. faculty learned a student brought a gun on campus so they called police. the student was questioned and then arrested. and down in casagrande a 7th grader took his parents go to school. 2 students saw the gun at a nearby bus stop and told teachers right away. they found the unloaded gun and ammo in the ud off and did not want to harm anyone. he could however face expulsion. and classes were canceled at maricopa high school after a bomb threat was called in. the paragraph long message was delivered to the school via fax. several police agencies searched the school but did not find anything.
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go to school. there is a bomb threat. i overheard one of the security guards say it was something more than a bomb threat. >> there were threats of possibly trying to kidnap administrators. there were threats of the bomb. >> we were told a similar facts threat was sent to a school in ohio. and another one in georgia. students say maricopa high school will go back to class tomorrow. a valley woman who was hit by a car de is now inspiring others in their recovery. terry deignan spoke at a patient reunion. she was struck by a driver in may of 2015. she suffered fractures in her left leg was amputated below the leg. -- me. she's hoping her story and long recovery will inspire other patients to live life to the fullest. >> i have 4 granddaughters.
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in my mind it was get up and do it. >> she has since returned home and she wants to start hiking in the near future. the search continues for a serial killer in the valley. police say he is connected to 7 murders and 9 shootings. he could be driving several different vehicles. a $75,000 reward for his capture, if you know anything these call silent witness. ca anonymous. come november our state could become the 5th to legalize recreational marijuana. today opponents of proposition 205 issued strong warnings about the dangers. but what is fact? dennis welch spent today getting answers. >> reporter: colorado legalize marijuana in 2012. opponents of proposition 205 brought in leaders from that
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no. even though it appears colorado voters really like the new marijuana law. >> the streets did not get safer they got more dangerous. back issuing strong warnings about the legalization of marijuana. >> colorado ranks number 1 in the country for underage use of marijuana. >> reporter: the colorado springs mayor predicting teen use will rise. and law enforcement describing how crime will increase as well. >> enforcement a decrease of issues and problems, we have seen an increase. >> reporter: their studies that show teen marijuana use has declined in their -- colorado. the crime rate is flat and the economy is coming along. a recent poll shows 51 percent of voters would oppose a measure to repeal. colorado leaders urge arizona voters to put the brakes on proposition
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>> take a hard look at what has happened in colorado and slow down in arizona. there is no reason to russian. >> reporter: the same poll shows 65 percent of colorado voters say legalization has had a positive impact on their state. a scared dog found himself dodging cars on i-17. adot tweeted out these pictures 2 hours ago. officers caught up with the dog and escorted him off the it's unclear where the dog came from. coming up at coming up at 6:30 pm, drug smugglers will find any way to sneak drugs in, but tonight the highflying creative method that just might take the cake. and something that says premium sound like a tree. >> wasting money at the pump. a gas station rip off the could be costing you every time you
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it's a creative way smugglers are getting drugs to the us. police in mexico found this modified van with a 9 foot air
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it reportedly shot drugs into douglas arizona over the border. they found the tube and an air compressor and injured. the back of the van, you can see the roof, it was cut out. possibly to aim the canon. border patrol says finding cannons is rare. a consumer alert for you. the next time you fill up at the gas station. stick with regular gas rather than trying to upgrade. that is bec that according to a new report from aaa. in the study it found that there is no extra benefit from filling up with premium. you only need to use it if you have a high-performance or luxury car. >> the truth is if your car is designed to run on regular gasoline, using premium or 93 octane isn't going to make it run better, get better fuel economy. >> here are the numbers.
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fueled their cars costing an extra $2 million with premium. just use regular if that is what your car needs. you can't see it that it is there. harmful chemicals. how much is found in your tap water. sex, lies and drugs.
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can you believe this? shoplifting suspect tried to get away from police by running into a sewer.
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actually have to put on masks because sewer gases can be toxic. the suspect got out and tried to hide in a tree. she was arrested. she is facing several charges. or concerns about what is in your drinking water. a new study reveals a potentially dangerous chemical in the tap water right here in the valley. and all across the country. now answers on whether you should be >> reporter: the thought of any harmful chemicals in my tap water is enough to make me reach for another option. but to put things in perspective we are talking about one drop of water in an olympic size swimming pool. and environmental health research group released a report that found most of the drinking water in arizona and across the country contains a potentially chemical -- dangerous chemical told
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chemical made famous in the movie erin brockovich. that is concerned for moms like this who wonders if the water is putting her kids health it risk. valley water experts insist from him 6 shows up in such microscopic levels well below epa standards that there is no reason to worry. >> i want to know it's safe. i want to know they can drink water and they will be fine. that's what it should be. back well below those numbers. >> when you drink it is a safe. >> reporter: california standards are much stricter for arizona -- then arizona. the epa is working on establishing a national standard. if you want to reduce the amount of chromium 6 in your water, the best thing you can do is buy a carbon filter or
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the city of phoenix will hopefully become home to a cold war memorial with parts of a weapon that helped win it. several parts from the decommissioned uss phoenix clear attack submarine work oakland home today. it was the last us navy ship named after the city. these relics will one day be on display at indian school park after fundraisinom for more information on the fundraising we put a link on our website. a 13-year-old girl has become an honorary firefighter for rural metro. a fire truck went to the home of kaylee. she is fighting leukemia which is in remission. it's part of a make-a-wish event. she receives her own helmet, official patch and certificate.
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i was at the uss phoenix ceremony today. nothing but kudos from the mayor and everyone there. everyone is saying you held off the hurricane. >> a chance of showers in the forecast. the big news, cooler temperatures. it is a little humid but temperatures were high today. in the 80s. as we take a look at valley pinpoint doppler radth even northern phoenix. but not that much rainfall. the most is 10th of an inch. still some rain falling across areas of flagstaff. here's a look at the rainfall totals. 1.5 inches of rain. 2 inches in prescott. a 10th of an inch in good year. as i mentioned a chance of
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temperatures much cooler. average high around 99. a high today of 89. right now a comfortable 86. get used to the cooler weather. right now flagstaff sitting at 52. culprit of this moisture, what is left of the hurricane. look at southern california. areas of san diego, through palm springs. flooding issues there. a lin of western arizona and towards flagstaff. still the chance in the forecast. mainly northern arizona for tomorrow morning. the chance will extend with a few pop up showers and passing thunderstorms. the 7 day planner, drier air moving in. it is the 1st day of fall. temperatures stayed so nice. 91 is a high on thursday. friday into saturday, temperatures in the 80s on friday and overnight lows in the low 60s.
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over for hollywood's hottest couple. angelina jolie has filed for divorce. they separated 5 days ago citing irreconcilable differences. she is asking for physical custody of the 6 children. she wants to limit red pit to visitations only. sources say jolie feels that pit poses a danger. other reports claim on her. it was a hot topic today. >> it's very sad. when there are so many children involved. it hurts. >> jolie and pitt married in 2014 in a private ceremony in france. they been together since 2004 after costarring in the film
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everything you need o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan
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reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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coming up tonight at 10, a valley man has written a book to try to cut down on deadly encounters with police. he recently published a survival guide for black boys in america. he says he has received good feedback with the exception of perhaps the cover image.
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youth with his hands a. it doesn't really look like the use is doing anything. but the officer still is holding the gun. images like that, the police officer doesn't like, but sometimes it's the reality for our youth. >> you've seen what's on the cover. tonight at 10 hear about the message inside for all parents and kids regardless of race. here at tonight's takeaways. federal prosecutors have charged ahmad khan rahami with sending a series of bombs. he was captured monday after a shootout with police. he remains in hospital. the parents of a pilot whose plane crashed into a gilbert home says he jumped and landed safely. the couple whose home was
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classes will resume at maricopa high school. they were canceled after a bomb and kidnapping threat. the school received the message through a fax machine. police officers and k9 searched the school found nothing. it's a big birthday bash for galapagos tortoise. australia had a party for the tortoise who turned 50. a special cake with watermelon and kiwifruit. as well as pumpkin. >> he was born at the san diego zoo. and then transported to australia 2 100. -- up to 100. >> that is it for cbs 5. we
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