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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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. street phoenix police officers off the force after a shocking incident the cheese is calling appalling. what does a -- the million dollar -- million-dollar medical marijuana look like.
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the -- started outside the popular not clyde -- nightclub in downtown scottsdale . police policing brand-new -- releasing brand-new and disturbing information on an alleged rape in old town scottsdale. surveillance video showed a man carrying an unconscious woman to -- caring an unconscious woman to a parking garage and then allegedly taking her home and raping her again. we're learning during the interview with police that he didn't know only 17. the police say the woman was alone in this parking lot behind the w, unconscious when her attacker picked up her limp body, carried her to a parking garage, raped her mother and took her home and raped her again. police are releasing surveillance pictures of the suspect. two police say you are looking at ritual for -- -- you're looking at rodolfo ramires with
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have on any issues, you can see how terribly her body is hanging. officers say that -- that ramirez return once in a -- the garage and took her home and great for two more times, it happened saturday night, a young woman told police that she and her friend went drinking. her friend left her passed out to go get the car and come back and get her when gone. the victim told police she woke up to being raped by a man she did not know in a location she was unfamiliar with. that location was likely ramirez it --'s home, then hit the woman in an intersection in tempe and left her there. police arrested with all for -- who -- window for ramires. is now facing two counts of
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and story that we were first to bring your yesterday at noon, three police officers are out of a job after being accused of forging a man be part -- muddy parts after being pulled over for a traffic stop. they are accused of giving him -- the maturity to go to jail or eat the pot, they found in his car. the three the next police officers have now resign, two of them can face term considered the witness, 50 -- facing an investigation by the department, another officer was demoted, that officer knew what happened and did not do the right thing. the allegations against these former officers are compelling, appalling, extremely unprofessional. 's -- the officers involved all had less than a year under the belt with the department one of them spent ten years on the fourth in chicago.
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turned them off during the traffic stop. the driver was given a few tickets, till she got sick from eating the pot. he was shot and killed wednesday night during the demonstration. our detectives were able to use a lot of footage, real-time client center was able to supply footage from cameras that helped the -- help to fall -- helped assault -- help the fall that case. an arrest in the shooting that left another man dead during keith lamont scott's death, 20 -- scott staff, 26-year-old break one bore him -- borum, seen here in handcuffs was charged with murder in the shooting death of justin car, the city is recovering from a third night of sometimes violent protests over the police shooting earlier this week, they are demanding the police released video of the shooting to set the record straight about what exactly happened to 43-year-old keith lamont scott.
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this morning after mandatory curfew lifted at sunrise. as night was a lawful demonstration looks like. our through the year the same streets were filled with protesters as police used pepper spray to disperse angry crowd. you can't run -- hundreds marched amending the release of the police video showing the last moments of keith lamont scott's life. the 43r- refused to drop a gun. his family denies that he owned one. scott family was shown the video thursday and a statement they said scott did not aggressively approach or raise his hands at the members of law enforcement at any time. when he was shot, his hands were by his side and he slowly was walking backward. charlotte police chief said he won't publicly released -- release the videos which are
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i will not put up one field -- piece of an event that will further inflame and not tell the full story. some busines told their employees to stay home another day. charlotte will be in the national spotlight again this weekend of thousands of football fans had here to watch the carolina panthers -- minnesota vikings -- for the minnesota vikings on sunday. shooter in the valley continues and tonight volunteer group is helping to make people feel a little safer. the guardian -- guardian angels will be out patrolling the streets again in phoenix. the group if -- is keeping an eye on since the shooting started. seven people had been killed in the shooting. here's the sketch of -- schedule the man, 75,000 reward is being offered. if you would know anything you
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morning has everyone talking. this is a big story on the mobile app, a cement truck hidden dragon bicyclist killing the 40-year-old man. it happened at 24th street in the 202 underpass. i talked to them and wi solve this about 6:00 this morning. the driver just kept going after hitting dragging and killing the man on the bike several hours the bicycle was lying in the road as police continued their investigation. one -- the witness said that the man on the bicycle was going through the crosswalk and the driver in the cement truck ran him over ended up dragging him and the bike for several yards before he just kept going. he did stop a few blocks away and that's where he met up with police to give his side of the story. listen to the man who saw the rest describe what he saw this
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him. it grabbed him and the bike and ride the bike to where -- drag the bike to where it's at now and the bike fell off and the body was still stuck on the vehicle. >> part of the roadway on 24th street and route 202 was closed during the rush hour. caught on camera, women fighting back against men a woman firing literally -- a woman firing literally firing shots at three men who broke into her house. you can see the man barged through -- men barge through the door, guns and hand offend the woman she came out firing, the men quickly left the house, one of them was shot in the torso. and died in the driveway. this morning police continue to search for the other two men involved. thanks to the video they don't think it will be too hard to track these guys down.
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our woman's purse from her car she's part in the grasp on. she wasn't going to let him get away, she put up up by -- jumped on his car, he -- and takes off knocking her to the ground and running over her leg. she was left with a pretty badly sprained ankle and lots of cuts and bruises. he just kept cursing and calling me names and attempt to scare men get me off, but i think i literally scared him -- to death which is she says after the fact she realized it probably wasn't such a great idea to fight back, he could've had a gun or been more vicious. don't try that at home. though she could have been -- quit have been run over. she kind of was. >> she was really lucky. she's lucky she was -- wasn't more third. let's talk about the weather, but -- it is beautiful. i walked outside, and i literally will explain how
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yes. i was going to ask you to demonstrate. >> and went up and -- in the air, how , halelujah, the moisture is gone, the entire week it has been so muggy, finally some relief. i want to show you you will see some -- a -- at first we thought it was -- it turns out in -- that the -- in the business does, that came from the southeast suspended in the air, if ms sky, not a full-blown the storm that we see pop-up -- pop-ups, you can see kind of hanging out over the air, but above that does bring up sunshine a pretty nice -- pretty nice forecast ahead of for you. clear, no rain, everyone in the valley got some of that may be chandler was left out and apache junction got clicks. pretty spotty stuff today,
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the far southeastern part of the state see the cloud -- cloak over from pretty much albuquerque to tucson that's -- albuquerque to tucson that's the trailing edge that brought us the weather yesterday, right now it's beautiful, 83 next 66 states and -- basin, 61 show low, the valley no complaints, low 80s for everyone, 82 mesa, 78 deer valley, we are only going to about 87 degrees today. about the weekend course -- we see that -- that moisture mugginess return will talk about it coming -- coming up. donald trump's running mate took the stage in mesa last night and his appearance making some would not because of what he said, but whom she shared the stage with. pastor -- pastor tom anderson joined tenths at -- at the living -- tense at the living world bible church -- church --
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investigation, he felt himself as a prosperity creature -- some members accuse them of meeting them into financial ruin. anderson said trump and ten signed the right leaders for the country. in my heart, that you are the two that are called by god appointed by god and appointed to this hour and for this -- and for this time and for america. >> i believe that. >> we reached out t for comment and we have not yet heard back. it is 12:12 p.m. let's check in on the wall street, dow jones down at 18,293 not much change. coming up the first look inside the medical marijuana dispensary opening up in the valley today. the -- a food truck for fido how does that sound question what dogs are looking up food fresh made just for them.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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we have some breaking news. it -- what's -- it was stuck downtown phoenix -- west of downtown phoenix a bicycle bicyclist was struck and killed by a truck at 35th avenue and van buren. i -- a live shot from the crew on the scene, at happen an hour ago the driver of the trucks -- truck stay at the scene and officers are investigating the area westbound van buren avoid that area from 37th avenue to 39th avenue. another accident happening right now pretty bad crash on the loop 202 -- loop 202 and dobson. this is an exit ramp, but it is blocking much of the ramp you are able to get by in the right lane only, might want to avoid it and stick on the two oh two. 202. arizona's first million
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opened up at the former bank building. what does it look like? kindly cruise gives us an inside look. this is the 6800 facility in scottsdale, it's got a resemblance to a jewelry store with the cases. why -- let's talk to the ceo to talk about the inspiration and vision behind us the dispensary -- the dispensary. had three years, 3.5 years i -- at another dispensary and valley may have to see tens of thousands of people got a lot of feedback from employees from patients, we were able to incorporate all the ideas and designs into this facility. what can people expect when they come here they have a card, had -- hardly -- hard -- heart be any different from the other places? this is more like a jewelry store experience than it would be what you would anticipate
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>> some people watching maybe you don't agree with the medical marijuana, i want to hear a woman's -- story, she's in your shoes -- she's not too long ago you voted against medical marijuana in 2010 and now you have a completely different perspective tell me why. >> my daughter suffers from seizures she's 12, two years ago we look into cannabis is -- as an option option. she had great success in -- on -- in the cannabis with her seizures and i i get involved and get educate -- help educate the family about the benefits of marijuana and cannabis with their children and the seizures. harvest of scottsdale opening up this -- opening up this weekend in the scottsdale area they have a grand opening -- they have a grand opening on sunday. we all know how popular food trucks are especially in the valley. how about a food truck for your
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that looks kind of healthy. the 12 and -- 12 nutritious raw food with dried out bits for snacks. this is an melbourne australia, it's a pretty big hit. >> i am a bit think this -- think this is there's enough of us out there. it will take off. >> this this is food for dogs pretty -- putting much everything made here is human grade. could happen to be served to dogs. the food needs washing down, for that there's canine craft beer. oh, my god what is happening. that dog is eating better than us. that beats what i had
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she had kidneys and liver. until. i had chicken lovers. with kale -- kill. >> my mom -- she fed me sam, had it all. i did not drink the dogs beer. of you were sent this, i saw it and i thought -- thought and i thought distance -- climbing a the hike. he is trying to get back to his friends. it's one of the arms bent looks like this thing that's a great picture. i asked of you -- the viewer marianne -- after we were marianne and, she said, that's what i thought, too. what a cute will cool photo if you have any funny nature photos had -- money nature photos had to the facebook page and share them with us. your friends are up here keep calling. thanks for that 1 million. we have cloudy skies courtesy
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in the air. this is the best news albany -- all week, look at these two points, when you talk about on points and -- anytime are in the 50s or 60s it -- it feels muggy. we have a few hanging on the far southeastern part of the state, dryer air pushed into it's wonderful the in the 20s, if you have been outside today you will notice a difference today compared to the past few days, but it's been downright say miserable, for us it's pretty gross -- close. we still have a little bit of rain mainly in tucson, stafford and thatcher -- bacher, cloud cover as well, this is the cold front. it sparked a lot of rain. you probably saw that. the big system the center of it the biggs, -- the big, shape, that's moving out cool air, and
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80 in phoenix, the point in the 20s, the futurecast you will see showers in the southeast that the spectacular we can ahead with nothing, but sunshine and dry air and very -- dry air and very nice temperatures cold tonight and flagstaff and the weekend getting to freezing or below that the highs today and flagstaff 5872 winslow 87 theme of them, -- human then, 77 cold, the warm-u saturday and sunday and we will be below normal, for this time of year it's -- it's 90 degrees. we will take it to 94 on sunday which -- which is fine. saturday, don't sit on the couch got outside and enjoy it. saturday will be a great day try and enjoy -- try and enjoy yourself. it will be one valley city ranked among
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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we are giving away four tickets to monster jam -- jam saturday october 8th at the university of phoenix stadium, 1877755 cbs five, the fifth color will win. when values city is in the spotlight were being top what 50 they ranked scottsdale at 50 us, great weather, golf and spa opportunist, columbia, maryland came -- maryland, came out on top and then even prairie minnesota -- minnesota and plano texas. scottsdale is on top of another less for places where you can have the most fun, there's no finance website while it -- this -- it hub rank the city numbers ten for the number of
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87 today, 89 saturday night and sunday in lent next week looks good enjoy the weekend. thank you thank you -- thank you for choosing cbs4 at. have a great afternoon.
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? [ birds chirping ] >> ivy: quinn. >> quinn: hey. >> ivy: i've got you something from my private collection. thought you could use it as something borrowed. >> quinn: let me see. [ gasps ] oh, ivy, it's so beautiful. thank you so much. >> ivy: yeah. >> quinn: i-i just want to say thank you [voice breaking] not just for being here and helping me, but for all your support. it just -- it's such a big day for me and eric. >> ivy: hey, don't get emotional


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