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tv   Saturday Morning News  CBS  September 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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and welcome to our channel five viewers this morning...
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a gunman is on the run in washington state.. after opening fire at a mall.. just
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a gunman is on the run in washington state.. after opening fire at a mall.. just north of seattle. investigators say the suspect walked into a macy's store at the mall.. carrying a rifle.. and shot four women and a man.. near the makeup counter. all five of those victims
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police say the motive.. or the suspect's relationship with the victims is unknown. the victims' names have not been released. between the shooter and the victims. a fourth night of protests in charlotte, north carolina ended peacefully.. after three nights of violence. officers say.. there were no reports of arrests.. injuries.. or property damage. protesters have taken to the streets following the deadly police shooting... of an african-american man. fire crews were on scene of a first alarm fire at warehouse. it happened overnight.. near 35th avenue and clarendon. phoenix fire says the flames sparked inside the warehouse.. but the sprinkler system helped it from spreading. the cause is under investigation. new details this morning... about the skydiving plane that crashed into a gilbert home last week.
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one of the skydivers onboard heard a loud noise.. before seeing damage to the plane's wing.. that caught fire. the skydivers were able to parachute out safely. the pilot also bailed out.. just before the plane crashed into the home. he was later treated for burns. the homeowners were inside when the plane hit.. but they were not hurt. everyone was able to escape this fire safely after the quick work of firefighters put out this house fire.. near alma school and hunt gh crews from both chandler fire and sun lakes fire worked to douse the fire. no one was hurt and right now the cause of the fire is under investigation. in prescott, police are digging for clues in a burglary at a taxidermy store. earlier this week.. someone broke into the "wildlife artistry taxidermy"... and stole about 30- thousand dollars worth of stuff
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skins. if you have any information.. please call prescott police. in surprise, police are looking for two shoplifters and they say they need your help to do it. police say the man and woman robbed a business.. near lithcfield and bell roads in august. they made off with about 400-dollars worth of stuff. if you have any information.. contact surprise police. a major court ruling could have a huge impact in the november election. this.. after a federal judge refused to block an arizona law.. banning "ballot harvesting." "ballot harvesting" is when someone drops off another voter's ballot.. to election officials. arizona law makes that a felony in most cases. but critics say. it's harder for low-income voters to get to polling places... and that minorities will be disproportiona tely impacted. but a judge disagreed.. and allowed the law to stand. however.. there is one exception.. people will still be allowed to
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ballots for family members experts are predicting a "super bowl-sized audience".. for monday night's first presidential debate we will air the debate right here on 3-t-v.. live at six o'clock. monday's episodes of wheel of fortune and jeopardy will air tuesday... alongside tuesday's episodes. if you're not able to watch at home monday.. we will also stream the debate live.. on our 3tv news app. this weekendup while having fun doing it. today.. anyone who brings 10 canned food items to "castles-n-coaster".. near metrocenter.. will get a free "bronze pass".. good for unlimited outdoor rides. the offer runs from noon until six. all donations will benefit "saint mary's food bank alliance." also today.. you can watch the second round of the w-n-b-a playoffs.. at a special mercury viewing party at talking stick
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four. the mercury will take on the new york liberty.. in the single-elimination game. during the party... fans can bid on one-of-a-kind art.. hang out with the team's mascot and hip hop squad. next... a valley mom knows how hard... it is to have kids with an illness... but she flipped that on the side and discovered the "heroes of type 1"... in a new book that might help other famiilies as well. plus... we'll take you "around" the new dolphin
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you've heard of type 2 diabetes... but type one diabetes is a little different ...and it can hit just about anyone...includi ng kids. so check this out... this might help kids...and parents...and family members it's a book
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called "heroes of type 1" meet teri price she wrote the book... and she has a little experience with type one... ...she has two kids with type 1 diabetes. - heroes of type 1 is a nonfiction collection of inspirational testimonies about people who live with type 1 diabetes every day. readers learn about the daily challenges of this disease, and how these admirable individuals overcome them. what was the inspiration to write this? (side note: teri has two kids with type 1 diabetes who will be coming with us so feel free to ask them what their day to day life is like with t1) what is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? where and when will be the book be available to
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party tonight at jdrf what is jdrf and how can our viewers get involved
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and so... you're having a release party tonight...
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party at jdrf location: jdrf office 4343 e camelback rd, suite 230 phoenix, az 85018 date: saturday, september 24th
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tess checks out the new dolphinaris facility. set to open october 15. eight to 12 animals that could end up living in the dolphinaris arizona
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behaviorists to teach the animals cooperative behaviors, such as learning to slide up onto a scale and laying flat so veterinarians can monitor pregnancies, look inside their mouths and examine their bodies. "it's really amazing what these animals can learn, and it's all predicated on positive reinforcement, " said dr. stafford. these are large animals, so we want cooperative behaviors and the way to achieve that is through positive reinforcement through reward-based training. those rewards can take many, many forms, and that's why i've hired very fun and creative trainers because they basically get paid to have fun with the animals with the purpose of conditioning these behaviors." some of the amenities the bottlenose dolphins will interact with include water hoses, ice toys, water jets, and balls "all of this will provide variety to the animame well as physical stimulation to them," said dr. stafford. in addition to being an entertainment facility, dolphinaris arizona will be required to provide educational opportunities and contribute to scientific research. "we can not just display (dolphins) we have to educate people, we've got to learn about them and so one of the nice things about having a full time veterinarian is she can help us coordinate those types of worthwhile research projects going forward as well as with our training staff," said dr. stafford. "we want it to be a place of learning, a place of fun and a place where animals are well cared for and people come to appreciate marine mammals." the bottlenose dolphins the scottsdale facility are from california where they were born and raised in anther facility. the scottsdale facility's human-raised dolphins have only
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entire life, dr. stafford said. "across all u.s. facilities, about 65 percent of the dolphins that you find in those zoos and aquariums were born in human care," he said. "so that means we have second, third, fourth generation dolphins that have only known
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but wait... we have more! next... tess gets in the water with the dolphins.... something that you may soon be
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the new dolphinaris aquarium in scottsdale is opening next month... but we got a special preview... because as you just saw tess got to see inside and give us a sneak peek. but now? she's getting in the
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your top headlines are coming up at the bottom of the hour. and you won't believe the problem one valley neighborhood is having...
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then take a look at this. the changing of the leaves. these beatiful images were posted to twitter by the coconino national forest.. along the mogollon rim. and winter will be here before you know.. but here's a little preview... snow on the san francisco peaks... in flagstaff. "arizona snowbowl" tweeted these
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flying in and out of sky harbor. the airport will be temporarily closing one of its three runways.. for several construction and maintenance projects. the closure will take palce from october sixth.. to november sixth. sky harbor expects arrival and departure delays of up to 30-minutes during peak travel times. buckeye police are investigating.. after finding a body in a canal. it happened near miller road.. just south of hazen. the area was shut down.. as police and m-c-s-o deputies
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any information on who the victim is.. or how their body ended up in the canal. the loop 1-0-1 is back open this morning... after a four- car crash.. with one catching on fire. our a-dot cameras show the flames.. near elliot road. three people were hurt... but didn't have to go to the hospital. the southbound lanes... were closed for about a half an hour. it absolutely makes me incensed that you get a bond and mr. lopez is not bon shut. i'm setting a 500- thousand dollar cash- only appearance bond in this matter. okay? the law requires i set a bond for you. if i could hold you non-bondable, i would do it in a moment. a valley man accused of sex crimes.. got a stearn talking to by a valley judge. the man she's addressing is 'allen johnson'... a former teacher at cactus high school. police say he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year- old
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at the school in 2011. "johnson" apparently offered private lessons to the victim... for her acting and debate classes. he now works at "paradise valley high school.".. but has been placed on administrative leave. a neighborhood south of the valley has a case of the creepy crawlies... in the form of caterpillars. thousands of caterpillars... showed up in the town of maricopa earlier this week.. and they are everywhere.. on sidewalks.. on streets.. in storm drains.. and even homes. the caterpillars cover at least two blocks.. near hogenes boulevard and honeycutt avenue. these are moth caterpillars... and an expert says some types of moth caterpillars will come out in large numbers... and wander when they're in search of food "i don't know if they sprayed and maybe there was a mass exodus of them. like i told you, i'm still going with the theory that one of them thought to throw a party
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the critters may be in that neighborhood a while. they typically spend two weeks as a caterpillar.. then two to four weeks as a pupa.. before emerging as a moth. the popularity of a certain type of tortoise is leaving pet owners.. with a major prle "sulcata tortoises" start tiny.. but can grow to more than 200 pounds.. and live now.. a rescue group is advising people to stop getting them... saying many who do.. don't realize what they're getting into. (sot-al wolf/sonoma county animal rescue) "they eat the same thing a horse does and when it comes out the other's the same thing like a horse. do you want to keep a horse in your house? no." the tortoises cost between 50
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hands. a man has just won an "i-g nobel prize".. for living with and impersonating goats. "british researcher thomas thwaites" had special prosthetic limbs made.. to let hiim walk like a goat.. so he could mingle with a heard in the swiss alps. for three days... he lived with them.. even eating grass. in case you're wondering... an "i-g nobel prize".. is intended to celebrate unusual honors and achievements... that make people laugh... then think. we've got some liver, some kidney, some kale and check this out.. its a food truck... for dogs. this is in melbourne, australia. they have all nutritious raw food.. with some dried bits for snacks. and the idea is seems to be a success.. judging by its
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of us out there that yeah, i think it'll take off ." but this isn't just dog food. pretty much everything they make.. people can eat too. and to top it off... they also have canine craft beer. health news... including news that your meds...may soon be delivered by drones...10 minbs and you can breath a sign of relief...cooler temps are here... will have a look at your
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arizona's biggest medical marijuana dispensary has officially opened it's doors.. calling a former bank building home.
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experience.. just take a look at this place. the million-dollar "harvest of scottsdale" facility is 68-hundred square feet... it offers a variety of different types of marijuana.. in fancy displays. the company's c-e-o says the space is so different.. because it was created with patients in mind. "harvest of scottsdale" is located off hayden road. more women in the u-s are dying .... from complications of researchers found the 'maternal mortality rate' went up.... by 27-percent. according to the new york times... america's increase puts it above a number of poorer countries... whose rates are going down... including iran... vietnam.. russia and romania. the world health organization says maternal death is preventable... with proper healthcare. u-p-s is testing drone technology... to safely deliver 'emergency medical
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remote areas. it flew three miles... in about eight-minutes ... from boston to 'children's island' in massachusetts... dropping off a simulated medical package. u-p-s is hoping the feds approve 'drone delivery'. thinking of germs probably makes you want to wash your hands.. but doctors say they might be the key to diagnosing.. treating.. and even preventing breast cancer. everyone has good and bad germs in their bodies... but in women with breast cancer.. doctors say the ratio is off... and they have more bad ones.. than good. and while antibiotics help with some illnesses.. doctors say think they can mess up the numbers. "antibiotics - - used inappropropriately are extremely dangerous because they alter our microbes." research shows women who use
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increased risk of breast cancer. doctors are now testing out if the balance of good and bad germs can help reduce the risk. they hope to have results by next year. and there's now a way for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.. to keep their hair. on the left.. is "lynn padgett" on her 10th day in chemo. on the right .. she's more than one month into the treatment... and still with a full set of hair. it's all because of "digni-cap".. a computer- controlled scalp cooling system. "lynn" says it's great .. because she finally feels in control. says, "i didn't want sad eyes. i didn't want people going oh look something's wrong with her she doesn't have any hair ." this is the first f-d-a approved scalp cooling system.. that minimizes hair loss. "digni-cap" can cost hundreds of dollars a treatment.
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each time. now more hospitals are trying to raise funds .. to bring this option to their patients. it could be a major scientific break-through regarding hair loss. researchers say an f-d-a- approved drug has succeeded in regrowing hair .. in patients who are nearly bald. it's called "alopecia areata"... an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the hair follicles.. and hair falls out in clumps. it affects up to seven- found... that a drug used for bone marrow and blood disorders... actually stops the attack on hair follicles. tests showed... hair re-growth ... averaged 92- percent. researchers are also testing the drug in patients with male pattern hair loss. cardinals team plane should be just about to landing in buffalo.. but starting left guard evan mathis was not aboard.. mathis is out this week.. after injuring a toe.. mathis played last week on an injured foot.. but hurt
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the swiss army knife of the offensive line.. earl watford will start in his place.. cards getting today to give themselves some time to adjust.. it's a 10 am kickoff arizona time on sunday.. cardinals shouldn't feel too bad about getting beat by the patroits backup quarterback in week one.. last night. bill belechick's team beat houston.. with their third stringer.. jacoby brisset.. now their are reports that brissett needs thumb surgery.. who will play qb next ? sean renfree worked out for the team on tuesday he played his high school footbal at scottsdale's 12 play on saturday night with cal.. the sun devils hoping the return of salamo fiso.. christian sam and george lea will boost the nation's worst passing defense.. cal quarterback david web is averaging a whopping 453 passing yards a game coyotes camp getting underway in glendale.. as we heard yesterday at media day.. there's legit optimism and playoff expectations this season.. with youngster max domi entering his second full nhl season d-bcaks bullpen letting one get away at camden yards.
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daniel hudson era over five, matt wieters all over it, solo blast to right. ruins a good outing by shelby miller, yes shelby miller. it goes to the twelth, rookie matt cool bet high, mark trumbo a professional hiter with huge strength, game winning walk off blast. his major league leading 44th. d-backs go down in extras. et movie tse kevin frazier: this week, denzel washington and chris pratt bring the classic tale of wild west justice to a new audience in "the magnificent on baby duty in "storks!" andy samberg "in the beginning, storks delivered babies. thank goodness we don't do that anymore!" in the animated comedy storks, the reliable birds have moved on from delivering babies to packages. but, when one last baby arrives, it's up to junior, voiced by andy samberg, and tulip, voiced by katie crown, to get her home to her family. samberg and crown are tight on screen, and were able to record their audio together, a rarity in animation, so they made the most of it. andy samberg "we wear
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the butt." katie crown "we're not allowed to leave until it was all completely recorded so we were going stir crazy by the end." katie crown "there's one last baby to deliver. awwww!" denzel washington "took a job, looking for some men to join me." chris pratt "what a bunch of misfits we
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kevin frazier: this week, denzel washington and chris pratt bring the classic tale of wild west justice to a new audience in "the magnificent seven," and andy samberg takes on baby duty in "storks!" andy samberg "in the beginning, storks delivered babies. thank goodness we don't do that anymore!" in the animated comedy storks, the reliable birds have moved on from delivering babies to packages. but, when one last baby arrives, it's up to junior, voiced by andy samberg, and tulip, voiced by katie crown, to samberg and crown are tight on screen, and were able to record their audio together, a rarity in animation, so they made the most of it. andy samberg "we wear matching onesies with the little button flap on the butt." katie crown "we're not allowed to leave until it was all completely recorded so we were going stir crazy by the end." katie crown "there's one last baby to deliver. awwww!" denzel washington "took a job, looking for some men to join me." chris pratt "what a bunch of misfits we are." and in magnificent seven, denzel
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and chris pratt lead a team of the wildest men in the west to help save a town from. the cast bonded over a sweaty shoot in the louisiana heat, working through it with the crew to make a thrilling modern western. chris pratt "people wrangling the horses, people building these sets. all the background artist and there were so many people inhospitable conditions and like i said it's all up there on screen man. it was a long journey but the destination made it worth it." chris pratt "i've always wanted to blow something up." denzel washington "that's not a plan." tag: for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. https: police in hollywood are investigating the death of actor "richard hong".. he was found beaten to death inside his friend's home. "hong" was staying in the
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stroumboulopoulos. who was out of town at the time. officers found "hong's" body.. after receiving a call about a burglary. no arrests have been made. back-street's back.. all right! the backstreet boys have reunited.. and are taking vegas by storm. the group announced they're "larger than life" residency at "planet hollywood." between march and july of next year. tickets go on sale next week. today.. harkins theatres will host an "art house theatre day".. at its "harkins valley art" location. that's located at fifth street and mill. they will also be showing four films throughout the day... "a town called panic: double fun".. time bandits.. danny says.. and phantasm: remastered.
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office. folks are looking up at the sky in san diego.. but it's not for birds or planes.. or even superman . but they are familiar faces. a california man made thes donald trump and hillary clinton. the creator says he built them as a satircal message.. because he feels a lot of voters.. don't like either candidate. if you're heading to the grocery store today.. you can help fight childhood hunger. one in every four kids in arizona struggles with hunger every day.... so 3tv is teaming up with grocery
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donating money at the register when you go to the grocery store... you can stop by any safeway... albertons... food city or bashas to donate. donations go to seven different arizona food banks. looking for something fun to do this weekend? well.. grab those tubes.. and o this is the very last weekend to ride the slow tides... on the salt river. the river will be open for tubers.. through sunday.. before closing for the season. make sure your kids are securely buckled into their car seats. today is "national seat check saturday".. and all across the valley... there are safety events to make sure our kids are safer in the car. "larry h. miller volkswagon" has partnerd with "safe kids".. and avondale fire.. to host free car seat checks. they will take place today..
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"u-mom new day centers" is hosting its annual "walk for homeless families" to benefit homless families and women.. will be held at the phoenix zoo... startig at eight a-m. the event will feature a one-k and five-k walk and run on the trails. the cost is 25-dollars for students.. 35 for adults. children two and under get in free. all proceeds will support mom." if you're watching on channel five right now... you can flip over to three tv to join us for the rest of good morning arizona... here's a sneak peek at what we have coming up for you... -- at 8:15 we get some of the great flavors of fall...with a new tasting menu at the four seasons.
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taking your questions... -- and find out where you can load up on 70-cent tacos
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julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
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dog," a black shepherd fighting for his own freedom... brandon: oh, hi. yeah, okay, okay. narrator: ...and a disabled veteran searching for a new battle buddy. to increase from knowing that somebody has my back. narrator: but is atlas ready to hold the weight of scott's world on his shoulders? brandon: does atlas have what it takes physically, mentally, and psychologically to become a service dog? i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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