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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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now at five: we tag along with syriac -- , with tagalong with sheriff deputies on a special operation . who they are targeting in neighborhoods all over the valley . it started out shooting . was spooked to suspect that tried to break into a car . a shopping mall in washington state is now a crime scene . the manhunt continues for a gun man that killed five people . what the police have learned so far the mac that evening everybody . think you for joining us . we want to take a moment to welcome our viewers on cbs 5 . >> we are broadcasting on both
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begin with breaking news coming out of waterloo by . sheriff deputies rushed to a church this afternoon and waterloo bay after a report of gunfire . deputies detained several suspects at the our lady of guadalupe . new tonight, out on a special patrol this weekend .>> they are going door to door to make sure registered sex offenders are not breaking the law work 3tv jusco portion -- parson has a story .>> i do not want a sex offender living in a neighborhood without us knowing . >> reporter: posse member mark hanley goes door-to-door to check up on registered sex offenders . >> he is not home because his car is gone we know he is there . >> reporter: it is a posse he
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verify that level i, 2 and 3 offenders are living in homes where they are registered . >> they know what the rules are and they are compliant . >> reporter: if you are one of the 70 offenders on his list, he sent out this morning .>> if you move him a you better let us know . >> reporter: the team started at 6 am and found 3 offenders in violation, failing to report the change of residence >> we want to know where they are at the public wants to know also . we want to keep track . >> reporter: he says they verified upwards of 50 addresses and called today's operation a success >> i have 4 children . it is exactly one of the reasons i do this . i do it for free . >> reporter: jessica parsons, 3tv . a man stumbles through a phoenix fire station after someone shot him . it happened near 23rd avenue near camelback
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survive . we are waiting for police to release more information about a possible suspect and motives in that shooting . a lots of cleanup tonight at a warehouse near 35th avenue . damaged after a fire this morning . fortunately, the speaker system came on and contain the fire to a small area of the building . there's no word yet on what sparked the flames . we have some news -- new surveillance video which shows two men trying to break into vehicles in a phoenix neighborhood . one of them even opened fire confronted them . >> reporter: early on the morning of september 3, 27-year- old valley man opened his front door to walk to his car . down the street from his home, near 35th avenue the baseline, he saw two men that were breaking into the red cars . he got into an altercation with the two men . when one of them shot him in the chest . >> we do not have any indication that there was any relationship before this . we
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a property crime and then the victim was shot in the chest . this was not just a shot day shooting, it could've been a homicide . we are thankful the victim survived, long road in front of him . the fact that they were willing to shoot him, is concerning . shows a high potential for danger . >> reporter: he did survive . police say they need to catch up with these two men and they are hoping this new video any information about the shooting, a recognized either of these two men, you are asked to call silent witness at 480 witness . you can call anonymously and there is a reward of up to $1000 for information . another gorgeous cool day for us in the valley . are afternoon high of 90 degrees we are below average by seven degrees morning started off in the 60s . it has been a long time since we have seen that . we are stay
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dry air stays put for another day or so for me the chance of showers to move into our forecast . here is what we will be seen as have the evening . will be at 87 degrees at 6 pm . 82 at 8 pm 80 degrees by 10 pm . we will take a look at the forecast in a bit . buckeye police are investigating after finding a body in a canal . and happened on miller road just south of haven the area was shut down as police and deputies gathered evidence . officers have not released any inrm ended up in the canal . the man accused of kidnapping and raping an unconscious woman in scottsdale remains in jail this evening . surveillance video shows rodolfo ramirez a woman over his shoulder . police say he kidnapped the 22- year-old and return first in the parking month and then two more times at his home, before leaving her in tempe . the woman's friend apparently left her alone in the parking lot,
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car . when she returned, the woman was gone . ramirez for his first court appearance, tried to argue that he was not a danger to the community . prosecutors convinced the judge to deny him bond . >> he is a danger to the community . if we wake up in the morning and we are accused of having unconscious sex, we are all a danger to community work >> just because she is not screaming and yelling, does not negate the fact that taken against her will to someplace she did not want to be . having sex with somebody she did not consent to . scottsdale police say this is the 55th sexual assault in this city this year . they are investigating whether ramirez could be connected to other attacks . mac knew at 5 pm, a man hunt is underway in washington state for a man who gunned down five people in a
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>> reporter: police are looking for this man . who they say enter the cascade mall and burlington, washington and opened fire last night . women were shot dead in the makeup area at macy's and a man died later . shoppers fled or hid in changing rooms and other stores . buck it was not all at once . it was more like a shot and then two seconds later another shot . >> reporter: police say surveillance video shows the r 10 minutes later with a hunting style rifle . the victims range in age from a teenager to senior citizens . >> we do not know what the motivation was . we do not know if the motivation was to continue or to stop . >> reporter: the shooter left the mall for police arrived . and was lack seen heading toward nearby understate 5 about 60 miles north of seattle .>> it is a rural part of washington . there are a lot of places to run to >> reporter: the suspect is described as a male, and his
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say he acted alone .>> this is a senseless act . it was the world knocking on our doorstep . he came to our little community here . that was brooke silver reporting . authorities are reconstructing the entire scene hoping to find more evidence . arlington is about 60 miles north of seattle . of valley teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of his students . ellen johnson been misconduct with a minor . officers say he had a relationship with female student back in 2011, when he was a teacher at texas high in glendale . johnson continued to teach after the alleged relationship . right now he works at paradise valley high . he has been placed on administrative leave . a woman is behind bars this morning after deputies say she
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corson is accused of using a knife to cut the deep wounds and gashes . the dog is recovering at an animal hospital after the attack thursday and sun city west . the mom says her dog has been battling demons for decades and needs help .>> you are waiting for the pot to boil over . and i think it has finally boiled over . >> corson was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant . now they will determine if animal cruelty charges should be filed . none officers has been accused of forcing a man to eat marijuana to avoid jail time has been in trouble before . decent mcfadden and two other officers resigned after this incident . mcfadden was the most experienced in the group he served more than 10 years on the chicago police department over his career, he has had fit teen complaint against him for a variety of different issues . the phoenix police chief said they are now looking deeper into his background . >> is there something we missed
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>> mcfadden in the two other officers are under criminal investigation it can wait we are talking about texting and driving it is a campaign reminding us all of the potentially tragic confidences driving distracted 3tv explains >> reporter: having the simulator on gives the person a virtual reality experience of what that driver is doing when they are distracted and what they cannot see . old caitlin spalding may be too young to drive now, but at this age, she already knows the danger of getting behind the wheel and texting at the same time . >> i was reading the text and i thought what the heck ? once i looked up, i thought there is something in front of you . there's something beside you >> reporter: the video simulator her and dozens of others got to experience today, as part of the it can we
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for drivers of all ages . >> if kids are in a car and see their parents doing it, that habit six with them when they are older . the tiny dried they think it is okay . especially parents, need to look at the behavior and the example they are setting . >> reporter: according to scott, the number of distracted drivers in arizona is higher than other states . because we have no laws about sending text and driving . >> that is why we are telling people to put your phone away for 21 days . even have to think about it anymore . it will become a habit and you will not look at your phone when you drive >> reporter: to those who text and drive, caitlin has one simple message . >> start driving and get off your phone . >> reporter: so far 10 million drivers have pledged to not text and drive . creepy crawlers in beating the town of maricopa who . will get them go . find out why
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neig o'halleran: i had some really tough cases
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r us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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developing tonight, lisa
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in a burglary of a taxidermy store earlier this week, someone broke into wildlife artistry taxidermy taking about $30,000 worth of property . that is including a set of cactus velvet meal dear antlers in several animal skins . if you have any information is call prescott police . them at one neighbor calls it the cope a caterpillar conversion . he says thousands of caterpillars have turned up in a town of maricopa . >> that are caterpillars and spiders . . >> what may have lowered the critters out . buck this is literally thousands . >> reporter: their streets .>> their orange and great >> on sidewalks . >> reporter: in storm drains and yes, on homes .>> we do not know where they go . they have an agenda . >> reporter: people woke up two point caterpillars covering at least two blocks near hodges boulevard in honeycutt avenue . used to be careful where you
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>> reporter: vicki has lived here three years and neither she nor her husband have seen anything like this . >> he came back and said you have to see this . there are caterpillars all over the place . one is on my foot . >> >> reporter: people on the neighborhood accounting a excitement to come . what is your favorite part of caterpillars ? >> when they turn into a butterfly . >> reporter: esther tells me these are moth caterpillars . it is not uncommon for some to pe numbers . they wander when in search of food . a lot insects are concentrated on a canal next to some cotton fields >> we've never had this before . they've always had the fields . i do not know sprayed and was a mass exodus . >> reporter: whatever the cause of the exodus, people wondering one thing . >> why did the capital across
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influx of mops . -- moths . the mac the popularity of a certain tortoises leaving pet owners with the problem the tortoises start tiny and cute but they can grow to more than 20 pounds and live for decades . a group is advising people to stop getting them . seen many who do, do not realize what they are getting into . >> to horse does and what comes out the other end it is the same as a horse . do want to keep a horse in your house ? no . >> the tortoises cause between $50 and $100 . in most cases, nobody will take it off your hands when they grow up and get to big . new at 5 pm . it was a family day at the zoo to support other families in need . today marked the eighth annual walk for the homeless .
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take over the pathways of the phoenix zoo .>> people matter . everyone is important i think it is important to help other people that are in need . >> reporter: the animals were not the stars today . rather the people .>> we are the largest provider of services to homeless families in the state . this is our big fundraiser . >> reporter: the new data center walk for homeless families raise money to provide shelter and support for 100 for 180 homeless famili night . >> being on the board has helped me to see the real work that they do it is not something that everybody gets to see . the difference we make in people's lives . the changes that we make . and it is sustainable . i get really excited by it >> reporter: they offer units of affordable housing . 93 percent of households and rehousing services from 2010
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emergency shelter services . which means it is working . just by walking, so many families get to help .>> think of others . you do not have to give a lot . if everybody is conscious and is helpful to other people, it goes a long way . also new at 5 pm, a uber is stepping up security features . and make right safer for passengers by adding celebes and make it better on a users account . check out china . more than 50 daredevils from 20 countries are taking part in the event . it combines a diving with hang gliding . as part of the competition, they have to jump on 1000 feet in the air and land on a target, which is 32 feet in diameter .
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through the fog and all . the mac we have fog yesterday . >> we did . number of days we have fog in phoenix . [laughter] i think and has been a handful of days that we have had something like that . moving here from san diego, i was used to it every morning . it is intere see it here . we will not see 24 hours . things will be nice and dry . as we take a live look outside right now . there are breaks guys out there . a little breezy . we saw winds picked up in the valley will especially be seen strong winds along the colorado river valley as we head into the overnight hours . 90 degrees is a high today . a smidge warmer than we were yesterday . the temperatures will stay below average . we started off in the 60s this morning . it was gorgeous out there . we are currently seeing 88 degrees in
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degrees and 90 in peoria degrees in prescott . 73 and sedona . 61 in flagstaff everywhere is seen mild temperatures . doppler 360, we do not have a lot of activity that is out there . we will stay quiet as we head into sunday . even into the start of the day monday come up before changes, our way . we jump ahead to around the state . there will be moisture starting to build just to the south of us as we head into the start of the day on sunday . nothing breaks into our area for sunday . showers through sierra vista . we really see the moisture pushed through into southern arizona answers to make its way into the ground a area as we head into 7 pm on monday . we will keep most of them moisture
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east of us . we might get drizzle by monday afternoon . we really want see the shower activity rake into the valley until we had a too late monday night, possibly into tuesday . for tonight, 69 degrees in the valley . 20 28 four flagstaff . a chilly one for you . 32 in shiloh . is a take a look at your seven-day forecast, we will drop in temperatures as we head into the start of the week . tomorrow, ninety six expected high for us . 92 for 90s through the end of the week . coming up, she thought she
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school student in michigan saw discolored water coming out of the school think . she took a picture of it thinking it might bring change . instead, she got suspended after posting the picture on facebook and twitter . she was called to the office where she learned about the bad news . >> she told me i was being suspended for three days for taking a piur appropriate use of electronics in the restroom . everyone in my school -- every girl takes selfie's in the bathroom and use it as a profile picture on social media . no one has gotten in trouble . >> apparently a bad height caused discoloration in the bathroom . dozens of students protested by they took in the bathroom .
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. if you are watching on cbs 5,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: a mass shooting at a mall. a gunman opens fire at macy's, leaving at least five people dead. seattle f.b.i. is investigating. also tonight, we'll preview the the first c just 48 hours away. the nation's first african american president opens the nation's new african american museum. >> the story told here doesn't just belong to black americans. it belongs to all americans. >> you know this song. >> ninan: and benefit he signs off from "cbs sunday morning," charles osgood sits down for an interview with scott pelley. >> pelley: i'm stopped on the street often. people say, "you're that guy


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