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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  September 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm MST

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it was no holds bar dashboard. it was the first debate between trump and clinton. >> we have a team coverage tonight. nicole price is standing by with political consultants and
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language experts saying there were lots of work left unspoken. >> let's begin with dennis welch who spent the night fact checking the to convince. >> reporter: both of these candidates are no strangers to mistruths. let's take a look at this five day analysis of remarks done recently by politico edit they found trump averaged one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly 5 hours of remarks. during that same period, clinton averaged one falsehood every 12 minutes 1.5 hours of remarks. during the 90 minutes of debate, that was going to be put from the debate -- from to the test. here is a clip from the debate when they were discussing the transpacific partnership go>> your husband supported nafta. you go to ohio and pennsylvania or anywhere you want, secretary. clinton, and you will see
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ever signed in this country. now you want to prove transpacific partnership's ergo you were in favor of it go >> i was against it once it was finally negotiated. and the terms were laid out. i wrote about that in >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. >> repo donald trump's acquisition that she called the transpacific ship the gold standard of great -- of trade agreements. i did say i hope to would be a good deal. clinton called that deal the gold standard of trade agreements in a 2012 trip to australia. she championed that agreement there as well as other venues around the world that she did not merely expressed the hope that it would turn out well. but it wasn't clinton with the short -- but it wasn't only clinton with the short memory
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>> some country is going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. donald think -- thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. i think is real. >> i did not. i do not say that. >> i think it is important that we group this and deal with it both at home and abroad. >> reporter: that is true november 6, 2012, it was trump who tweeted this. quote, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make us manufacturing noncompetitive. both candidates had better moments during tonight's debate. coming up at 8:30, we will look more closely. in the newsroom, dennis welch. >> thanks, dennis. we have to valley valley political consultant. >> nickel prices than in the newsroom with both sides.
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you what, it was highly entertaining to watch behind the scenes with our political analysts here. we have kirk davis, who is a republican political consultant and you recognize former state representative minority leader chad campbell, who is a democratic goal -- democratic political consultant. who do you think one -- 1:? >> i think started early think clinton closed well. i don't think there was a winner. this was one of three debates. >> you didn't feel this was a landslide win hands down? >> i will agree with curt the most part, donald trump started out stronger but over the course of the debate, hillary's expertise and her experience came through. i think she one.>> you said this was a debate for the undecideds out there.'s we are talking 50% to 19%. there are already people who are loyal to the party who will be swayed by anything that
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coming off with tonight? >> i think they were able to see a little bit about the candidate -- candidates. and they are looking at the personalities. you did see personality in both of the candidates but we have three of these debates. these will be late deciders at the very end. >> reporter: what about for you? we talked about the big things people to in for -- policy, personality. you said clinton seemed to show more of the policy. >> i think so. i think she ed she showed more energy toward the end of the debate, which is good for the whole stamina and health argument. i think she showed she is more than up to the challenge to be present. she did say that and some people were critical saying that it seemed to canned and scripted. did she have to prepare -- did she have a temper job -- tougher job career -- preparing? >> she had expectations for her because she is a professional at ergo to her
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expectations. i think he actually outperformed what many people thought expectations would be for him. >> reporter: what do you think were hillary's strengths? >> i think she showed a much broader understanding of the policies that donald trump. most people expected that. but i think the key tonight was she contrasted her experience and depth of knowledge against donald lack of knowledge around issues. at first he started out ng sticker slogans he uses but over 90 minutes, it starts to get old. i think hillary took advantage of that after the first minutes. >> i think he effectively pointed out that she has been in the process for 30 years and hasn't gotten the job done. that was a very important message tonight.>> reporter: looking forward, this is just round 1. so even for the undecided, having it be kind of
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what do you think could be a variable for change or what are you looking for for the next debate? >> usually the second debate, the candidates become looser and that is when people make mistakes. and when people show more of their true personality.>> reporter: campbell, thank you so much. back to you guys. >> i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. she does not have the temperament. the head of the who you are talking to, secretary. clinton. >> there was laughing and i rules. there were still many unsaid words today. >> the back and forth on stage was part of the story. . stall watched the debate with a body language expert. derek, what did she say about what they really wanted to say? >> in the case of trump, our expert says his body language reinforces the message of power and confidence while clinton's body language with taylor for a
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the experts said it is clear that both candidates got coaching on body language and its effect on an audience before tonight's debate. she picked up right away on a change in the way secretary. clinton walked on stage.>> normally when she comes in a room, she has hands way above her body. and she has her mouth wide open and her eyes wide open. it is way too long sense. so we know it is not a real emotion. it's a fake emotion. a smile, a genuine smile, is eight seconds, no longer. and hers in her entry is always way longer. so she has changed on that.>> reporter: she thought clinton tetris miles to eight seconds or less most times and audiences tend to think that's more sincere. several times, she noticed that
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shoulder before an answer and the expert said that is a telltale sign of someone going on the offensive. there were also times he adjusted the microphone. he did it more than clinton and that could be a sign of power or control. overall, our expert but both candidates largely stayed on message with their body language messages. back to you guys. >> it was interesting to watch. thank you, dirt. coming up, legalizing recreational marijuana in arizona -- lot of problems officers who are trying to enforce the law. >> we have clouds and showers for the afternoon and evening. will see rain tomorrow morning? that answer in a few minutes. a programming note for you, coming up after cbs 5 news, you will see an all-new episode of big bang theory. and live at 10, all of your top stories and sports in your first 10 minutes.
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besides choosing a president, there is another big this -- decision on the ballot in november. legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. but when you go through the initiative, but it flight poppa.>> morgan how it can make it nearly impossible for driving under the influence of pot. >> let's say i am drinking and driving down the road and i get pulled over. the police officer approaches my car. >> i will ask you to step out of the car, please. >> reporter: he says that because he wants to perform a field sobriety test. but here is the deal. legally, i don't need to
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officer, i am going to respectfully say no to the field sobriety test and i'm not going to answer any questions. but you have my permission to draw my blood if you believe i am impaired ergo --. if that comes back at above a 0.08, i will get prosecuted for dui even without the field sobriety test. if the recreational marijuana initiative passes under the same scenario, i am going to respectfully say no to the field sobriety test. if i had marijuana in my system, i would most likely get off scott free. >> i don't think we would be able to charge cases that were submitted under the scenarios. >> reporter: maricopa county atty. is a critic of the marijuana initiative. he says the problem is one specific provision. >> this provision protect marijuana using drivers unlike any other substance using dragon -- drivers within
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of the initiative, it states driving while impaired by marijuana remains illegal. but 13 pages in, person may not be penalized by this state solely because of the presence of metabolites or components of marijuana person's urine, blood, saliva, etc. that means a blood test alone won't be enough to convict someone of driving under the influence of marijuana.>> to say that driving while impaired remains illegal and denied need the evidence to prove it negates that very claim. is empty. >> reporter: other states with recreational marijuana laws on the books set a limit of 5 ng 5 ng/ml of thc in a blood for a marijuana dui, similar to our 0.08 s anything about that and you are legally impaired. that standard does not appear in arizona's initiative. >> why don't we have that limit
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sciences in the area. >> reporter: ryan hurley helped write arizona's initiative and nobody really knows how much thc some has to have in the system to be impaired. so it would be unfair to set a limit that may not be accurate. >> it sounds like it is making it a little harder to prove impairment go>> no. what it is doing is it is taking away the ability to say you smoked marijuana any time and you have driven, you are >> reporter: law enforcement officers say what it actually does is take away a critical piece of evidence -- the blood test. vilma, ray says this. >> you can say residentially -- residential burglary is illegal. fingerprints aren't acceptable.>> investigative reporter morgan loew. one final concern from the law enforcement convert this
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ballot initiative, our state legislator cannot make think -- simple tweaks to the language. >> the courts would allow the changes to the blood test provisions. >> this is what we experienced early this afternoon. shower activity out there, and it was a a bit of an issue out in the east valley. we dealt with l some isolated showers with heavy rain mainly to the far east end up north. we still have shower activity out there. the advisories have ended at 8 pm. they are moving through black canyon city now and there is lake wasn't receiving light showers. they are light showers in west -- in the west go take a look
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it got up to 91 degrees. when you compare it to what took place in southern california, san diego was hotter today at 100. 104 outside of los angeles today we got to the lower 90s and we are sitting comfortably at 77 right now. winds out of the east at eight miles per hour. we have a system to the south of us bringing clouds and a showers and will bring the threat of shower activities through thursday and they will see dry air move in for friday and the weekend. those showers are areas of new mexico and the threat of showers will be with us again tomorrow morning. the shower activity will be around eastern arizona eight -- arizona and parts of -- flagstaff. by wednesday, quite down a little bit and see a 10% chance of rainfall on wednesday. and then another round of rain expected thursday. dropping down to around 73 degrees tonight and 42 in the
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here is that seven-day forecast. 89 -- there is a threat of moisture attend wednesday. thursday a few clouds and showers in the mid-90s and drier conditions over the weekend. hard to believe, the baseball season is coming to an end. that is the final game in chase fields. they will hit a high of 94 degrees. but it has been kind of a said season and i am sure they are happy to >> thanks, paul. coming up, politics and work. they make like oil, and water
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ers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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hillary clinton emails, donald trump texas, tonight's debate and even its entire national election is a full of heated issues. street back -- >>. hr departments say leave the political talks at home. hr departments say you can be
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brand x custom t-shirt in downtown tempe, expression is everything. >> the next level is 35, 33. >> owner and ceo charles kaufman says politics is pott mouth. >> it is best to leave it at the door and focus on work. you can pick up that bag of goodies when you leave. >> reporter: in a heated and highly controversial this one, it is especially enforced. >> there is a lot of rhetoric can't get aggressive and uncomfortable. it can come up -- off as xena phobic or even racist. >> reporter: there can quickly turn into an onslaught. >> at work, we are a captive audience. it is hard to walk away from people. >> reporter: employment attorney petty to paul advises hr departments around the country. he's the watercooler is already boiling over into big problems. >> there might be accusations
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doesn't mather matter whether the accusations are true. the mere fact of the conflict in the workplace is the problem. >> reporter: clinton -- clinton and trump issues could get employees into messy situations long after the election is over. which means it writeups and even terminations. even -- although private employers can restrict what you say, he needs -- have time to debate politics that were, you need more of it.
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right now, here is a look at valley stories making headlines
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because of violent threat to posted online. police are threatening posts made on facebook in three schools in school district. they were directed at carl hayden, cesar chavez and maryville high school. officers are looking into it but as of now, classes have a been canceled. >> look at this sketch. glendale is looking for your help to find this man who is -- who sexually assaulted a person at a park near avenue and bethany home road. if you know this might be or if you recognize him, please call glendale police. fall river police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man behind a chevron gas station last night. 35-year-old cousin gaston was found with a gunshot wound. a short time later, police arrested aren't saying if those women were involved with the shooting. police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to please:.
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happening right here in the valley. we will pick back up with
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? julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
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we are continuing our presidential debate clinton --
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>> there was a lot of back and forth between trump and clinton, trying to convince viewers they are in -- they are the right choice. david welch -- dennis welch is here to talk about it.>> reporter: donald trump best moments in the beginning talking about jobs. is particularly, he was talking about manufacturing jobs and how he plans to bring the back to the country. is was a message squarely directed at e needs to win if he has any hopes to get to the white house. >> we have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us. we have to stop our companies from leaving the united states and with it, firing all of their people. all you have to do is look at carrier air condition in indianapolis. they fired 1400 people and they are going to mexico. so many hundreds of companies are doing this. we can't let
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reducing taxes tremendously from 35% to 15% for companies small and big businesses. that will be a job creator like we haven't seen since ronald reagan. it will be a beautiful thing to watch. >> reporter: as this debate more on, it appeared that clinton had the better lines. near the end of the debate, moderator lester holt at -- asked trump about some sexist responses from trump. >> clinton became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. earlier this month you said she doesn't have quotes a presidential look. she is standing here right now. what did she mean by that? >> she doesn't have the look, she doesn't have the stamina. i said she doesn't have the stamina.>> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiate a peace deal, a cease- fire, a release of incidents and
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opportunities in nations around the world. or even spent 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> reporter: both definitely had their highlights and both had low flights, but the general consensus amongst the political consultants that we brought into the studio is that there is no clear-cut winner tonight ergo this was just run 1. dennis welch in the newsroom, cbs 5 news. debate with social media on fire. >> but started, it was training online. one story that had a lot of people talking was the green party candidate getting kicked off campus with the debate was held. jill stein was at hofstra university doing interviews with reporters. police removed her because she did not have the proper credentials to be there. stein admitted she would she was trying to get onto the stage. she failed to qualify for the
8:33 pm
threshold required to participate. >> how about a trump septet filter. uses -- users took pictures anyone can create a filter on snapshot but its availability is limited. this one went nationwide.'s back -- >> nicole crites tells us what had people talking during the debate. nicole? >> reporter: social media was just blowing up with means and hashtags about the things started off with a couple of accidents. when students showed up, the 350 who were ticketed to get into the debate, the souvenir ticket that was printed off, hillary clinton's name was spelled incorrectly. hofstra university said 7500 students applied and they said this is just a small mistake. they said this is just a ticket to get the official tickets.
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when media showed up for the debate, at check-in they were notified they would be charged $200 for wi-fi access. that is steep, of course. and even more of a bust when you considered the access wasn't working. they didn't have great access for wi-fi. the first trending #of the night was trumps stifel. people said sniffling must be the new sweating. maybe trump made many, billions of dollars but not enough to purchase generic sudafed go the next #was where's lester? they said he was the best moderator in the last decade. but he -- but the game or drinking game. many people had to take drinks
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or other topics. so we will leave you with the memes. the first showing someone superimposing donald trump's lips for his eyes saying can you really tell a difference between the lips and the eyes? interesting take away. and then you see bill clinton -- so are we totally sure i am not allowed to be president again ergo the night is early and as you go to you might wake up to some more clever memes and hashtags as people start to marinate highlights and low flights and takeaways. i am sure they will be even more entertaining in the morning. back to. keep it right here on cbs 5 news for the latest on campaign 2016. and details on candidates on
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is out of jail after getting arrested during a rental -- rally in tempe. >> he isn't free on charges. jarret martin directed protesters to block millbridge -- mill avenue bridge tonight to protest the shooting of 19- year-old calvin hollies up -- by tempe police department. >> i'm not angry. i am sad for the city. i am -- i'm not feeling a need to engage in violence. i have pity for this department at hope for this community. if we continue to use nonviolence, we will overcome. >> maupin charged with obstructing a roadway and failure to comply with a law enforcement officer. organizers of police protesters in charlotte, north carolina are calling on the police chief to resign.
8:37 pm
killed by police after police say he made a threatening move with a gun. the family says that scott was holding a book. it is unclear if he had a gun even after police released by the camera and dash cam video. activists are calling for the charlotte police chief to step down. >> the outrage being seen and felt in charlotte isn't solely about the keith scott case. but rather this moment represent a tipping point for a community that has had its trust repeatedly broken by the charlotte mecklenburg >> protests over the deadly shooting has led to violence and at least one death and forced officials to declare a state of emergency. >> more body cameras will soon be on police officers across the united states. the department of justice awarded $20 million for the program. the money is going to over 100 law enforcement agencies to establish new or enhance
8:38 pm
federal officials say this will promote transparency and ensure accountability. in washington state, the suspect in friday's mall shooting appeared in court today. the 20-year-old is facing first- degree murder charges after police say he killed five people at that mall store. they also said he confessed to being the gun man. the identities of the victims haven't been released. police are trying to figure out why he carried out this attack. prosecutors say they will arizona man convicted of supporting isis. abdul malik abdul kareem helped plan the attack on a drawing contest in texas lester. he is set to be sentenced october 25. his attorneys are asked king -- asking for a six-year sentence. >> phoenix police are asking you to help track down a serial killer in phoenix. there is a $75,000 award -- reward for his arrest.
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screen. good news on the pilot who was hurt when his plane -- hurts when his plane crashed into a gilbert home. neither the skydivers who jumped from the train -- plane nor the people inside the home that was hit were seriously hurt go it is unknown what led to this question. the ntsb released reports last week saying one of the skydivers on board heard a loud noise before seeing the wing erupt in flames. out sometime next year. we will fast forward to tomorrow when a dot hold its first meeting on the updated plans for the controversy over 202 south mountain freeway. it is set for tomorrow from 6-8 pm near desert fits school. it will include a one hour presentation followed by a question and answer session. attendees will be able to visit information stations and speak with projects representatives. coming up, washing machines fail.
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truly believe that golf and golfers promote some sort of human values that symbolize so many americans. >> the king is being remembered across the country today. arnold palmer passed away yesterday from heart competitions. he was 87 years old. palmer 17 major titles
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presidential medal of honor at a congressional gold-medal. he was incredibly popular. his followers or even dumped arnie's army. he won the phoenix open three times in a row, by the 61, 62, and make a 63. he built a court in 19 -- and like have assumed. if you own a front loading washing machine, listen up. if you have ever get cashback. ginger allen reports.>> reporter: this was supposed to make your life easier and your clothes cleaner. but some customers say these front load washing machines caused their clothes and their houses to smell.>> you could say it was a close soil or in case -- instead of a close washer. >> michael vogler is upset about what he discovered hidden side of here.
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rubber gasket on the door of a front loader leading to mold. now, clash send lawsuits against front loader iz- -- if you bought a whirlpool, kenmore, or maytag frontloading machine between 2001 and 2010, you could be entitled to a $50 cash payment, a rebate on your next machine, or reimbursements for your repairs. if you but and lg between 2002 -- if you 2002 in 2006, you could get a refit -- a rebate. you must often to these lawsuits by october to qualify. if you have another brand, there are also class actions still pending against some other manufacturers. ginger allen for cbs news go 2 former wells fargo
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billion. they say they were fired or demoted because they didn't meet unrealistic sales quotas. they also claimed the companies gave promotions to workers who actually met those quotas by opening fake accounts. >> this may not come as a surprise, but a recent survey found that 71% of travelers are annoyed by all the fees they have to pay. for example, baggage and choosing a fee, people who book there tickets aren't getting it feel. >> wish you could take him everything everything -- take over everything in it? west tell is creating a where people can buy the items in the hotel rooms. >> let's get a look at your forecast. we had rainfall earlier this afternoon and evening and there are still state -- straight showers around their moving
8:46 pm
there was some shower activity in the west valley, but here are some pictures. it is saying taking -- take a break from the debate and look at these gorgeous photos. this one right here is from william -- he says i washed my car yesterday. you are welcome, phoenix. you want to put off getting a car wash until late thursday because we have a chance of rainfall for tomorrow and also wednesday and thursday. we will show you the seven day forecast in a moment. right now we are sitting at degrees chance of rainfall. there is a low pressure area to the south of us bringing showers along the mexico and arizona border. this will linger for the next couple of days and bring us an increasing chance of showers. look at tomorrow morning, seven deck 30, horrible timing for the commute seeing some light rain or -- light rain. showers up in high country and even here through phoenix and
8:47 pm
thursday, we will start to see drier conditions. here is the seven-day forecast. a chance of rain tuesday and a 10% chance of rain on wednesday but the temperatures stay below average through the end of the week. drier conditions on friday, saturday, and sunday. clear skies and highs in the low to mid 90s on sunday. all new today, animal rescuers said they had 3.5 pound tumor dumped in a south phoenix neighborhood. >> we want to warn you that some of the images are hard to look at, but derek stahl reports this dog now has a second chance at life. >> reporter: he will is a happy guy now but he has a story. heedless who will and is potty trained, to signs that six-year-
8:48 pm
that is why it is hard to believe he looked like this two weeks ago when an emergency animal medical technician found him abandon. >> that is the first time i have seen a growth that large. it was so heavy was hanging pulling his skin. >> reporter: not only was the tumor 3.5 pounds, it was infected. that's new surgery would be risky. >> the first adoption because it was probably cancer. but when i approached him and did my exam, he was giving me kisses and such a mellow dog.>> dr. yaz and martinez performed the surgery on the 16th and it was success. >> the five days that i was waiting for his pathology results, i was praying and hoping it wasn't cancerous. i was so happy when it wasn't cancer.>> she says as long as gus goes to a good home, his
8:49 pm
in the next few days. he's ready for adoption now. we have more info on that in -- on our website. in phoenix, i'm derek stahl. after the break, something not so nice. how the grinch stole halloween. feeds at a phoenix home swapping there's holiday set up.
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8:51 pm
a hooligan is warning in on halloween and north phoenix. >> tonight, we are telling you about this his exploits all caught on
8:52 pm
christmas. now there is a hooligan honing in on halloween. this past weekend, a number of home city north phoenix neighborhood got hit by a halloween thief stealing the christians right off there for porch. a homeowner give us the security video. you can see the faith walk up the driveway, look around, then grab the skeleton hanging there on a gate in front of a phoenix home. it happened in the middle of the night happy valley road. and 35th avenue. a few blocks away, gary hall tells us the same thing happen to her. someone stole the halloween decorations in front of her house go hall says she had an inflatable coast and is better in her front yard and a strobe light by the door. a halloween thief took it all. and she is unhappy about it. >> why would someone still halloween decorations? they don't cost that much. to go up and take people's decorations -- it is kind of
8:53 pm
willing to take things. someone is going to feel -- still halloween decorations -- what is the next thing? >> reporter: here is a closer look at the halloween eve caught on camera by a home surveillance system. he may be responsible for a string of thefts in the same north phoenix neighborhood.>> reporter: homeowners tell me the point isn't that the decorations are expensive. they are upset them is trying to ruin the holiday fun. if anyone has the phoenix police department. jason barry, cbs 5 news. take off this little guy. this is a great story. this piglet in colorado was born without that likes. his name is miracle and his owner says that is exactly what he is. he doesn't seem to know or care that he is different than all the rest. he just uses his front legs to get around. miracles owner says as he gets older, he will likely need a little wheelchair but he is an inspiration around the farm.
8:54 pm
impressive little peg?
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julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
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coming up tonight at 10, registering your surveillance camera to nts oh is a new program to help catch criminals. we will have answers on how it works coming up in the first 10 minutes tonight at 10. a lot of people are taking a big gulp after tonight debate. presidential debate drinking games were trending today. some buzzwords for the games included china and believe me for donald trump. any time hillary clinton coughed or mention women, viewers had to knock back a drink. but she did not cough once. >> i didn't hear her cough at all.
8:58 pm
we thank you for watching the special addition of cbs 5 news. we will see you back here at 10. have a great night, everyone. ? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase techchnology
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previously, on the big bang theory... hello. i'm looking for howard wolowitz. may i ask what this is about? no, you may not. very well. hi... colonel williams. how can i help you? o-okay. on thursday. caltech is fine. yeah, may i ask what this is about? (brief chuckle) i may not? that's what he said to me. look at this. elon musk has a theory that we're all just characters in some advanced civilization's video game. so some alien kid spent his money on the asthma-and-glasses upgrade for me?


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