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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 27, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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you have to ask yourself, why won't he releases tax return? >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been
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voters were waiting for. the face-off between trump and clinton. >> they sparred over email taxes. we are joined with answers of what this means for the race.>> reporter: both of these candidates are no strangers to mistruths. i want you to look at this five day analysis of remarks done by politico. what they found was that trump averaged about one falsehood every 3 1/2, three minutes and 15 seconds over five hour remarks. the two really came to blows tonight of the controversy regarding president obama's birth certificate. trump who recently acknowledged the controversy regarding his birth certificate and said that obama was born in the united states said he was not responsible for the controversy
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to the 2008 presidential campaign. >> sidney blumenthal works for the campaign, very close friend of sec. clinton. her campaign manager, patty doyle, went during the campaign, her campaign against president obama, fought very hard. you can go look it up and you can check it out and if you look at cnn this past week, patty was on wolf blitzer blumenthal said mcclatchy, highly respected reporter, to kenya to find out she failed to get the birth certificate. when i got involved i didn't fail. i got him to give the birth certificate.>> that is false. there is no clinton -- evidence
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this. they had no ties to either candidate or her staff. after lester holt pressed trump on why he had released his tax return, clinton weighed in that trump must be hiding something. >> you've got to ask yourself, why won't he releases tax returns or maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes. you didn't pay any federal smart.>> that means zero for troops, zero for vets.>> that isn't totally false, but she has a few points wrong. clinton has one thing correct. records indicate there were two years in the '70s paid nothing in income taxes. she ignored the same records that showed three other years
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income tax. if you're looking for a winner, the general consensus is that trump started strong but finished week. clinton started kind of week but ended pretty strong. viewers to turn in thought that clinton won the debate. dennis welch, cbs five news. who won tonight's debate? scl at -- cnn poll showed clinton had a edge on trump. trump tweeted, did great on th which i don't watch. thanks. the candidates tried not to break their poker faces. coming up, we talk with a body language expert who has answers on what messages trump and clinton said during paul horton here. the monsoon is not done with us
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you can barely see the top of the peak. are we in store for another wet morning commute -- commute? answers coming up in the first 10 minutes. three protesters arrested early this morning after blocking traffic on the mill avenue on the mill ave., bridge in tempe.>> along them, -- among them, actor jared moffat. he is facing obstruction and failure to comply along with the father and cousin of the 19- year-old whose death sparked the protest. hollins was a robbery suspect shot by an officer who thought he had a gun. >> we set out to be nonviolent today and to talk about the unjustified killing of the 19- year-old shot in >> collins was not carrying a weapon. the officer did not turn his body camera on. tempe police are investigating his death. despite the anger today,
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moments after jared moffat was released from jail, you can see behind them that rides up on his bike and shakes his hand. new video from northern california, crews are concerned about the loma fire. look at that. it started this afternoon and spread to more than 150 acres. homes very close to the flames right there. the wind is spreading fire. new tonight, queen creek wants your help solving crimes. they want your security cameras to help do it.>> ashlee demartino shows us how a new program is already putting criminals be >> reporter: as you know, surveillance cameras are becoming more commonplace these days. so now many people are turning to them to protect her family's. one valley city is making it easy to voluntarily share the
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one thing we have been dealing with in our neighborhood for quite a while is break-ins.>> -- >> reporter: a month ago, just his car was broken into outside his house while his family slipped inside. it was all caught on camera.>> reporter: watching the footage of them going into my vehicle and going around with their flashlight looking at my other vehicle, it just me off. >> reporter: criminals were not on the loose for long. just leak gave the footage to in cso who shared it on social media through their operation qc cam program. >> it is of the database that is secure.>> reporter: a database of voluntarily registered surveillance cameras. deputies can go to that individual and asked to see their video footage.>> we can better assist them and assist the rapid response.>> reporter: in tso thinks the advancement
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higher level.>> it stops it can stop someone for breaking into a vehicle or a home.>> reporter: if you want to register your camera, we have put a link on our mobile app. ashlee demartino, cbs a consumer alert tonight. you may have noticed that food prices in arizona are actually falling. the farm bureau is reporting the prices are down about 10% from last year around this time. it will cost this time. it will cost you $48.72 to buy 16 essential items. last year, the same items cost $54. the national average for the same items, almost $50. the former head of the va suicide hotline is making shocking in visions that poor work ethics left hundreds of calls to the hotline unanswered or transferred to workers not suitable for handling suicidal deaths. workers only took about five
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work as call volume increase. the va says they will increase staff at that center. new tonight, valley soccer team would rather forfeit than bench a couple of players.>> they are girls. another all boy teams do not want to play them if the girls take the field. jeff fan sent has the story.>> reporter: training makes a good team. the foothills academy soccer team works like a well oiled machine. it's a team of 20 or so kids, mostly boysan alyssa and to run into them. they are not expecting it. it's very challenging. i like it a lot.>> reporter: never has their ability been question. >> you get them feisty and they will come at you.>> reporter: it's about the team and having fun. err i'm not very loud school.>> reporter: in just one week, two christian schools refused to take the field unless the girls sat out.
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last i checked, we lived in 2016.>> reporter: in the first game, the girls sat out. >> we didn't want it to affect the boys on our team. we thought they should just play.>> reporter: the second game is a different story. the team took a vote. of the girls don't play, they don't play. >> i don't feel like we should have to give up part of our team to play.>> school opted out because of religious issues. their next game. >> they are supportive of us. i think it brought our team together more than we were before.>> reporter: jeff fan sent, cbs five news. a quick look at the forecast. some stray showers out there. the threat of moisture for tomorrow. as you can see, showers in to the fountain hills area, very light rainfall. cooler temperatures today hit a high of 91.
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clouds passing by. the threat of cloud cover and showers will be with us through thursday. we have a system south of us that will continue to spin in some moisture our way. for tomorrow morning, there is a chance of showers between flagstaff in phoenix in the morning. the better chance of shower activity maybe passing thunderstorms tomorrow evening after that commute. there is 6:30 and a chance of showers will stick around. through temperatures stay cooler than average, 89 for tuesday, 92 wednesday. another round of showers in the forecast thursday. dryer conditions over the weekend and staying below average saturday and sunday. there is your seven-day planner. you have all your answer for your tuesday in the first 10 minutes.>> stick around as we continue our coverage of tonight's debate with answers on what the candidates body language gave away. the flu season is on his way. we have answers whether you
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wait. rescuers were frantic after stranded driver fell during his rescue.
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you're watching cbs five news at 10. it was not just a war of words on tonight's debate stage. there was a tug of war in scowls and smiles. >> how important his body language on a night like tonight? eric staal's watched the debate with the body language expert.>> experts say about 65% of communication is nonverbally. it's the candidates -- if the candidates body language does not match their message, they run the risk of seeming phony.>> she has open hands.>> reporter: our expert says clinton's body language was tailored for a message of calm and sincerity. the way clinton largely kept her smiles to eight seconds or less.>> a smile, genuine smile
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handful of times with the former secretary of state, she blinked repeatedly. linking more than 12 times a minute can be a sign of discomfort or unease. in the case of donald trump, our expert says his body language reinforced the message of power and confidence.>> him using the microphone and moving the microphone and touching the microphone. >> reporter: she pointed out how he leaned in before some responses.>> you leanin with the shoulder, it's usually before you attack. verbally or reporter: she says there were several times when trumps body language suggested discomfort, too. not necessarily when he scowled at a comment by clinton but when he licked his lips, what's known as a she says a lizard lick can be a subconscious clue that the candidate was jabbed i something their opponent said
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back. overall she thought both candidates largely stayed on message with their body language messages. eric staal, it seems like this campaign has been going on for quite a while. it's interesting that debate organizers misspelled clinton's name on tonight's tickets. look at this photo tweeted out by serious political. you can see hillary would just one l. the former secretary of state sign with two height of the cold war has rush of been mentioned so much during a campaign. trump has a lot of supporters in moscow. trump has said he will cut back the us involvement in nato and has called putin a great leader.>> i hope when the donald will be president, our
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closer. >> reporter: trumps support in russia might come back to haunt him after investigators found it was a russian hacker who got into democratic party databases. answers on what's next in the race for the white house. there are two more presidential debates. the next one is october 2 at washington university. the third and final debate is on october 19 at the university of nevada in las vegas. the one and only university of nevada in las vegas. the one and only vice presidential debate takes pl., october fourth at longwood university in virginia. keep it right here on cbs five news for answers for more video, head to our website or open up our free mobile app. if safety is a concern for you and your family, you may want to move to the east valley.>> gilbert comes in second for the safest city in
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actually -- which has held that spot for four years. chandler made the top 10 at number eight. st. louis missouri has overtaken detroit has taken over -- for the most dangerous city in the us. it's a smelly problem. homes across the country. moldy frontloading washington -- washing machines. >> a lawsuit has been settled. you could turn that washer cash.>> you could say was a close soil or instead of a close washer. -- clothes soil or instead of a clothes washer.>> consumers can get a $50 cash payment or reimbursement for repairs. you've likely seen the ads out there encouraging you to get your blue shot right now.>> getting immunized this early could leave you less protected. amanda goodman reports.>>
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more than a flu shot? they are hard to miss. walgreens and cvs have been pushing them for weeks. the department of health says this year's vaccine is showing promise. >> so far the vaccine looks like it's a good match. it looks like it will be providing good production for anybody that may be exposed to the flu.>> with summer in the rearview, is it wise to immunize right now? it may depend who a pediatrician at integrated medical health says yes. on the other hand, dr. laura haze, and immunologist, says if you are over 65, you should wait. the vaccine could lose its effectiveness. speaking generally, dr. brodkin says a shot now will properly protect you. err the amount of immunity you will have will be sufficient to be effective against the flu when flu season hits.>>
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people get it after the vaccine becomes available, usually late summer. the flu season does not peak until december, sometimes later.>> the idea is to get the flu shot as soon as possible to build up your immunity. you will be able to fight the flu.>> reporter: amanda goodman, cbs five news. a consumer alert, more oversight for airbnb is the call from new york lawmakers. kitchen, bunkbeds, dining room, 32 people stuffed in the one places -- one place. those allegations we're tracking your tomorrow. adot watch your input on the loop 202 construction. the meeting goes from 6-8 in
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airlift powers for the new chairlift. it can carry six people at a time and if tonight's debate inspired you is national voter registration day. scary moments for rescue cruise in texas watches cruise work to rescue this driver standing on top of his car. watch what happens next. he slipped. h he is tying his shoes. second attempt, he is right there on the latter and makes it to safety. that is a close call. >> you would think they would have them tethered at that point. here's a rope.>> we have a
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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we had rainfall earlier tonight. you can still see stray showers through parts of the valley. slight chance of showers and storms tomorrow, a better chance in the afternoon. temperatures drop down to 73 degrees, 42 in flagstaff. highs tomorrow below average. the average high this time of year is around the mid to upper 90s. enjoy it tomorrow, high 89. one of the most emotional moments you will ever see, the marlins playing their first game since the tragic death of jose fernandez.
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it was a tough night for gordon and his teammates to keep it together.>> somebody helping you out to now -- helping you out tonight?>> i don't believe in god, you might as well start. i never hit a home run that far in my life. we had some help.>> powerful scene. the games we play. the cardinals trying to regroup after looking unorganized and half-asleep on sunday buffalo.>> we have never given up that many yards rushing, never had that poor performance on third down, even carolina last year we were moving it, we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. this one was a good old- fashioned butt kicking.
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the sun devils just about crack the top 25, missing out by eight votes. they beat usc on saturday. usc, one in three on >> they play really good people. they have been really close games. they got beat pretty solid alabama, they played stanford pretty close. utah was a really close game. they turned the ball over and hurt themselves but there is talented is anything we play. the suns have training camp tomorrow in florida. nowhere to go but up after their finish last year. media, kind of like the first day of school. first things first, figuring out a rotation with six cards fighting.>> we can all work well together. we are all competitive and i think that's going to make us
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in competitive but still having the understanding that we have the same goal. >> you have to give guys a fair chance -- chance through training camp. the vision becomes vivid. monday night football shows the falcons joining hands for the national anthem. they played ball.
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highs and lows tomorrow, you will love this. we start out the morning 73. the high, 89. below average temperatures. still a chance of rain. the best chance is in the afternoon.>> when you show 80s, i say, that can't be right. that's great. steven colbert wrapped up a live taping of his
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