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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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deputies raid what they say is a major marijuana growing operation here in the valley. the arizona republic announces presidential endorsement and breaks away from 126 years of tradition with its choice.
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the west valley. this is cbs 5 news. good afternoon everybody. this is yetta gibson. with a lot of stuff going on in we have this breaking news out of town bill, south carolina. there is a report of a possible shooting of an elementary school. this is a live picture of the scene. it was a massive police response and presence there for what police have called an emergency situation. here is what we know at this hour. there hurt including one child. that one person is in custody for the shooting. otherwise, there is no other information about what is happening here. we will keep you posted as we learned more of what is going on out of town bill, south carolina. back in the valley, firefighters say that a five- year-old boy has died from a gunshot wound. we are live in avondale with more on this. my, what has happened? >> -- >> reporter: this is a
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this avondale apartment complex this morning. as you say, a five-year-old boy has been shot and killed. avondale police say the shooting appears to have been quote accidental and self- inflicted." lots of police officers and detectives are now on the scene. also a number of distraught family members clearly very shaken up by all of this. how did the child get a hold of the gun? wh questions that investig will be looking at throughout the course of the day. we can tell you that firefighters first responding to this call this morning getting that child then listed in extremely critical condition headed to the hospital as rapidly as possible. but just a short time ago succumbed to his injury. again, a five-year-old child shot and killed in avondale
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have been accidental and self- inflicted. we are going to have much more on this story later in the day. we will continue to follow. in avondale, i am mike watkins, cbs five news. it is terrible. right now, we're following for breaking news out of south phoenix where the maricopa sheriff's office is investigating a large marijuana growing operation. one of two road like it -- raid locations's. >> reportewe task force served 18 search warrants, five arrest warrants, and there could be more. this is part of a major marijuana grow operation. this is just one location. we are talking about at least nine units here that were rated. you can see some of the glass, the shards all over the ground. they rated different locations. this is just one building where all of this took place. we are talking about a lot -- a lot of
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they believe this is an illegal drug operation operating under the medical marijuana act, which is actually illegal. today, a task force seized hundreds, possibly thousands of plants. not only did they rated this location at 38th st., they also rated a location and 40th st. and rozier. they tell us this has been an ongoing surveillance operation. they got the tip several months ago but it has taken time to build the case. the sheriff says this is not only illegal, but it is dangerous.>> yesterday, this typef occurred in new york city where a deputy and fire chief were killed and many injured when that lab blew up. this is not just a marijuana problem. it can its citizens. this is one more location. you see more broken glass all
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conducted their investigation. at this point, the dea that we spoke to, the people on scene, they said they could be here through the remainder of the day and through tomorrow. it is that big of an investigation. acting you. >> thank you. a major roadway into west valley was shut down for most of the morning after a woman was hit by a truck and killed. this happened near 69th avenue. in camelback road. the woman was on foot. we are told that she was struck just before 6:00 this morning. she was pronounced dead at the scene police are now working to figure out how this happened. lindell police have made an arrest in a sexual assault that happened on sunday morning. that is the suspects mugshot right next to the police composite sketch released earlier this week. it is a pretty remarkable likeness here. this is 52-year-old jeffrey wilson. he grabbed a woman a gram point, sexually assaulted her under a bridge. the charges include kidnapping and sexual assault. and asu student facing charges this afternoon. he is accused of taking cell phone pictures in a women's bathroom.
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him red-handed and called police. 21-year-old juan zhang facing some serious criminal charges according to court records. he was hiding in a women's bathroom stall at asu's education lecture hall when someone noticed that he was taking pictures on his cell phone. the victims reportedly stopped him from leaving and called police. the students there are obviously shocked by this. >> we live in a rape culture and it is sad and scary. hearing things like this, it upsets me a lot. as a first-year student here, it scares me.>> police believe there are six victims in this scenario but there may be more. arizona public newspaper has been around for 126 years, and never in its history has it endorsed a democrat for president until now. the republican -- the republic endorsed hillary clinton this morning.
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conservative nominee donald trump is not conservative and is not mollified to hold the office. the editorial says clinton has flaws but they pale next to trump's. meanwhile, hillary clinton joins arrival to boost support among millenials. she is campaigning in new hampshire with bernie sanders. a republican opponent, donald trump, is making several stopped as well. greg braswell has -- craig boswell has the latest from the whe polish people. >> the polish people are great people. the trump administration will be a good friend to poland and all took -- and to all polish americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton is during with bernie sanders. fbi james gummi defended his decision not to prosecute hillary clinton for mishandling classified email while she was
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>> if anybody else had done this like a soldier or serviceman who did the same thing, they would of been prosecuted and war. but not hillary clinton. that is a double standard. >> they would be in big trouble in the fbi. they would be prosecuted, and that is not there.>> reporter: the fallout continued after he commented on tuesday about a former miss universe. he said alisa machado massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. >> what we have seen -- what we have never seen before is a presidential candidate attacking a citizen. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, -- cbs news. flagstaff. let's take a live look there. it is from the walk-up skydome on northern arizona university's campus under that
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we have the san francisco peaks and we're starting to see rainfall and lightning with this too. keep that in mind if you are watching this from flagstaff or near -- or northern arizona. there is a rain moving from the south to the north. sedona not in the rain right now but definitely some showers possible. we're seeing some creep up north of 169 and as we take a scooped to the right seeing some activity bubbling up over the white mountains as well. as we look to the northwen peach springs to mountain activity, but nothing too serious. we will drop-down 5000 feet and we will see puppy cumulus louts in the background. all in all, the skies are clear. we had a couple of hit and miss showers earlier, but not much doing right now. we are currently on pace for midshipman 50s. around the belly, most of us are hanging out in the 90s. the hotspot is apache junction.
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valley. the rest of your afternoon looks like this with superstitions right behind you. how a bite of 93. were not ruling out a thunderstorm in the valley. but when we scour the clouds and warm up, those details are coming up. california police were put in an incredibly tough spot as a mentally ill man pretended to pull out a gun with deadly consequences. we have the story coming up. protesters traveled 10
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the sheriff's office said the gunman is in custody at this point. check our mobile app story throughout the afternoon. anger is growing within a california community after another deadly police shooting of a black man. please now say 30-year-old alfred fort lawn go was not -- alford orlango killed. officers received information that he was mentally ill, an they said that he was ignoring their coat -- their command. a video freeze. it shows the moment right before the shooting. at one point, the melt rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket. placed both hands on it, and appeared to be taking a shooting stance. >> one officer discharged a taser while another one opened fire. police have not said what the
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out, but now that they now know -- but now they know it was not a gun. the missile system that shot down malaysia flight said it was shot from pro-russian separatist in eastern ukraine. it was shot down two years ago and all -- and all 298 were killed. mostly dutch citizens. russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in this shimon peres has died two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. his career spanned more than half a century. he held nearly every political office in israel, including president and prime minister. in 1994, he won the nobel peace prize for his role in brokering
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israeli and palestinians. he was 93 years old. another meeting tonight to talk about the controversy will 20 202 s. mountain -- the controversy all 202 s. mountain freeway. jamie is in -- jamie has more. >> reporter: this is where tonight's meeting will take place at 6:00 tonight. the last night -- last night, it was desert vista code high school were protesters ran 10 miles through the desert to get there. but officers escorted them out of the meeting. they are holding three meetings this week on loop 202. many of the protesters are members of the indian community. they said that this freeway cuts through a sacred site. they ran from that site in the desert all the way to the meeting following that planned new freeway route which currently runs along alec to keep. when they got there, they were not allowed inside because officer -- because they were
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their protest and not regretting their run the desert. >> we came here to deliver the message that we are not going to stop until they stop.>> reporter: also others showed up to protest. the 22 mile stretch is designed to relieve traffic congestion and cut drive times. construction has already started but they could file a legal challenge to court. tonight's meeting is at betty fairfax high school and there will be a third meeting that will happen tomorrow at fowler high school in hiring teachers in arizona is impossible. this is according to school administrators. in a recent survey, it was revealed there were 8000 openings for teachers and 130 valley school districts. the group says half of all of
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standard teaching requirements. experts are blaming low pay for this. the average arizona teacher makes $29,000 a year. >> it is still very low. how can you pay your student loans and have a family and have a place to live and have a vehicle? it is ridiculous. >> a new reports is almost 500 did not show up or they quit within the first month. the group wants more funding to attract more quality teachers. taking a look at your money on wall street, the dow is up 83 points sitting at 18,000 taking a look at your money on wall street, the dow is up 83 points sitting at 18,311. you have seen self- driving car's. nissan has developed self driving chairs. finally ian says. if you were waiting or -- if you are waiting in line, the chair will detect when the person at the head of the line gets up. >> the empty chair will go to
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chairs are on show in nissan's public gallery. said is this mean if you are waiting outside of best buy for the new computer -- >> maybe there is a problem with customer service that you have to take so long takes a long you have to sit down. >> or even mcdonald's. >> i need to sit down. >> if you have bad luck -- if you have bad legs or whatever i understand. >> we are getting so lazy. >> let's jump outside. you can see his shadow casted over the mountain. it sounds almost blood biblical. we discuss some clouds overhead. no rain. we have some earlier in the valley. the heavier stuff is in the mountains. you will see the rain hit the
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flagstaff. a couple of different shots there of the main -- rain moving in and out of the area. we're seeing some lightning and thunder associated with that. it could be dangerous out there. we have not heard any reports of hail yet but we had some pretty hardy storms rolled through munds park yesterday afternoon. we're seeing storms north and the east. the basin is clear now, but i think that we will see thunderstorms later on along the rim and in the white mountains. northwestern arizona seeing a little bit of activity too. we are clear and phoenix. this is all coming from a low pressure system that was spinning of the -- over the sea of cortez. it is wrap itself up around here, the center, over las vegas. we will keep the storm chances in the area fo of days. as we get daytime heating going, we will see more thunderstorm activity mainly favoring the east side of the state. along i 40 up near the grand canyon.
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just a slight chance that we see some of those storms creep into the valley. i think that maybe some will be by tucson but it is not a great setup for us. we will have a great shot as we get into your thursday. 90 degrees right now in phoenix. dewpoints are in the mid-50s. not terribly muggy as if we were in the 60s or 70s with the dew points. highs will look like this today. around 93 in the valley. 94 in lake have a sue sioux city. 64 in flagstaff. we have another chance of thunderstorms and slightly cooler temperatures were thursday. we start to ring out the moisture by friday and saturday. we will also creaked as temperatures up just a bit. expect a high of 95 degrees on saturday. the normal high for this time of year is 96 degrees we are below normal the entire week. as we step into next week, we're talking in the 80s. >> all the way through?
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>> just the next seven days. >> we will take it. a dog makes a great escape from an animal shelter. from an animal shelter. even a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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this is pretty amazing. a man dropped off his german shepard at an animal shelter because he could no longer care for. but the dog whose name is ginger had other ideas. she managed to climb her way out of the kennel. here is different -- here is the surveillance video. there she goes. she got through three doors to break out of the shelter. she was found back in her neighborhood trying to find her way back home. it looks like her story will have a happy ending after all. although she is caught, she is back at the shelter but 40
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they need to get a really strong day. celina grow -- selena gomez has 100 million followers making her the most followed person. she said that she is taking time off to deal with lupus. back in july, there is picture of her sipping a coke. she got 5 million looks -- likes
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it has a little rain i but -- >> there's only a slight chance. we have a small chance for tomorrow. we clear out for the weekend. >> and we're looking forward to the 80s. >> think you for choosing cbs 5. we will see you back here at 5. -- thank you cbs 5. we will see you back
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>> ridge: i betrayed you. "betrayed" -- that's a big word. >> eric: what else would you call it, what you did to me? what you all did to me? you had a chance to support me, to come and witness me committing my life to another god and family. family. there is no family. you weren't there. >> steffy: we did it because of quinn. we wanted you to see how we feel about her. >> eric: and what happened instead?


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