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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 30, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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i want that. who's next? i'm next. after her. after him. the cma certification. you've got to earn it. police investigating a shooting at this gas station that's now just turned deadly. these are aerials of the scene. this is near union hill drive. >> police say man who was shot has died. view details released, illegal drugs were found in that man's car. this is a developing story. will push any new information
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two people recovering after they were attacked by bees. one was a woman start over 100 times. we are joined live with the latest. jeff? >> this homeowner and a friend were doing yard work. there's a hive has been on the property for years. they never had an issue before but apparently they were using a leaf blower and the bees attack firefighters douse this from on taking on a hive of bees. apparently the coldest on home for a few years. never bothering anyone until today. >> they're pulling the leaves and they didn't like the sound or something.
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>> reporter: it turns into a full-blown assault. he's helping a friend and homeowner clean up the lawn. they were stung at least 30 times and homeowner about 100.>> i ran down the street and called 911. he's okay. the homeowner was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out but is just fine. >> for antawn, he's having second thoughts about his career path.>> i quit beekeeping business. >> what do you do if there is a be attacked? don't standstill. run away. try to keep your face covered if you're trying to sting your face and try to run into shelter or try to run into the wind. that will keep them at a.
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right here in central phoenix. a light show in the distance. as you can see, it's not as active as yesterday. quite conditions but east of us, showers and thunderstorms, stronger storms pushed through areas of pinetop, white river and suffered. answer a lot of activity will take place for tomorrow. take a live look outside. with injuries to the drop in temperatures next week. we'll have the answers in a few seconds. another gruesome discovery the second time in a week, body parts found in the same south phoenix area. police say they could be from the same person. their call to 24th avenue and broadway for skeletal remains were found. lastly, workers at a nearby scrapyard down a severed human
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today we don't know what body parts were found. none of the remains have been identified. 's. that political ad is the center of a new lawsuit. >> that ad. there's a lot of emotions well. >> reporter: pulp endzone said that led to an argument with his ex-wife. at the time, he claimed he sent a car door and she hits him with a hockey stick. she claims he was terrifying her and pressure. he says he saw the police report because he was a sergeant at the time. >> chievous, i want you to know everything.
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depends on says he requested the first and both were dismissed. his ex-wife also recently signed this affidavit saying he wasn't aggressive toward her. >> is never been a time in my life where anybody. >> the first amendment doesn't protect politicians from criticism. >> reporter: joe arpaio's campaign held a press conference. >> this lawsuit is a political stunt. press conference talking about the politics the message than they do about the merits. >> attorney says they might countersue says the campaign that lawyers look over at the ad and respond to the lawyers. >> tell us what it was. we don't want to run a false out, tell us what's inaccurate, they never respond.
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we put all the documents pertaining to these cases on our free app. changing our future together, we'll make america great again. >> did you catch it, the city of phoenix not happy with donald trump's campaign tonight and that new television ad showing him shaking hands. the city lease officers, managers and phoenix feel it gives the impression phoenix pd has endorsed trouble. they haven't. the city sent a cease-and- desist letter to the truck campaign for unauthorized use of the city logo, edges as uniforms. hillary clinton is taking a page from president obama's campaign playbook by trying to build a base of early voters. clinton told voters to get to the polls now so they don't have to worry about long lines on election day. early voting and iowa started
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there will be a lot of big issues on november ballot. >> could hackers change her about? arizona and illinois have voter registration databases hacked earlier this year. now it seems as many as 12 other states were also targeted. more states are worried about being vulnerable to international hackers. computer experts believe a nationwide election hack would be virtually impossible. state to state. here in arizona we have paper ballots counted by computers. experts say hackers have done some damage. i think fundamentally, these hackers try to rattle the conference. >> cybersecurity company pulled voters saying one in five may stay home with their voting information may become insecure. keep it right here for
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head to our website. in california alcohol is major issue may or defending his decision to release a single frame of video connected to the shooting death of an unarmed black man. the mayor says he wanted to the photo out to show off for the along go -- alfred olango his hands up. he lived in glendale and moved last year to southern california. the engineer behind the control of it train that crashed is out of the hospital. investigators say the train was speeding when approached the station in hoboken just across the hudson river from manhattan. one person was killed when she was hit by debris while standing at the transition more than 100 other people were injured. police are looking for this man who jumped into a backyard and exposed himself to five and
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police say he had one of those children before taking off on a bike to go if you recognize him, please call phoenix police. i phoenix family gets hit with thousands of dollars in charges for damage to their rental property. they say the damage was not there when they moved out. check out if you're a renter you have been told get a moveout disputes later can be devastating. this family says they asked for one but there happens they took lots of pictures. pictures that maybe -- may be their only hope after months of frustration. >> when you get expect help. >> reporter: she says the help she was expecting from her landlord never seem to come. >> not when pipes leaked or
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wood. >> you can't get any help. and you don't know what to do. it hurt. >> reporter: the last straw, with the air conditioning went out and her kids had to sleep nearest wall colors for weeks. >> they always said will send 70 out but they never did. >> reporter: she and her wife decided enough was enough and moved out but then came the bills. 5000, $548 charges. waypoint homes called konnie starwood holmes says the place was trashed and included pictures like these >> reporter: and doors.>> we did all those pictures, all the doors are intact and i can take one picture and compared to the other.>> reporter: they had the riches take pictures of their own with date stamps on the day they moved out. take a look. here's the house on september 2 comma empty. the vanity above the toilet
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vanity is broken. >> they destroyed the house on their own. >> reporter: the riches showed us example after example. >> it's retaliation. jarkko waypoint home says a statement they disagree with the residents claim. the better business bureau gives them an aft. east. in your seven-day forecast, in the first 10 minutes, 96 for friday, beautiful weekend and temperatures next week. load to the north, dropping in 80s with mostly clear skies. more answers coming out. if you want to get in on the draft beer industry you have to know a thing or two but do you need a degree? we have answers next.
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the popularity of craft beer has led to a spike in brewing degrees or certificates being offered at colleges around the country. >> do breweries care if you have a degree? it may depend on the burie. >> reporter: making the requires more than just an interest in companies like this say having an education in brewing can definitely give you a competitive edge. >> this is where all the liquid gets made that becomes beer. >> reporter: company in chandler they are constantly churning out craft beer under the watchful eye of head brewer. >> anyone who makes the beer needs to understand certain processes.>> reporter: processes he learned to an end tens of master bring course at uc davis. one of the premier programs in the country. >> i learned everything from green to glass. >> reporter: he says that education was key to helping him get a job making beer instead of just packaging it.
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when hiring. >> when i see that, it advances your resume up. >> reporter: while appreciated, not everyone thinks bring degree is necessary. over at pennel house in tempe brewmaster garrett osborne worked his way up from the bottom with no formal brewing education. he looks for something else from that. >> experience is nice. i value experience over education personally. more competitive, both brewers agree if you want to make the beer, any brewing know-how. >> there are so many applications and resumes that come in, we don't get a second glance at because there's nothing there. britain offers discounted leftovers through the app so you doesn't end up in the trash of people who really need it to
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about saving the planet, helping fellow man. he a better citizen. >> the founders are launch in the us. wells fargo ceo will orbit for the $1 million in pay over those fake accounts. he apologized on capitol hill as lawmakers drilled him for more details about 2 million unauthorized accounts knowledge. the bank is getting fined $185 million. mobile is recalling 127,000 cars and suvs because the air- conditioning can leak and can cause the airbag to malfunction. the recall covers 2016 and 2017 suvs, sedans and wagons. there been no reports of injuries so far. 7-eleven is celebrating the
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we're talking about 70s. from now until november 11 the convenience store chain to offer stubby pop tarts. >> the limited edition pastries are part of the company's year long slippery ration. >> who cares, give me pop tarts. you take a picture and spears after 24 hours, that's the idea behind snapchat peca >> one learning one of her pictures will leave a permanent mark. this is what she said that it it says, i'm glad today and she added a racial slur. this led to her firing and resignation from the other job at another police department. some people say she got what she deserved.>> that is unacceptable. they should have fired her. >> being an officer of the city, someone representing the
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things in the correct manner. set the correct tempo for the city. >> she apologized the says the picture was taken months ago and someone we posted on facebook trying to hurt her. a legal stay case shows you don't have to be a blood relative. minnesota statute doesn't give guidance on this type of situation. all three are named as heirs. had to share the fortune with prince sister and five other half siblings or they may have to because no will have surfaced since he died in april. and answers tonight on how many americans have an up-to- date will, a new study shows 55% of all americans will die
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in charge of dividing up what you left behind. we we'll released the latest world one toys, with becomes on december any of the toys of be a big hit this holiday season. tomorrow night the phoenix symphony will have a guest conductor. cardinals quarterback will lead the national anthem at 730 this is the conference it starts tomorrow at 7 am will be a big hit for anyone who is an insomniac. we have new information about a dog stuck on a phoenix roof. that's what we're seeing there likely used small trees and a shade structure together. he's been stranded since sunday. he was rescued today and take
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he's been up there since sunday. it's been hard for pets and animals shelters to find a home that really fits them. harder if they have behavior issues. >> one shelter found a way directed to correct it. they send the pups to prison. this shelters trying bark their feet. they are setting dogs who need extra training to the city's correctional center where visitors will help the dogs with their behavior issues. >> everybody deserves a second chance. they get a second chance and the prisoners also get a second chance by training dogs. >> the shelter believes once they complete their sentence they should be ready for their forever home. sheet may be going after millennials to her. >> she has released a new ad targeting young ones. >> trump wants to take our country back but i will use a
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>> trying to make a pitch to millennials. stephen colbert pokes fun at the clinton campaign, you can catch it after this newscast. epic jimmy eat world on colbert tonight, their new album drops in a few weeks. >> he's talking about loved one of the videos. >> the monsoon ends tomorrow
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check out this great shot. university of phoenix stadium we busy sunday with downtown skyline in the distance, news chopper got this early this morning. let's hope we see a win on sunday. cause and showers earlier today but as you can see a lot of activity moving east and will stay to the east tomorrow for friday and looks like through the weekend. temperatures co sunrise. we'll get degrees, 51 for low on press kits, upper 50s for our friends in sedona and here's your highs tomorrow. 96 degrees. upper 70s in sedona and mid- sixties cooler in flagstaff.
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the bottom line is for previous years, he doesn't have a winning record. it's all said and done la fans will hate fisher and rams will end up in the cellar of the nfc west. last week the cardinals didn't speak breathlessly can't overlook the team. rams won two straight and cards defense better improve quickly or tailback todd will have a field day. larry fitzgerald on the microphone. >> debbie's opinion matters outside this locker room. -- nobody's opinion matters outside this locker room. we always take our shots. that's part of our makeup. >> daltons and bengals, taking any during the national anthem. they should protest wearing orange uniforms. downfield, 74 yard touchdown. the bengals are just better. the red rocket to aj green, 7
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they are all about shocked over. asu heads to the coliseum to this one in three usc. asu can start by vinod -- 5-0 >> they are as talented as any team we will play. this is the most talented team physically speed wise, that we will play against. obviously going on the road, we have to do a g playing football. their record is not indicative of the team now. they ranked 25th in the country. after facing marcus. sabercats going or straight state title. >> phoenix suns camp, ricky dominated high school in kentucky he's been the best player on the court. now can he be the real deal in mba?
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big as now. i can't wait to get out and see what i can do and how it chances. diamondbacks winding down their season. five runs for two thirds, two run single to michael taylor in
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beautiful pictures. tomorrow mid-70s, high average 96 degrees. jimmy eat world. see you tomorrow, good night.
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