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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 4, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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right now, 38 million californians brace for a major could hit at any moment said some scientists. >> we'll feel it here in arizona. >> first, it wasn't a hate crime. i've seen the news, they think i had a problem with people. my mom is bisexual. it was a story from last week. a couple of armed robbers hit
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jail. these are the pictures of the robbers. you can see one of the suspects holding a long gun. here they were without the masks. he said he wasn't targeting the clubs, he needed money after being let go from his job. >> i wouldn't forgive a person but know it's not a i have nothing against you guys. wrong choices. a 15-year-old was also arrested, his cousin. all three are facing armed robbery and kidnapping and aggravated assault. >> hearing from relatives couple that left a baby inside
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criminal charges. >> they arrested them on felony child abuse, but tonight, relatives said the couple was trying to help when an honest mistake turned tragic. >> this is 5-month-old israel avila, his aunt and uncle admitted had he forgot about him and left him in a car for >> they've got two girls apthey're good parents. they take care of their kids. they don't drink or do drugs. >> debbie is a distant cousin who spoke to us while others listened off cameras. >> monique was giving the mother a ride to work. she said the 23-year-old helped watch the baby from time to time and more so recently after
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>> monique would have never harmed the baby purposely or left him, she wouldn't done it on purpose. she loved the baby. i'm, it was an honest mistake. >> relatives are trying to help them now raise funeral expenses and organizing car washes and page, more details on our mobile app. >> paul horton with answers on hurricane matthew. already turning deadly and taken the lives of three people. caribbean is preparing for the storm that is packing winds at 145 miles per hour and rick scott of florida declared a state of the emergency for the entire state.
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it's on the western edge of haiti. answers on your morning commute and a look at the 7-day forecast coming up. and trapped in jamaica, this arizona couple on their honeymoon and now, how they're spending the night. that story is coming up at 10:15. look here, the famo volcano is shooting up lava ash in the mexican state, people in communities near there are out of their homes the volcano is active. the volcano is hundred miles from mexico city. a frightening fall after a roof they were working on gave way. 7 workers transported to a
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this church, it was on hunt highway in queen creek, you see the hardhat and one worker fell 16 feet. scary, a hard landing at deer valley airport. it belongs to a flight instruction school at the airport. it's unclear if the students were behind the controls. three people on board and that everyone is okay. tonight, a 14-year-old faces charges, busted for trying to smuggle drugs across the border, a pound of meth was taped across her body, and the big one is set so hit southern california tonight. that banner headline is all over the media feeds and ashlee demartino has answers about why
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an arizona could be rocking. >> the several small quakes were predicting this week they'd have a magnitude 7 or more. when it snaps, we'll here. >> the rumbles began monday. it started at 1.4 and th >> near the southern most effort san andreas fault. it's a complex area. the swarm hit the same area but the big one never came. that part of t san andreas hasn't seen one for
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>> the big one would impact arizona. it would break the i-10, rupture it off by 30 feet. >> cutting us off and snapping communication and water and power lines. could a big one happen here? >> our probability is hundreds or thousands of times than california. but we still hav >> the extra quakes upped the probability but the activity is now back to now we sit and wait. donald trump will be back in arizona tomorrow, his 6th visit since he announced he's running for president. the event will be held at the prescott valley event center at 11:00 a.m. we'll live stream it online and
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>> it's on the same day as the vice presidential debate. healthcare and immigration and national security are hot topics. that debate takes place at longwood university in virginia. >> tomorrow's debate is changing the schedule. we'll air the debate after the cbs 5 news and then look for a special edition of our news and then a new episode of "ncis" and then get your answers i the first 10 minutes at 10:00. and with a possibility of arizona possibly going blue this election, the clinton campaign is now sending tim kaine to the valley. he'll be holding a private fundraiser in phoenix on saturday. no plans for any public appearances. >> former congresswoman gabby giffords is in des moines.
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and keep it here with cbs 5 coverage of the visit, and look for covering at 4:30 on "wake up arizona." in central phoenix, the state's capital is lit up purple. the dome there around 7:00 p.m., doug doocy flipped the switch and october is domestic violence awareness month and those purple lights bring awareness to the issue. look the monsoon storms. mike, he's been documenting these storms for three years and this just a sneak peek of his video of this year's storms. he gave us a sneak peek and tomorrow, the entire film online. and people go crazy over it. >> he's the best, great video. >> pretty calm day and temperatures incredible.
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dew points are relative humidity, 22%. there's superstition mountains and those fall colors. cool temperatures, i posted this, the kids return to recess. and much celebration. 85 degrees, the average this time of year is in degrees cooler. a few, high thin clouds. and north of like a calm day for tomorrow. look at your temperatures. dropping to 62 and 80 by noon and high tomorrow, temperatures out there in the 80s and 7-day forecast, staying comfortable, the 80s through thursday. friday is a big day here in the valley because the state fair is starting on friday. and temperatures not bad. around 92.
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the weekend with highs staying comfortable. thanks, and you have the answers that you need for tuesday. up next, arizona right now, well, no toll roads and bad traffic. would you pay to use a highway with fewer cars where a toll highway could be in the works. up next. and like a scene out of the horror movie. clowns luring kids and it's no joke. it's the country and as halloween gets closer, the prank has gone far enough said some. >> most people are going to
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we need an alternative, i- 10, i've lived here my whole life and it's overcrowded.
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avoid congestion? adot is looking for a toll road to plan some of that freeway. we're live in phoenix with what drivers are saying. >> drivers have mixed feelings but the one thing agreed on, sitting? traffic here on i-10 is a giant pain. >> it's and all too familiar sight for drivers on the i-10 traffic is horrible. >> we need an alternative. it's overcrowded, we need some other way of getting traffic around. >> that's state route 30, it's south of i-20 to the freeway. there are several possible routes being looked at.
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back burner, lacking funding and adot is setting the possibility of making it a toll road which is a first for arizona. >> i think it's interesting that we've never seen one here in this state. >> drivers we talked to all felt their time was valuable but mixed reaction to the toll road. >> in california, you try to avoid them, so i think that thing would be to avoid it. >> i'd pay being stuck in traffic, most definitely. >> adot started this toll road possibility and the analysis will take 6 months to complete. can your doctor put aside their politics when it comes to your care? a new study found care varies. care was the same for issues like depression or substance
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care for gunshots or abortion varies. the team at yale said patients and doctors can influence your health care. wells fargo is losing business following revelations that it opened accounts without the permission of customers. state of illinois is pulling investment activity from the bank and california made a similar move. they were find $185 million. scary moments for kim kardashian after being tied up and robbed allegedly. she was locked if a bathroom and took $10 million worth of jewelry. they still are on the loose. a spokeswoman for kardashian back here in the u.s. said she wasn't harmed but shaken over the incident.
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themselves trapped in jamaica celebrating their meaning but awaiting matthew, bearing down on the caribbean. we spoke with them tonight. >> hurricane matthew is a monster, the reach is vast including jamaica. that is where we find a tempe couple. >> we're the hurricane honeymooners. >> they arrived on wednesday and got married but later, the resort became a ghost town. >> they're running home and boarding up houses. >> this is video from the other side the island in kingston. they expect to see flooding at their resort around midnight. >> we have to laugh to keep from crying and getting mad. >> to make matters worse, their villa is on the water. >> your bed is high enough, they said. >> they have two kids back home so obviously they're getting
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spirits and hope the storm isn't too bad. >> everyone is trying to get together and have a good time and let loose because the storm should hit around when we're b buzzed. halloween is coming up so a good idea for whoever is doing this, just it needs to cease. >> some answers about your safety, those creepy clown sightings arizona, they're worrying parents and police. extra officers will patrol in texas. and that's because police don't consider this a prank. they're thinking someone in a clown costume is trying to lure children into the woods. >> some costume shops are selling out of clown gear and
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costumes in concerns. facebook wants to make easier on their site. the marketplace isn't new and users have sold items in the past but more will take advantage of selling things to their friends by adding the icon. if you didn't know, you can stream our nest phone, open up our mobile app and other shows can be hard to find, takes a long time. developers are creating apps to help you out. strike lets you search for a movie or tv show or genre and then takes you to the service to watch it. on average, people take 19 minutes to find the shows they want to watch online.
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rudy giuliani, trump [laughter]. >> according to him, not paying taxes proves how smart he is. only a genius loses a billion dollars running a casino. >> you can catch colbert's monologue right after this newscast. he's in his prime time. >> beautiful weather today. it looks like cooler temperatures out there. will they stick around? good evening, tracking tomorrow's traffic, letting you know if you commute on state route 51, there will be delays, and for the next couple of weeks, adot is conducting testing on the northbound on-
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longer what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby.
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and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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look at your forecast, all of the weather world is watching hurricane matthew. and so far, packing 140 miles per hour. look at the gusts, at 175 miles per hour. up towards the carolinas and could impact the carolinas on friday. we'll keep a close eye on that. if you have friends or family
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arizona" for coverage at 4:30 a.m. we don't have the same patience that the cubs fans have, but look at the record. in a relatively recent past and then to emerge with enormous success. >> so mu backs are making a change. chip hale and dave stewart out. he said he's kind of relieved, said stewart. i've got better things to do. they kee shellby miller trade.
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to stay in some capacity. determining what he'd like to do. and cardinals right here on cbs 5 on thursday, in san francisco, will they have palmer? he's in the concussion protocol so needs to be cleared by doctors. >> i talked to him last night and improved and you know, like i said, it's up to the doctors. >> for those locker room or organization, know how tough he is. and you respect that and give him the space. i'm not going to pester him and i need do get ready as >> manny wilkins won't miss time. the quarterback out of a walking boot. ucla is in town this saturday.
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watered down version. how about the suns? the jam right here and jared dudley stretches the floor and booker, it's a tough three, suns come back to win it. 1 and 0 in the preseason. coyotes on the border and here's anthony due claire and the puck crosses the line. 2, 1, after
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chance to reenergize their season. it's live here on cbs 5. joe and myself will be there. look for complete coverage for the bay area this thursday. >> terrific football weather. >> amazing stadium. highs in the 80s and clear conditions on thursday. for us, look, average high this
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starting out and loving fall in arizona. clear skies and temperatures staying below average. >> and when do we know about carson? >> when they get on the plane on wednesday. they should know. >> we're not going to find out until then, be tuned to find out. i'll be reporting from the airport on the tarmac. >> stephen colbert is up valley, more values
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julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.


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