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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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you only have about two hours left if you want to stay in the upcoming election. the deadline to register is midnight tonight. we have answers that you need to know. >> people can register right now on the service website until midnight. earlier today the website look like this. times more traffic than normal. that is a sign we could be in for a one-day voter registration record. >> they will be mailing the ballots out. >> reporter: with hours to go a steady stream of people registered to vote inside the state democratic and republican party headquarters. >> i have a tendency to procrastinate. >> i think a lot of people like myself have left the process be
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standing on the sidelines will not cut it. >> reporter: party leaders on both sides said is unusually high-profile campaign season has only gotten more high- profile recently. >> last friday was the release of the trump tapes as well as what happened at the debate. i think people are seriously thinking we cannot let this man become president of the united states. >> on the heels of the last debate donald trump came out swinging and people thinking one the debate >> reporter: whatever the reason the spike in online registration gave people trouble. >> on the last time it went through. >> it was frustrating. >> reporter: historically the top three days for voter registration have fallen on the last day before a presidential election. if this year's deadline date sets the record democrats and republicans say the same thing. >> i would not be surprised.
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license. if you do not, you have to register in person. the only places you can register now are the democratic and republican party headquarters. we have the details on that on our mobile app. senator john mccain and congresswoman ann kirkpatrick as they look for your vote. they had a debate tonight. five term senator. >> reporter: it did not take long before the focus came down to john mccain's support of donald trump. mccain said tomorrow marks made about him in the past were forgivable when the latest tapes surfaced mccain has said that was enough. >> when mr. trump attacks women and the means the women in our nation and in our society, that is a point where i have to part
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renounce the nominee of my party . he won the nomination fair and square. i have daughters. i have friends. i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and demeaned in a fashion. i believe that i had to withdraw my support. just as i cannot support hillary clinton. >> reporter: mccain went after into patrick's support of clinton. mccain called clinton a liar saying she was not truthful about her email scandal and what happened in benghazi your mccain asked her if she was willing to take back your support of clinton. she said every investigation including benghazi found clinton did not do anything wrong. >> my heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones in benghazi. there were at least seven congressional investigations and they all came to the same conclusion. there was no wrongdoing. the
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they only did that for political reasons. to embarrass hillary. today on the campaign trail clinton touted her performance during last night's wild debate . she claims her campaign now picking up supporters not from democrats and independents and even some republicans. as for the gop house speaker paul ryan said he is no longer able to defend donald trump. after the release of the tapes during an emergency meeting with congressional members ryan said the tape puts republicans control for congress in jeopardy. keep it here for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 on air and online. we are tracking your tomorrow. tomorrow's hearing was made at
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are mulling over whether the sheriff will face criminal charges for failing to stop his immigration patrols back in 2011. we are tracking a developing story out of southern california. a man in critical condition after he was shot by chp officers on the freeway. the busy interstate 5 is backed up for miles. this is near irvine. the officers were chasing the man when he stopped on the freeway and made a run for it and was hit. he was hit by as police were trying to help, there was some sort of fight. an officer shot him. an alleged straightlaced ends with cars wrapped around trees. a teenager in two young men are dead. we have the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: people have been stopping tonight and placing candles by one of the trees that the young men crashed into your this was the scene on
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shattered glass and pieces of bumpers. after police say the two cars were street raising and lost control and slammed into trees before bursting into flames. the three men inside the cars were not wearing their seatbelts. all were ejected. family and friends are in shock that the accident even happen. >> you instruct your kids to drive very well. when they do, where their seatbelts. it is for the safety. not because you are trying to be hard on them. please take this as a good lesson that street racing is very dangerous. it could in your life. >> reporter: the family said they are grateful for the people who came out and help the young men while they were waiting for paramedics to arrived. they say they have no words at the acts of kindness meaning so
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we have new video coming in from napa california as crews battle this wildfire that is threatening some of the areas famous vineyards. the fire only 20% contained but as you see in this video it is growing tonight. mandatory evacuations have been ordered for communities near this fire. 180 firefighters working the boys from the ground . the cause is not known. a mask that man is on the run after he robbed a officers said the mass suspect showed a gun to the cashier. she was afraid to open the register. the suspect ran off. if you recognize him please call the police. people facing charges tonight after they were busted setting a neighbor's property on fire. according to court
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yesterday at. they found the fire from this couch inching closer to a house. homeowner should police this security video. officers say they were caught on camera walking away from where the fire started. >> i am lucky it did not get into the house. i just and it would have tore up a lot. >> the suspects are facing arson charges. we are tracking the latest damage that hurricane matthew left behind. 1500 people in five different states had to be rescued because of flooding from the storm. president obama signed a disaster declaration for 10 counties in north carolina.
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. the situation in haiti much worse. were rescue teams say almost 1000 people have died on the island nation. the number inspected to rise as crews searched through the rubble. a severe storm in southeastern arizona has forced schools to close. we are getting our first look at the damage. safford got a little bit of everything this weekend. hail and wind and rain. look at the flooding behind. the district said they need so much time to clean up classes will not resume until next friday. some intense storms over the weekend in our state. a live look outside we are dealing with the heat. temperatures over the weekend in the mid-90s. today we were 96 degrees. right now it is comfortable at 84 degrees.
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the carolinas with hurricane matthew. it is a nice night here. they dealt with the rainfall and dealing with flooding for north carolina down to south carolina. we have showers. if you passing clouds. it will stay to the north tonight. we will enjoy mostly clear skies tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and evening hours. high temperatures warm into the mid-90s. average high is 91 degrees. lower 70s in the morning. 77 at 8:00. we will top out at 95 a 4:00. here is the seven-day forecast. we have mid-90s the wednesday. cooldown on thursday. the sun will stick around and warm things up over the weekend. you have all the information you need for your tuesday. we have more answers for you on the final presidential debate
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for the candidates final showdown. big changes are being proposed for this well-traveled central phoenix corridor. how you can weigh in coming up next. would you do it? people are getting surprised by putting their arm inside a wall
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we are looking for their input to see if we move forward with this project. >> the city of phoenix wants to hear from you about changes they are proposing for missouri avenue. they want to reduce vehicle lanes and add bike lanes from basically the biltmore at 24th street all the way west 2/19 avenue. we have more details. >> reporter: the proposal is already caught the attention of
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whether or not this will hurt or help their neighborhood. >> i feel like the street is scary. >> it backs up bad. >> reporter: they know how messy missouri avenue can be. they live near seventh avenue and try to keep their kids far from it. >> we don't allow them to come out front and play. >> reporter: news of a proposal to reconfigure a four mile stretch of the road peak to their interest. >> which we believe will add safety . >> reporter: when finished missouri from 19th avenue to 24th street could look like this. 15th avenue between camelback in missouri. >> in specific areas we would add buffering for bicycle lanes that will be placed on either side. >> reporter: the idea the city said is to tie missouri into the existing bike network.
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corridor safer. >> reporter: the city believes reducing travel lanes may actually help with the morning and afternoon congestion. commuters may use camelback or bethany instead. >> i think going down to one lane will make it twice as bad as far as congestion. >> it could go either way. >> reporter: the city of phoenix said they are holding an open house where you can weigh in. it will happen on october 26 from 6:00 until for more details you can go to our website. we have some answers tonight on what is next for the campaign. the final residential debate will be next wednesday, october 19. it will be at the university of nevada in las vegas. you can watch it live here. or you can stream it on your cbs5 mobile app. a lucky student can watch
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zhengdong wang is a senior at hamilton high school and he was one of two students selected by pbs education to travel to the debate. his open letter to the candidates calls for a commitment to dialogue. >> if they were to just sit down and talk about the issues and the issues only without any questions about each other's personal flaws which both of them have, it would be really constructive. it may not be as interesting to the average viewer. >> he said he would like to hear more about foreign relations during his visit. a valley woman from a campaigns down on her property for a candidate she had never heard of. it was for state senate candidate kate brophy mcgee . when she called the campaign to have it removed even more popped up. a total of 19 ended up in her back lot without her permission. >> i requested her to take it down in 48 hours and left my name and telephone number.
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after the story aired we got a response. kate brophy mcgee said it was an honest mistake and the signs will likely come down tonight or tomorrow. caught on camera out of wisconsin. this dash cam video shows officers responding to in other creepy clown siding. these are actually parents and they left their kid at home to go out and pranked people. they are facing child neglect charges. we have a co a samsung is telling all of their note 7 users to turn off their phones right now. over concerns of battery fires. sprint has joined verizon at&t and t-mobile in stopping the selling or exchanging of the smartphones over fears of fires even in the replacement devices. sprint said it will place them with any other device they sell. we are following the money
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british pound took a big hit following friday's dramatic drop . the pounds of value is close to what it was in 1985. worries about what is next the following britain's exit from the eu and what is bringing that value down. tomorrow we should give you answers on how england's economy will affect us. right here in our state. bbc economist will be in on tuesday. for a discussion on arizona economic outlook for 2017 speakers on national and state levels will be their own answers on what we can expect next year . check your freezers for these delicious drumsticks. nestli has had a voluntary recall of its drumstick ice cream cones. they may be contaminated with listeria the recall affects the 16 count variety pack or if you have a family like i do the 24 count vanilla pack. so far no one has gotten sick. if you have one throw it out or
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some people in london are putting a lot of faith in a tattoo artist hoping the new ink will be amazing. without knowing what it is. people lined up to put their arm in a whole to get a tattoo not knowing what it will turn out to be until you do this. pull off the black sheet. this tattoo artist is famous. >> it is like understandable ] >> i am not sure what he said. he has worked on celebrities. not letting all of the news go to waste. stephen colbert take a special
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it is a clip of his added monologue featuring his cat because of today's holiday. he taped tonight's show on friday to let his crew have the day off today. but felt he cannot let that trump tape in my size debate has by. even catch the entire clip on the late show airing after the newscast. what about the rest -- another warm one tomorrow. what about the rest of the week. tracking tomorrow's traffic. just a minor lane restriction we have in place overnight. this is the i-10 westbound at miller road. miller road -- give yourself
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you past that.
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. m.
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and a look at hour forecast. tomorrow we see clouds and light shower activity in the high country. on conditions expected here. we will see temperatures around 70 degrees. lower 50s in prescott. highs tomorrow above average. tomorrow afternoon we will get up to 95 degrees.
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the indians sweep the red sox ending the set -- ending the red sox season. ortiz arguably eligible for cooperstown. the cubs blew the lead in san francisco but have tied it up. it is five in the night. -- ninth. and amazing postseason. asu checking in at number 24 in this week's coaches poll. asu could be looking at playing a third quarterback this season. >> reporter: asu coach as well aware that college football has
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the team is moving forward. after losing the backup quarterback to a season-ending foot injury. >> my heart goes out to him. he did such a great job for us. >> reporter: there may be some good news on the horizon. he is optimistic that wilkins will be able to return from a high ankle sprain saturday. >> the good thing is that it is something that is minor that i think he has >> reporter: if you cannot go true freshman gets the call. >> you have to adapt what you are doing to the skills of the person taking the snap. that is what we will do. cardinal injury news. mathis has been put on injured reserve. it appears the season is over. the cardinals starting guard reaggravated an ankle injury.
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he is expected to be clear this week. >> it would be huge. we have to take care of our business at home. i know the crowd will be great on monday night. we have to take care of our business. monday night football next week. tonight it was in carolina. no newton.
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we may be months out from the waste management opening. tpc is started. it takes three or four months
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you can catch the final round on cbs5. they say the 16th green is six stories tall.
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sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being.
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>> stephen: hi there everybody, it's stephen colbert. the day after the second presidentially debate but i'm not doing the show today because it's columbus day. damn you columbus for your terrible timing and for all the even though i'm at home i still want to talk to you about the debate. here we go. spectacular home edition. welcome to not the show with me not at work. we're broadcasting from my study and because we're coming to you from the internet, my cohost today will be this adorable undecided kitty. say hello mr. whisker pet. come on.


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