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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a driver flew off of the letter i 10 onto the freeway below and survived. we had that story. the main group from the belly to la came to a halt after this deadly bus accident
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first police responded to a traffic accident yesterday and discover two people have been murdered. good afternoon everybody. i am yetta gibson . right now the streets in the west phoenix neighborhood are still shut down. police are investigating a car crash turned into a double homicide. we are alive with help police ended up finding two bodies. >> reporter: police are calling this a major crime scene but they are also saying the shooting is no related to the mary dealt serial shooter. they are giving us more details that -- at 31st avenue. in fillmore. about 4:30 two men in their 20s were found shot to death in a car that crashed you a cinderblock wall and into a family's yard . was the family that called for help and that collett police to a car that was riddled with bullet holes with an long got inside . two men shot to death and evidence of a second crime scene.
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and then the vehicle continued from whatever location they were shot and ended up in this victim's house. we do not believe they were shot right there extract police right now are looking for not only the second area where these men were shot but they are also looking for a gunman they describe as exceedingly dangerous but thwarting them in their search is they do not have witnesses they will have this area near 31st in fillmore closed off through the rush hour and possibly at latest 2 pm this afternoon. i 10 is back open after an overnight crash. the driver flew off the letter i 10. the vehicle ended up flipped over here on the i 17 at the stack. one woman was rushed to the hospital. at last check she was an extremely critical condition. a set update about a three-
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it appears simply that the incident was an accident and no criminal charges will be filed. valley woman accused of helping her husband plan it bombing where he is serving a life sentence pleaded not guilty. michelle matthews went before a judge about three hours ago. she and her husband plan to target the reason worded in a bombing. the atty. gen.'s office says her husband converted to islam behind bars and recently became radicalized. police are searching for a man they say ran off 7000 $7000 ring. it happen at the jc pennies at spectrum mall. this video shows a man walking into a jewelry department. you can see him stop and ask the clerk to see a very expensive ring and watch what happens. he takes off. >> he is wearing a hat, such an
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a store. maybe those things will jog someone's memory. if you know who this is police are hoping you will give them a call so they can get this guy behind cars -- bars. >> a man was meeting a woman that he met online when he was confronted by two men. what of the opened fire with a shotgun hitting him picking was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay are questioning two men in the scenario. this man is behind bars accused of molesting a child. this is charles garcia. the mother of the 10-year-old victim found pornographic pictures of her daughter on asd memory card. she confronted the man picked a family friend and police say he assaulted her trying to get the card back. rc is facing five counts of child molestation. police say there is another victim.
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stranded thousands of people on the highway. smi hauling cattle land into 23 vehicles. dps officers stretched they shut down the stretch of the interstate drivers were struck right there on the interstate for several hours. in the past some folks just walked around. others went hiking. everyone hurt is expected to recover. several investigators are working to determine the cause of devastating bus crash in southern california. 13 people were killed yesterday when it plowed into the back of a big rig truck before dawn. the group was returning to la from the casino. reports from palm springs said the bus driver is the one that is dead. mangled wreckage was so violent. the bus camped 15 feet into the
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i will tell you the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor-trailer that instruct behind. most of those killed were seated at the front of the bus. >> most of the victims were unrestrained therefore flow through the air. >> the driver of the big read survived with minor injuries. this so put into the was shot by a taxi driver who said h hospital.>> the impact hit me from behind. and i just blacked out. government documents show the bus is owned by usa holiday a los angeles-based tour company. it has no previous accidents to date in its most recent inspection in april turned up no mechanical issues. >> we may not be able to determine exactly why the
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we can. police have been met with some challenges identifying the victims because a lot of ids have not been valid ids. we also know they are looking at the possibility of a blackbox recorder device on the bus however this bus was manufactured in 1996 and there is no guarantee there is one on board. a trail that lead people to the site where 19 arizona firefighters were killed in the line of duty is almost done. the granite mountats fire in 2013 . the nearly three- mile trail stretches to a ridge overlooking a site and it will have plaques with each of their names along the way. the dedication ceremony is set for november 29. effective building in north-central phoenix after a proposed to get labor this living center. some say -- after a proposed senior living center. some say
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the church is opposed converting this residential area to commercial in an effort to make way for the three story senior living facility.>> our neighborhood is a point of pride to the city and if we keep building commercial use within residential neighborhoods we're going to start deteriorating our core neighborhood. >> supporters of the project in attendance yesterday say many residents will benefit from the senior living center . we will keep you posted on what happens. we will also keep you posted on the ever-changing weather. >> i just do not think our storm changes are great.>> the overcast will hold down temperatures. you can see in the time lapse the clouds filling in. this is from the arizona science center looking to the north and east and yes look at
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out there. here is a live picture. they should be of camelback. there you go. kind of gloomy skies but we are not releasing any rain. temperatures okay. 86 in phoenix 79 in sedona. 82 in lake havasu city around the valley. i do not think there are any 90s on the board. 89 in sky harbor. it is gusty in the northwestern part of the state and that is where our best chance for activity will be. doppler radar showing clouds overhead and just a few showers to the north moving from the southwest to the northeast kind of getting around through flagstaff but no direct hits. the better stuff is over las vegas . we are seeing some
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north/northwest. we are not ruling out a shower in the valley. the rest of your day overlooking downtown phoenix looks like this. we will take it up to 92 degrees our high. wind -- when can we see a thunderstorm? when we do will talk about next. a small plane falls from the sky and it is all caught from tape -- on tape. and two teams that have gone the longest without a world series win are the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians. now they are facing each other. wait
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publican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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welcome back. five people were killed in this plane crash. it was captured on sunday stash camp. although you can see there is a glitch in the video so we do not see the actual moment of impact. you definitely see the fire plume. all five people were french and on a surveillance operation tracing smuggling route's.
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malta heading to libya when it went down. hillary clinton is looking beyond donald trump hoping to help democrats take control of congress while donald trump supporters are buying into his claim think that system is rigged. craig boswell is that the latest -- is at the white house with the latest. hillary clinton has two new hampshire and the democratic leaning state is likely to vote for clinton but it is also home to a tight senate rate tween democratic the clinton campaign feels comfortable trying to help candidates because her recent poll is showing an expansion. we are seeing evidence that this could be a very big and historic win for hillary clinton. >> trumps biggest problem in the poll is the gender gap. abc news poll shows trump with a 20 point deficit with female voters.
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a look at democrats and it is heavily weighted with democrats like that abc phony poll. a totally phony poll. campaigning in florida monday poll are part of the problem he says. >> this is part of the rigged system that i have been talking about something into the right. >> reporter: trump's message is resonating with his voters. battleground tracker polls was more than 80% of republicans in florida in kansas agree that vo trump would win if the system was fair. iraqi forces shelled i positions outside mosul today after they attempt to recapture the city entered that second week. the troops are coming across the remains of christian towns after two used i control. i -- isis is using a network of tunnels to launch a surprise
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forces are heading closer to mosul city where there is thought to be about 5000 isis fighters there. officials said the lateral is likely to take months. an impressive group of valley teenagers gave up there saturday to fill aesthetic hands for kids in need. a student at chandler basin charter sc these hands were made for kids were either born without hands or lawsuit in an accident.>> there is no electronic anything. as you flex this, it grips. they can shift it anywhere in the world with some very picture -- simple picture instructions. >> that is amazing. the group built 30 prosthetic hands which will go to children in rural areas. the number is hoped to double at next year's event.
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big board. the dow is up 76 points. sitting at 18,222. back to the chicago cubs. they have not won a championship since 1908 and the cleveland indians last one was in 1948. so ticket prices for the world series obviously they are going to be ridiculous -- through the roof. according to ticket id the average asking price for the format games scheduled in cleveland is e but that is a bargain compared to 83, four, and five. the average asking price for the game it really feel is a measly $7200. ridiculous. this series again will be watching on our tvs. we are broke. [ laughter ] >> a person was doing a ride
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traffic stop. things got crazy when the female passenger went along for the ride -- watch this.>> shots fired. shots fired. >> shots fired. >> no no. there. >> i would have been like can you pull over real quick. is in that horrifying? smacked that is probably the worst case scenario. nobody was hurt. think guinness. the bullet went right through the police officers windshield and some glass hit her in the face. i would be screaming to. don't chase him . we are good. he has a gun.>> i would have loved to see that interview afterwards.
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woman.>> maybe you want a little action on a ride along but not that much. all my goodness.>> that definitely scared her. [ laughter ] >> that wasp is back. >> here is a shot of flagstaff campus. a lot of clouds out there. it has been sunny for the past two weeks and finally we will get a chance for rain. taking it down to about 5000 feet. kind of silky overcast skies. we are not really looking at a great shot for rain in the valley. 73 in payson, 64 in flag, 81 in yuma, 87 in tucson in low 80s
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dew point are up. they are in the 50s. we have the moisture. we just do not have a good listing to really pop up storms. going into flagstaff they have the benefit of a mountain which moisture just rides up like on a skateboard and you can crank out showers on the mountains. really no rain in the valley. i think the northwestern part of the state has the best shot of seeing activity. las vegas is seeing rain and thunderstorms right now. looking at the big picture the ce here. the best lift will be in this area right here ahead of the storm . we are just a little too far to the south and east to get that list that we need. we have half of the elements. most of the activity will be north of i 40. i'm not ruling out a thunderstorm in the valley but it just does not look like a great set up.
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clouds and bring in the sun and try things out. 91 for the high today. average is 85 degrees. we are above normal big time. taking it up to 92 on tuesday, 93 and when state 95 on thursday. where is fall? question. the wasp is going christian -- is going crazy. there it is. [ laughter ] where is that cop. [ laughter ] >> thank you ian . >> it was a crime the >> it was a crime the international attention. i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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madia is a hit at the box office again. -- bow a madia hollowing is
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it is expected to take in and about $28 million. beats out tom cruises jack reacher with $23 million. a church congregation is believed in ontario canada. they got the head of baby jesus back. last year some he stole the head. the priest replaced it with a su it back because that is a horrible substitution. woman told the thief had personal problems. the church is not pressing charges. last week the smithsonian was launching a crowdfunding campaign to help preserve dorothy's slippers. it worked in less than a week they raised $300,000 for conservation work and to create a climate control case for the shoes. this is one of four
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dorothy. still to come in -- ian will still to come in -- ian will have a look at your forecast. allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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welcome back. here is a live look at camelback mountain. today would be a good day to go hike dismounted because we have
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>> we are talking low 90s just a slight chance for thunderstorms for use do see they will be in the evening. after that nothing but sunshine and temperatures in the mid- 90s.>> traditionally right around halloween -- it is getting old. i will say it for you. it is like 91. maybe next week.>> call me at christmas. one of these days. it will happen.>> thanks for choosing us and jo
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ears... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year,
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? >> brooke: what were eric's exact words? >> quinn: if you must know, that he trusts only me. >> rick: and you interpreted that to mean...? >> wyatt: there was no interpretation needed 'cause i was there. eric said he wanted my mother to run the company and for me to help out. >> thomas: on the basis of what? your vast experience in fashion? >> wyatt: on the basis of he said so. >> ridge: basically my father has lost his mind. >> quinn: [ sighs ] >> eric: [ mumbling ] [ monitor beeping ] [ mumbling continues ] [ door opens ]


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