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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: campaign 2016 enters the final stretch. the candidates take their closing arguments to the battleground states this weekend. also tonight, did the head of the f.b.i. go against the wishes of his boss when he reopened the clinton e-mail investigation? new allegations of voter fraud and a ruling on selfies in the ballot booths. veterans say it's payback time for national guard troops who were forced to surrender enlistment bonuses. and what could be a landmark case for transgender rights moves to the supreme court. >> the school is saying, "we don't believe who you are is legitimate."
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western edition of the broadcast. with the election just 10 days away, the candidat candidates ae presenting their closing arguments this weekend in key battleground states that will likely decide the winner. bill clinton was in ohio today. hillary clinton was in florida. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence rallied in north carolina. and donald trump went from colorado to arizona. errol barnett has the campaigns covered. >> this is the biggest political scandal since water gate. >> lock her u lock her up! >> reporter: for the second day, donald trump kicked off a campaign rally, bask, in the news of the reopened investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. >> hillary has nobody to blame but herself. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. >> i think it's time for donald trump to stop fear mongering, to stop disgracing himself. >> reporter: clinton shot back
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florida, while directly addressing f.b.i. director james comey's letter to congress announcing newly discovered e-mails. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little iormation right before an election. we called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> reporter: with just over a week to go before the election, the timing is crucial campaigns. in most states, early voting is under way with 20.4 million votes already cast. >> donald j. trump! >> reporter: underscoring just how much trump still need to do in these final days, the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows if the election were held now, hillary clinton would have enough electoral vote to win the presidency. now, it's unclear how the e-mail
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trump desperately needs to win. today, clinton's campaign staff held a conference call saying the american people deserve to know what the new information is before they head to the polls. demarco. >> morgan: errol barnett in washington. thank you. attorney general loretta lynch is apparently at odds with f.b.i. director james comey's decision friday to send a letter to congress about newly discovered e-mails in the hillary clinton investigation. justice reporter paula reid tells us what led to that >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: in july, f.b.i. director james comey announced he was not recommending charges against anyone connected to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information. >> reporter: attorney general loretta lynch issued a statement accepting his recommendation and declaring the investigation closed. but that wasn't the end of the
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decision, calling him before congress to explain. >> we're mystified and confused by the fact pattern that you laid out, and the conclusions that you reached. >> people can disagree, can agree, but they will at least understand that the decision was made and the recommendation was made the way you would want it to be, by people who didn't give a hoot about politics but who cared about what are the facts? what is the law? and how have similar people, all people, been treated in the later, director comey says new e-mails that may be pertinent to the clinton investigation have been discovered. sources tell cbs news that he did this against the wishes of his boss, attorney general loretta lynch, and a long-standing precedent flotto comment on investigations. the new documents were found on a laptop belonging to clinton aide huma abedin and her estranged husband anthony weiner. last month, the f.b.i. opened an investigation into allegations weaner was sexting with an underaged girl.
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each e-mail to determine if they were previously submitted and if they contain classified information. paula reid, cbs news, washington. >> morgan: as the early vote continue to pour in, there are new claims tonight of voter misconduct. tony dokoupil has the latest. >> they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths. and believe me, there's a lot going on. >> reporter: after weeks of donald trump stirring fears of a rigged election-- >> people that have died 10 years ago a illegal immigrants are voting. so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is very, very common. >> reporter: in recent days there have been several arrests for voter fraud. two florida women, shown here, were charged friday in separate cases of felony vote rigging. gladys coego allegedly marked other people's ballots in a mayoral race, and tomika curgil is accused of registering dead people as supporters of medical marijuana. but in iowa, the allegations
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thursday for casting two ballots for trump. she said she feared her first vote would be flipped for clinton. in a recent review of 1 billion vote cast between 2000 and 2014, only 31 were flagged as suspicious. by far, the more common crime this election season is selfies, voter selfies, as justin timberlake learned the hard way this week when he posted an illegal voting booth self netennessee. while 19 states allow them, at least 18 others photography inside the polling station. rick hansen, an expert in election law, said photography bans are meant to stop a classic form of fraud. >> the danger is vote buying and vote coercion. >> reporter: in the year of doubt about vote itself, many people may decide a picture is their best selection. and more bad news for fans of selfies. a judge's order which would have
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>> morgan: officials at baylor university in texas say 17 women have reported sexual or domestic assaults involving 19 baylor university athletes. in interviews with the wall street journal, an outside investigation of sexual violence? baylor showed several athletes involved in a series of assaults going back to 2011. earlier this year, baylor's football coach and athletic director were fired. president ken starr was forced to resign. what cause aid passenger jet engine to catch fire in chicago on friday. it happened just after the plane blew a tire during takeoff. 20 people were injured. the families of 22 men killed in a horrific bus crash last weekend in the california desert have filed a lawsuit. they are accusing thed owner and operator of negligence. the driver was among the 13 people killed when the bus slammed into the back of a semitruck near palm springs. we learned friday the supreme
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transgender rights. it involves a virginia high school student who was born female but identifies as male. s can haul has the story. >> reporter: gavin grimm is the the transgender high school student at the center of what is now a supreme court case. the high court will decide whether the female-born 17-year-old can use the boys' restroom, despite objections from the gloucester public school district in virginia. >> it's hugely significant. >> reporter: cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford used to resolve similar disputes across the country. >> from north carolina to texas, this decision could really set the law for how schools must treat transgender students. >> reporter: the obama administration says transgender students should be allowed to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities. but more than a dozen states have issued a hold on that directive, sparking protests and lawsuits. for the past two years, grimm
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fight against his school. >> to me, this is-- this is one way that the school is saying, "we don't believe that who you are is legitimate." >> reporter: in the ninth seat on the supreme court, left vacant by the late justice antonin scalia, isn't filled, how will it affect this case? >> if the supreme court just has eight justices and they divide 4-4, then the lower court ruling would stand, and that would mean that the student would win. but it wouldn't set a nationwide precedent. >> reporter: the supreme court is expected t the ruling is expected in june. until then, gavin grimm will not be able to use the boys' bathroom. demarco. >> morgan: marlie hall, thank you. the pentagon did an about-face this past week, temporarily suspending demands for nearly 10,000 california national guard soldiers to repay enlistment bonuses and other incentives they were given to go to war. officials say the payments were improperly rewarded back when
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carter evans has the latest. >> reporter: angry veterans gave an earful to members of california's congressional delegation at a news conference intended to address outrage about the thousands of california national guard members being forced to pay back their enlistment bonuses. joe leal served in the iraq war. >> all those veterans that they took their money from them, now we wonder why veterans are homeless. now you wonder why they're unemployed. now you wonder why they don't trust system. >.>> no other topic has come up more among my constituents in the last we. >> reporter: congressman adam schiff is encouraged by the pentagon's move this week to extend efforts to claw back the bonuses of at least $15 thiew apiece, but he's concerned about the government's plan to go through each case, one by one. >> i don't want them to sit around and wonder if the bill collector is going to come after them. i want the soldiers to know if they accepted this bonus in good dispaight had no reason to know
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>> reporter: he plans to push congress to add a provision in the defense bill that will protect soldiers from collection. is that something you're going to fight for back in washington? >> absolutely, and i know there's bipartisan support for that. >> reporter: but california army national guard platoon sergeant bryan strother says congress already had plenty of time to act. >> we can bail out the banks, but we can't bail out the veterans that fight and die for this country? >> reporter: despite action from washington this week, he's still moving forward with a class action lawsuit claiming the guard misled soldiers. >> do you want your soldiers to trust you? you're going to take us into battle. do you want anybody that's going to sign up with the military to say, "yeah, i'll sign that contract. the contract's not as good as the paper it's written on." >> reporter: the national commander of the veterans of foreign wars doesn't even want to wait for congress to act. he's now calling on president obama to issue an executive order to stop the clawbacks immediately, and to repay any
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and, demarco, he wants that money paid back with interest. >> morgan: carter evans, thank you. first lady michelle obama says let's do launch. >> officers and crew of the u.s.s. "illinois" man our ship and bring her to life! >> morgan: in connecticut today, the first lady helped commission the navy's new $2.7 billion attack submarine named for her home state of illinois. coming up next, there'sno race to election day-- a surge
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hillary clinton have been debating what to do about illegal immigration across the mexican border, there has been a surge of migrants from central america. the number of unaccompanied children at the border supnearly 50%. manuel bojorquez tells us why. >> reporter: every day, dozens
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mcallen, texas, to this migrant center at sacred heart catholic church. they've just illegally crossed into the u.s. and have been released by border patrol with ankle monitors while they file for asylum. brenda aguilar, fled honduras. single mother, looking for work. and, also, to flee the violence in >> we're getting mass spikes of people crossing and turning themselves in. >> reporter: agent kabali is with the local border patrol union. he says on some days, they've encountered up to 1,000 immigrants along this stretch of the border. what's driving them? >> the smugglers are tell them, if hillary gets elected that there will be some type of amnesty so they need to get here pie a certain date. they're also being told that if
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up overnight and once that wall is up no one will get in again. >> reporter: something edward cerritos of el salvador fears. this is your lapt option, you feel? yes, he says, because if trump wins we won't be able to come in and ask for asylum. at the church, it's time for this group to head to the bus depot. the route scribbled on envelopes show they're continuing the journey north. thers simply drop after election day. experts say as long as the violence and poverty persists on the other side of the rio grande, smugglers will find another reason to tell people it's time to cross. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, mission, texas. >> morgan: the "cbs weekend
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>> morgan: tonight, on "48
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central tennessee. a young school teacher vanished from a small town back in 2011. it's a case with fascinating twist including a curious relationship with her ex-husband, a man named tyler mook. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: when shelley mook went missing from the small town of shelbyville, tennessee, she left behind her six-year-old daughter. let's talk about that day. >> we know shelley arrived at tyler's with lilliana in the car she went in to tyler's residence. >> reporter: cops did find shelley's burned out car in the next county, but that was it. >> no one knows what happened to her. but i'm pretty damn sure i know who did it. >> reporter: shelley's ex-husband, tyler mook, quickly became a person of interest. and there were twists in this case. there was an accidental,
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turned out, tyler mook had made that call but didn't realize it. his attorney said the call was meaningless, just a discussion between tyler and his dad over the child custody case. still, with no body and no obvious crime scene, no one was arrested. then, three years after shelley's disappearance, tyler mook got himself into trouble, big trouble, new girlfriend. the woman was robin doneth. >> he threw me over the side of the boat. that's when he jumped in behind me and was holding me under. >> reporter: tyler mook was charged with attempted murder. now, back in tennessee, friends and family are hoping that this case will focus new attention on the missing shelley mook. michelle miller, cbs news, shelbyville, tennessee. >> morgan: "48 hours" calls
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it airs tonight at 10:00 right here on cbs. still ahead, we'll remember the legendary american pilot bob
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>> morgan: bob hoover, who was regarded as one of the greatest american pilots of his generation, died this past week in southern california. bob hoover was the century's pilot's pilot. he knew them all, from orville wright and charles lindbergh to charles yaeger and neil armstrong. hoover's stories are aviation legends, including his escape from a nazi p.o.w. camp in a stolen german fighter plane. >> and i got, a, and-- airborne and realized the stupidity of what i'd done, because here i was on an airplane with swastikas, and i would be an easy targeting for some second
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>> morgan: hoover went on to become a test pilot and aerobatics pioneer. his loops and roles revolutionized air shows. here he demstraights how to pour a glaz of tea during a barrel roll without spilling a drop. >> upside down! >> reporter: actor harrison ford says maneuvers he learned from hoover saved his life last year when he crash landed on a golf course. hoover's countless awards and honors including the distinguished flying cross and purple he when we return, a story of uncaged compassion-- shelter dogs and their two-footed
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>> morgan: phenylly tonight, one of our favorite stories from this past week. carter evans takes us running with the two- and four-legged group we call "the track pack." >> reporter: at the santa barbara county animal shelter--
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they want to run. they want to play. hi, guys! >> reporter: ...coordinator stacy silva came up with a plan that crosscountry coach luis escobar couldn't refuse. >> you've knot a bunch of dogs that are in cages and want to be outside running, and i've got a group of high school students that love to run. >> reporter: a perfect match. >> perfect match. >> he's excited to go. >> when the dogs realized they were getting out of those kennels and to go outside as a friewp, it was just happy chaos. >> reporter: who does most of who does the pulling? >> she does the pulling. i'm just kind of along for the ride. >> reporter: when the kids from st. joseph high first ran with the shelter dogs in august, escobar posted a 60-second video. and all of a sudden. >> there was millions and millions of views and shares. >> reporter: at the end of that viral video, 16-year-old josh menusa holds a tired terrier named fred. >> fred's had it! >> reporter: a week later he returned to the shelter. >> and the moment he saw me, oh, he starts crying.
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he just needs to come with us." >> reporter: they are now inseparable, the new menusa family dog. the ultimate joel, says junior sequoia chumpitaz, is to raise awareness about the plight of shelter animals but the attachment is real. >> when we have to put them back it's kind of, like, "i'm really sorry about this, but hopefully you'll get adopted." >> reporter: does a dog that gets exercised and socialized more does it make it more adoptable? it doesn't all this pent-up energy that they're trying to show you now that you're paying attention to it. it makes a huge difference. >> reporter: this training regimen may not help st. joseph win more races but they've already won over plenty of hearts. >> come on, buddy. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, santa maria, california. >> pelley: and that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. the news continues on our streaming network cbsn, at cbs
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tonight the race for the white house comes through arizona. donald trump made his seventh visit to our state today trying to get the support of voters with 10 days left until the election and the polls very close. trump wrapped up his speech a little more than an hour ago inside the he is the choice, not hillary clinton, to run our country. we were there for the speech. dennis, a lot of this focused on the fbi looking into her private e-mail server. >> reporter: he did spend about an hour speaking to this large crowd, about 1,000 people. there is a renewed enthusiasm that maybe the tenor of this campaign has shifted. the reason for that is some recent controversy that has given the hillary clinton campaign some big trouble.


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