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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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lead over donald trump. >> we're also getting word that she has not landed yet. her plane has not touched the ground. the calf cade has not left the airport yet. so we're waiting for her to land in arizona. jared dilling ham is live in tempe tonight. what's the mood out there? ham is live in tempe tonight. what's the mood out there? >> reporter: so i believe we have an aerial view we can show our visitors. that'll give you a size of the crowd. it might also give you an idea of how many people are still lined up around
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service choiment to get in -- checkpoint to get ineckpoint to get in -- checkpoint to get in. we've seen a lot of protestors, some trump supporters, i saw at least one hillary for prison t-shirt but no major problems. here is congressman gallegos on stage stage right we also expect gabrielle giffords to speak. and we heard that the parents of a fallen soldier who died in combat will be helping introduce clinton tonight on the asu campus. that's the scene. no telling when she might actually take the stage herself. worry tonight's event, tempers did flare near the recreational field.
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some agitators made it a little heated. >> hillary clinton betrayed america! and she betrayed bernie! she betrayed her own party! shame on you for supporting a liar! >> all lives matter. they only care about their own! i think blue lives matter! >> an attention-getter. >> she's just an idiot. that guy's sign. officers stepped in and calmed everything down. mike pence also drummed up support today over in the east valley. at least about 1,000 people showed up. he talked about rising healthcare people yums, isis and tax rates. >> with
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fact that this is not so much a choice between two candidates. it's a choice between two futures. and the people of arizona, a place that's always believed in freedom and rugged individualism and independence sees all the nosequalities in an -- those qualities in an agenda of donald trump. >> this was pence's fourth campaign visit to arizona. donald trump has made seven visits to our state sin announcing his run. there is already some trouble at early voting places in people tell us there has been a 2-hour wait near 57th in glendale. one voter says this was her second attempt at casting a ballot, and this could be her last. >> i have to pick up kids and be able to do grocery shopping before then. and it's just not gonna happen. so if i come back tomorrow or friday and try to test my luck, and if it doesn't work, i probably won't vote. >> there are 25 early voting
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county. on election day, there will be 724 polling places. and nearly 1.4 million early ballots have been sent in. that's according to the secretary. state. a little over 40% come from republicans. 34% are from democrats. and 26% come in from third party independent voters. a massive fire levelled a condo complex under construction. verare looking for two person it's -- investigators
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interest. the fire destroyed five unfinished buildings. the man accused of shooting at a sheriff's deputy in surprise is competent to stand trial. he told authorities he was just trying to scare that deputy. he later leeded not guilty. the deputy not judge injured because of the bullet-proof doors installed. scottsdale and a satanic group are squaring off again. members of the group are threatening to sue the city because they want to deliver the opening prayer. an attorney sent the letter to council members demanding they adopt a nondiscriminator policy and. they have an open-door policy for anyone to given a prayer or invocation but they denied the
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ago. >> one option is that they allow the invocation, which they have to constitutionally do. in the alternative they have to do away with that system, if they can't muster not discriminating against who they don't like. >> the group said it would also accept change the invocation to a moment of silence. a muslim student at a va mistreated by a teacher of the new evidence that could shake up this investigation. >> and big changes for uber, pricing features that could impact customers. >> and waiting for hillary
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gabrielle giffords sustaining next to her, we'll cut back in. we'll also bring you live coverage when hillary clinton phoenix police are reopening a closed krasz after the ac -- criminal case after the aclu filed a discrimination complaint at a valley school. >> this involved a 6th grade muslim student from somalia who was attending the academy of excellence in phoenix. >> reporter: earlier this year police did investigate a teacher here for allegedly harassing and assaulting a 6th grader. they closed the case claiming no evidence was found of either.
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to reopen the case. the aclu filed a complaint claiming one of the most egregious cases of discrimination they have ever heard of. according to the complaint, the teacher repeatedly call would the student a terrorist and said he would soon be deported. the final straw according to the aclu was when the teacher allegedly choked the student. >> our client's experiences were backed up by other students who have also been treated wlrp police investigated, they re-- >> reporter: when police investigated, they relied on inquiries parents gave to the police. they did not talk to student witnesses themselves. >> some of the information wasn't given to the officers initially, which is why we're reopening the case >> reporter: an attorney for the school denies allegations claiming the complaint is full
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foul play here, wild chickens going from a phoenix neighborhood. answers on why so many are disappearing. >> temperatures in the lower to mid-80s across the region.
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gabriel giffords in the green coming down there, ann kirk patrick behind her. called hillary clinton tougher and can't wait to call her madame president. we're streaming this live for you now on our app. police hands-off approach hoping the bear cub climbs down and makes its way back to its home. one phoenix neighborhood is not clubbing around. >> wild chickens that have been in that area for ages are disappearing, and neighbors suspect fowl play. >> reporter: concerned to see people coming through this neighborhood and violently
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neighbors so upset by what they've seen, they didn't want to be identified. >> they were carrying a couple of roosters underneath their arms and they jumped into the vehicle and sped off. >> reporter: this woman snapped photos of the suv involved. monday's heist not the first to be witnessed here near 32nd and osborne. >> they grab them by their necks and run with them and don't treat them in any respectful way >> reporter: she says a handful are familiar to her blog are nowhere t the mystery of the missing chickens, the fact some neighbors can't stand the sound. and the debris. >> we have people that are not nice to them come by. someone was throwing oranges at them, killing them. >> reporter: phoenix police have forwarded this information this the humane society. wild or domesticated, abusing the birds is a crime.
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admire them and feed them. we love when people love them as much as we do. a man allegedly shot and killed two police officers in iowa. scott green gave himself off overnight and glad down an employee of allegedly ambushed the two officers about 20 minutes apart. >> it definitely was an opportunity for police officers to defend themselves or respond to the attack. both were seated in their cars and were shot while they were sitting. >> green was no stranger to law enforcement. he was issued a warning for trespassing at a football game at his daughter's high school for waving a confederate flag during the national anthem. uber is making it easier
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ride. suggesting places that can deliver food close to your destination. the company plans to overhaul the app in the next few weeks. if you're planning fly for thanksgiving, every day you wait will cost you money the friendly skies turned into lovein a flight from australia to los angeles. the pilot surprised his girlfriend and proposed to her thousands of feet in the air. >> now that i have your complete attention, anna -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> will you marry me?
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cockpit with a ring and his hat on. they met in spain four years ago. looks like the fiancee is up in first class. >> good to know. [ laughter ] >> start offend on the right foot. >> if she would have said no, how rough would the landing have been? [ laughter ] >> i think long as the pilot is focused on flying the plane. [ laughter ] >> let's get on with our forecast, shall we? what a day today. pictures all over the place. nice little hike up the camelbacks. 50s, lower 60s, perfect. and a perfect end to the day up atop a mountain right there. a nice little sunset hike out in tempe. thank you so much
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a live look outside. mostly clear skies. and temperature-wise, a high today of 83. right now sitting at 80 degrees. still a few clouds, and we're gonna see clouds on the increase tomorrow. around 42, relative humidity of 26%. stretching southeast of us, tucson, stafford, show low. even a few lingering showers forward payson. twr us, i for us, if you look to the east, a few lightning strikes later on this evening. tomorrow morning, 8:00 am, a chance of light rain in our forecast. a before the chance of rainfall from flagstaff along the mogollon rim. and that's gonna last through the afternoon and evening hours. 6:30 tomorrow 90, and quiet conditions expected at least midday by friday. temperatures dropping to 64 degrees. we'll get up to 84 by 4:00.
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about a tenth of an inch of rain expected in the valley. high of 82. and warming up over the weekend, above average temperatures in the 80s, and 90s next week. everything you need to know before prime time is up next in tonight's takeaway. >> here's a look at what is coming up after the cbs5 evening news.
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ed [ explosion ] a valley police commander brought in to restore order in ferguson, missouri sback to work here in arizona. >> it changed my entire life. >> his unique perspective on race and policing in america. >> i want ed to be a police officer. but i didn't like what i saw in the community.
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officers are viewed. >> reporter: what he's doing to bridge the divide so our streets are safer and more fair. we're still waiting for hillary clinton to steak the take in tempe. that's a live look at the event. ruben gallegos, anne kirk patrick have all talked with this crowd. we will stream it for you and you can watch the speech in its entirety on our sister station. investigators are looking for two persons of interest after a massive fire in gilbert. they're hoping to gather more information about the fire chpd last month. it burned down five condo buildings under construction. be sure to connect with cbs5 on facebook, twitter, or instagram, share your story with us by using #seeb5az.
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wants to win the world series? it's the cubs. >> sorry chris. >> they're going for it. >> i think the word is c rationalizing. [ laughter ] >> average ticket price tonig dugout, sold for $19,000. >> amazing. >> been a great series. >> if you like survivor, it's all new at 9:00. >> and we hope to see you back
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lisa lundskow: luke air force base is not only vital to our national security -- but also to our local communities and economy. georgia lord: senator john mccain has been a powerful advocate for the base, taking a bipartisan approach when securing the fighter pilot training program. lisa lundskow: thousands of jobs depend on luke. ould have lost many of those jobs. georgia lord: without question, senator mccain's leadership has made arizona and america stronger. john mccain: i'm john mccain
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," at the ika bula tribe, sunday and bret were outnumbered by the millennials. >> see you later, ge gen-xers. >> jeff: and zeke was zrting to grow closer to the gen-xers. >> it might be necessary for mee tribe. >> jeff: adam had to decide whether to vote with the millennial couple or to trust the gen-xers. >> i would never put you name down. >> the question is which side is going to be better for my future in this game. >> jeff: at tribal council, adam and the gen-xers?? voted ot taylor's girlfriend.?r figgy, the tribe has spoken.
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who will be voted out tonight. ?r >> i want to talk about the grand plan of how you want to this in the future. >> oh, my gosh, tribal sucked, to the max. i can't trust these people like i could figs. just the comfort of having her around, the smiles, the high spirit in camp. for me figs was the light, and camp is just kind of gray right now. >> it was a lose-lose situation for me. i did what i thought was least best, and maybe i messed up. >> but that affects me, as well.


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