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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  November 5, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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working its way inside 3 minutes. >> aaron: a situation where you are trying to score and preserve time. a sack is about the worst thing you can do. it gives them a little bit more field to work with. they had success doing that. a kind of a crazy way, you wonder if this will open things up more for the gators. jackson with his second sack of the season. >> brad: lost 35 seconds and still 2.5 to go. this might be the last time they touch it on offense. del rio throws to the end zone. it's knocked down. callaway looking for a pass interference. he doesn't get it. >> aaron: that's collins in coverage. turns and looks for the football. wow, he got away with one.
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>> brad: the opposing coach says no. callaway probably correct. it turns it over to arkansas offense with 2:20 to go. florida can only stop it once with a timeout. >> aaron: the play before that, mark thompson had the football at his fingers tips to give the gators a touchdown. end this game. this is the best and most fun part of a football game for offensive linemen. >> brad: right in the middle of the heap. whaley didn't let that pile drive him back. using that 216 pounds to his advantage. >> aaron: he does. a lot of losses from this offensive line a year ago.
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award. a new award. it recognizes the most outr outstanding offensive line. they were finalists. they changed their offensive line coach. anderson came in. even today personnel changes. 200 yards and counting on the ground. against one of the better rush defenses in the country. >> brad: breaking out of the pack is whaley again. stays inbounds. flag is down. >> referee: holding number 72 on the offense. penalty 10 yards. replay 2nd down. >> brad: ragnow the holding call. stay tuned for the jeep post game show after our game and
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the battles in the bayou in death valley. alabama and lsu will cap off our triple header on cbs. >> aaron: i don't know if you can block that play better. he had his hands inside. the defender trying to flail. it's academic at this point. >> brad: 1:25. you have to think about the rest of the season for arkansas. we will talk about that this snap. >> aaron: the rest of the season for kentucky. >> brad: they are getting ready for the georgia bulldogs in lexington. arkansas has lsu coming in here next week. then at mississippi state. and at missouri the day after thanksgiving. the way they have played in november and the way they played today. they look like a team that could run the table maybe. >> aaron: there is no question.
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the matt. they got whooped against auburn. coach bret bielema said who are we? that wasn't us. they took accountability. they stepped up. they played a hell of a ballgame today against a very good defense. >> brad: they got a whipping 2 weeks ago and gave one this afternoon. that will do it. the hogs win their 6th. they have teams. their 3 losses to teams that were in the college football top 10. they just picked off number 11 this afternoon. 31-10. big win for the razorbacks at home. florida loses their second now. they for dangerous ever losing their spot in the sec east. the play of the game. it was early. santos ramirez off the ricochet
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razorbacks. a pick 6 put them up 7-0. they never looked back. never trailed after that. austin allen a nice job in leading the offense. alabama and lsu later. from all of us. brad nessler no long. final score the hogs from begining to end. dominate 11th ranked florida and win 31-10 going away at razorbacks that's it from fayetteville. have a good weekend. the jeep post game is next.
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cbs sports presents the jeep post game. >> adam: lc coming up at 8 eastern an sec west showdown. number 1 alabama and 13th ranked lsu. less than hour away. the game you just saw arkansas over florida 31-10. what a difference a bye week makes. the sec east standings now. struggling with the best. florida is a tie with kentucky. who they defeated and tennessee still around.
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right now. the wildcats could jump into the lead for the end of the night. lots to be determined before the end of the year. >> rick: did you error that? >> brian: i heard that. should i get credit for them turning this around. >> adam: brian jones and ric bucher. it it's -- rick neuheisel. arkansas >> rick: today the razorbacks defense holds them to 12 yards rushing. >> brian: from is no i in team. mr. del rio was on target early and often. this is the first drive of the game. pick 6 here for the razorbacks. just misfires on the wide open callaway. throwing into double coverage.
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long. we have seen this since his return from the knee injury. >> rick: eason runable to set his feet. and luke del rio 6 interceptions. >> brian: great job by arkansas. >> adam: scored 31 on at a team that allowed 30 in the last 3 games. gators fans have company in texas a&m. going down. >> rick: fitzgeral and does it again. a bulldozer type run. 4 yards for the touchdown. 35-28. >> adam: a monster game. trevor knight left when the deficit was mounting. his arm in a sling. the west continues to beat the east. but it took a lot for auburn to get past vandy and cunningham. >> brian: vandy trying to win 3 straight. i am talking about vanderbilt.
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to block the field goal there. you don't bite unless the bait is good. that bait was good. baited the quarterback into that throw and selus the fate of the commodores. >> adam: pettway with a buck 73 on the game. hold on to the top 10 ranking. chad kelly left the game. an mri tomorrow. tennessee cruising on tennessee tech and south carolina missouri with 3 and change remaining. when the jeep post game continues. we will tell you about michigan and clemson rolling right along. ? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ?
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jeep post game. tuesday night on cbs sports network. leslie sits down with the patriots head coach bill belichick. fournette said we need to talk. lsu gets set to face alabama here on cbs. >> rick: he needs to be danny decoy. give him the ball and take it back and have open guys down there. >> brian rushing. they need at least 200. >> rick: they are playing alabama. >> adam: back to the scoreboard. watson needed a break. he went down on a shoulder and left the game late in the first half. didn't return. clemson didn't need him today. 54-0 over syracuse who had dungy get knocked out. rough day around the country.
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defensive coordinator. rick, no defense can shut down lamar jackson. 7 touchdowns. >> rick: he was on his game. doing it through the area and with his legs. 53 yards to pay dirt. just a fabulous performance by the youngster. gives a little bit of a sign. was a float slash. the fans said no it's a zippy mouth flash. they do it all the time. lamar 7 touchdowns against boston college. the concerns that baylor was going to wear. tcu ran three all of them. 55-22. 5 touchdowns on the ground. oklahoma state taking advantage of a baylor loss. they had an interception on the last play to hold on at kansas
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final. in control of the coastal division winning at duke. 24-21. look out. washington state. on fire. first time in 19 years washington and wazou started like that. win over northwestern. b.j. give it to him at 3rd and 2. >> rick: no complaining. 341 rushing yards. >> adam: michigan state 7 straight losses and army losing to air force today. thanks for watching the jeep post game show. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with a double header action. most will see the steelers and ravens. then the colts and packers. is it starts at noon senior with
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it's 8 and 0 number 1 alabama and 13th ranked lsu in an sec west battles.
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lisa lundskow: luke air force base is not only vital to our national security -- but also to our local communities and economy. georgia lord: senator john mccain has been a powerful advocate for the base, taking a bipartisan approach when securing the fighter pilot training program. lisa lundskow: thousands of jobs depend on luke. without john mccain's leadership and experience - we could have lost many of those jobs. has made arizona and america stronger. john mccain: i'm john mccain
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thank you for joining us, and lindsey riser. we have more college at 5:00 game between alabama and lsu. now on -- onto our top story on the saturday night police in mesa are looking into how i little boy -- a little boy drowned in the backyard pool today. live at dell vista and university, what we know so far . >> it have end at the house and i -- i need on the other side of the white lock fence, i spoke briefly with a man across the street, he said he was close to the family, he did not want to talk in front of camera , but he was visibly upset about what happened this morning, a lot around 11:30 a.m., we climbed out of the
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the boy and by then it was unclear how long he had been in there. the crews gave the child cpr and watch them to -- rushed into the hospital , but it was too late. the latest from police is that investigators are trying to figure out how all this happened. there are some questions about barriers were around the pool and how the child got access. you can count on cbs five for all your breaking news, new contract that top stories anytime anywhere right -- anywhere right from your phone just download the cbs five app. a couple days before the election, a weekend of former political foes campaigning now for hillary clinton and donald trump here in arizona. dr. and carson appearing in gop headquarters in phoenix this afternoon you might remember during the primary trump compared carson's personality to that of a child molester and called him called
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traveling the country urging people to vote trump. trump said he hopes carson will play a role in his administration for hillary clinton former rival, also coming to the valley this weekend, tomorrow sanders will cap rain for clinton at central high school in phoenix, doors open 11030 a.m., the event will begin around noon. it is oncag illegal for anyone to deliver another person's ballot to the pool area we told you a ninth circuit court of appeals judge said it was okay to do so then this morning the -- then this morning the us supreme court reversed that decision making it illegal once again. this law prevents voter outreach group scoring going door to -- door-to-door collecting early ballots that have not been mailed in. family members or caregivers are still allowed to transport a valid, the arizona republican
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practice threatens the integrity of elections and leave leaves the door wide open for fraud. advocacy groups focuses on latino voters said this brett -- band will disenfranchise a population. heading to go through this scenario will not increase civic anticipation. so for about 20 hours a it was illegal to collect. some information on the disturbiid of south carolina that involved a man can convicted of kidnapping in -- they found a body on the property of todd : and they feel they fear they may maybe many more, he was arrested early this week and accused of chaining and locking up a woman in a metal box for months, caleb brown and her boyfriend had been missing since august, she's told investigation
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chewed her boyfriend, he was convicted of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl in arizona back in 196. he's being held in -- on kidnapping charges with more charges to follow . another wrong way driver causing chaos overnight this time leading police -- this time leading police on a an hour-long chase across the valley. how they finally took this driver into custody. this is the man who during the early morning saturday hours to gilbert police from gilbert to downtown phoenix. the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop. and the driver did not stop and let us on the chase on the us 60 loop 101 loop 102 in phoenix. at one point dps in -- and phoenix pd help dover police with the chase, at -- the man ultimately stop and that's when an officer cap the suspects car
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suspect card to >> and ultimately's top. the chase ended by a pit maneuver, done by one of our officers to end the chase and as you can see right here behind us. ultimately it was murphy the k-9 dog that took the suspect down police to believe a man was impaired and likely facing a number of charges. lucky there were no citizens injured and no office there's injured as well. forth -- fourth one with crash just this week, a dog is testing out new technology trying to put a stop to the problem, we will have some answers on what changes could be coming in about ten minutes. the final moments of a 20- mile chase caught on camera in new york. watch here is the suspects car plows right over a gas pump sparking the -- sparking the huge fire. seconds later police up roach the suspects car and that is
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at the officers. eventually they are able to tackle them into the ground and they said the whole thing started with the 911 call, boy calling police after he said he saw his father attack his mother and sister with a knife to you neighbors witnessed all of it. when i looked up last night and heard a bit of -- heard a bit of a little bit of a screaming and yelling at -- i thought somebody was fighting -- i thought somebody was fighting maybe close to show you never know what your neighbors could be a two. guy in the freeway that's when his -- that's when he sped off he is now in custody and wife and daughter are recovering in the hospital. there are prone way and do not -- wrong way and do not enter signs all over valley freeways , but lately we still have numerous wrong way driver's we just told you that one, adot is testing new technology to help stop deadly crashes. it's a wrong way -- with the cold detection system.
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to alert authorities in -- and other drivers that someone is going to -- the wrong way in the freeway. >> that will help with a faster response for law enforcement, we can notify them about where the -- these vehicles are being picked up and also to notify all want drivers who go the right way along the freeway that there is a wrong way the coal -- vehicle up ahead, recent ten- year study found there are 200 405 wrong way crashes in resulted in nearly 100 deaths, they are hoping to tested along with eye 17 and sometime next year. warning tonight for drivers to slow down. the more red light cameras are up and running in the east valley, they are all along arizona avenue out one or ray a knock at -- anoka cheer will another one is at -- if you are speeding through those, you will get a warning in the mail first, but the real ticket
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30th . there is now a way you can skip the mvd if you're trying to get a new id. you can print your card at home, there's a bit of a catch it only applies to anyone applying for a duplicate driver's license or -- drivers license or id card, you can print your temporary credentials on pain paper at home. the mvp got rid of the week, the cards have to be printed on special blue tinted paper. this cars offering its members free access to more than 7000 cars on election day. you can sign up and unzip car website and on their app and the card sharing company said it wants to encourage people in
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said,
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this is cbs five news. a quick look at our top story's this evening, a four- year-old boy has passed away after his father found him in the wall. crews arrived at the maze a whole -- maison there how this in the oversee that he was too late, police say the boy climbed out of a window and fell into the pool, now trying to figure out how all of this happened. police believe a wrong way driver was impaired when the lead them on a cross that valley chase this morning.


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