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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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is no longer than 30 minutes. this church site is one of 724 polling places and hundreds more across the state. i want to show you what is looks like inside. election workers are setting up the booths and machines making sure everything there are hundreds of sites available, you have to vote at your assigned place and deputies will not be the sites but 6 deputies will be roving the counties to see if there is help needed. >> it can't be rigged. the machines in which voters
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results aren't uploaded. it's not through internet or wifi, it's a memory pack that has to be physically transported and we upload the results from there. >> all of the information you can ever want on voting can be found on our cbs 5 news app. thanks, also a last minute push for volunteers, tma many phone calls and knocked on doors. both sides realize that every vote counts and they're not taking any chances. >> our main goal is to get people out to the polls and make sure they know where to vote and many don't understand where and what the rules are in terms of forms of identification. >> both parties hoping to reach
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day, making sure people go to the polls. we're spending 24 hours on the campaign trail, and we're behind-the-scenes. >> we're teaming up for special election reporting and we're live in phoenix. this could be john mccain's last stand. >> this race is closer than senator mccain wanted. what is going on? >> one of them is the challenger, kirkpatrick appeals to a wide variety of people in arizona. >> scroll down congress woman's kirkpatrick's twitter page, you
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constituents, she's a native arizonan. >> my roots go back 100 years. >> dad was a democrat and mom was a republican, and it helped make her bipartisan from the beginning. >> i say that made for interesting family get- togethers. there were heated debates but at the end the day we were family and arizonans and all americans. >> now she has her sites on john mccain's senate seat and it's time for him to retire. >> he's not well liked anymore as he once was and it's because he's changed after 33 years in washington. that makes her different she said. >> what does our state need that we're not getting right now? >> we need a senator that puts arizona first and has officers throughout the state and is accessible.
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>> every race i've won has been predicted i would lose. >> most pollsters have moved it into the category of safe republican. but our late swell of latino voters could work in her favor. >> he's been making a push and spending money but one thing he's not doing and that's talking to us in the media. we tried to catch up with him a few weeks ago and asked questions. heard from his since. and one thing, on election night, he'll be holding his party away from the gop. a sign he's putting distance between himself and the establishment republican party. and ride sharing companies want to make sure everyone makes it. uber and google are teaming us
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place. and they're offering a 20% discount and lyft is giving a 45% discount. whether you're a democrat or republican or independent. we agree that this is 2016 campaign is stressful. the american psychological association said you can beat elect exhaustion. don't binge on news. take time for activities that recharge you and if there's an yourself. >> tomorrow, a very big day, from to the presidential race to propositions here. and we've got your covered. get the latest updates by downloading our mobile app. >> tempe police looking for this guy. 23-year-old adam leap, accused of sexually exploiting minors online. he cut off his ankle monster.
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month. he has ties to arizona and california but authorities don't know where he was tonight. he may have altered his appearance. the reward is $25,000 for the person who show the horses off the bush highway. he was wearing black shorts and a dark dps looking for the driver who hit and killed a motorcyclist. he made contact with a van and fell off and then struck by a large vehicle pulling a trailer after 6:00 a.m. if you know anything about this accident, call dps. developing, fire investigators working to find out what caused an apartment
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the community is now stepping in to help them out. some businesses are offering free services to the people who are affected. residents are also collecting donations and anything from diapers to clothing to furniture. >> something to make you feel better about yourself. you know that you're going to make it through and it's going to be okay. we're so busy in our own lives. we often ignore those that need help. the donations on thursday so the victims can take what they need and churches are planning meal delivery. a burglar is in the hospital after be being shot by the sheriff's deposit. and he deputy. the deputy first used a taser
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forced to shoot the suspect. men and women swear about every day and tonight a new study revealed which gender curses more often. >> we haven't danced in # years and we were spinning around. >> promise for treating parkinson's, the new treatment that doesn't involve pills. 94-year-old man sky dives
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women curse more than men. shocker.
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and discovered women dropped the f-bomb 546 times per million words. kind of close, men say it 540 times. this is part of a larger study which should be completed in 2018. >> can we not count tomorrow? >> in the newsroom. >> careful. >> could be a breakthrough with people with parkinson's. >> a new fda approved treatm normal lives. it's a tube that connects to a pump and then it is inserted in the the patient's intestine. it delivers medication for up to 16 hours a day and now patients don't have to worry about taking pills at the right time. >> it allows it to be absorbed in a consistent manner.
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>> the side effects of this treatment are similar to the oral medications. this is not your typical football fan. the one thing this guy waited for before he robbed a walgreen's in glendale. >> she was yelling help. >> i caught it. >> rescued if a tall tree. we're talking 35 five feet and we talked about the good samaritan wh
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy.
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it was last month, this guy in the cardinals shirt reportedly robbed walgreens at 66th avenue and happy valley rd. he waited for customers to leave and pretended to buy items, when the cashier opened the cash draw, he demanded the money and employee put back and allowed him to leave. he's a while male, 5'8" and 150 pounds and clean-shaven. he was seen leaving in a 2000 model black chevy tahoe. and the arrest for this man. 21-years-old and 5'8" with black hair and brown eyes. wanted for aggravated robbery
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man. they're looking for this man. lonnie lions. and he has black hair and brown eyes wanted for violating probation after sexual abuse charge. >> if you have information on these fugitives, call silent witness, if you want to help, download our free cbs 5 news ap monday section. phoenix police looking for a serial killer linked to 7 murders dating back to marchsh he could be driving a black bmw 5 series. if you know anything, there's the number and you can remain
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into a tree. she has special needs and likes to climb trees. >> there she was, up to the top almost and she was laying on a limb. firefighters got her down safely and they said the girl was not hurt. but she was pretty tired after that climb. it was a dream flight for a world war ii veteran, at 94 for the first time he jumped along with the instructor about 13,000 feet while friends from his retirement community cheered him on. >> he made a safe landing. >> it was a short experience. >> you wanted it and you got
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part. scott flew a p-51 mustang in world war ii. this was his first jump, he's deciding on next adventure. a life saving gift. firehouse subs donated defib defibrillators. >> it's tremendous, a great benefit. >> the american red cross said that it was a great thing. >> and we succeeded, look at the check. $1,000 from the hole in one. it teed off today and special
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us. he's getting lessons there. you do have a shot at a million dollars plus a ton of prizes. the whole in run is through november 13. >> who has the better swing? >> come on. >> that was the first time in how many years? >> since my last child, 6 years and your back is paying the price. >> a >> beautiful day for golf. look at the pictures. temperatures above average an tomorrow, it will be similar. we're going to see a warmer day for election day. and a live look. high today of 86, and that is 6 degrees above average and now 80 and winds at 3 miles per hour and continuing to see the strong ridge. a warm election day. starting off with a polls
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this is the high of 89. and then lower 80s by 7:00. hardly a cloud in sight and we'll see the ridge hold strong, a weak disturbance so a breezy afternoon. and tomorrow morning, here we go. and 5:30 you need and hourly planner, 82 by 10:00 and 89 at 2:00 and then that 7- day planner, sun is sticking around. you can see through the end of the workweek. friday, temperatures at 82 and make sure you join sean and kris and we're going to host the parade and 11:00 on friday.
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and everything you need to putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes.
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a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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hackers trying to get access to the database in arizona trying to get voter information. how hackers are affecting this election. that's new at news at 10:00. and the takeaways. authorities on the property of todd kohlhepp. he served time in the 80s in arizona. >> and who shot three horses on the salt river. it happened off the burn highway. arizona comes in for the election results in about 24
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the polling booths and voters head to the polls tomorrow morning. so many people are stressed. let's show you something cute. a baby koala. found in an airport in australia. a woman was carrying him, that's him, in her bag. she told police that she found the koala alone on the si the koala is in good health an handed to a local shelter. so it's going to be okay. i'm sure they don't find that too often. >> leave wildlife alone. it's election night, you might need laughs. adam sandler is up on "kevin can wait" next. have a great night.
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? i am not your ordinary guy ? so, how's your gig going down at the retirement home? oh, it's crazy. this one old guy thinks i'm his son-in-law. [ both chuckle ] the other day, he took a swing at me. missed me by like six feet, fell into another guy. they shattered like a bag of light bulbs. yeah, my mom's getting fragile, too. i think this is gonna be the last winter i let her shovel the driveway. well, i should get going. didi's got me volunteering at a soup kitchen. they make me wear a hairnet. a hairnet. oh, by -- by the way, guys, i got this. don't worry about it. can't help you. i'm into a couple of girl scouts for a lot of cookies. all right. jimmy? -hey! -hey! how are you, buddy?! good to see you! what?
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you look amazing. look at you. get out of here. what have you been up to? uh, you know, this and that. don't be modest. i see the soaring eagle security shirt. you're the guys who took down bin laden, right? all right. i know. no, no, i get it. you can't talk about it. you're very funny, but you know what? i only got to work one day a week. so while you're out patrolling the streets, now i'm sitting home in front of the tv interrogating a bag of fritos. oh. ooh, that sounds good. without pants. yeah. we had some good times, didn't we? it was great, man. 10 years together. that squad car's got to feel a little lonely without me, huh? yeah, well, you know, i get by. yo, jimmy, let's roll, man. hey, this is my new partner, nicky dawson. nick, this is my old partner, kevin gable. i'll go get the food. i'm the guy. [ chuckles ] now you got a face to go with all the stories and stuff, so... [ chuckles ] stories?


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