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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> third night of protests. >> since the election ended, and the county is still counting hundreds of thnsd of ballots -- thousands of ballots, sparking concerns of a dysfunctional democracy. >> we spoke with the man who's leading the maricopa county recorder's race. why does this matter and what does he plan to do? >> reporter: in response he said you can fix the county's
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new law. money to modernize the office. >> the biggest problem i think that we have, societially we've got reduced trust in our election systems. >> reporter: he currently leads county recorder helen persem and wants to state election laws. those laws limit the time counties have to count early ballots which contributed to some of the ballot backups in maricopa county. >> a lot those statutes were institute the in the '80s when we didn't have the electronic capacity this we had. >> reporter: vontez spoke about adding better equipment and more staff. >> you gotta make sure they have the resources and the
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election. >> reporter: some he told his lead over purcell, he promises there might be some uncounted after the next election. but? >> there isn't gonna be 415,000 of them. police need your help catching the man who robbed a cellphone store in south phoenix. the pictures are clear. this happened on centra southern avenues on tuesday. two men attacked the clerk at register. one had a gun. they grabbed the money and took off in a white dodge truck. one teenager in the hospital, another in police custody after a dangerous game played out. they were both high on some sort of drugs and playing a knife-throwing game.
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stomach. police arrested the teenager who threw the knife. after two weeks on the run, an escaped inmate who scomiepd carjacking a woman at a hospital is behind bars tonight. >> he was caught while trying to carjack someone else. >> reporter: an alleged 1-man crime spree. back in custody this arc dolpho avales on busted by tempe place on wednesday afternoon after pulling a gun on a tempe homeowner in the garage and stealing the man's pt cruiser that. man immediately called 911, and within about an hour,
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and avalos was busted here it temp e. first grabbed headlines last month when he was brieftd salt river police after fleeing a traffic stop and running a red light. he was initially taken to honor health hospital to be treated for some minor injuries. while he was there, he slipped out of his restraints and fled the hospital. then alleged he carjacking a woman ine outside the hospital. >> you were in the parking lot? >> i'm in the middle of the intersection! he opened my car.u.v. outside the hospital. >> you were in the parking lot! >> the woman who was carjacked
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little more securely this time, and facing a myriad of charges. in tempe, mike watkis. police believe a drunk driver caused a series of crashes across two valley cities. a woman called 911 saying the driver behind her was ramming her car. cops tried to stop the suspect when they caught up with spinning out of control and hitting a lease patrol unit. >> at that moment, the suspect vehicle was disabled and officers were able to arrest the suspect after a combative incident. the suspect did not want to go into custody. no officers were injured in this incident.
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driver of the s.u.v. complained of minor injuries. >> the driver's name is yet to be released. integrity and class. some beauty pageant traits that will earn you that crown. what a couple of crooks did to a couple of contestants is just p ugly -- plain ugly. >> the thieves probably at any time know what they got away with when they lifted the >> they were left right behind this pillar, that is in our camera's blindspot. one of my neighbors let me know she spotted a green van with a couple making off with my packages. >> reporter: six crown crystals gone just days before the scholarship pageant. >> when i won my local title i slept in my crown.
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to take it off. >> reporter: the sentimental value, more than the $8 hundred to order. today replacements for the crowns stolen. >> this is the traditional miss america local crown here >> reporter: the group did some fundraising to get these. new a plea to the thiefs to do the right thing. return the originals. >> to you it doesn't mean anything and to us it means the world. it's all of our hard and dedication. a huge crowd for the 20th annual phoenix day veterans day parade. chris and i along with paul porten had the honor of announce the entries along the route, all 99 of them. [ laughter ] >> phoenix police were estimating this crowd between 45
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there. a unique tribute to veterans in anthem. a crowd gathered at the anthem veterans memorial a few hours ago at exactly:11 on november 11th. the sun lines up perfectly to shine through the five pill ars forming a spotlight on the mosaic on the great field of the united states. >> spent the day laying wreaths at arlington national taer. this morning he held a breakfast for veterans and their families in the state dining room. so much fun at the phoenix veterans day parade. it is the third largest parade in the country for veterans. hit a high today of 83 degrees. behind me here, phoenix international raceway, everybody, where the
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8:00. let's talk about forecast. mostly clear skies, a few high, thin clouds. temperature, 82 degrees, winds, a breeze out there. the evening detail, upper 70s by 7:00. down to the mid-70s by 9:00. and 70 degrees by 11:00. tickets still available. come on out, be a part of it. we can talk those online. and have your 7-day planner. >> i'm a little jealous! it looks awesome out there! [ laughter ] still ahead on the cbs5 news at 5:00, a tweet for team trump as the president elect gets ready for the white house there is already a major shakeoccupy his transition team. find out who is taking over. >> and nfl players and doctors
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a glitch in the computer booking system caused delays at major airports today. >> the system is used by airlines, hotel, and travel agents and was down for about an hour today. the same technical hiccup led to the cancellations of nearly 2,000 delta flights. that happened in august. president obama wants an additional $11.6 bli fight isis. it comes as iraqi troops are locked in a battle with isis over the city of mosul. much of the world world war i. robert raun in the '60s --
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he was battling leukemia and was 83 years old. leonard cohen also died at the age of 82. he wrote a number of popular songs including the often-covered hallelujah. the kaufth still unknown -- cause of
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donald trump spent most of the day work out of trump tower. >> he spent the setting up his new administration. mike pence taking a bigger role in what the team will look like.
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adding a new title to his growing list of duties. chairman of the presidential transition team. president elect trump announced pen will lead the effort to pick who will join his new administration. new jersey gfsh chris christie had been meeting the team and will remain as a vice chair, along with ben car, newt gingrich, senator jeff sessions and rudy juliani. >> i can see already how he is going to be a great president. and is i'm glad i cou small role >> reporter: campaign ceo steve bannon arrived at trump's office friday morning. he is the formerly head of the right wing website. trump has been vague about his policies but blunt about the big ideas behind them. many of which clash with president obama's signature initiative. trump promised he would repeal obamacare and cancel the landmark agreement on
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mitch mcconnell talked about the issues he and president elect trump discussed thursday. >> much of it reflected the positions he took and many of us took prior to the election. >> reporter: trump will take the oath of office ten weeks from friday. this weekend trump will give his first television interview, only right here on cbs5, when he speaks with 60 minutes' lesley stall. many of our nation's veterans find themselves fighting their own war when they come home. 22 veterans a day commit suicide. >> and a growing number turn to drugs and alcohol while turning to post traumatic stress disorder. don champion visits a new treatment center in texas only open to vets and first responders >> reporter: outside warriors heart ranch, 20 cutouts of
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siedz. it's a problem -- suicide. >> it's the part of the war that you bring home, and you're still battling temperature >> reporter: hir 25-year-old son army specialist adam hill gibson committed suicide in 2009 after two deployments to iraq. at home he faced another enemy. post traumatic stress disorder and is alcoholism. >> it's a hell you don't wake up from. >> reporter: still fighting her own pain, hill is now clinical director of warrior'st san antonio. it's a private treatment facility federal p.t.s.d., traumatic brain injury, drug, and alcohol addiction. it's the first ever to only treatment adventures, law enforcement, and first responders. >> we treat everything at once. we stabilize the addiction first. then we start to untie the knot of their entire life. >> reporter: treatment runs 28 to 90 days. patients go through four individual sessions a week, and three hours of group therapy
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fit ness and spirituality are also part of the treatment. >> it's just you and your own personal darkness. >> reporter: william was a navy medic in iraq. he returned home with p.t.s.d. and turned to alcohol. after experiencing suicidal thought, he reached out to dozens of facilities before he found warriors heart. >> that's like a war. each purpose is fighting their own personal war right helped him get back on his feet, and he's paying it forward. he works with the canine program training dogs to help other veterans. nascar season is winding down, just two races left. >> these are the important ones. the race for the sprint cup comes right through phoenix this weekend. paul moren live out of pir where fans are already packing it in for the big truck race tonight.
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the truck series tonight, another race again night, and the big race at 12:30. competition is fierce for the final four spots! what's going on behind me is actually some qualifying and some practices out there. and they're expecting close to 100,000 people when you add in all the rv's out there, folks at the grandstands, and rattlesnake hill, it is gonna be a big party. let's talk about that forecast. hit a high of 83 degrees. and sitting at 82. beautiful sunset taking place. satellite and radar showing mostly clear skies here. clouds to the north of us. lows tonight will drop down to around 62 degrees in phoenix. 26, freezing up in flagstaff. 62 degrees at 6:00 am, 81 degrees by noon. and mid-80s by 4:00. and if you're heading out here for the big race, the nascar
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we're gonna hit highs around 84 degrees. warm through wednesday and a big cool-down. lows in here thursday to friday with highs around 76 degreesful we'll take it. a gorgeo s our photographer getting that wonderful shot of the sunset. and all the rv's out there, and a lot of people yelling at the rv's, oh, boy! shake and bake, my friend. and tonight forget, if you're not first, you're last. [ laughter ]
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players and doctors are calling on the nfl to reconsider marijuana use. 20% of players develop? so they are looking into -- dependency. they are looking into alternative therapies for pain management. when the season is over and todd graham evaluates the fallout, it's object changes have to be made. glaringly it starts on defense where asu is painfully bad and getting worse by the second. the unit was officered up again arbitration allowing almost 500 scomrrsd is
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all losses. given up an of 43 points. dead last in the nation in pass defense. graham is loyal to keith patterson, but it's scathingly obvious that side of the ball needs new direction. >> obviously we didn't play well, we turned the football over in the key areas. maybe the best high school playoff game in arizona high school history. a wide-open chant lor brewidge for the touchdown, highs it at 57 in. overtime. quarterback scrambles directing traffic going in for the game winner. perry sweeps hamilton to advance 63-16.
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special group of kids. they didn't get to win a lot of their first few years. they stuck to the process. and i'm so proud of them. >> we worked pretty hard. and without these guys, none of this is possible. we're talk about cardinals, college hoops later in the show.
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today multiple businesses said thank you to a valley vet with something entirely different. >> reporter: a struggling veteran doing his best to pay the rent and feed his family. all of a sudden, he's handed the keys to a brand-new house. >> come on in! >> reporter: their lives changed the moment they walked in the door. u.s. army veteran joe moncrief and his family got a brand-new mortgage-free home in goodyear. >> especially on today,
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it means more than worrieds can really explain. >> it's so deeply touching to know that there are so many people who truly care. >> reporter: the home was donated to operation homefront, a commercial nonprofit that helps military families. its program recruits home like mertaj, bank patterns and other businesses to provide homes to deserving veterans. >> this gentleman has donated 14 years of his life. and there's no way to repay that. but it's great as a company that we can give back to the military the way they give to us. >> reporter: the moncriefs doing the best they can, living on joe's disability check following his four tour was duty in cosovo, kuwait, and iraq. but the thought of owning their own


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