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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this is this is cbs five news at. good evening, right now at 530, police are looking at every clue trying to find a motivated and a suspect after one man was found dead at a glendale apartment complex this morning investigators are telling us not telling us too much at this point, there's more than a dozen investigators trying to piece together what exactly happened, they have a pretty good area cut off in this parking lot right next to the apartment complex, here's what we know so far the shooting went out went down around 11:40 a.m., one man found dead, no word on suspects and moses -- motives and we did
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quiet for the most part, he did hear gunfire . i was watching tv and heard one gunshot and then after that maybe ten seconds later your car pull off. there's no word on what kind of description and the motive is still under investigation. we are geg look at the man whose say -- who picked -- killed of valley mom. thirty-nine-year-old william app are -- after line was driving on a suspended license when he hit the 35-year-old mother and the two children. near chandler a way road and -- way road and college avenue, the family was in a crossroad -- crosswalk. and both children ages two and three remain in the hospital and critical condition.
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was a factor, but after light may have run a red light before the crash i will over that a check did ejected to people and said four to -- sent for to the hospital, it happened this morning at the 200 to one -- two on arizona avenue, of the four people who went to the hospital, three of them are teens, one remains in the hospital with life- threatening injuries, dps is as a getting that they believe impairment was affect there. flames -- one open flames today and our investigators are trying to figure out why. it happened on 40th avenue and then -- in van buren areas to move the three homes were occupied but no one was home and the fires broke out. you're getting more and we will bring you any of the swing get them, and trump administration in -- trump administration the president-elect will name that chair of the republican party reince priebus assistant chief
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banner this is a chief -- this is chief strategist, he ran the trump campaign out to leaving bright part news organization. he was in the oval office working with person obama on this -- his transition, now we are less than 30 minutes a week from his first interview as president-elect in an exclusive with 60 minutes he talks about immigration and his -- in his campaign promise to build a wall on the us-mexico border. promises you made and tell us if you're going to do what you said or changes in any way. but you really going to build a -- the wall ? >> yes. >> if they are talking about offense in the republican congress would you accept the fence christmas. >> for certain areas i would, so part while part fence . >> could be some fencing. >> what about pledged to the
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millions of undocumented immigrants. >> what we're going to do is get the people that are criminal record can members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people probably 2 million, 3 million people getting them out of the country for intense rate -- incarcerate. >> after the border security never think -- and everything gets normalize we will make a determination the people that get -- who are terrific people, traffic determination. before we make that determination it's very important we want to secure our border. trump's wife and four of his children joined him for the interview. for the full interview to -- tune in to 60 minutes coming up in a half hour only on cbs five. for the fifth day in a row protesters are hitting the streets all across the country and opposition of trump's -- oppositional trumps presidential victory. there is ordinance are --
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doing it is a different way. a local event is trying to bridge the great medical device. this past week they have been dealing with students coming to the with fears and interiors regarding the election, they wanted put in a kid friendly event that will help promote the message of peace and love. we will never be divided. >> today's event is meant to symbolize a. >> it's not all hate in the world and not bad. >> it's called stand against hate. sort of like a protest against protest. >> anglers everywhere, i think that we don't want to promote, we want to be the make love
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was put on in promoting a different message than the ones we have been seeing in recent protest. >> to spread the message of love and unity. there's so much hate and negative rhetoric and we understand people are upset and angry but at the same time we are not going to get anything thousand and -- down until we can come together and work on the issues that we need to work on. we want to come out in support positivity and part of it start her out young. the message of love and unity seems to be the one the kids are here he will -- hearing loud and clear. >> i mom says it's good to stand up for what's right. >> i think it's showing other people with the right precedent should be and have a kind and loving heart. many of the participants said they were not there to protest anything or anyone they just want to show support
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those kids seem to get it right i reminding us that we show should all have a kind and loving heart. valley drivers be careful where you park your cars. someone has been damaging carson in parts of phoenix in glendale. police believe the suspect is using -- using a bb gun the damage to -- to damage the windows. they have a car description, dark greene 1993 work -- record low -- two your core low with dark if you have information call silent witness. there's going to be a lot more traffic than usual, a live look right now near university phoenix stadium where the cards game is about to wrap up. try to find some alternative routes around 101 or give yourself extra time. a powerful deadly earthquake strikes new zealand, we have the latest on the damage. all the single ladies turned out you are becoming -- you
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sum the single women are outpacing single midland coming first car -- becoming first-time homebuyers. we find a realtor that single women are dominant in the very
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who lives american dream has -- is american dream has come true . why am in -- now i am in my own home. this is a three bedroom two bath house the single mother of four said this ? will be one year just an invite home after getting a divorce from -- and, she said she was sure of one thing. >> education, education for the kids, and moving them from school to school. >> i have about 67% first home time buyers are single women. >> the reason for the trend is due to a combination of things, interest rates and higher paying jobs and mentality change in today's woman. >> some priorities for women now is that too much getting married as getting their education and getting their home some of the trend seen not only here in arizona but nationwide, an added plus in the valley is the affordable housing that's -ellipsis- ellipsis.
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we are empowered, don't afraid to make that jump you have paid to live somewhere -- when not the new home. >> listen to how happy she is when she we mentioned the home american dream. >> exactly . >> you're living it. >> yes i am left -- yes i am [ laughter ]. big day in sports, the arizona card i the san francisco 49ers, no one saw that coming he will have the highlights had last -- skyhigh the defending champion punches is to get their championship, who is in and out, sports is next. something i know that you have been following on twitter, facebook everybody is -- everybody is talking about the supermoon, get out and share your photos with us remember,
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tomorrow a sholow police officer killed in the light of duty will be laid to rest. there will be of the ring for -- a viewing for darren reed at nine in the morning. at 1:00 at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, that's open to the public, officer we'd was shot and killed last week to serve ten years with the department. today marks one year since the terror attack in paris. more than 10030 people were killed and hundreds injured. isis claimed responsibility for the massacre. the concert hall one of the
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night. special performance by state, a minute of silence was held before the concert to honor the victim. -- victims. doors were closing, it's creating moving, -- it was pretty, yeah. scary thing. thousands of people in new zealand woke earthquake, 7.8 magnitude quake left quite a mess at a supermarket even some of the roads you see -- you see there were split open. the civil defense minister said at least two people were killed in a deadly overnight quake. they have not yet said how many are injured -- how many are injured are missing. officials confirmed as an army had -- the tsunami had been triggered the huge quake and no people are being advised to get to higher grounds. the recall the same area by a
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2011, fire crews are trying to control a massive wildfire in north carolina, note the fire is headed our way to help. two crewmembers just left they will be joining more than 5005 writers from across the country battling the fire. so far as for -- per to almost 3000 -- for the almost 3000 acres. only 15% contained. temperatures continue to warm, 85 the high today -- the high today 8 degrees above average of 77. we started off at the chili in arizona, 50 -- chilean arizona, 58 with the morning low, we weren't quickly, the sun came out, as you can see, the doppler right now we are -- we're not worried about anything coming our way. clouds staying a hike to the north of high pressure dominating another area of high pressure moves into the start of the week this one much stronger than the one we dealt with throughout the weekend
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temperatures close to records by the time we head into tuesday, futurecast as we go through the day tomorrow shows no cloud cover coming our way to moisture coming our way because of the area of high pressure and even into the start of the date on to say we have no movement that are up in the pacific northwest. as we head into the mid part of the week that is when changes, -- that is when changes, weight the next storm system will send it will be seeing cool down. sixty-four overnight low tonight with me to be and see the supermoon, 26 flagstaff 47 facing 37 prescott 61 bullet city 31 sholow. tomorrow 86, when degrees warmer than today. sixty-four flagstaff, 62 sholow 74 payson, 76 sedona and 86 poll -- bullhead city. expected high of 88, 2 degrees shy of the record of 90
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on wednesday low 80s with that cool pocket of air settles in for us is that by the time that we head into there's a price they come friday, friday high 72. data love the 70s. the arizona cardinals margin of error for the last eight games and so we zero. every game a must win for -- a must win for the big red starting with the 49ers a squad that is a bottom feeder, nfl first much 23-21, one of the worst in the end of out carson palmer goes why -- well, -- call, david -- white, jeh johnson, 3-yard touchdown, second-quarter more mr. johnson first a quarter and diving for the end zone arizona up 14- zero, 49ers are going away, kaepernick fighting time buyers
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147 cardinals of. locals -- four quarter, the third down conversion you figure they will run the ball to kill the clock know, palmer throws the ball downfield, takes off, in arizona, at least two colin kaepernick the cheaper for the game tying touchdown tied at 20, arizona, it gets the ball the trio's, and seahawks will 34 yarder, for in for -- four and four in more than 23-21. second-quarter -- part brandon marshall a little look -- 4- yard touchdown seven-three, the rams opened office, boots the 34 yarder puts the -- 96 and
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rams for-five with a nine-six win, eagles looking to close down the falcons, fourth quarter, up 55 and 13, matthews getting in for six by their touchdown matthews 109 -- matthews 109 yards and two scores, 21-15, matt ryan trying to rally, picked off by look ellen, it eagles improve five to four with -- at the superdome, fourth-quarter broncos jubilees prayed played well in the second half, brandon cook, 32 yards catch title 23, lost by justin simmons, scoops it up and scores for the two-point conversion defending champion of improve seven-three. nascar moving to the pi -- pir jimmy johnson carl edwards lost in -- carl edwards lost in the finals, only two other drivers
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four, fresh off the win, xfinity series, looking to advance the championship, off to restart, matt kensit trying to punch the final hosted go slow, tussaud's -- two sons alex bowman, kansas, championship hopes -- kansas, championship hopes are over. all the restart. champion joe logardo jumps into the lead he needs -- he needs a strong showing to advance the -- to the championship round in lugano that's -- gets it done taking the look -- lugano, jimmy johnson, battling for the title at homestead lugano, ecstatic. still so good, so much on the line. everyone brings their a game when he comes to winning -- it comes to winning the championship.
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charles schwab championship, the blurted 14 and 15, final
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day forecast before we go, tomorrow 86, hi, 88 tuesday, the record is 90. we already had 190 degrees days -- day so far this month, at
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thursday and 72 on friday . we will take it, finally gets to be the bearer of good news by the end of the week. >> thank you for choosing cbs4 at noon is president-elect to donald trump interview with 60 minutes is next. join us back here at ten.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i've never done anything like this. >> stahl: this took your breath away? >> a little bit. a little bit. i think i realized that this is a whole different life for me now. >> stahl: in his first television interview, the subdued than the candidate had been, and donald trump surprised us when fundamental positions of his seemed open to negotiation. are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> stahl: they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. >> stahl: five days after the election, demonstrators across the country are protesting his victory. >> not my president! >> stahl: we asked about that
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are acting in threatening ways. >> they're harassing latinos and muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear, that and i say, stop it. if it helps, i will say this and i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm scott pelley. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm lesley stahl. our interview with the president-elect tonight on "60 minutes." >> cbs money watch sponsored by american express open, proud supporter of growing businesses. >> quijano: good evening. president obama has economic talks this week in greerks germany and peru. wal-mart, lowe's and home depot reported earnings. and auctions at christie's and sotheby's are expect sales of


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