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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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the expert also said he could not even determine if the bullets recovered all came from the same gun. >> the county attorney to say that he is no longer a suspect in any of the shootings. >> i reached out to the county attorney who had said in the past that at the time came to publicly say merrett was no longer a suspect, he would say that. a spokeswoman told me nothing is changed. i also reached out to the department of public safety and got no response. the former mma fighter
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raping a woman in old town scottsdale has pleaded not guilty. rodolfo ramirez allegedly slung this woman over his shoulder and took her to his home and raped her two more times after -- before dropping her off at tempe at an intersection within the city. a judge ordered that ramirez and up in custody without bond. we are learning more about a crash that killed two valley teenagers, 19-year-old reni martinez and driving a car when it was hit from behind. the driver of the other car, edwin vallen's went up and his passenger had -- valenzuela and his passenger had minor industries. his blood-alcohol level was nearly 3 times the legal limit and he admitted to drinking before the crash. he is facing second-degree murder and endangerment charges
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their pets as a tonight after the family was saved from a house fire. this happened near osborne. one of the kids heard a smoke detector going off inside the home and everyone was able to get out safely. firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen but they are not sure exactly what started it. >> -- a nationwide manhunt comes to an end writer in arizona. this started in connecticut where police believe the suspects who committed murder over the weekend. the department of homeland security and even the border patrol and phoenix police were a part of this. >> reporter: the suspects are now behind bars at the fourth avenue jail after evading authorities for more than three days across the country. the 2 suspects are accused of killing francisco [ name indiscernible ] at his home in
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saturday morning. at this point it's not known what led to the killing, only the police were called to the apartment after a disturbance and saw two men fleeing the scene. at this point we don't know if they were trying to escape to mexico. police say they will be extradited to can advocate -- to connecticut to face charges. the timeline has not been set but bail has been set at $1 million. we're live in phoenix, mark taylor cbs5. the group that hoped to legalize in arizona -- legalize recreational marisol -- marijuana in arizona is giving up. they say they are encouraged however by the support it received. helen purcell will be out of a job. she has been in that position
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year terms. she was not able to escape the issues of the polls when voters waited hours to cast their ballots in the presidential preference election. she conceded to her democratic opponent today. it has been a week since the election and there are still about 45,000 early ballots to count another 55,000 provisional ballots. the office hopes to get them done by the end of the week. today, 10 degrees above average, a beautiful shot of phoenix and you can see camelback mountain in the distance. tucson tied a record at 89, little warmer down south, 79 degrees in lescott -- prescott. we can see some big changes
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northwest at 4 miles per hour. mid 70s by 9:00 and we will tell you more about the chance of rain fall coming up. the arizona coyotes made a big splash yesterday detailing plans to build a state-of-the- art arena in tempe. it's not a done deal yet. >> it could be a clash for cash at the state capital as the team tries to get taxpayer y we're live at the capital. dennis, what are lawmakers saying about this project? >> reporter: to be honest, lawmakers aren't saying a lot just right now because they don't know much about it. the arizona coyotes haven't had a lot of conversations with lawmakers about this latest proposal. to tell you the truth, given the history of this legislature, how fiscally conservative they been in the past, the coyotes have a tough
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that they say they need to complete the project. >> everything looks great for the coyotes right now. >> reporter: the arizona coyotes announced plans for a new 16,000 seat arena yesterday that would bring the club from glendale to tempe. >> we're not going and asking for the government to build as an arena. >> reporter: but taxpayers are being asked to chip in. >> our first step is we are working with our external lobbyists and asu. >> reporte hard sell. >> while using taxpayer money again for private industry for a sporting event -- why are we using taxpayer money again for private industry for sporting event? one of the things that people are concerned about is [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: tom ryan wonders if the state should invest $200 million in another sports facility. he pointed to chase field which cost $250 million to taxpayers
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million. >> i have a little bit of the fear that people are going to roll over and allow them to have their way. >> reporter: construction deadline has been set for june. this will be a tight window for the coyotes. reporting live at the state capital, dennis welch abs 5 news -- cbs5's. -- speaking of sports, playstation will be the main sponsor of this year's game and it will be a college playoff game. this will happen december 31 at the university of phoenix and glendale. does your apartment charge a flat rate for utilities? is straight ahead, why that can
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police chiefs across the country are saying they will not back donald trump's
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dry weather in drought conditions are fueling an explosion of wildfires across the south. that's one of our five stories and 55 seconds. >> north carolina has been the hardest hit with 20 separate fires. 5000 firefighters from across the country including two from peoria are working on these fires. a student stabs five teenagers inside a locker room in utah before stabbing himself. he's in custody now. police do not have a motive but the victims are expected to recover. southwest airlines says an employee was killed after being shot at will rogers airport in
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the airport is on lockdown as police continue to search for that suspect. chevys bolt -- chevy's ball -- volt has received the car of the year award. hazardous materials have been removed as part t back to work, congress is back in washington for the first time since the election.
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it is back to work for congress, back in session for the first time since the election. >> they are now taking their party leaders. they reelected paul ryan as speaker of the house today. donald trump made that clear that is what he wants despite the turbulent history with that wisconsin congressman.
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elect to fix america's pressing problems. >> house democrats are not so sure about their party's future. they delayed a vote on whether to reelect nancy pelosi as minority the term -- minority leader. they will hold their election later this month. as donald trump repairs to take over the white house his transition team is hard at work. >> within his cabinet. chris boswell is at the white house -- >> reporter: these two men everr -- reviewing candidates to fill major cabinet positions. alabama senator jeff sessions has been a trump supporter from day one and is being considered for several positions including secretary of defense. president-elect trump is looking at rudy giuliani and john bolton for secretary of state. mr. trumps financed campaign
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front runner for treasury secretary. >> we are working on economic plan making sure we get the biggest tax bill passed, a lot of exciting things in the first hundred days. >> reporter: mr. trump and mr. pence will get their first presidential briefing today. this way he will be up to speed as soon as he takes office. president-elect trump will rely on paul ryan to push his legislative agenda. >> let's take all of this unn and get people back to work. this is something we share. this is something we are excited to work on with donald trump craig --. >> reporter: chris boswell cbs news washington. president obama is on his first stop of his final trip as u.s. president. he wants to reassure allies about the newly elected
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states will remain part of the historical agreement brokered between the u.s. and iran european allies. >> time will now tell whether the prescriptions are now being offered, whether "brexit" door -- "brexit" or the us election and up satisfying those people who have been fearful or angry or concerned. >> later this week president obama will fly to germany to meet with leaders in berlin and then on to peru a number of apartment complexes across arizona charge a flat rate for utilities such as water, sewer, trash and even electricity. >> are those flat rate charges legal? we send eric staahl to get answers. >> reporter: [ name indiscernible ] and her boyfriend are pretty happy with their apartment. they play it -- they pay a flat rate of $25 a month for water, sewer and trash. at their last place, listen to the fee for those same three
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lot for two persons, $75 per month. >> that place was right across the street. to make things worse -- >> no hot water for about six months, we had to boil water every morning before we would go to school. >> reporter: flat rate charges are most common in older apartments that don't have individual leaders. no matter how the landlord charges, they can't charge extra and make a profit. overpaid but who can no -- know? >> reporter: he showed us lease after lee's. >> this is a miscellaneous utility. >> reporter: charging flat rates without explaining what the flat rate is based on. >> what we have here is an
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>> all flat rate charges are illegal technically but some disagree. >> i know that people disagree and think charges are unfair. i have litigated some of those cases. >> attorney denise holiday has represented landlords for decades and says flat rates are based on a total users -- total use of all renters. people have the right to contest the charges and see the actual >> when we also -- when we actually look at the records, i can tell you nine times out of 10, they say thank you very much. we aren't charging enough. now we are going to charge more. reports that she says they aren't required to be transparent. they just has to -- have to pass an audit if the tenant calls their bluff. it's a gamble that renters can't afford to take.
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pictures of the super moon are still going crazy. here's a photo from richard. thank you kimberly theaters a live look outside with the sun starting to set the temperatures are warming up today. we experience temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. your average high is 76 this time of year. we were well above average. one more day above average and then we will have a big drop in temperatures and the cloud cover will pay a visit. wind out of the north northwest at 5 miles an hour -- the winds are out of the north-northwest at 5 miles an hour. this ridge will fly to the east and as it does we are going to start to see cloud cover push and. tomorrow morning when we wake up, there will be a few high,
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temperatures. we are going to go from highs tomorrow in the mid-80s to a big drop, almost a 15 to 20 degree drop at most locations in the valley. let's look at wednesday. we will start off morning hours at 60 degrees, 70 degrees at 10:00, 84 degrees will happen atou be in the mid-70s by 8:00. then we will have breezy conditions, especially tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, 84 and wednesday and an 11 degree drop off thursday. 76 on friday and then the temperature start to warm up over the weekend, looking pretty good. if you are looking for something fun to do, gilbert days in the east valley, celebrating the great city of gilbert, temperatures at 8:30 in the morning will be low to mid 60s for the parade. then on monday we will have the next change of weather. we have a chance of showers in the forecast. we will keep you updated as we
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in chandler today. they are the monarchs. look at them. all of the first graders were great listeners and they had great questions. i was invited by the teacher, samantha claus. i visited when she was in second grade. now she is a teacher. this was the second time that she had me back to her class. we talked everything from why the green wall is green and why do we wear makeup. singac all good questions. [ one of the -- >> all good questions. [ laughter ] we will see which one of those kids will be teaching at the school next time you visit. [ laughter ] >> i got a picture of samantha and she is now all grown up. it's on her facebook page right now. apple has its new product and it is a book. we're talking about a book on paper. like most apple devices, this
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out old -- a $300 photo book about itself, being offered to buy apple. this book begins with the 1998 i and ends with the 2015 apple pencil. this book will sell for $199 and the larger version will go on sale for $299. it goes on sale wednesday and its dedicated in the memory of steve jobs. we have quite a story this year for the sun devils
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losses. athletic director ray anderson says no matter what happens in the final two games, graham will be back for 2017. he is potentially looking at two back-to-back seasons of 500 -- .500 or worse. these fired up for a crack at the university of washington on saturday. >> we are motivated to play washington. hopefully we will get some guys back little more healthy and looking forward to going up to a great opportunity to play probably the best team in our league. from the vote of confidence to playing with confidence, the performance on sunday is a reason for hope. 100 yards was put up by [ name indiscernible ] this past week. carlson palmer prophesied that he would explode in the second half of the season and so far
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>> [ indiscernible - low volume ] him coming up to you and saying the second half he's going to make plays. that was great. part of that is having confidence. [ background noise ] >> you looks like he will return to action this week. more coming up at 5: 45.
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it was one of the most contentious topics on the campaign trail. we are talking immigration. >> now many police departments across the country have come out saying they will not get behind donald trump's immigration policies. >> we wanted to find out how >> reporter: the big question is what are his immigration plans. many agencies say they don't want to speculate. >> i think you will see, probably, a trump administration saying we will define criminal more broadly. >> they are trying to describe which undocumented immigrants are under immediate threat of deportation. >> that is where the federal government can say, this guy is


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