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tv   Sunday Morning News  CBS  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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good morning, arizona. next weekend we're into december, if you can believe that. good morning, everyone. thanks so much for being with us this morning. time to go shopping, put the
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permission, although i don't have the $421 million from the power ball last night. let's get you over to dean in for kim this morning. is there anything going in on the weather cent summer >> just a little bit. finally, right? snow, rain, great news for the skiers. most of the day looking halfway decent. one more day before things the last two days have been great. did you get any shopping done? no. oh, of course. we're professional here. >> we do have a winter weather advisory in effect, about 5,500 feet, and that goes into effect at noon today 0, generally stretching from flagstaff down through around show low. about 4 to six inches of snow
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feet. about an inch or two in prescott. great news for the ski resorts. if you have any outdoor plans, do them this morning, and into early afternoon. a nice cool start, great start to the day, but as i said, big changes on the way, as we head towards later today. when will the rain arrive near in the valley? i'll have those answers coming up a little later. >> take a look at your hid lines this morning. pe after their van collides with a truck. three of the children have life- threatening injuries, we're told. peoria police now investigating whether the driver of the truck may have run a red light. >> an alleged drunk driver is caught on camera, plowing through a neighborhood in buck eye, spending more time driving over people's yards than on the street. loren has the story. >> reporter: the suspected
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justone yard, but every one of this entire block, and it was all caught on surveillance video. >> it was around 1:30 saturday morning when 27-year-old daniel luna allegedly plowed his truck through the front yard. >> you tonight thing it's going to happen in your neighborhood. >> reporter: many of their neighbors are cleaning up, too. >> we didn't know advertise until out there were tire tracks and our bushes ran over. >> reporter: around the corner, one family had just finished decorating for christmas when the truck wound up in their yard. everything was destroyed. >> i was heartbroken, crushed. i was, like, somebody stole christmas right away. >> reporter: police caught up with luna not long after. he he has since been released from jail, but is facing a dui and criminal damage charges. >> i hope he feels bad. i hope he can look at this and
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facing charges for resifting arrest, and assault on a police officer. >> close to 50 million people are traveling somewhere this weekend, spending time with family, maybe running away from them. no judgment. but a lot of people are heading home. we have a live report from i-17 and the care free highway, people returning to the valley, pr h >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you ladies. this holiday season started wednesday through sunday. today is sunday, and it is expected be to the busiest travel day of the year, because everyone is heading home, trying to get ready for that monday going to work day. so we are out here at care free highway and i-17, taking a look at people traveling back down to the valley from the high country. and we do know that there may be some weather happening up in
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message from adot and other agencies across the state to drive safely, especially because those 50 million people are on the road, and the freeways are expected to be pretty busy as they make their way back into the valley. now, at the airports, here is what we know so far this morning. everything is running smoothly, at least at all of the major airports across the country. we also know that tsa has hire ed light of the thanksgiving holiday, and to make sure that things are running smoothly. also, if you're driving to sky harbor airport, there are signs along the way that tell you which i read to take and which entrance to to take to make your drop off and pick up much easier. aaa of arizona said that one of the reasons why this travel season has been higher than last year, 2.5% higher, is
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prices. yeah, we saw some prices yesterday at about $1.99 and $1.97, and also the economy. everything, things should be going good, so gas prices are down, people are hitting the roadways this holiday season. so let's make our travel safer for everyone. we want to be out here sharing the good news that folks are heading home, and don't want to cover any accidents. so pay attention to the road. keep your eyes on the road, and make it a safe travel back to the valley. back to you. >> we will thanks, carla. more headlines for you this morning. the da co too access pipeline protesters have 10 days to leave federal land, or they will be arrested. the u.s. army corporation of engineers does leave a little leeway here, though, the 3,000 protesters still can rally a few miles away. they're calling that free speech zone. the navajo nation said they are disappointed by this move, but they will continue their
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here locally. we have more on a big protest march that happened this weekend here in downtown phoenix. >> reporter: hundreds marched through downtown phoenix. >> if they're north dakota and i'm in arizona, i will sand here and protect them. templet protect hist originallic relics, to protect water quality, to stop what they believe will be damaging construction. even as protesters hundreds of miles away at the pipeline site to move out of the way or else. >> our focus cannot be attacked by rubber bullets, by water, but biwhatever the government has flown at us. >> gives us hope that a lot of our young and youth are out here, and we're all standing the in solidarity. >> reporter: the group pledged continued support. >>fy could just be here and protest and help with my voice,
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>> more than 400 people rallied to support police who sometimes clash with those protesters over in north dakota. organizers say yesterday's rally wasn't pro or anti- pipeline. it really was a way to stand if solidarity with the officers. >> they're put under such strain right now, and they have just -- the time that they've put in, it's riddick his. >> this whole community, we want our communities back, we want unity, we do division. >> some people who live in north dakota say more federalle and state agencies should intervene with the pipeline protests. after years of watching their son fight a battle with cancer, one family from new jersey is getting an unexpected surprise this holiday season. >> reporter: like many boys with older brothers, four beyond a reasonable doubt chase
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morning wrestling around until it was time to go to in a in a's house for dinner. >> you would never know he was sick if it wasn't for his beautiful bald head. >> reporter: since he was 5 years old, he's been fighting brain cancer. >> it's very hard. we are constantly in and out of the hospital. my older children don't know who is going to be home when they get home from school. >> reporter: yet none of the challenges bring the family down. >> we definitely have a lot to are thankful for, things, that he's here, and we have him to enjoy. >> reporter: and sometimes that beautiful bald head can be a conversation starter. >> we were at the mcdonald's here on route 70. there's a play area in the back. he started playing with another little girl there, and the little girl's grandfather, who later found out his name was jim, started asking questions about chase. >> reporter: the two fathers had an insaint connection when it comes to facing adversity. >> he said he lost a caught
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drunk driver. >> reporter: chase saw in the man was emotional and gave him a hug, and then something unexpected happened. >> later that night while i was at work, he came to the house, gave my wife an envelope and said this is for chase, and she opened it up, and & there it was check for $5,000 it in. >> reporter: jim who wishes to remain anonymous said he wanted to grant chase's dream of a trip to disney world. the family is floored. >> for him to do that is amazing to reporter: what would you say to him? >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> my gosh. >> what a cutie. >> his little voice. such an angel. >> i love when little kids speaking, and they're just getting to that age. their little voices are adorable. coming up, how to make some fresh holiday decorations. also, some new ways to hang your lights and decorations. now, does that stress you snout
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holiday stress. but next, it ain't over
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??? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting.
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welcome back, everyone. turning to some news, three people go tow hospital after a car crashed into a restaurant. look at this right here. police say two women were
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inside the restaurant, taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are investigating what caused this crash. and funerals have begin for six children killed this week in a tennessee school bus crash. police say the bus driver lost control and flipped the bus, driving on a nonus route. 24-year-old jonathan now facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide. having a secure elections process benefits us all, and i invite everyone, i invite donald trump's campaign, hillary's campaign. we've had calls out to gary johnson's campaign. this should be a non0 partisan people-powered effort to ensure that we can rely on the integrity and the security of
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presidential nominee jill stein speak on cnn. she said she has raised nearly $4 million to pay for recounts in several states. it and looks like chicago joining her. a clinton campaign attorney said that while they have no evidence of tampering or hacking, they will support a recount in states like michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. they have been quietly investigating accusations on their own after receiving hundreds of requests to and we're looking at pretty good start to the day, mainly clear skies. a few clouds here and will. temperatures very pleasant out there. temperatures only getting up to 64, and we will have some rain showers coming in, but not until late in the day. the first half of the day looks halfway decent, a little breezy from time to time, but
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good day to hit the links. 38 in payson. freezing at show low. but 54 here in the valley. winds stronger up to the north. in fact, if you have any loved ones coming south back into the valley after a long holiday weekend, probably tell them to hit the road by noon, because things are going to turn kind of dangerous up in the north, up in the high country, snow should start about 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon, and really start to pick up, as well. nothing going on right now. a few light showers around flagstaff. other than that, the state is pretty dry. partly cloudy. our next storm system out to the west. and this is going to push in here as we head into the afternoon, late afternoon. snow in the high country from nevada, salt lake, outside of denver, great news for the skiers. our next system off the coast here. this is going to dive south pretty quickly. it's going to be very fast
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later this morning, still looking good, put, as i said, by around 3:00, 3:30 this afternoon, the snow really starts to pick up in the high country. notice we're still dry until about 6:00, 8:00, that's when the rain pushes in. still snowing vigorously up to the north. that will continue through about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. should start to wind down after midnight. the rain we get should out between 5:00 and 10:00. and again, it will be a quick moving system, out of here by rr we head into tomorrow, another little minor disturbance rides to our north, giving a little more snow 20 the high country. just how much? futurecast painting about 4 to 6 inches around flagstaff, 3 to 6 around show low, and only ainch or so around prescott. so, again, if you have travel plans coming back south, hit the roads earlier. the early are the bet person 60s today across much of the valley, and 40s tonight.
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extended outlook. 164 degrees. clouds will thicken up. showers coming in here later today. we're looking at after 5:00, so much of the day should be okay. and then tonight, showers should comment, should be out of here by 10:00 or 11:00. winds out of the west, 15 to 25. here comes that cooler weather. low are 60s for monday and tuesday. overnight lows right around 40 degrees by wednesday. some of the outlying areas could even have little light frost >> good morning, everyone. time for your cup of joe. it won't be happy holidays for the arizona cardinals if if they're not battling for play- off spot. the team heading south today to face the explosive 6-4 falcons. it's abc 15's top-ranked defense versus atlanta's number 1 scoring offense. matt ryan having an mvp season,
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those to julio jones who leads the nfl in receiving president peterson has the task of slowing jones down today at the georgia dome. >> no pressure. this guy a great athlete, a great receiver. i just have to make sure i do the things i've been doing all week in practice, put myself in the best position to make a play. >> colorado plays in the pac 12 title game, facing ut touchdown. they're love hing life in boulder. they clinch the pac 12 south, and will face the huskies in next week's conference title game. mymy and how state -- michigan and ohio state. curtis samuel, 15 yard noise win. buck eyes alive and well for a play-off berth, 30-27. number one alabama, number 13 auburn. yes, the iron bowl.
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door. dump off, damion harris, he's really fast. 17 yards for 6. alabama goes to 12-0, and will face florida next week in the s.e.c. title game. championship saturday, months of hard work, sweat, and determination. the season comes down to one game. yes, high school football teams from across the state battling for those state title rings. mount through into the secondary. he has one man to beat, and knocks him out of the way. call it an 80-yard touchdown. pride on top 7-0. conover over 3,000 yards on the season, to caldwell for 6. two-point conversion good. 8-7 chandler. they want more.
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perfectly to caldwell in stride. a 50-yard touchdown. wolves won 15-7, and feeling it. channeledleer with great balance all year. t.j. green get it is for 6. 5a title game, williamsville. the blackhawks love to play power football. senior josh alexander, blackhawks take a 7-3 lead. blackhawks defense interception. he gets stripped from behind, but teammate vaughan has got his back for the touchdown. congrats to coach steve campbell of the blackhawks, as they win their first state title. catalina foothills, setting the tone. short touchdown run. saber cats never looked back. wildcats coach rich rodriguez
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matthews 14-0. suaro is rocking the cool mohawk. now 21-0. jacob visit offer son with a dagger on the purpose return. saber cats make it 4 straight state titles, rolling 42-14. sharpral high, ron valley. eagles came to play. jake dunlap calls his number. two-point conversation, no good. blocks the punt. the fighting elks not going down without a fight. in the 3-ar ranks,
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they win their first state title knocking off sabino. hey, everyone, have a fantastic sunday and workweek. get your christmas shopping
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it's a nonthreatening environment. even though you're test driving with an equity period of time that's going to talk to you about the vehicle, it's institute cell. it's an experience. so it's fun to get behind the wheel. >> oh, man, that bentley, that rose gold bentley. just about a couple of hundred thousand dollars short. so most of the auto show sat the saints convention center,
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microphone was on. you can also try driving or riding if several vehicles wick like the plug. in electric cars. that will be fun. the all-terrain vehicles. so admission is 11 bucks, kids under 6 get in free, and it runs through 7:00 tonight. >> all right. we've got a look at your top headlines at bottom of the hour coming up. >> and then at 7:15, we'lge holiday shopping. then at 7:20 in our look at what we found. cool ideas if for travel, and for your next holiday, and maybe you can knock some people off your christmas list.
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look at that. that will put a mile and on your face. come on in, and let's start the day together. you get ready for the day. we'll get you informed so you cap just get on with it.
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stepped outside this in the morning, it was little bit cool out there. >> yeah, i'm going to go cold. >> because we always have the cool/cold debate. so she's going cold, ladies and gentlemen, so that must mean it's da darn right freezing out there. so? >> it's cool. >> snap. >> some of our areas could have patchy fog, and that is down right cold. today, tow, not too bad. get out again joy half of the day. second half of the day, that's when things start to go downhill a little bit, and you have an travel plans, leave early. the early are the better, because that snow is going to hit by mid-afternoon, and winter weather advisory is in effect above 5500 feet. how much snow? well, before all is said and done, by monday even, we're
6:32 am
great choose for the ski resorts. i'll let you know when we're expecting the rain to hit in the valley coming up a little later. >> let's check your local headlines now. we know more about an officer involved shooting in surprise. we were following this for you yesterday morning as breaking news. one derrick adamy has been identified as the suspect shot by police. we do know it started when someone reported a suspicious vehicle in their neighborho driver got into some sort of an alter case with an officer, who then shot and killed that man. the officer also taken to the hospital, but he has since been released. >> a family of five is looking for a new place to say after flames tore through their home near 27th avenue and rosier. the family was not home at the time. there is extensive smoke damage throughout the house.
6:33 am
toker is future are a kidnapping suspect this morning. take a look at this photo right here. office say alton taylor forced his girlfriend into a car on thursday after an argument. they left an apartment. the one has since been found, but they cannot find taylor. police say he is amped and dangerous. he was last seen driving a red 2007 chevy monte carlo with the arizona if you know anything, call phoenix police or silent witness. >> what is going on over at the mountain here? grinch is ruining one valley tradition. a christmas tree on top of camel back mountain goes up every time this tame of year. so thanks to the nature club, it's been a bit of a tradition. so on friday, a group of 30 people spent three and a half
6:34 am
the top of the mountain. they secured it to a hiking post, decorated it, toasted it with eggnog, but then the holiday cheer kind of weren't away, because someone if the group relayed some very bad news. >> received a text message saying someone cut the tree did down. he thought he was kidding, sent him a picture from a friend that was hiking, and, yeah, it's in not a joke. people are something that people have come to expect, and it's a tradition, and i don't know know why someone would be such a scrooge about it. >> rib, we did a story yesterday about a man who brings out the american flags, and the rangers have to -- >> even orange peals. >> yeah, not to leave anything on the trail. but they say they do plan to bring a new tree back up there, but near not sharing when they plan to do that. >> oh, mystery.
6:35 am
down won't know until you hick up and see it. >> yeah, and the park rangers. >> beautiful idea, though. >> can't hide that, can you? >> and it does look cool up there. >> protecting ellis trump and his family -- president-elect trump and his family is costing a lot of money, and that may not go down anytime soon. that's because the white house is not them only plate the secret service protect 24/7. >> and i would like to thank the secret service. >> reporter: trump tower may be getting a new tenant, the secret service. the secret service is considering renting a whole floor of the same tower in order to establish a 24/7 command post, insuring the safety of the future first family who won't all be moving to the white house in january.
6:36 am
son baron -- medical onia and their 10-year-old son bear license continue to live in trump tower. regardless of when they relocate, the command post atropos tower won't be cheap. the going price for the space? around $1.5 million per year. the price tag is striking, but it's not just the cost that's raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower. so taxpayers would be paying the president-elect for his security. officials tell cnn security plans are still evolving, since many things are up in the air, like when the future first family will he move to the white house, and how often the president-elect plans to visit them in the meantime. >> all right. so still developing. >> yes. >> but this next story, we can all probably have a little chuckle. we're talking about trump tower. for a few minutes, it was not trump tower, the building had something hover a new name.
6:37 am
for very short time google maps showed the building with a typo, as thump tower. >> was it a typo be, or someone trying to make a statement? but it was quickly taken down. someone, of course. no matter how short, it can't be on the the internet, because someone is going to take it. someone took a little screen shot there, and who knows. >> i have a feel intentional than unintentional, especially the timing. >> the timing? >> yeah. >> okay. >> because, you know -- >> way are they changing it anyway, because it's been trump tower for quite a while.
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those soaps and oils are for men.
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delicious. made in san tan valley. just one of the things you can find here at market place 42. tell me about these dips that you make? >> i'm local, out of chandler, and these are all of my party no-bake cheese cake dip mixes, oils dipper. cool onion. just in time for all of the holiday parties coming up. >> absolutely delicious. think i was drooling a little bi of the art, too. >> i am. i do a little bit 0 everything here at market place 42. i stamp jewelry, make bracelets, wine cork necklaces. >> you are always busy, i handling. and i should mention that i kind ouch just picked unone of these beautiful head gears that is hand done. they have little booties and coffee cozies, as well. just great cute stuff.
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might want to get out in the backyard, play some games. they have that for you, too, hand made. >> these are are handcrafted. >> this is tic-tac-toe. it's been a popular seller for us. we have dominoes, we have all kinds of yard games. so it's been great. >> the dominoes are gorgus arizona state real quick, be because you know i won't pass one of those up without mentioning it. and megan is is he harp lady. what do you do here? >> i'm from rustic, part of market players 42. all of my small hearts are $25.
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size here. medium is $35, large is $50. so very affordable. >> reporter: you can find just about anything here. they have things for the home. you name it, they have it. where are you located? >> southeast corner of cooper and warner, behind discount tire. >> reporter: and friday is a very big day, because they are celebrating their one-year anniversary. so an anniversary party is happening this weekend right here at market well, not too bad of a sport to the day out there. look at hat. a gorgeous shot is as the sun comes up. a few clouds, and we'll kind of be in and out of the clouds for the first half of the day. temperatures not too bad. 54 degrees. we're not going to move a whole heck of a lot. 64, and, yes, a little rain coming in later in the day throughout the valley.
6:44 am
afternoon. we'll see snow in the high country, and rain will start to come into the valley after about 5:00. a better chance around 7:00. so get any outdoor activities done. if you have loved ones coming in in, again, a big travel day today, a lot of loved ones might be coming in from the north. if they are, have them leave early, the earlier the better, as the snows will he hit, and the winds will he pick up in the high right now flagstaff, 54 here in the valley, and winds not too bad now. a little breezy in the high country. but our next storm system out to the west, the winds will pick up by this evening throughout much of the valley. and you'll notice a big difference. right now, partly cloudy skies throughout the entire state. our next storm system out in
6:45 am
so we're going to see our temperatures start to take a tumble. one part of that storm system passed through overnight, now lifting off into areas of colorado, again the next storm system bringing to california. great news for them. until then, looking okaying, but as futurecast i shows by about 3:00, the snow starts to fly off to our north. winds goring to pick up. so travel conditions will reteariate the further north you go as we hent and late afternoon. here in the valley, still dry by 3:30, but by this even, that's when the rain comes through. notice how quick, though, it is out of here by midnight, and then another piece of this storm system will he glide through northern arizona, again, dropping a little light snow on the high country, but we'll stay dry here in the valley. just a little window of rain between 5:00 and 10:00 tonight. so any outdoor plans, gets them
6:46 am
country? well, along with that winter weather advisory around 6,000 feet, great news for ski country. that's for sure. great day tomorrow to head up north after the snow starts to wind down. today 60s throughout much of the valley. mid-50s around cave creek and care free. lower 40s to our north. upper 40s throughout much of the ray is yy, but the seven day 64 today with increasing clouds, showers coming in late. winds will he be on the light side, but then really start to pick up after sunset as those showers push in. we'll drop down to 48 overnight tonight, and then the bottom drops out. morning lows by midweek around 40 if in the valley, but i'll tell you what, some of the outlying areas could see some patchy light frost by wednesday
6:47 am
thanksgiving weekend, a lot of fame in town. a lot of movie going this weekend, because you need something to too if you don't want to go shop. this film man which wasser by the sea, honestly one of my favorites of are the year, if casey affleck does not get nominated for an oscar and possibly win the oscar for his roll in this i'll be stunned. it is heartbreaking to watch, i'll warn you, but it is a story of grief, relationships, and so much more, and i >> i don't understand. >> which part are you having be trouble -- >> well, i can't be the guardian. >> i have not cried this much at a weather either. -- theater. >> i remember seeing a movie called silent light. the move yip is completely realistic the whole way through until it turns to magical rilism at the end, when
6:48 am
with, was, like, we should leave, we need to bow. >> when i was a little kid, i saw the elephant man. i was way too young, i think, and i cried my eyes out. i was six years old. probably thought it was real, you know what i mean? it was horror. >> amazing question, thank you so much for this question. same street 12 years a slave, i was with friends, so i didn't cry, but i was crying so much inside. >> what were you like on set city? because it is just so painful to watch you go through what you go through. how hard is it to play somebody who doesn't feel? >> it's like trying to just contain something, you know, under pressure, that's sort of what it's like, and trying to figure out how much you show and how much you don't show,
6:49 am
liquor snout like won't the wall just break down? so you have to, like, constantly be holding the dam up, and anytime a crack appears, you just cover it. >> you can do that anywhere. there's plenty of toilets and clogged up drains all over town. >> casey is so natural and good, but you are just as good. did it just feel natural from the get-go? >> extremely nervous. very, very, very, very nervous. this is from massachusetts with boston accents, and that's casey's thing. as far as i was concerned going into the movie, that was what he specializes in, and it's not my specialty. my specialty is, like, awkward laughter, kind of awkward, really nice person. >> how is joe city? >> he's fine. >> you were not in there a lot, but your performance in the scenes that you're in provide a
6:50 am
you pulled that off. >> i didn't shoot that many daysed on the movie and so i had time to absorb the area and watch casey. i would go walk around the neighbors. i actually wound up in somebody's home, because i was really trying to give a very specific act spent a specific sort of local feeling to something. i just sort of stalked the place. >> i remember someone would say michelle is town, and i would other than kenny. and would say where is she? and they would say she's down at the bar on the wharf. and ii s i didn't ever get to see here. he she was hanging out at the bar, going to a hockey game or something, and i said, well, i guess i'll see her onset. >> matt damon, has he seen the film? >> yeah. >> what did he say to you? >> he said it was really, really good. >> did he cry?
6:51 am
but he might have. >> he might have cried. >> and matt damon was one of the truers, did you know? >> yeah, manchester by the sea is playing exclusively at harkens camel view. >> we have a lot more coming up on the show. the look what we found segment for this one. i think this is maybe a middle sized jenga. >> this is perfect for >> these blocks are 8 times bigger than the ones you got back in the day. so enjoy it. we found it on autism for a 98. >> -- amazon for $98. >> but also found other things,
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here are some tips for staying active during the holiday season. when you're out doing your shopping, choose a parking spot far from the entrance and do a little walking before you begin. make one full lap around the mall before you start. this will give you extra exercise and allow you to window shop before you make your purchases. if you're around small children, take advantage of their energy, play with them, go for a walk, even chase them
6:55 am
enterprise, and the kids will keep you in the holiday spirit. go caroling, take a walk, but be realistic. the holidays are always hectic, and sometimes people have trouble speaking with their exercise routines. if you are can't do your full wednesday and bive workout, that's okay, as long as you don't let it go too long. >> having a couple of glasses of wine would hilt. but any more than that could have an option effect. it was found that people who had one or two alcoholic drinks a day cut their risk of stroke, but people who drank more than that, actually bumped up their risk. so if you don't drink at all, researchers say don't even start now. >> divorce rates in the u.s.
6:56 am
right now, there are about 32 manies for every 1,000 unmarried women over the age of 15. >> wow, 15. >> utah has the highest marriage rate in the u.s. here is the surprise here utah's divorce rate is higher than in he >> which sort of makes sense, if there are more marriages there. the numbers would go together hand-in-hand. >> what are your tips for a good marriage? >> i've only been married for a year and a half. >> post your favorite marriage tips any facebook.. if you are joining us on
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and liting us be a part of your of did day weekend, and you would like to see more, spend some more time with you, flip over to channel 3. and we have how much longer? >> three more hours. >> three more hours of fun. >> and here are some stories we're working for you. at 7:15 how to stay safe in if holiday shopper, and then at 8:15, how do you make your own holiday wreath to get that holiday sm house? >> at 9:15, a new device that tells you when you're hunting over your computer. hunting right now, not standing up --00 everring over your computer. clipped to your lapel. >> and then an amazing story of addle tolar thrown from a car crash found alive in a
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley. this is "sunday morning." cuban dictator fidel castro died friday night as the age of 90. but the task of assessing his legacy has barely begun. we'll be taking stock throughout the morning beginning with a look back at castro the man from


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