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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 9, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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closet underneath the stairs downstairs. now, again, since august 28, they have been looking for the son. how did it take this long? well, you know, we are not being given a lot of information about what happened today. but we can tell you this the fbi went in there today with the hercules police department and this was their first day on the job. so, you know, allen, this is a case, you know, where this brings to six the number of dead bodies related to efren valdemoro the man who eventually was shot and killed by police. it just begs the question, what took so long? >> exactly. >> is it related? >> if they found one body in that house, how could they possibly have missed a second one? >> reporter: and they have been working on this since august 28. that's 12 days. you know, they had another case where two women were found in a house several days after they were reported missing in the very house where they were last seen. so, you know, police have a lot of questions to answer. i talked to doreen matthews the public information officer. they did put out this press
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release but it doesn't say much other than ricardo sales the father was bludgeoned to death and suffered multiple puncture wounds. and they have been looking for his son. authorities have not determined the identity or cause of death of the dead person found inside the residence. but again, robert lyles our colleague reporting that hercules police went back in there today. they found this blood trail, went downstairs and identified a body in a closet under the stairs. so they are working on the identification process. >> and joe, you mentioned those two women who were found dead in another house. one of those married to a man charles rittenhouse the only one alive who can connects the dots, we believe, in this whole mystery. >> reporter: it's a mystery. he is the husband of one of the women. he was released last night from jail and his bond was significantly reduced. police believed at least he may have known something about the murder because after all, how could he have been in the house
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with two dead bodies inside of it, yet at this point they have not been able to release to us exactly what his connection was. >> all right. bottom line here is we have this house in hercules where they have found, they say, a second body. >> reporter: that's right. >> all right. joe vazquez, in the newsroom, thank you for the update. we'll of course be bringing you new information as soon as we get it here into the newsroom at cbs 5. well, we have learned today that a bay area woman who spent more than a year in a jail in iran is going to be coming home. sarah shourd is one of three hikers all uc-berkeley alums that iran accused of spying. simon perez at uc-berkeley and what may be behind this sudden move. simon. >> reporter: well, allen, the families are really taking a wait-and-see attitude with this announcement. they don't want to get their hopes up too high too soon. reporter: the iranian government has confirmed its plan to release 31-year-old sarah shourd, who has been kept in solitary confinement for more than a year.
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sarah's mother norah didn't walk to talk to the media as she left her sister's home in berkeley today. one of the people with her was carrying a suitcase apparently signaling norah's intent to fly east to meet up with her daughter. these are pictures from may when the mothers of the berkeley students were allowed to visit them in tehran. the former students say they were hiking in the mountains of northern iraq last summer when they may have inadvertently crossed the border into iran. they have been held captive ever since accused of spying. the iranian government says the release coincides with the end of ramadan and fulfills a custom of clemency during the holiday. the iranian government hasn't said what will happen to shourd's boyfriend, 27-year-old shane bauer, or to their con pan john, 27-year-old josh fattal, their companion. the mothers said online, we hope and pray that the reports are true and that this signals the end of all three of our children's long and difficult detention. >> reporter: the release is supposed to take place at 9:00 a.m. on saturday morning, allen, in
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the very same hotel in tehran where the mothers were allowed to go visit their children in may. >> all right, simon perez in berkeley, thanks. a sudden reversal from the florida pastor who made national headlines with plans to burn korans. he cancelled the event. we have a story on the change of heart. >> reporter: a florida preacher is calling off his plan to burn copies of the koran on september 11 because he says muslim leaders agreed to not build their community center and mosque near ground zero in new york city. >> if they were willing to move it away from that location, we would consider that a sign from god. the iman has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> reporter: jones may only have 50 people in his congregation, but his plan to burn the book sparked protests
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around the world. the state department warned americans traveling abroad to expect more. this community of roughly 125,000 people really revolves around the university of florida. students had planned to protest saturday. >> this constitutes a hate crime just akin to the ku klux klan burning crosses in the yards of african-americans and jews back during the civil rights movement. >> reporter: neighbors were up set, too. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: stacey brown planned to leave town this weekend because of the book burning. >> i'm concerned about my safety and not only my safety but i also have two little boys. >> reporter: now the gainesville community is breathing easier following the announcement that the man made standing side by side with a florida muslim leader. michael hertzenberg for cbs news in gainesville, florida. but and this is a big but, the planners behind the ground zero mosque deny there is any deal to move the mosque. so who knows how that would impact the man's decision. meantime, a man investing in the mosque today rejected a buy-
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out offer from donald trump. trump says that he made the offer to end what he calls a serious and highly divisive situation. an attorney for the investor called it a cheap attempt to get publicity. right now gay rights activists are blocking a major intersection in san francisco. we're live at castro and market streets in san francisco, where a group called get equal is holding a rally. they want house speaker nancy pelosi to schedule a vote on federal legislation that would ban workplace discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. that bill has been stalled in congress. as you see, the crowd gathering is small. we'll follow that for you as it continues to develop. an east bay man admits he used his small plane to stalk his ex-girlfriend. tom dewey will serve more than two years probation for repeatedly flying his plane at low altitudes over a concord neighborhood where the woman lived. police arrested huey at buchanan airfield when he landed. the judge gave him credit for
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the year in jail that he served since the arrest. a former golden gate bridge district employee is under arrest tonight for allegedly embezzling nearly $100,000. authorities say james brewer allegedly used district credit cards to make unauthorized purchases for his personal use. those transactions were made over a four-year period. brewer was fired last week. >> i was seeking prosecution seeking full resolution? this individual so that the district won't be out any money. >> the bridge district says it will change its buying procedures so that it can't happen again. authorities were able to recover some of the items such as home appliances and home electronics. as for the new bay bridge, remember back when we were told the new span would cost $1.7 billion? well, that's changed. it's now expected to cost $2 billion. bridge commissioners have added $300 million to that original budget. right now, crews are working on the bridge between oakland and
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yerba buena island. the extra money will cover more construction work and problems that may come up during the remainder of the project. the bridge is set to be finished in 2013. and we are getting our first look at a traffic project aimed at easing congestion on i- 680. the 14-mile stretch of freeway over the sunol grade is some of the worst traffic in the bay area. the agency converted the existing carpool lane into the new express lane. a fastrak system will be switched on to collect tolls. carpoolers can still access the lanes for free. the new lanes will open on september 20. a little dog snatched out of a bay area home. how lula was finally reunited with her owners. what brought hundreds of people to a bakery on opening day? it's not just the taste of the cake. ,,
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brought you a few weeks ago. a castro valley couple told us their dog, lula, was stolen from their home, along with jewelry new information on a story we brought you a fe weeks ago. a dog was stolen with jewelry and electronics from a home last month. the theft was part of a string of burglaries in the area. mike sugerman back in castro valley with good news. >> reporter: well, allen, here's something you don't get a chance to do too often a lost
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dog flyer. let's take it down! it's been successful. and it has been quite a story. reporter: this is a happy tale about a happy tail. >> hi! oh!! hi! >> reporter: the tale being told by this man, robert cassidy who shot this video yesterday. the wagging tail belongs to this dog, lula, who was reunited with her family after more than a month. >> freedom. i haven't really, you know, as you saw in the room, we haven't really lived if you will for 32 days i feel. >> reporter: his castro valley home still hasn't been cleaned up since the burglary. he has been putting all his energy on finding lula. our story last month dealt mostly with the crime spree robert uncovered after talking with neighbors while looking for lula. he discovered 14 other homes and cars had been burgled. >> so we have that house. as we come down here, the house -- the green house here. >> reporter: he lost $12,000 worth of stuff but it was lula
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he really wanted back. eventually, he, his wife and friends put up 4800 posters all over the bay area and checked 42 animal shelters from santa rosa to salinas. then a woman who bought a dog at a flea market saw one of the posters one of the last put up on international boulevard in oakland. >> she gave me a description of the dog and i said was there any behavioral thing? she said, well she definitely likes licking ears and that's when i knew it was her. you know, my heart dropped when i heard that. [ dog barks ] >> reporter: the woman didn't want to be interviewed but she will get $1,100 reward money collected. she paid $300 for rule l.a. the suspects in the burglary haven't been found. not clear if they were the same ones selling the dogs. with all the publicity cassidy received, he got hundreds of phone calls, most of them frank. >> my favorite crank call was the guy calls and said, hey, i saw you lost your dog on craigslist. i have your dog. and i'll give your dog back. you're going to have to take a shower with me. i kid you not. [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: but after that real call, all seemed worthwhile. he didn't take a shower with that guy. now, officials say the chances of getting a dog back are much greater if you put a chip somewhere on the dog. and lula is getting one right away. let's take down this one, too. only 4800 more to go. but it's happily done. allen? >> pays to advertise in this case. >> all right, mike sugerman in castro valley. thanks so much. headlines around the bay area tonight. now, police are holding a blood drive. this to help that fremont police officer shot last month in oakland. todd young needed 60 units of blood for his initial surgery. opd says he is going to need more blood for future operation. the suspected gunman is under arrest and scheduled to enter a plea in court later this month. 75 of silicon valley's most influential people are urging major league baseball to let the oakland as move to san jose. the ceos from cisco systems, ebay, yahoo and other companies
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signed a letter of solidarity. it urges baseball commissioner bud selig to let as and the city move forward with a ballpark near hp pavilion. well, say good-bye to a popular perk at a bay area supermarket. rainbow grocery in san francisco's mission district ending coupon day after this month. the 20% off coupons got so popular during the recession, the store says it couldn't keep up with the rush of customers. it's not just her bakery, no. no, this is a heart of oakland. >> the recipe for success that put an east bay favorite back in business. if you live in the statistics i'd be dead already. >> she had chemo and surgery but the cancer still spread. but now hope. the experimental drug that's helping thousands of patients beat the odds. temperatures went up today by a few degrees, and now 10 degrees will be the difference for your friday forecast. whether that means up or down,
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sh s us who came up jacky gleason used to say, how sweet it is! a long-time favorite east bay bakery is back in business and sherry hu tells us who came up with the dough. >> reporter: funny, allen. i have to tell you, it's called a little bit of creative financing. now a number of people own the bakery. and it's the new bakery. and i have to confess right now, i have been coming here since i was a kid. reporter: they came and bought and bought and bought. by lunchtime, the newly owned taste of denmark says it was close to sold out and starting a second round of baking. >> i had very high hopes that this would be the day that everything would be well. it's great to see everybody here. >> reporter: a lot of customers came, not just to satisfy a sweet tooth fix, but because this is where they have come
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for years. the site of the former deldam's is bustling with different owners, different name and recipes. no matter tradition is tradition. >> every sunday, every birthday, every holiday, this is the place we would come to make special orders for cakes and cookies. >> reporter: i'm told 40% of taste of denmark is now owned by the building's owners, 20% will be sold to investors, and the other 40% belongs to former neldam's workers like kathy, who started here almost 30 years ago and she started her own tradition here. her daughter trina has been helping behind the counter for 13 years. >> when you're ready, i can help you. >> reporter: and now her teenaged granddaughter stephanie is on board. for those who have been coming for years, there are still some of the old temptations, the strawberry cakes, chocolate dreams, and cheesecakes. but keep in mind, this, the
5:19 pm
owners emphasize, is no longer neldam's. >> it's a new bakery, a new tradition, and a new birth. >> reporter: it may all be new, but for customers who passed on the tradition from generation to generation, this spot is more than what meets the mouth. >> it's not just a bakery, no. no. this is a heart of oakland. definitely the heart. >> reporter: all right. since i have been coming here since i was a kid, i have who share with you my favorite cake, allen. they call it chantilly now. but it's whipped cream with chocolate cake on the inside and these huge chocolate shavings on the outside. so now, tell you what. why don't you just skip your dinner break and come right over here because i have the knife and the plate ready. this is just one of those cakes where, excuse me, but i would stick my face in it! >> i don't think it will last that long for me to get to oakland.
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>> looks great. >> good! >> sweet dreams of. [ laughter ] >> thank you, sherry hu in oakland. >> i bet that cake weighs more than sherry. that cake was larger than her head! did you see that? >> that's more calorie than anybody needs in one day. >> i don't believe she eats that. she better bring it over here and we'll eat it for her. >> it will go like that! >> you can have your cake and your forecast too. we are going to warm up our live cbs 5 weather camera, paints the picture there. there you have it the bay waters where currently in the city of san francisco it is 61. across the bay bridge 69. air temperatures at 75, winds blowing out of the west at 21 miles per hour. this is your pinpoint -- looks like hi-def doppler has nothing to show you because we have no rain in the forecast. what we do have in the offing is current air temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the humidity is up to 48%. out and about this evening, number-wise we are in the 60s at the coast the bay and into
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the 70s inland. temperatures are warming up with the passage of the trough that brings sprinkles to the bay area yesterday. high pressure is building in. it will scrub out this deck of low clouds and fog earlier tomorrow. but i got to tell you, we we kick-start your friday it's going to be dense for the morning commute. official sun-up at 6:45. we will see the sunny skies inland all the way back to the bay and during the afternoon hours the clouds will part along the coast. now, tonight, overnight lows let's pinpoint them for you. looks like first stop 84 in sacramento for your getaway friday 48 also in fresno 36 in the high sierra. this is what i really wanted to get to. overnight low temperatures we are talking up 50s in veil to the low 50s around redwood city. tomorrow 60s at the beaches, low 70s in oakland to the low 80s around santa rosa. but check this out. concord and livermore at 87.
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friday brentwood 89. warmer on saturday than sunday, when we have a trough pass through. and then the temperatures take a dip on monday through thursday. mypix was sent in by lee from lake merritt. boy, gondola ride. that's a nice way to spend your evening. and i hope you have a nice one. but don't go away,. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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news we brought you at the beginning of show. investig are check on the breaking news we brought you at the beginning of the newscast here. this is investigators at a home
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in hercules where they say they have found another body. now, it could be a fifth victim in the bay area's recent murder spree. this is the same home where a man was found dead less than two weeks ago. sources are telling cbs 5's robert lyles that the body was wrapped in plastic that they found today and stuffed in a closet and a pile of debris. now, they believe that this victim was killed at the same time as ricardo sales, the first victim discovered at the house. ricardo's son frederick hasn't been seen since before the father's body was discovered late last month. so we're keeping an eye on that for you throughout this newscast and at 6:00 tonight. an experimental drug is having some promising results in patients with lung cancer. peggy bunker shows us how it's providing hope to many who thought they had run out of options. reporter: 30-year-old liz doles never smoked and always stayed active so she was shocked three years ago when doctors told her she had lung cancer.
5:26 pm
>> i had a chest x-ray. it revealed a pretty large tumor in my upper right chest. >> reporter: she underwent surgery and chemotherapy which worked for a while but this past february, tests showed the cancer was back and it spread throughout her body. running out of treatment option, her doctor decided to try an experimental drug that only works in about 5% of people diagnosed with lung cancer. the new drug called [ indiscernible ] is most successful in patients who carry a genetic mutation. young non-smokers like dols are more likely to carry it. when the mutation is turned on it helps cancer tumors grow. the drug targets it turns it off and causes tumors to shrink. in testing it has a 90% test rate. >> in a response rate sun precedented in most types of lung cancer. >> reporter: the drug only benefits a small% average patients but doctors hope it
5:27 pm
will lead to other treatments. >> they are defining subtypes of cancer. >> reporter: the pills are helping dols and don't have harsh side effects like chemotherapy. it's not a cure but does give patients more time. >> if you live in the statistics, i'd be dead already. so i feel lucky just to be here right now. >> reporter: if future testing is successful, the drug could be on the market in a year. peggy bunker for cbs news, new york. >> tomorrow night katie couric joins hollywood sports, music starts hosting "stand up 2 cancer" telethon tomorrow night 8:00 right here on cbs 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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couric is next. tonight, more on the surrise decision from a florida pastor. "cbs evening news with katie couric" is coming up next here on cbs 5. and we will be back in 30 minutes. we'll be keeping an eye on this body that police say they have discovered in a home in hercules. so we'll have the latest details on that coming up in 30 minutes right here on cbs 5.


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