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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 5, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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girl. thanks for watching. we'll see you with updates all morning long, "the early show" is up next. terror watch. more terror watch. more countries are now warning the citizens to be on alert for a possible terror attack as the u.s. strikes at tryst training camp in pakistan. pirates in paradise. new questions ss this morning of what happened when a gang of mexican pirates allegedly shot and killed an american tourist on a jet ski. and for an unlucky photographer up close and personal with a shot from tiger woods. here it comes. we'll talk exclusively with him about the smashing moment early this tuesday morning, october 5th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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tuesday, the rain seems to have stopped for now at least here in the big city. good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. >> good morning. i'm maggie rodriguez. the united states and ryder cup -- they were this close to victory yesterday. but among the highlights was a moment when tiger woods was about to chip a ball and a photographer, some distance away, but he -- >> look at that shot, both shots. >> photographer's shot much better than tiger's, let's put that way because the ball supposed to be going over his head. >> that was not the plan? >> not exactly. ahead this morning, do you remember the famous scene in "harry meets sally"? women fool men a lot more than men realize. so we'll give you the details of that ahead this tuesday morning. but first, off the top, the latest on the heightened terror alert. u.s. officials now believe that
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a group of germans and britains planning to plot against european cities. bob orr is following this for us and joins us with the latest. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. u.s. drone strikes inside pakistan apparently targeted operatives training for attacks against europe. sources believe a german terror cell at the center of the current threats and pakistani officials now say that some of those killed were german and u.s. officials caution it's unclear if thashl connected to the plots and say the threats remain active. security forces throughout europe remain on guard as intelligence officials work to stop attacks against major cities. sources say al qaeda and fill yated terror groups are plotting multiple attacks likely targeting transit systems, tourist attractions and popular not els and they fear some have been dispatched and the ill no
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hard, specific information as to timing or targets. >> we're in the middle sequence of this plot where we know it's under way. we know it's directed by al qaeda but we don't know when it may be executed and we don't know who will perpetrate it. >> reporter: japan echoed alert from the u.s. state department warning travelers that much of europe could be a danger zone. german officials called the warnings alarmist. attorney general holder conceded the threat information is vague and added -- >> we have i think sufficient information to justify the issuing of the alert. >> reporter: tourists heard the warnings. >> trying to keep an open view and, you know, i keep my eye out. >> reporter: travelers are not canceling european trips. >> can't give into these threats. you have to stick to your plans. run your course. otherwise they win. don't they? >> reporter: now there is still no intelligence connecting the current european threats to any new plots against the united states. but officials say the long-term
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desire of al qaeda to hit us again is undiminished. maggie? >> thank you, bob. now 7:03. here's harry. >> now to politics. the midterm elections, four weeks from today and the candidates are back home hitting the air waves with some feisty new campaign ads. congressional correspondent nancy cordes has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. and there are a few recent developments that lead democrats to hope that their losses this election season may not be as bad as they had feared. >> this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless wasteful spending. destroying small business. >> reporter: republicans are pouring $2 million into the california senate race. >> killing jobs. crushing hopes. >> reporter: after polls showed democratic senator barbara boxer reclaiming her lead. >> the pundits have already decided that the democrats are losers. we are going to lose lose,
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lose. there's only one problem with that. the voters haven't voted yet. >> reporter: democratic senator pat ri murray has also seen a rebound in her numbers. as have democratic candidates for governor in illinois ohio and california. >> starting to see that around the country because a lot of democrats held their advertising money until the last couple of months of the election when people are paying attention the most. >> reporter: democrats use their fund raising advantage to dominate the air waves in september, mostly with negative personal ads. >> number appeared on the d.c. madame's phone list. >> reporter: at least one republican, tea party-backed delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell has a new ad that challenges the negative press. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard. i'm you. none of us are perfect. >> reporter: but now that october is here both sides are unleashing everything they've got. >> would you lie about serving in a war? >> we have learned something
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very important since the days i served in vietnam. >> dick blumenthal did, again and again. >> reporter: even the president is entering the ad wars. >> new orleans needs senator richman in congress. >> reporter: he taped the first spot of the election season for a democratic congressional candidate in new orleans. and why did that candidate get the special treatment? because he's from one of only about eight districts around the country where democrats are a shot of winning a seat currently held by the gop. harry? >> nancy cordes, thank you very much. joining us is political analyst john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> let's talk about the senate races that are so tight, so important out there. especially this one in connecticut that nancy was just talking about. who are the people and what's at stake? >> richard blumenthal he's the attorney general. long-time politician in connecticut. quite popular. supposed to have the race in the bag.
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linda mcmahon, ceo of world wrestling federation called him a liar. on tv we saw that ad. she is running on the business experience. blumenthal saying in government you can protect jobs too. that's what i have done. >> this was a seat supposed to be so safe. chris dodd held this an eternity almost. >> that's right. in this crazy year where things moved around nobody expected linda mcmahon. she spent a lot of her own money and saying i can make jobs and that's what people want to hear. >> really that makes the difference. hit nevada if you don't mind. this is a really really interesting race too. >> well, harry reid is the biggest target out there. right? incumbent, the leader of the democrats in the senate. he's in trouble. sharron angle at long time assemblywoman or six years, is a tea partynwchu candidate and she was recently caught on tape, there's another tea party candidate eating away at her vote and she had a private meeting saying get out of the race because if you're in the race, you take my
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votes and give harry reid the win. >> also badmouthing the republican establishment which makes it so interesting. she is, you know a personification of this battle within the republican party. >> that's right. to behave in private the way you do outloud, that's what she said. the republicans have no principles slightly awkward she is in washington raising money with those republicans this week. >> all of these senate races i think particularly interesting. manchin, very popular figure as governor in the race of his life. >> democrats thought they would win. this is a red state, though. obama lost it by 13 states. john raese. the f you like business men, elect me. >> this is also robert byrd's seat which is the longest, you know, person to hold a senate seat in the history of the country and not quite a gimme but a gimme for the democrats. >> popular guy.
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long time serving. the byrd coat tails don't exist anymore. >> all right. let's look at the senate then. talk about how many seats are really up for grabs and you can see here are the democrats in charge. here are the republicans in the minority. how many are we talking about? magic number is ten. there are no republican senate seats really in danger but 13 democratic seats in danger so republicans have to take ten of those. they have about six or seven kind of that they can count on. those last three quite tough. some of these democratic senate seats looking better for democrats. >> then let's look at the house then, too. this is -- here undo my drawing. sorry. how many seats? here's the big, blue democratic majority. and the republicans in the minority. what kind of numbers are we talking about here? >> magic number in the house is 39 seats republicans have to take away from the democrats. they've got about 20 25 in the
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bag because of history and because democrats really have seats -- very good 39. have seats in republican districts shouldn't have democratic representatives. that leaves about 15 to 20 that republican haves to take away from democrats. >> here's what's interesting ate. nancy talked about it in her piece this morning. republicans wanted this election to happen today. yesterday. two weeks ago. because there really does seem to be some of the mojo they had built up over the last month or two seems to be eroding a little bit. >> that's right. democrats are coming home. even republicans admit this. democrats usually break late in the campaigns and congress is off the tv. no longer bickering about legislation. congress is quite unpopular. the leaders republican and democrat are unpopular. to the extent they're off the tv, that helps democrats because people aren't reminded of what they don't like. >> that's a plus 39 by the way. all right. i really appreciate it. erica hill is here at the news
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desk. >> i could tell that's a 39. don't worry. good morning. good morning to everyone at home. we begin in the southwest where more severe weather is expected today. yesterday, strong winds and heavy rains hit parts of new mexico arizona and nevada. that rain causing flooding in area east of las vegas. and in phoenix, severe thunderstorms forced more than 30 airline flights to divert from sky harbor airport. lightning struck a house in mesa, arizona. this young man was inside. >> and then you went outside and these big houses were falling down on fire. we were like huh oh. the roof is on fire. >> an accurate assessment there. the lightning sparked a fire. no one was hurt. the federal government is taking a swipe at credit card companies. the justice department suing visa, mastercard and american express yesterday for alleged anti-competitive practices. justice officials say the companies prevented merchants from offering discounts or rebates for using a particular
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card. american express is fighting the suit. visa and mastercard have already settled. in paris, a court found jerome curbielle in one of the biggest market frauds sentenced to three years in prison and repay the staggering $6.7 billion his bank lost. the federal government this morning out with new and tougher crash test ratings for 2011 model cars. the stringent tests include new technologies and a side crash pole for a collision with a tree or telephone pole. of the 34 vehicles tested only 2, four-door bmw 5 series and hyundai sonata got the highest ratings. the lowest to nissan versa. a footage of a woman that survived a horrifying accident. see here on this video, walking in the street. watch now as she gets hit by a speeding car. she was thrown into the air. lands at least 25 feet down the
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street. incredibly, she suffered only minor injuries. and some more video of a daredevil that got very close to a fiery volcano. the video is viral online and shows extreme climber bristol wearing a protective suit just yards from a lake of lava. see him there on the left side of the screen. it's a lake of lava on an island near australia in the south pacific. there are plenty of warnings to tell visitors to keep the distance. he wanted the thrill of venturing inside the volcano. we do not recommend you ever try that. finally, new optimism this morning that the 33 miners trapped deep underground in chile may soon be rescued. seth doane has more. >> reporter: the trapped miners may be freed much sooner than expected. so says chile's president. in a radio address broadcast in chile, he said he hopes they're
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out by mid-october. that could mean the rescue would come two months earlier than originally predicted. at the drill site though, that suggestion was downplayed by the rescue operation's technical chief who said -- i understand that everyone's wish, myself included, is to get them out as soon as possible. however, we cannot afford to run any risks. trapped below 700,000 tons of rock, the miners are reportedly getting laundry service, three hot meals a day, sometimes with ice cream for dessert and believe it or not they can watch tv on a tiny projector. comforts of home lowered through a narrow shaft. they're on regular work shifts half a mile to clear debris from the three rescue tunnels being drilled toward them. exercising to prepare for their rescue and even reportedly getting media training too.
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to deal with the hundreds of reporters expected to cover their rescue. seth doane, cbs news, new york. frito lay is bagging the new snack bag 18 months after it was introduced and unveiled with fan fare. the sun chips bag made of compostible plant material. the problem, though, as you may be able to hear too noisy. people said it sounded like breaking glass. they're working on a better version. the real issue is it made
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>> at 7:17, this's your weather. maggie harry? >> thank you, dave. coming up for us new questions of the murder of the american tourist jet skiing. we'll talk to his distraubt wife. look out we'll speak with a photographer who took this amazing shot. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. where? it's really good. do you see it? it's called hope. hope? yeah. hope. i don't see any hope. i don't see any hope in here. you can't see it there but u can see it here... 'cause every time you get a happy meal or a mighty kids meal some of e monegoes to ronald mcdonald house charities. to help lots of kids and families. hope's good! happy meals. the simple joy of helping.
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[ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. there is a widow in texas this morning who's telling just an awful story about an encounter with pirates on a lake along the u.s./mexico border. she says that they shot and killed her husband as they were jetskiing. but this morning, mexican authorities are poking holes in
7:21 am
her story and we'll have the opportunity to let her respond to that. we'll talk to her and his family in just a few minutes. also the ryder cup has wrapped up and tiger woods, who was kind of a last-minute choice. he was a captain's selection, he golfed really really well. but there was at least one hole in particular where he'd like to have this shot back. this is the shot of a lifetime for a photographer. he's down there, ready to watch tiger woods pitch this ball, and instead of going over his head it goes right into his camera. look at that. click. we're going to talk to the photographer in an exclusive interview in just a little bit. after this. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by subway restaurants. build your better breakfast and grab lunch to go, too.
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a new survey is getting a lot of buzz this morning. 6,000 people between the ages of 14 and 94 disturbing that they
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started at 14 but anyway they were polled about their sex lives and the researchers concluded there's a massive gap between it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. an amber alert across california this morning for an 8-year-old girl kidnapped in fresno last night. elisa cardenaz was winning a light winnie the pooh sweater. an amber alert was issued for a ford pickup with a white stripe. there is no suspects in custody at this time. a fremont motorcycle officer is in the hospital after a driver rammed into him. the suspect crashed a stolen van into the officer and dragged him across two lanes of traffic. a man believed connected to the case was arrested later at the south hayward bart station. muni has adopted a tough policy for its driver after a
7:26 am
high number of sick employees in the summer. now there must be a doctor note to prove sickness. the number of sick calls has plummeted more than 40% due to the new pollingcy. traffic and weather coming right up. 3q health matters to all of us. that's why lysol has started a mission for health.
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with new mom programs, lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit we have a new estimated
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time of opening for the webster tube. 8:00 before they can get the tunnel re-opened between oakland and alameda. it's been closed since midnight after a crash involving a wrong- way driver. so in the meantime, use the park street or fruitvale avenue bridges as your alternate. here's life look at 880 traffic. expect it to back up closer -- farther north here by the coliseum. it still looks okay by the oracle. at the bay bridge backed up to the maze but bart is on time after an earlier power outage that just affected the richmond line. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, includes a minor earthquake 3.3 registered this morning around 6:28, 20 miles east of san jose, 25 miles southeast of livermore. today, partly cloudy skies and the seven-day forecast showing temperatures from lower 60s at the coast to the mid-70s inland.
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welcome back to "the early show," it is 7:30, october 5th. that's a nice-looking family out there. welcome back everybody, how many times have you looked at your cell phone bill and seen all these charges and gone what is that for? i have no idea what this is for. data charges, service characters. we're going to show you thank you read your bill this morning so that you don't get hit with all those hidden fees. >> and this is the real meaning of the word fore. which is basically, get out of the way! a golf ball is headed right for the camera. the photographer, this is right up to the ryder cup on saturday. we have an exclusive interview with the photographer who snapped this shot of a lifetime with tiger woods. >> but first mexican and american authorities are still searching for the body of david hartley. the american tourist and his wife were jetskiing on a lake
7:31 am
that straddles the u.s./mexico border when she says they were ambushed by gunmen. erica hill is here now with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. there are new questions this morning as to exactly what happened. police in mexico want to know if what tiffany hartley says happened was actually what did happen. there is still no sign of american tourist david hartley. this, four days after he was reportedly shot in the head by suspected pirates. it happened on a lake along the mexican border. >> hello? >> ma'am. okay. are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes. in his head. >> reporter: his wife tiffany made that desperate 911 call after reportedly racing to his aid. but says she was chased away by gunfire. >> did you see anybody? >> there were three boats. >> reporter: hartley is now presumed dead. his body though has not been recovered. and now mexican authorities are questioning whether the attack took place at all. saying, quote, we are not sure. we are not certain that the
7:32 am
incident happened the way that they are telling us. why hartley's body has not been found, especially after they were told he was wearing a life vest. and also why there's no sign of his jetski. in fact no physical evidence a crime was committed. security experts say americans traveling to mexico or other potentially dangerous regions should stay alert. >> be aware of what the local conditions are. what the threats are. what you need to know. >> reporter: meantime, in hartley's home town of loveland colorado amid the questions there is mourning. >> i assumed david had had an accident. because he likes to go fast. but, then he said no he was shot. >> reporter: what exactly happened to david hartley remains a mystery. >> tiffany hartley said they were about three miles in the mexican side of the lake when all of this happened. again, the investigation continues this morning. and there are further questions so we'll look for further updates. >> all right, erica, thank you. tiffany hartley joins us from
7:33 am
texas this morning along with david's mother and father pam and dennis, and his sister niki. my condolences to all of you. thank you so much for taking the time this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> you're welcome. first off, tiffany, i would like to give you the opportunity to respond to these new questions that the district attorney in mexico is raising. he's saying that he's not sure that things happened the way that you claim, because there's no evidence of a shooting and they would have found david by now because he was wearing a life vest. i know that must be very difficult for you to hear. but can you understand why they're asking these questions? >> i can understand why they would be asking the questions. but, they haven't been looking, either. as far as we know we don't think they have been looking. and there is -- we understand the possibility that the people who did this probably have him.
7:34 am
and that's why maybe they can't find him. >> pam and dennis as david's parents, what do you think about the direction that this investigation is taking? pam? >> we need to get on the mexican side to search for david. there's been no searching on that side much the lake. i mean, we're pleading to mexican president, to governor perry, to president obama, to hillary, help us bring our son tiffany's husband, home. it's like we need to get over there and hunt for him. if nobody's hunting, how can he be found? >> niki i see you holding your sister-in-law's hand. do you support her 100% this morning? >> 150% 1,000%. there's no doubt in our mind we
7:35 am
stand behind her. she's just not a sister-in-law, she's a sister. >> tiffany, you were returning from a day of sightseeing with david when this happened. i know that you had lived in mexico for three years before moving back to the u.s. a couple of months ago. did you know that there had been a spate of robberies on the lake? and did you have any concerns about going out that day? >>
7:36 am
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up next look out. we'll speak exclusively with the photographer who survived this mild shot by tiger woods. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ quinn ] my name is quinn and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with
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tiger woods was in wales, playing for the ryder cup this weekend, even though the americans did not win, he made some amazing shots over the course of the tournament. this one was yesterday. wow. take a look at that ball runs right in the cup. he played extraordinarily well. but it's one bizarre shot that has a lot of people talking. take a look at this. a miscue i mean he chunks this ball leads to tiger's shot heading directly at the photographer. and luckily, the photographer survived the encounter and joins us now to tell us about it in an exclusive interview. and mark pain is that photographer. good morning, sir. >> hi harry. >> so this was saturday right? and tiger was in a foursome? >> yes. this was saturday. the middle day of what is the ryder cup, and he's played his
7:41 am
second shot and there is a lot of water on the 18th at celteric manor. he landed on the side. a big place was made cleared to have the shot and us photographers, we knelt down by the spectator seats, and were just waiting for him to normally chip in within two or three inches, but not this time. >> right. and we should explain because of the way that he was shooting, you know to the green, and was what we would call a chip shot. it was a short shot. and something that was -- the ball, the trajectory of the ball, was to go up like high up in the air, and instead of going high up in the air and over your head, what happened? >> he sort of normally you know, 99 times out of 100 or probably with tiger 999 times out of 1,000 he would chip that within two or three inches of the hole. and when we're working with tiger, we've never had any
7:42 am
problems getting that near to him, because we know there's never going to be an issue. but, all the grass had been trampled by the spectators and he just seemed to catch it really wrong, and it digs out to his right, and it just headed straight towards me hit my camera, then hit me and landed at my feet. >> wow. >> and tiger's face he couldn't believe it. i think he couldn't believe he'd taken that shot really. >> there's the second shot. the shot after the ball hits the camera, he's looking like this is not the way i planned this. yeah. >> his face looks like thunder, doesn't it? he's not happy. >> let me ask you this because as you were setting up you're kneeling down in front of him, did tiger or his caddie steve williams say anything to you like, you're really too close or you need to move back a little bit? >> they did for a little while, then we all moved back. tiger's caddie steve, he's got a reputation for being very very strict with us photographers. you know. but we were all in a perfect
7:43 am
passion. the marshals had agreed where we were and everyone was absolutely fine. there was a very wide angle for him to play a shot in towards the green. so, you know didn't work out. >> how did you have the presence of mind or did you have the presence or was it just instinct that made you click the shot? >> it's pretty much instinct. because as a photographer it's a great moment there to see tiger amongst the fans so close, and it's great for them as well, to see it. but you're totally focusing on tiger, his expressions because, once the ball goes past you you still have moments to capture. he can cut away. do whatever he normally does. but you just focus totally on tiger. >> and the camera is okay? you have the camera with you? it didn't break the lens? >> the camera's fine. nikon d3s. it's taken a bit of a knock but it's absolutely perfect. >> and what a story to tell. mark pain thank you very very much for sharing your story and showing that spectacular picture. we do appreciate it. >> thank you very much.
7:44 am
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oh, god. oh, yes! yes! yes! yes, yes, oh! oh, yes! yes! oh, yes! yes! yes! yes, yes, yes! >> turns out, sally -- meg ryan i was going to call her sally, meg ryan is not the only woman in america who can put on a performance like that. everybody's talking about this new survey out of the indiana university's center for sexual health promotion. it's not a scientific survey. it was sponsored by trojan condoms. but it is very interesting because it found that 85% of men
7:48 am
when asked if their partner climaxed during sex believed that they had. but only 64% of women actually had. which means -- >> or said they had. >> right, said they had. 21% of men have been misled. >> isn't this the whole thing about lying we were talking about the other day. >> does this surprise, anybody? >> no. no. in all honesty, if you think about in popular culture how often this particular subject is brought up and this is always sort of the punch line to the joke. oh, she was faking it. >> right. >> well as they say, sometimes stereotypes joke they're based in reality. >> why would women lie? >> that's the bigger question? >> why would women -- >> to make the man feel good. because the man feels like a man. >> right. >> if the woman says that. >> i don't -- >> but i think it does highlight a problem in marriages. why don't you feel comfortable enough in your marriage to just say, that's not really working
7:49 am
for me. >> you're inadequate darling. >> no! see that's the way -- >> something you could address more in a marriage than you could, perhaps, in a relationship where you're not quite at that point yet. >> yes, true. anyway. 6,000 people were surveyed and the reason they included 14-year-olds is because they also studied condom use, and teenagers who are having sex are having safe sex, the majority of them. so parents, now you're aware. >> don't lie. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:52 am
coming up we have a segment we like to call fat fact or fiction with our dr. jennifer ashton. some common myths and some common realities that people aren't sure about regarding fat. like, can you spot reduce? we'll see when we come back.
7:53 am
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b-s five... i'm elizabeth wenger. it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. we have breaking news update on the 8-year-old girl who was abducted from her home in fresno. apparently, she has been found safe and sound. that is according to our sister station in fresno. now, police say her kidnapper is still at large. an amber alert was issued this morning statewide. fresno police say the suspect is a white or hispanic male in his 20s, around 6 feet tall with a shaved head. he was driving a red or brown older model ford pickup that has a 6" wide white stripe. a fremont motorcycle officer is in the hospital this morning after authorities say a driver intentionally ran him down. a stolen van slammed into the
7:56 am
officer yesterday. the officer and his bike were dragged across two lanes of traffic. police later arrested a person described as an associate of the suspect. we have traffic and weather in just a moment. stay with us. [ instrumental music ]
7:57 am
good morning. well, we just got an update from chp. the webster street tube is re- opened as of 10 minutes ago so the one way tube connecting oakland into alameda has been re-opened after a major injury crash involving a wrong-way driver and it was shut down for
7:58 am
almost 8 hours. all right. let's show you where the congestion is. slow approaching the 880 interchange and slow towards cupertino. bay bridge backed up to the maze, very slow commute and the metering lights are on. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for this morning, got some sunshine out there, this is a shot from our mount vaca cam with some clouds, as well. also had a minor earthquake at 6:28 east of san jose about 20 mice and about 25 miles southeast of fremont. that hit about 3.3 magnitude. here's a look at what we're expecting today as far as your temperatures and your conditions. lower 60s along the coast. upper 60s around the bay and the mid-70s inland. those temperatures still below average and they will remain below average through friday. plenty of sunshine though expected with warmer weather for the weekend.
7:59 am
[ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
8:00 am
there you go ah, there you go. i heard that. i heard that. we have people here from hawaii from alabama and toronto. >> chicago. >> a guy from costa rica. >> yes. >> what's the saying? [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> which means? >> pure life literally translated, but do everything 100%, jump in full force. >> just like us every day. >> that's it. >> all right. [ speaking in foreign language ]. did i get it right? >> great. >> welcome back to the "early show." i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. coming up, soccer a great sport, especially for kids all over the country. this is a very important issue.
8:01 am
sometimes what happens. look at this. these portable goals get knocked over. it's really important to set them correctly. kids not only get hurt they get killed as a result. of course, you're not wearing a helmet or any kind of protection. the thing comes over it's what you do not want to happen. susan koeppen will be along with advice lew to make sure you keep yore kids safe. also ahead, dr. jennifer ashton with how much we really know about weight gain. we'll separate facts from fiction when it comes to fat with questions like -- whether thigh fat is healthier than belly fat. new research making experts rethink their long-held beliefs about weight gain. first back inside and check in with erica hill at the newsdesk. >> good morning once again an good morning to everyone at home. the midterm elections now just four weeks away. it is time for candidates to make that final push and they are doing just that. cbs news congress' correspondent nancy cordes join us us from capitol hill with the latest.
8:02 am
nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it's october, which means it's debate season, and one of the most highly anticipated debates took place last night in connecticut, where a wrestling mogul is running for senate. >> that's lie. you know that's a lie. i never said it it's in your ad and that's just wrong, so let's take that off the table. >> reporter: former wrestling ceos linda mcmahon and richard blumenthal faced off over her stand on the minimum wage. >> when asked by reporters about the minimum wage and whether to cut it she said she would have to look at it. >> reporter: just hours before the debate, mcmahon released a new ad about blumenthal's much publicized misrepresentation of his military service. >> would you like about serving in a war? >> we have learned something very important today that i served in vietnam. i served -- >> again and again. >> the fact of the matter is i
8:03 am
take accountability for my misdoing. my opponent has not done so. >> reporter: tea party favorite christine o'donnell sun veiling a new effort to fight the past that has been haunting her. >> i'm not a witch. >> the campaign beset by witchcraft questions ever since a late-night confession surfaced. >> i was dabbling in witchcraft in buddhism. i would have become a harry krishna but i didn't want to become a vegetarian. >> reporter: since winning the primary, o'donnell says nobody's perfect and suggests she's just like everybody else. >> i'll go to washington and do what you would do. >> reporter: and in another campaign twist today, the donald. donald trump, who was appearing on msnbc this morning said that he is "absolutely thinking about running for president in 2012." erica? >> wow. that will keep everybody busy.
8:04 am
cbs's nancy cordes from thrill. thanks. other news on the terror threat in europe. this morning 11 suspects were arrested in france. they were allegedly involved in arms trafficking and aiding extremists returning to france from afghanistan. germany says it has evidence that at least 70 german nationals trained at camps in pakistan and that more than one-third are now back in europe. pakistani officials say eight germans who may have been training for attacks were killed by a u.s. missile strike yesterday. five men in this country are hospitalized with gunshot wounds this morning in gainesville, florida, after a shooting spree left two others dead. police say 24-year-old clifford miller jr. shot and killed one man yesterday and then drove through his neighborhood shooting and wounding five more. in the end, miller took his own life. highway safety officials issuing crash test results for 2011 model cars. tough new testing system. the stringent new tests include a size crash pull.
8:05 am
a simulated collision way tree or telephone pole. of the 34 vehicles tested just two, the four-door bmw 5 series and hyundai sonata had the highest rating of five stars. the nissan versa received the lowest. just two stars. prince william has flown his first helicopter rescue mission. prince william was copilot on a royal air force sea king helicopter. on saturday it carried a seriously ill crew member from an offshore gas production rig to an ambulance onshore. all went down in windy conditions. the prince will serve as a search and rescue pilot for three years. here's katie couric now with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." good morning. as the health care system braces for a new wave of patients could nurses be the answer? what the changing face of health care may mean for your next checkup. that's tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." and dave price is standing by now on the plaza with another check of the weather. back from assignment.
8:06 am
>> hey, erica. it is -- it is look at this. she's wearing like a babushka. >> i'm cold. >> where are you fr
8:07 am
this weather report sponsored by chrysler. and that's a quick look at your weather picture. maggie, send it back inside to you. >> thank you, dave. up next surprising new
8:08 am
research that changes what experts have long believed about gaining weight. the new skinny on fat when we return. this is "the early show" on cbs. arker, want to race home? bet i could beat you there. [ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features, like the parkview rear back-up camera... hi, sweetie. there you are. [ male announcer ] ...electronic vehicle information center and rear cross path detection system, now available in the safety tech package the chrysler town & country is a safe bet to make. ♪ ♪
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power of the home depot. try it for yourself. get your own 8-ounce sample of the number one-rated behr paint. now, just $2.94. i in this "health watch," the facts about fat. two new studies shedding light on why it's so tough to shed those pounds. dr. jennifer ashton is here. a fat fact or fiction test. the first one, fact or fiction, everybody, thigh fat is healthier than belly fat. what do you think? >> i'm going to guess, yes, only because i've always heard how bad belly fat is. >> that's good. the message is getting out there. we've heard that in the recent tests that belly fat, or fat that accumulates around our midsection really is a significant risk factor for our health all of the obesity complications like diabetes insulin resistance, heart disease, goes up as our
8:12 am
waistline goes. recent study out of mayo clinic was interesting. they compares where people gained weight where they gained fat and found those who gained fat on lower body specifically thighs, talking men and women, may, get ready, may actually have some protective factors against those obesity complications. we're not trying to imply that you want -- >> that fats a good thing. >> -- that you want to gain fat around your legs but an area we'll be seeing more research in. stay away from gaining weight in your midsection. >> isn't it true the more belly fat you have the greater chance it's between your organs. >> exactly. when we do c.a.t. scans, you can see fat between those organ. it's called visserceral fat, and that's dangerous for your health. >> question two, fact or fiction, you can spot-reduce fat. absolutely not, i've been trying to get rid of this post-pregnancy pooch. >> most people know this, but in
8:13 am
the past people did think you could spot reduce that was the term. but most people know that everyone is individual where they lose weight tends to be characteristic for them. a lot of people lose it in their face first, and the saying is we're not doing crunches or face exercises. bottom line lose weight gradually throughout your body with individual differences taken into account. some people may gain it or lose it faster in their legs but definitely cannot spot-reduce. >> fact or fiction, number three, sleep loss can limit fat loss. well this one i confess, i saw the study out today which confirms that i already knew because we live it on the schedule, absolutely true. >> exactly. we have been hearing more about this because not only does america have an obese didity problem, america has a sleep problem. this study looked at people who dot more or less than 8 1/2 hours of sleep, their cartarget number. those who got less than 8 1/2
8:14 am
during night were hungrier during the day and they lost 40% muscle mass. which is a problem, you want to keep lean muscle mass. it works two ways. you'll be hungrier during the day and limit your fat loss and lose muscle. big problem. >> does anyone realistically get eight hours of sleep anymore? >> i do. >> you do? >> but that's because i go to bed at 9:00. everything's a trade-off. sleep is critically important. it does stimulate the hunger hormone during the day. when dieting, diet exercise and sleep. >> yeah. a perfect world. >> exactly. >> let's get to the next question. fact or fiction, you can work off a month of bad eating. a lot of people with the holidays coming up are going to be eating poorly around thanksgiving and christmas. i'm going to say fact. >> you actually cannot work off a month of bad eat, sorry. very important, i want to emphasize, it's never too late to reverse bad habits or damage from say, a month or two months
8:15 am
of bad eating and no exercise. this study found that the damage done in our bodies in our fat cells, persists even up to months or years after you have that bad month. so really it's day-to-day hour-to-hour meal-to-meal you want good habits in place for all of the time. >> dr. jennifer ashton really good stuff. >> the deadly danger facing your kids on the soccer field. important information that all parents need to know, when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. cbs "health watch" sponsored by prevacid 24 hour.
8:16 am
8:17 am
as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. we have to make due with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how that works for you.
8:18 am
more than 14 million kids of all ages play organized soccer in this country. but there is a serious safety hazard on the field that could be putting them at risk. "early" show consumer correspondent susan koeppen is here with an important warning for parents. >> good morning, harry. the problem is with portable goals. there are half a million of them being used today. they can weigh up to 400 pounds. and if they aren't secured properly, they can tip over. >> he loved soccer. he was awesome on the field. >> reporter: 10-year-old hayden ellias was a star soccer player. but during a game playing goalie, something went terribly wrong. >> we could see him laying lieless on the ground with the goal on top of him. >> yes, my son is in a goal down at millbrook high school and he is down. >> what's wrong with him? >> a goal has fallen on him. >> what fell on him?
8:19 am
>> a goal. >> i knew it was bad. >> reporter: somehow, the goal had tipped over crushing hayden. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i really at the time thought it was a freak accident. i was calling it a freak accident. but it's not a freak accident. >> reporter: according to the consumer product safety commission, 34 children have been killed by soccer goal tipovers since 1979. 200 kids are injured every year. >> it's something that can happen -- >> in an instant. >> reporter: kevin kaye is a certified soccer referee. he showed me just how easily a soccer goal can tip. >> you think i can be able to push this over? >> absolutely. >> oh, yeah, there it goes. wow. and i didn't push that very hard at all. soccer goals, which are heaviest in the front, can sometimes tip over without warning. in other cases, they tip when kids swing on them. these are videos we found on youtube. of teens doing just that.
8:20 am
to protect players, goals are supposed to be weighted down. with sandbags or held down with stakes. so the bags are on it's weighted down. you can actually hang from this and it won't tip over? >> that's correct. and if i put weight on the front of this goal you'll see it's not going to go. it's not going to swing. >> reporter: kaye says referees are required to check goals before every game. >> check the goal for sturdyness. >> reporter: to make sure they're properly secured. so if you don't see any of these things holding down a goal. what should happen? >> either find an option to weight that goal down or no game. >> reporter: as for mary ellias after her son died in 2007 she started a website called hayden's goal. to educate parents on how they can keep their kids safe on the field. >> i promised hayden his death would not be in vain. because nobody else should have horrible memories. >> and mary has other children who play soccer.
8:21 am
she and her family they always which sandbags with them to games, in case they encounter unanchored goals. harry? >> i would say, especially at practices, parents, how can they get involved and make sure their kids stay safe? >> if you're taking your child to the field, and whether it's a practice scrimmage game whatever, do your own survey. walk around the goal and take a look. you may feel like you're being dramatic, but your kid's safety is at risk here. and you're a certified soccer referee. i know that you do that. you walk around. >> any time you get ready to ref a game you survey the entire field. the most important thing to do is go to those goals, and as the ref in your piece said if that is not secured properly, you don't start the game. >> we found the videos on youtube of the kids hanging on the goals and they're laughing as they tip over. but i've seen cases where, in hayden's case, he died. i've seen kids with broken legs have had serious contusions. so it's a really serious matter. >> it looked like just as a point of fact especially with those more portable types of
8:22 am
goals, just how easy was it? >> it was not hard at all. i mean, i was actually surprised how easy it was to tip over that goal. i used two fingers, and just one gentle push, and the thing tipped over. and that was a pretty substantial goal. for an indoor soccer field, but it was pretty big. >> all right. these are things that parents really need to keep in mind. and you know there's not always a ref. and there's not necessarily always a certified coach out there. when i got my ref certification, the most important part, along with the laws of the game was safety certification, and we're not allowed to go out there without certification. >> take matters as a parent into your own hands. you're putting your kids out on the field. you want to make sure they're safe. do a quick survey. >> susan koeppen as always thank you so much. for more on soccer safety all you need to do is go to our website, that's and still ahead on "the early show," the social network is already becoming the must-see movie of the year.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
old girl who from her home in it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. an 8-year-old girl abducted from her home in fresno has been found safe. an amber alert was issued statewide. police believe they have the kidnapper in custody. a fremont motorcycle officer is in the hospital after police say a driver rammed into him. the suspect crashed a stolen van into the officer and dragged him across two lanes of traffic. so far, no arrests have been made. police have doubled the reward for the gunman who shot a young girl in east oakland last week. it is now $10,000. 6-year-old leslie ramirez was sleeping in her family's home when someone opened fire. she's now recovering. police think the shooting was gang-related. traffic and weather right after this.
8:26 am
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laer r a editard mpan ned llio ev decvingenio. exetive for edaty leers, harr's nk g bilons fromhe wl stet blout dad haer -helpg rporionsip pple f. reco we n't ford we nd jey mcrney sml bunessn, voti agast ngreionapay creas and fusi to ke tm, andi up r wh's rht.i'jerrmcneey d i prov thimesse. we got word of caltrain delays. southbound train 218 has been cancelled. we are not sure why. but bart, ace, muni, they are all reporting everything on time. here's a live look outside 880 through oakland right by the coliseum. everything is looking good this morning. this is usually when it starts to bottleneck but so far, so good heading up into downtown oakland and if you have not heard the webster street tube connecting oakland and alameda
8:28 am
has been re-opened. i'm going to try to click past. this there we go. here's a live look at traffic out of san jose. tight squeeze on the northbound lanes of 280 approaching the 880 interchange. the golden gate bridge our bright spot not too bad across the span coming from marin county. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for this morning, got some sunshine out there, plenty of it and also got a nice day expected just a few clouds along the coastline there. and here we go. highs at the coast in the lower 60s. upper 60s at the bay and mid- 70s inland. temperatures still slightly cooler than average. that's going to remain the trend wednesday, thursday and friday but take a look at that weekend. things warming up just in time for the weekend. i couldn't have planned it any better with plenty of sunshine expected both days. monday also looking good too.
8:29 am
[ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approved this message.
8:30 am
not a huge crowd, but boy are they loud! and energetic, and we appreciate that. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. dave was noting that either one of us is a wuss for wearing a coat or a genius. >> maggie may be the genius. >> i'm going to go with that. because it's very cold. >> i would share my coat if it was a little bigger. >> that's okay. >> we've got a lot coming up this chilly morning here. i heard of some couples who are getting married next sunday because it is 10-10-10. but it's also a great day for travel deals. it has been a century since the calendar aligned that combination and people are taking advantage of that. peter greenberg is going to tell us how travel providers are
8:31 am
using the gimmick to your advantage. wouldn't you rather be there right now than here? >> yes. let's get that travel deal for the entire show staff. >> yeah. when we logon to facebook on our small computer screens, well the movie about its creation is now burning up the big screen. i know that was a bit of a stretch. >> no, it's good. >> okay, all right. "the social network" was number one at the box office opening this past weekend, and its stars jesse eisenberg, and justin timberlake are with us this morning to tell us all about it. >> looking forward to that. also here this morning, chris kimball who is going to share some of his favorite recipes from another important date 1896. >> he's not that old. >> for real. no. he's actually taken the popular "fannie's last supper" from that time he's recreated recipes using tools, techniques, he's got them all and he's going to share them with us. >> how much do we love chris
8:32 am
kimball? >> a lot. he's got a flame burning on 59th and fifth and the stove is going at this point, as well. >> now we turn things over to our resident poet dave price. >> nice to see you guys. good morning, everyone. why don't we take a check of the weather, see what's happening all across the country, shall we? it's a good day for a flame or a fire. why? because it's chilly in sections of the country. from the midwest, where in places like minnesota, and into missouri, as far south as missouri, you're seeing a frost this morning in some locations. out west in the southwest, we're talking about some heavy rains and the possibility o
8:33 am
and at 8:33, that's your latest weather. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by disney's "beauty and the beast" diamond edition. now available on blu-ray and dvd combo pack. >> few films this year are getting as much attention and critical acclaim as "the social network." it's being called the movie facebook does not want you to
8:34 am
see. and it takes viewers inside the complex world that brought 500 million friends together while tearing numerous relationships apart. jesse eisenberg stars as facebook founder mark zuckerberg. and justin timberlake plays its former president. >> facebook is cool. that's what it's got going for it. >> yeah you don't want to ruin it because that's not cool. >> it's like you're throwing the greatest party on campus and someone's saying it's got to be over by 11:00. you don't even know what the thing is yet. how big it can get. how far it can go. this is no time to take your chips down. a million dollars isn't cool. you know what's cool? . >> a billion dollars. >> and jesse and justin are with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> almost all i've been talking about since i saw the film. it's so stunning. >> me too. >> seemed to me to be what wall street was to the late '80s this is to our time now. this sort of window in.
8:35 am
for both of you -- >> that's a compliment. >> well it seemed to be the truth to me. both of you guys play real people. how do you prepare to play mark zuckerberg? >> a few ways. the first is to go off this wonderful script that aaron sorkin wrote this incredible script and created these amazing characters who like you said are based on real people. in addition to using his scripts there's countless videos and interviews with mark zuckerberg. he's a very public person. >> so you looked at that? >> i watched everything i could find of course. >> you play sean parker who famously or infamously created napster and had a very interesting life thereafter. >> sure. >> is that him or is that an amalgam of people you've met in an interesting business life? >> you mean in performance of the character? >> yeah. >> i -- i kind of boringly mirror what jesse had to say about how this kind of played out. i think it's important to point
8:36 am
out that aaron sorkin who is not only dazzles you with his dialogue, his research on these people was overwhelmingly accurate. and he spent a lot of time -- >> there's a certain sort of smarm factor to your character. >> i don't want to pretend that i know who this person really is. because i've never spent time with him. >> right. >> that would be irresponsible as a human being to assume. >> sure. >> i can tell you that what i found in the film was a lot of tasty things to play with in the character for sure. >> you do smarm well. >> i will -- >> take that as a compliment. >> my mother will be very proud that you said that on national television. >> on and off-screen, really. >> it is all the same. >> as you exhibited, as you looked at so much that's been written about it just in the last couple of weeks and even months what is it like to be in the middle of -- of this
8:37 am
phenomenon? >> i feel like any time you work on a movie you kind of think it's the greatest thing in the world. and then it comes out and the audience tells you otherwise. you know. this has been kind of the next experience where you feel pride doing it is kind of shared by the audience. that's really a nice experience. >> do either of you know really anything about a social network, or i can't imagine either of you are actually on facebook? >> we don't personally. >> have you looked over somebody's shoulder to see what it's like? >> yeah but they were like hunched over and i couldn't see. >> yeah. >> literally this close. >> you also have going back to aaron sorkin this script is like kind of on fire brilliant and some of the great, the lines that both of you get to deliver, you don't get to deliver them in very many movies very often. >> forever. >> as the case may be. >> yeah. >> the other thing that is
8:38 am
along with this being such an important sort of conversation that it's engendered in the culture, is, you know it's created this sort of deafening oscar buzz. what is it like to try to think in the midst of the deafening oscar buzz? >> very awkward and uncomfortable. >> well, i don't know if it's possible to like speculate, you know, what awards it might, you know, kind of receive. but we're just happy that the reaction is really nice to the movie. >> yeah, yeah. it is -- it's what i said at the very beginning. it's like an almost like a gangster film but it takes place -- i mean there's so much energy in it i guess. >> i think it helps. i think it helps that you have such a masterful filmmaker, you know behind it and sort of pulling the strings on it.
8:39 am
obviously thrilled us with filming that he put out. he has a way of filming in a very, very smart way. >> really fun stuff. really fun stuff. you ever going to make a record again? >> i don't know. i -- >> come on. >> i'm sure at some point i'll make a record. i don't know what capacity -- i obviously love making music. >> yeah well it's been several years now and people want to know. >> well i can tell you that when i know, you'll definitely know. >> we'll take that as a maybe. >> it's a strong maybe, though. >> all right, very good. great to see you both. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> phenomenal movie. >> thank you. >> all right. now here's maggie. >> all right, harry, thank you. on our top ten list of dates on the calendar this sunday's could just be number one. it's 10-10-10 october 10th, 2010 and that is sparking some travel promotions that could save you a whole lot more than ten bucks. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here with the details. good morning. >> good morning, maggie.
8:40 am
>> so these deals are a perfect ten, would you say? >> but you've got to put them in some historical perspective. let's go back to july 7th of '07, 7-7-7, that was a lucky day. and more people get married or engaged on that day. the travel industry took note of that. three times more than on a normal day and there were a lot of wedding promotions around that. so now 10-10-10 a wonderful opportunity move unsold inventory. it's a nice gimmick. >> ah. that's what i'm going to say. who cares if it's a gimmick if i'm really going to save money. >> that's right. >> is there one, i know you've been doing a lot of these. the number one deal to be had? >> well, it's actually in the turks and caicos. it's a hotel called the tuscan. >> what day of the week is that? >> sunday. you can book it between now and then but it's good for a long period of time until about december 23rd. they'll give you an airfare credit of up to $1,010.10 for whatever you paid to get down there. that's a great deal. >> that is a great deal. you also found some great hotel
8:41 am
deals that don't include the travel. just accommodations. >> that's right. if you stay at a number of marriott or renaissance hotels in the caribbean or mexico you pay the regular rate for one night, each succeeding night, ten bucks. not bad. if you're in the renaissance -- >> are they jacking up the first night's price? >> no it's the regular rate. but you advertise it the regular rate is $215 plus $10, now it's just $108 so not bad. right here in new jersey they've got a deal called triple tens. this is for people who are really feeling lucky. >> it's a casino. >> you stay on the tenth floor, and they give you about $310.10 deals with discounts on manicures and pedicures. but your gaming losses are your gaming losses. >> right. >> and then in belize, there's an interesti i one there $110 a night for the room there. but that's also good through next year to march 31st. you've got to book it now. but it extends. >> that's smart. >> if you want to upgrade that is $1,10.10.
8:42 am
that number just keeps coming back. and the coolest one, though is on the website they've got a deal in the dominican republic $10 a night all-inclusive. >> have you seen this place? >> it's really nice. it includes the room. >> okay. fantastic. a lot of people are jump on that. all right you created a sort of a grab bag of the best deals out there. there's one in st. martin 10% discounts. there's a crazy one -- >> this is a 10% discount on the wedding package? >> it's good until november 10th. so if you think fast. >> all right. >> i said it was a gimmick. hotel victor they're doing a facebook deal right, they're going to try to get 10,000 fans. when they get to the 10,000th fan, if you're that person, you get ten free nights. but this is the one, you want a silly one? >> yeah. >> coco key water parks. if you're celebrating your 10th birthday or your 100th birthday they give you free admission. if i live to be 100, i'm not
8:43 am
going to a water park i'm sorry. >> why not, peter? >> it will be the final slide. that's it good-bye, done. >> perhaps. >> but the 10-year-olds will -- >> exactly. >> will take advantage of that one. are there deals to be had every time of year? things that you should be asking for regardless of the date? >> regardless of the date here's what you need to do. advertising point is only a departure point. ask, can my kids stay free. can my kids eat free? and in urban hotels or resorts will they throw in free parking. it's a huge deal. remember an unsold room is revenue they'll never recoup when the sun rises. ask and guaranteed. can my kids stay free eat free and throw in free parking. >> awesome. thank you, peter. thanks maggie. the american kitchen was a very different place back in the 1890s when fannie farmer wrote the best-selling cookbook of that period. now christopher kimball has explored her work in his new book, "fannie's last supper."
8:44 am
using the ingredients and techniques of the victorian age to recreate the finest dushs of that time. he's here to share some of his favorite recipes from the book. chris, good to see you, man. >> pleasure to see you. >> talk a little bit about fannie farmer and what a giant figure looming figure she was in the cooking world of her time. >> she took over the boston cooking school in the early 1890s. she never went to college. that was the only thing she could do as a profession. and she took mary lincoln's boston cooking cool cookbook revised it updated it in 1896 said i'll put up $3,000 i'll fund the book, so she retained the rights. and it took off. >> it was best-seller year ap year. >> 400,000 copies by her death. >> so what gave you the idea to go back 100 years in time or more and say let's try and make a meal a great meal out of her cookbook? >> well the concept of the time was she traveled back in time.
8:45 am
you can read the newspapers like the boston globe cookbook. you just read a cookbook you don't get it. you've got to cook it. her house in boston we got a big old coal cook stove, 57 inch stove, we cooked everything on a coal cook stove. >> just as you would have cooked it back in the day. >> we made our own gel itten. >> that's why they call it mock turtle. >> right. so we did everything from scratch. made our own puff pastry. these go back to roman times. >> i've read the book and i think you may have struggled with the rizoles more than anything trying to find the exact way to do it. >> if you've actually done puff pastry from scratch in a hot kitchen with a big stove. it takes a long time. to get them to fry up right and serve them. we had 12 people come to dinner. we had to serve dozens and dozens and get them at the right time. it was really a challenge. here's the deal with fannie farmer. she was a business woman first. very smart. she realized that wealthy bostonians would pay a lot of money to get fancy recipes.
8:46 am
so she stepped up the food. it was like french cooking. but our culinary history is really english. they did soups, jellies. that's what she was good at. vegetable sauces. you know. >> what is this? >> this is a vinaigrette. one of the things we did was salmon. salmon at the time came from oregon. they had refrigerated rail cars. people liked salmon. also this was a time of convenience. people were eating canned foods, as well. they canned fruits canned vegetables. victorians spent seven hours a day cooking and cleaning. >> amazing to think about. >> they loved convenience. aunt jemima pancake mix came around jars and canned foods came around victorians go this is great. everything you see today started back in the 1890s. we converted from scratch to praep. >> regular old vinaigrette right? >> with some capers. we had salmon fillets here which we'll start. we did this on the cook stove. we had to grill. we cooked them inside.
8:47 am
>> right. >> i've been in your house. and i know that you've turned this book into a pbs special, which will air on a lot of pbs stations in november. and what was the impetus, you filled this stove with wood what was the temperature in the stove? >> we had an air conditioner, one air conditioner. it was 95 degrees by the air conditioners, about 120, to 130. you can see the faces were red. >> oh, my gosh. >> we overcooked. we got the stove up to 800 degrees at one time. >> can you imagine? >> we had a little problem. >> well we were trying to recreate this real-life episode of the times. >> meares what's interesting. back in that time a 12 course meal was not unusual. the middle class had money, the industrial revolution. women wanted to be creative in their homes. it wasn't just for the rich. so they actually sat down for three or four hours and ate 12 course meals. as you did. >> just every single night of my life. so the salmon get done. what do they end up like? >> they end up like this. we have the vinaigrette on top of it. again they're cooked very quickly. this is actually something, you
8:48 am
know about the 1900 fannie farmer, when he did fish he would do it like this with a vinaigrette. we borrowed a little bit from him. >> right, right. the other thing that's interesting about the book is it really took you a year to go through and test all of these recipes, and in order to get them edible for common -- >> well i've got to be honest. some 6 those recipes from the original 1890s, they need a little help. a lot of help. so we had to go in and make them 30 or 40 times. it was rough. >> okay. >> going to try this. >> this is orange. we did a lot of day-to-day recipes. they did a lot of these jellies. orange juice, sugar, a little hot water, gelatin, and told egg whites into the mixture and let it set up. >> there's a whole section about punch in all these different -- >> they love punch. you like punch, too, as i remember. harry loves punch, everybody. i just want you to know. >> hmm. >> and so they love jellies, they did a lot of very elaborate
8:49 am
jellies, different colors different flavors. so it was extremely elaborate. >> i'll tell you what the cookbook is a great read because it's almost like a mystery. it's about time travel and it's also phenomenal history. you are a scholar and then some. it's a great read and a great writer. >> can you say gentleman, too? >> we thought we'd leave that out for the time being. christopher kimball, as always, a pleasure to see you. for these recipes and more go to our website at we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley are only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento mismanaged ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here
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for $14.95 a month with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. if you didn't see this at the top of the show in the news block, we did a story on sun chips. because frito-lay, they launched this bag 18 months ago. all excited about it. 100% com postible. the only problem. sounds like a hailstorm. >> what? >> right. so they had so many complaints
8:52 am
aapparently, about the bag, they're now switching back to the old one, which you cannot compost. they looked to find a new one. there's a facebook that's called i'm sorry but i can't hear you over the sun chips bag. and sales are actually down. >> 44,000. >> sales of sun chips are down 11% over the year. isn't that wild? >> i wondered why. what makes it so noisy? >> well, hold on -- >> the material they're using -- >> it's unbearable. >> sun chips may be down. but i wonder if people have migrated over to another frito brand and maybe gone to cheetos. >> well -- >> cheetos are right. >> they're still a frito-lay brand, and maybe while they figure this out people are just going to eat cheetos -- >> this was such a good idea at the time. >> of course it is. >> you know the fanfare when they unveiled it. >> hybrid cars didn't work perfectly when they came out. they became collectors items. for all you know 20 years from now you'll put this on ebay
8:53 am
you'll be walking out with 20 grand. >> will the chips still be fresh is
8:54 am
8:55 am
it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. one person has died following a crash outside the webster tube in alameda overnight. two people are in custody. police say a car was driving the wrong way down the tunnel and crashed head on with another vehicle. the tunnel was shut down for close to eight but is now back open. an 8-year-old girl who was abducted from her home in fresno has been found safe and sound. an amber alert was issued this morning statewide. fresno police believe they have the kidnapper in custody. residents in santa clara county woke up to an earthquake this morning. a magnitude 3.3 tremor rattled an area north of henry coe state park 20 miles east of san
8:56 am
jose. it's the second quake in eight hours to hit the area. we have the commute and forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose.
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bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approved this message. all right. we have had a couple of accidents pop up here in the last as to minutes. first to milpitas, southbound 880 three-car crash is blocking the left lane.
8:58 am
out to san mateo county, southbound 280 usually a nice ride, right there before highway 92 we have an injury crash at least one lane blocked there. slightly better news from the bay bridge. there is still a bit of a wait but not bad. backed up just beyond the first overcrossing so 10 minutes to get on the bridge. then it's kind of slow and go up the incline. and things are improving but traffic still heavy unfortunately coming out of downtown san jose in the northbound lanes of 280. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for the morning, sunshine out there. looks good, looking out toward the bay bridge this morning. conditions for the morning into the afternoon will include a mix of sun and clouds. and temperatures still slightly cooler than average. today's highs lower 60s along the coast, upper 60s around the bay and the mid-70s inland. no major changes in the temperatures or conditions through the workweek. but by the weekend, we will warm up with plenty of sunshine.
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