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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 7, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> thank you for watching cbs 5 "early edition." we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. take care. desert destr, desert destruction a. rare outbreak of tornadoes rips through arizona. damaging more than 200 homes and leaving residents wondering what hit them. we're live on the scene. voter frustration. a brand new poll shows most americans think president obama is not living up to their expectations. but they don't know if the tea party is an answer to the problem. we'll take you inside the numbers and tell you why one tea party candidate is making the most noise. lucky to be alive. a washington state man describes the encounter with a bear this nearly took his life. >> split second i saw the bear coming and she just launched right into me. >> how did he fight it off? we'll hear from him early this thursday morning, october 7th,
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we'll hear from him early this thursday morning, october 7th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs nice crowd outside on a beautiful fall day. good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. >> i'm maggie rodriguez. it's been a week since that american couple was ambushed while jet skiing in the lake along the u.s.-mexico border. he was killed and now starting to see both sides begin to search in earnest for his body an seeing more questions about the widow's story of how this happened. we'll talk to her and his mother ahead. first, though, we want to head to the news desk this morning we ri cahill. >> good morning. we begin with wild weather in the west. in northern arizona, priya david clemens with the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at an rv sales lot just outside flagstaff where the first of several tornadoes touched down. look at the devastation. the wind tossed the rvs like toys. ripped some apart entirely. not a scene they're used to in the arizona desert. a swarm of tornadoes derailed dozens of train cars and tossed rvs in the air, tearing a destructive path through neighborhoods, ripping off roofs. >> this is the worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: blowing out windows. >> all of a sudden, i see our sliding door just all of the glass exploded. >> reporter: this amateur video captured a twister in bellemont where winds reached 110 miles per hour. >> anybody's heart beating hard right now? >> reporter: in nearby flagstaff -- >> record amount of tornado warnings issued from the national weather service. >> reporter: 22 tornado warnings in one day. typically, there are just four in an entire year. when it was over, 200 homes were
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damaged. 33 destroyed. >> just can't believe it. it's gone. it's just gone. >> reporter: it's been a week of extreme weather across the west. snow in the sierra closed a highway pass. heavy rains snarled traffic in los angeles. flooded streets and grounded flights in phoenix. hail in arizona stunned even this veteran weatherman. >> falling like bullets now. this is painful to be out here. >> reporter: that hail left 20,000 phoenix residents without power. and this morning, hundreds are still in the dark. in bellemont, arizona, priya clemens, cbs news. the world's worst offshore oil spill, the revolution from a report come biled by an independent commission. bill plante has the details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the commission report alleges what people believed all along, that is that the government lowballed the estimates of the amount of oil escaping into the gulf and blocked government scientists. the commission charges the government quote created the impression that it was not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the american people about the scope of the problem. besides faulting the administration for its early estimates, the panel singles out senior energy adviser carol browner for the public response to the unfolding disaster. >> i think we are getting good news. >> reporter: in august, browner said a federal analysis showed most of the spill had already been taken care of. >> scientists telling us the vast majority of the oil is contained. almost three quarters of the oil was actually captured, cleaned and skimmed. >> reporter: but in fact, the analysis actually showed the oil could still be there. the report also reveals that in
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late april the white house denied a request of the government scientists to make public the leak's worst-case scenario. for more than a month after the deep ocean rig exploded government officials telling the public the well was leaking 210,000 gallons of oil a day but in early august the government acknowledged it was gushing 2.6 billion gallons every day, close to the worst-case predictions. the administration disputes the commission's findings and says senior government officials were, quote, clear with the public what the worst-case flow would be, unquote. the white house says that differences over the size of the spill did not keep the government from responding with everything it had. and another government official says that these differences were the result of modeling and assumptions that were made which were later corrected. this is a draft report. you may expect to see some changes when it's in the final form. erica? >> perhaps.
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thanks. in hungary today, another disaster spill. a flood of toxic waste which has emergency crews scrambling to keep it from spreading after it reached a branch of europe's second largest river, the danube. it burst from a reservoir on monday. you can see it there. inundated three towns. today's hungary's prime minister said it's so polluted it doesn't make sense to rebuild. the war in afghanistan, entering the tenth year today, in kabul, afghan president karzai hosting the first session of a new counsel charged with guiding peace efforts with the taliban. karzai spokesman says there have been talks but no official negotiations. rescue crews in chile said they'll begin practicing tomorrow to rescue the workers. the miners have been trapped half a mile underground for just over two months now. it was initially thought they might remain there until
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christmas. and in sports, talk about a philadelphia story. authored in this case by phillies' ace pitcher roy halladay, only the second no-hitter in post season baseball history, striking out cincinnati reds in a 4-0 victory to open the national league playoff series. >> to be able to go out and have a game like that, you know, it's dream come true. >> and incidentally, tomorrow, the anniversary of the only other post season no-hitter. larson's perfect game in the 1956 world series. always a fun way to start with baseball trivia. harry, over to you. >> thank you. now to politics and the tea party's impact in this year's vote. a new cbs news poll shows that less than a month before the midterm elections there's a lot of voter uncertainty about the tea party movement. cbs news correspondent ben tracy has more on the poll and the hottest battleground for perspective tea party votes. >> i'm joe miller.
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the true conservative choice for the u.s. senate in alaska. >> reporter: joe miller may be the tea party's biggest success so far, knocking off the incumbent murkowski in alaska's republican primary. >> nobody was more disappointed than i was. >> reporter: a new poll shows most americans haven't made their up their minds about the growing tea party movement. the rest are evenly split. >> i don't want any of them in charge. >> i think that we need to give more control back to the states and to the individual communities. >> reporter: the tea party express has already spent $5 million, mostly on tv ads, trying to get its candidates elected from delaware to nevada, all the way up to alaska. >> how liberal is lisa murkowski? >> reporter: their ads blasted murkowski now running as a write-in candidate. >> they assassinatedly is a murkowski politically. she never fought back. >> reporter: this race isn't just about the candidates but who's supporting them, namely the tea party express and the
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mama grizzly herself, sarah palin. >> the tea party express joins governor sarah palin -- >> reporter: the endorsement of miller helped him win the primary and when asked to endorse her, his answer was len than enthusiastic. >> we have a constitutional requirement for somebody that's going to run for president. of course, she's qualified. >> reporter: she hasn't won over the country either. when asked if palin would make an effective president, only 22% say, yes. 64%, no. including nearly half of republicans. president obama is facing similar problems in the polls. 66% of americans view him as an advantage or poor president. while another 31% say his backing of a candidate running for office will actually be a detriment. meaning that two biggest names in the respective parties may be something to avoid come election day. ben tracy, cbs news, anchorage, alaska. and joining us now from st. louis, dana loesch, a radio talk show host and blogger, also an
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early and enthusiastic supporter of the tea party movement. dana, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> for our viewer who is may not be familiar, i'm going to describe something written about you, a sweet, midwest goth version of laura ingram. >> is that accurate? >> i guess i'm more rock n roll than the typical conservative type. >> welcome to the broadcast. >> thank you. >> let's talk about alaska. joe miller versus the palins. is this so much noise or is this actually a fizz your between the tea party candidate and the first family of the tea party? >> i think it's really -- it's just something typical to see in my political cycle and i think it was kind of an odd question that was posed to joe miller because it's so incredibly early to start talking about 2012 candidates. it is early and same time it is not early to start speculating. joe miller i think was put in a difficult position asked to
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essentially endorse a candidate that hasn't declared and a little bit of a weird place for him to be in and i think the answer was fine. and -- sarah palin, she did come out and endorsed him. people know joe miller because she helped put him on the map. >> not exactly a positive feedback but i want the move on because this poll is so interesting. because you find that while people are certainly aware of the tea party, the vast middle in america is not exactly running toward it. they seem to be moving away from the president and not running toward the tea party. they're still sitting on the fence. why do you think that is? >> i'm not sure. i'm watching polling data from the last year, independents and moderates and trending toward the right. especially with the special elections that took place in virginia and in new jersey. virginia was a bellweather state. if you remember when president
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obama took virginia, david axelrod called it a bell weather state but then went red and that was because of the independents, the same people who are really -- these people are deciding midterms and these are the people who are trending gop, the exact same people who said that they closely -- more identify with the grass roots movement than with the democrat congressional agenda so they're definitely the voting block at play here. >> the middle is definitely fickle. last but not least, the thing i want to focus in on is the tea party had a dramatic effect on the primaries. as it holds as much power as it does now, does the larger party, does the republican party as an entity, does it get what it's dealing with here? >> i think it does now. in the beginning, it was a weird sort of adversarial dance we watched between the grass roots movement and the republican party and i think that lot of
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people in the gop have come around. i think newt gingrich came around because everyone remembers new york 23. that wasn't a battle of democrats against republicans. that was grass roots versus republican establishment and we all remember that the republican establishment did not win that particular race. i think after that, i think looking at massachusetts, what we had were a series of flukes. we had christine o'donnell in delaware. sharron angle winning the primary in nevada. joe miller and scott brown. new jersey and virginia. after a while the flukes add up to become a trend and so now i think the gop realizes what it's dealing with and getting back to the base. >> dana, we'll be watching with interest in the weeks to come. thanks for being on the broadcast. >> thank you. >> maggie? >> thank you. unemployment is sure to be a big issue for voters next month and a report says private emp y employers cut 39,000 jobs last month and they expect the unemployment rate will go up in tomorrow's monthly jobs report
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and good news to report this morning and cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with that. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> there's several reports out now that predict that the jobs numbers uglier than everyone expects. >> the jobs report that comes out tomorrow obviously looking backwards and looking at the month of september but the important thing to take away from it is that, again, we are not creating enough jobs in this economy. it's not the kind of recovery that anyone wants to see. right now, the expectation is that unemployment will actually tick higher from 9.6% to 9.7% as more people enter the work force and try to find work, but also, as fewer private employers create jobs like you said in the introduction to this segment, they're not creating jobs and some jobs lost and that is impacting the numbers and sen k sus workers we talk about and takes away from the jobs number
7:15 am
overall. >> all we have to do is look online. i talked about this earlier this week and monster worldwide with the employment index showing a 1% increase in online job postings and 1% but a 16% growth from last year. it's consistently growing. >> that's the good news and what you want to look at for future job growth is surveys like this. the monster worldwide survey is showing positive growth into the future for online job listings and that portends positively to an extent. >> to an extent. job opportunities in the holidays. we'll tell people where those are to be found in the next hour. >> exactly. thank you. right now 7:15 and we want to check in with dave for the first look at the weather. good morning. >> good morning to you, maggie. let's go to the maps right now. in all three sections of the country, if you divide it west, east and middle and bismark, north dakota, the area around the northern plains, we're going to see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above the average. nice sunshining skies.
7:16 am
peaceful and calm but we are watching some real trouble, what
7:17 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. could see delays in places like salt lake city and into new england where we see windy conditions. folks? >> thanks, dave. still ahead this morning, the search for david hartley reportedly attacked on his jet ski by mexican pirates. we'll talk to his family about the desperate efforts to bring him home. washington state man attacked by a bear and lives to tell about it. we'll hear from him about his fight for survival, coming up on "the early show." [ liukin ] have you built your better breakfast? what are you waiting for?
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at subway. welcome back to "the early
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show" on this thursday morning. the pirates targeting people along the u.s.-mexico meks border in the waters there are often armed with machine guns, grenades, grenade launchers so imagine how terrifying a an american couple to come in contact with those people a week ago. the husband has not been seen since, presumed dead. this morning we'll check in again with his widow and, also, his mother and talk about the latest in the search effort and how the wife defends critics who still doubt her story. >> remember a couple weeks ago we talked to the wife of a guy who was up in washington state attacked by a bear? he finally has recovered enough to tell his story himself. we're going to hear from him this morning, as well. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by air optix contact lenses. the lens you can survive a long day in. they do at the beginning? air optix® contact lenses have superior deposit resistance for cleaner lenses. air optix®, the lens you can survive a long day in.
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caltrain directo it is 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. caltrain directors meeting this morning to consider a plan to raise fares and cut services. the commuter line is facing a $2 million budget deficit. the proposal would raise fares by 25 cents for each of caltrain's six zones. the san francisco giants playing their first post-season game in 7 years tonight at at&t park. they are playing the atlanta braves in a national league division series. the giants' tim lincecum scheduled to throw the first pitch at 6:37. this morning, the giants have to finalize their roster for the series. the question is whether pitcher barry zito will be on it. the first flights of fleet week, the blue angels making practice runs over san
7:26 am
francisco bay this afternoon and tomorrow. they will be performing saturday and sunday afternoon. fleet week also means that navy ships will be open for tours along the san francisco waterfront. stay with us a look at traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,, [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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westbound 4 not too good, four-car accident on the shoulder, westbound approaching bailey road. so we have seen speeds improve. they were under 10 miles an hour a couple of minutes ago but it's jammed in the area. and check out the speeds through antioch, not better through there, either. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up towards the macarthur maze now. and there is a stall on the -- sounds like the san francisco anchorage. traffic is really jammed from the tunnel. and obviously it's slow approaching the pay gates. really all the way up the incline. new problem here in sunol now southbound 680 just before highway 84. we have an accident blocking one lane. speeds below 20 miles per hour. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for the morning, we got some sunshine and we got a few clouds out there. looking out toward the bay bridge, forecast for today, seven-day forecast, breaking it down in all locations. conditions along the coastline highs today in the mid-60s, upper 60s around the bay and the mid-70s inland. temperatures warming up through the weekend and also into next week. ,,,,,,,,
7:29 am
7:30 am
come willinging up for us one of those stories makes you wonder how did he live through that, john chill men knack walking his dogs outside his house with a bear jumped out of the woods and grabbed hold of mim. yes, he was badly hurt but now is doing better. he is telling his story and we'll hear from him in minutes. >> also ahead the explosion of interest in cigarman, we talked about this guy, the unusual looking person, a fan, who is right there, amazing tiger woods
7:31 am
photo in "wired" cup and people are photoshopping, photobombing him all over the place, right? we'll take a look at that in just a bit. >> first, mexican officials intensify their search for the body of an american shot, according to his wife, wile jet skiing on a lake on the u.s.-mexican border. our correspondent don teague is in mcallen, texas this morning with the latest. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. one week now since david and tiffany hartley were attacked while jet skiing on falcon lake. since then, tiffany and her husband's family have begged the mexican government for help that they're only now beginning to get. on wednesday, six days after her husband, david, was allegedly shot and killed by suspected mexican pirates on falcon lake, tiffany hartley returned to the water. this time, to place a wreath near the site of the shooting to say good-bye to her lost husband and to pray, with his family. >> we know he's out there somewhere and we just wanted to
7:32 am
go ahead and -- leave the flowers where i had lost him. >> reporter: the tearful good-bye came even as a task force of mexican police and soldiers searched their side of the lake by boat and helicopter. a welcome sign after what the hartley family considers only half-hearted search efforts by mexican authorities so far. >> looking at maybe three miles from here. >> reporter: the american sheriff investigating the shooting suspects his counterparts across the border are afraid of the heavily armed drug cartels that control the mexican side of the lake. >> this individuals possess machine guns, rpgs, shoulder-fired grenade launchers. we don't have that type of weapon rz. >> reporter: wednesday search which failed to find his body may have been prompted by increasingly political pressure on the government. >> we've made another plea today. >> reporter: asking him to personally intervene. >> president obama, their
7:33 am
parents. >> hartley's mother says it is still not enough. >> please, negotiate this. we want david home. >> reporter: tiffany says only when her husband is found and returned will she and his family finally begin to heal. >> it's very emotional because i know he's out there and we just all want him back. >> reporter: again, yesterday's search of the mexican side of falcon lake turned up no sign of david hartley or his jet ski but hartley's family members say they will not rest until he's found. maggie? >> cbs's don teeing in mcallen, texas, thank you. also in mcallen this morning tiffany hartley along with david's mom pam hartley. ladies, good morning. when we spoke a couple days ago, tiffany, you told me you believed the men who ambushed david and you had him. do you still feel that way and think he's alive?
7:34 am
>> unfortunately, no, i don't think he's alive at this time. since we're already a week, almost, since he's been gone. i do believe that possibly they do have him and they're hiding him and if they would just give us back, you know, his body, then we can move on. >> as you know, mexican investigators had questioned your story. you and i talked about this a little bit. they said there was absolutely no evidence of a shooting. is there any evidence, tiffany? does your jet ski have any damage to it? do you have any witnesses that can cob rate what you say. >> uh, as for damage on his jet ski, i don't know. my jet ski, i have no evidence, no, i have no bullet holes or anything. we do have a witness that had seen me racing away from the boat, or a boat. i don't know who he saw. but, yeah, we do have a witness, yes. >> and now we're seeing american police get more involved in the search on the american side. but, on the mexican side,
7:35 am
mexican police are saying now that if they came across these pirates, they wouldn't stand a chance. they would be out-gunned. is that discouraging to you? do feel they might not be as likely to search because they're afraid? >> it is discouraging, yes. they need more manpower and they are asking for more people to come and help them. currently right now, we think they only have like 40 people or so. we don't really know for sure how many. but, they are probably out-numbered. so, we do need -- they do need to get more people to help them, yes. >> pam, i would like to bring you in, because when we spoke last, you were begging for more help. you want the to see more people involved in the search, a better response. are you satisfied now with what's going on? >> no. david's not home, so we still need resources. we still need help. we need mexico and the united states to work together on this.
7:36 am
it's like there's -- they're our neighbors. it's like neighbors help neighbors. and we need help. >> in the meantime, i know that you held a memorial service for david. pam, i can't even imagine, as his mother, how emotional that must have been for you. >> it -- there are no -- there are no words to describe the emotions we're going through right now. >> tiffany, how would you describe them? >> right now, i think we're just kind of in a survival mode. we're just trying to survive and we're just trying to get through all this and, you know, being in the media and stuff, it's not easy. it's not easy to be kind of in a spotlight right now, especially when
7:37 am
up next, the man who fought a bear and lived to tell the tale. his incredible story of survival when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] fiber has never looked better.
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7:41 am
out of the woods and bites you on the head. it happened to a man outside belleview, washts outside seattle and three weeks later he is telling the world how he survived. erica hill is here with the the story. good morning. >> he spoke to reporters from the seattle hospital still recovering from wounds he suffered and details he provided are chilling. and they make it very clear just how lucky he is to be alive. his head covered in bandages i.v. drip in tow with the scars of five surgeriess and a bear attack he recounted the tale few live to tell. >> it was just a horrendous fight. >> september 17th, he and his wife and 11-year-old daughter arrived at their mountain cabin at washington's lake wenatchee. he went to take the family dogs for a walk but he didn't get far before there was trouble -- big trouble. >> i heard the brush on the side
7:42 am
of the road russell and the next thing i heard was the exhale of the bear. i just vividly remember being bitten on the head and the sound that that makes as her teeth were going into my head and running along the skull. >> a vicious attack, but his instincts told him to keep fighting, just to stay alive. >> i felt that if i went down on the ground and i got turned over on -- on my back and she had a chance for go for either a neck or the abdomen that i was probably dead. so, what i wanted to do was stay up. >> miraculously, stay up is exactly what he did, until the bear just stopped. he struggled back to his driveway where lynn heard him yell for help and called 911. >> i'm dying! >> he said he's dying. >> okay. >> oh, god, his head is all bashed in. >> i knew that a lot of flesh had been torn off of me and i
7:43 am
just wasn't sure how i was going to -- how i was going to make it. >> he was medevaced to seattle to harborview medical center where doctors had to reattach parts of his scalp and remove his badly damaged left eye. >> he has a wonderful spirit. he has a wonderfully supportive family. and we know those things are very, very important helping people overcome such tram tick injuries. >> as for the bear, it was shot and killed by the department of fish & game. he faces several more surgeries including one scheduled for this morning. but he is understandably eager to get out of the hospital and return to his work. he's a city counselor in bellevue, washington. >> wow. the description, so graphic. >> it is so graphic, yeah. >> did he say there was like a key thing that was the key to his survival. >> deform he talked about how he wanted to stay, stay upright and off the ground and also talked about what he called about his one good shot he got in. he said one point he saw the bear lung for him and did what any man would do. he pulled up his knee, in came
7:44 am
the bear and he just kneed that bear and the bear ended up hitting him in the chest. he has a wound, chest wound from that, that was his one good shot to the bear basically like in the bear's head. >> wow. up next, thanks very much, one of the great sports photos ever but how did the fan get the biggest reaction? a closer look at cigar man. when we come back. [ male announcer ] when it comes to energy bills, let's see how low we can go. let's do some little things... that help us save big. add some insulation here. a little weather stripping there. maybe an energy star-rated appliance, or two. let's save money on the things that keep saving money. that way, we can turn a little energy into a lot of savings. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of staying at room temperature with owens corning insulation -- just $10.44 per roll.
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we've been talking all week about the amazing photo of tiger woods at the ryder cup showing him hitting a chip shot straight at the camera. little did we know that would spark an internet sensation called simply cigar guy. he's wearing that wig and must staush in tribute to another golfer who has wild hair and moustache and always smoking a cigar, right? people have found this so
7:48 am
amusing they've started to photoshop in famous photos of the past. and they are hysterical. muhammad ali, cigar guy as him. this is a bob dylan album cover. where is he? >> just behind. >> on the moon, i understand. there he is. >> not alone up there. >> cigar guy walked on the moon. do you have any favorites? there are a million the internet. i like v.j. day. did you see that one. >> i did. he reminds me of a cross between borat and where's waldo. >> there's a where's waldo one, too, right? like all the guys in that shot from the golf shot which is -- >> that's the original. >> okay. all right. >> they are funny. when i was looking at this last night, i was like why does he look so familiar to me. i think i know him. i'm not kidding you. >> seriously? >> i think i know cigar guy. didn't you bring cigar guy to my
7:49 am
wedding? >> where is this going? >> wasn't that your date at my wedding? [ laughter ] there's erica and cigar guy at my wedding. i knew it. >> very nice. dave, you've never looked better, honey. >> that's funny, very, very funny. >> my husband does like cigars. there you go. >> now he's going to join the staff here. so, stay tuned. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] >> very cute. [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains. you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. fight stains with science.
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7:51 am
as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust.
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7:53 am
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we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused.
7:55 am
caltrain directors meet this morning to consider a plan to it is 7:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. caltrain directors are meeting this morning to consider a plan to raise fares and cut services. the commuter line is facing a $2 million budget deficit. the proposal would raise fares by 25 cents for each of caltrain's six zones. get ready, the san francisco giants playing their first post-season game in 7 years tonight at at&t park. they are playing the atlanta braves in a national league division series. the giants' tim lincecum scheduled to throw the first pitch at 6:37. this morning the giants have to finalize their roster for the series. the question is whether barry zito will be on it. also today, want to let you know that the first flights of fleet week happening. the navy's blue angels will be
7:56 am
making practice runs over san francisco bay this afternoon and tomorrow. they will be performing saturday and sunday afternoons. fleet week also means navy ships will be open for tours along the san francisco waterfront. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. we have a lot of brake lights now on your westbound 4 ride.
7:58 am
the problem is an earlier injury crash near bailey road. tow truck has come and gone so all lanes are open. but look at all these slow speeds. it's really jammed from at least lonetree way. out to the bay bridge toll plaza where it is backed up to the foot of the maze. we had an accident near the "s" curve and a stall near the fremont street exit so it's going to be slow going from the incline all the way across the span towards the first exited into san francisco. and 280 another pretty hefty ride here coming out of downtown san jose. 27 minutes from 101 out towards highway 85 in cupertino. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning does include some sunshine. here we are with a look out toward ocean beach with plenty of clouds but we are expecting some sunshine along the coast today and highs in the mid-60s. here's the seven-day forecast. the 60s along the coast, upper 60s around the bay, and the mid- 70s inland. ,,,,
7:59 am
as a prosecutor, you never forget the cases where children are hurt. they stay with you. i'm kamala harris, and it's why i started san francisco's first child assault unit and wrote laws increasing prison time for child sexual abuse. and when i found out that nearly every young person killed was a high school dropout, i started prosecuting parents who let their children skip school. truancy dropped 30%. as attorney general, i can do this for all of california.
8:00 am
you know, it was worthwhile just to stand in the rain for awhile. >> yes. >> to get that nanosecond on television this morning. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. coming up, crash diets. have you ever done these? >> i have. i tried a couple. >> the cabbage soup. >> not that one. >> well, they're all kinds. juices, cabbage soup. dr. jennifer ashton will explain if any of them really, really work. >> i always wondered is there such a thing as a good crash
8:01 am
diet? she'll tell us. i think i know the answer. >> eat less and exercise. >> an amazing story of a monster wedding happening this weekend. three brides, three grooms. >> right. >> each one has their own procession. they each have an individual priest. they will each dance to an individual song at the reception. every detail has been thought of or so they hope. and they're going to talk to us about whose idea it was, what planning went into it and what they hope for their big day. >> what a handsome-looking group. a check of the news and erica hill is at the news desk. >> good morning again to you and good morning to everyone at home. there is word this morning the economic downturn is hitting hard in the nation's suburbs. and that comes from a just released report which finds suburban poverty is growing. it has jumped 37.4% since 2000 to over 13.5 million people and since the recession began in
8:02 am
2007, the number of poor living in the suburbs increased by nearly 2 million. that means one-third of the nation's poor now live in the suburbs. and at rutgers university students are pushing for new laws and new policies on bullying. this, of course, follows the suicide of tile wler clementi and jeff glor is on campus there. good morning. >> reporter: hey, erica. good morning. 350 people at a forum here last night all showing support. many of them backing new anti-bullying measures. not just here in new jersey but across the country ♪ a vial lynn performance at wednesday night's special town hall meeting in memory of tyler clementi who killed himself september 22nd after police say two classmates secretly streamed live video of his sexual encounter with another man. as prosecutors consider upping charges against the two, if the
8:03 am
case is ruled a bias crime ravi's lawyer says "he was confident that nothing will be learned to justify, warrant or support the filing ofny bias complaint." wei's lawyers say their client is horrific. >> this is a horrific tragedy. they shouldn't be charged with crimes that they didn't commit. invasion of privacy, yes. hate crime, maybe. other crimes, we just don't know at this point. >> no student should ever have to go through that. >> reporter: here at rutgers parents and students said bullying especially online has become an epidemic. both of new jersey's u.s. senators were here including frank lautenberg. >> it shouldn't be that people have to be afraid to express themselves even if we agree or disagree. the freedom to be who they are, what they are is up to them. and we're going to protect that. >> would you mind signing it. >> reporter: lautenberg is
8:04 am
introducing new federal legislation requiring all u.s. colleges to adopt a code of conduct prohibiting bullying and harassment and formal programs in place to enforce it. schools would also be required to recognize cyberbullying as a form of harassment. and there will be another town hall-style meeting in ridgewood, new jersey, tonight. that is tyler clementi's hometown. erica. >> thanks. here's katie couric with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news". >> good morning. you've heard from the politician, the polls and pundits but what about the people? before americans go to vote on november 2nd, some of them will have their say. we'll go straight to the voters in our special series "american voices" tonight only on "the cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> and it is time to take you back outside where dave price is dodging the raindrops all to be there to give us another check of the weather. good morning again. >> good morning to you, erica.
8:05 am
so we have out here probably 100 pharmacists-to-be. if i walked up with a prescription would i still have to come back in half an hour is my question. second question for you, all you see are sick people going like this, coughing, how often do pharmacists get sick? how often do you sick. >> just as often as everyone else. >> there we go. mystery solved. learn something new every day on "the early show." don't you? a check of the weather.
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by chrysler. this weather report sponsored by chrysler. >> a quick look at your weather picture. howdy, howdy, harry, back inside to you. want to be skinny by this weekend? there are crash diets that can help you drop a few pounds. you should know the risks before you try them. dr. jennifer ashton is going to give us the kinney when we come back. ton is going to
8:07 am
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in this morning's "healthwatch." crash diets. people desperate to lose weight have latched on to various fad diets but if even if they work they come with risks and dr. jennifer ashton is here to take us through some of the most popular. >> good morning, harry. >> this -- i like this one. i mean i like it for a half a day at least because there's nothing better than ruby red grapefruit. >> disclaimer on all crash diets. they do work in the short term. >> okay. >> because they are all very low calorie and, in fact, dangerously low calorie. they are not sustainable. they can be dangerous for some people so we're just going to dedunk some of the myths about them but really this is not the best way to lose weight in the long term. >> so you're going to tell me i can't live on red grapefruit alone? >> no, you cannot, i'm sorry to break that to you but this was a diet popular since way back to the 1930s.
8:11 am
the thinking there was some magic enzyme that revved up your metabolism. it's not true. it's just a really low-calorie diet, medium protein, low carb. >> all the fiber and stuff fills you up. >> it's good for you. yep, absolutely good for you but no magic there. >> yeah. >> now, cabbage soup diet. everyone has heard of this. this is unlimited volumes of cabbage soup towards the end of the week you can add some protein, again, this is about an 800 to 1200-calorie a day diet. that's how it works but this might not be very appetizing to some and it can give you some gas. >> well, the smell of the sulfur and the cabbage to kind of the cooking and then there are the residual effects as you say. >> exactly but not that much sodium in there so it's effective but not that nutritious. >> man cannot live on grapefruit or cabbage alone. >> these are the juice cleanses or master cleanse or juice detox, very popular with celebrities. you can actually get these
8:12 am
juices delivered to your door for about three days and can be about $60 and, again, for a shored period of time, okay, that's fine but it is not sustainable. it's not -- >> if you're looking to lose a couple of pounds in a couple of days this sort of works. >> any of these things can work but they are not that healthy in the long term. >> in the long term and i was not -- now what is this one. >> this is the baby food diet because if you think chewing is really just too much work when you're trying to lose weight people eat 10 to 15 jars of baby food a day and can have anywhere from 15 to 100 calories per jar and it's calorie restrict. that's how it works, remember, adults are not babies so the nutrients in here is really not what an adult needs. i have a confession. i actually like the fruit baby food. >> do you? >> that's probably chicken. >> yummy. >> yeah. look, if you need to lose weight in the long term you've heard it here before it's good habits. we want to encourage health from the inside out. you want to obviously be active and everyone knows what are the
8:13 am
big offenders to avoid. >> right. thanks a lot. >> yeah, i'll have the baby food fruit. >> didn't know about that. dr. jennifer ashton. do appreciate it. for tips on rapid and safe weight loss methods go to our partner in health and search "lose weight fast." up next, here come the brides. we'll meet three sisters who are all going to say "i do," "i do" and "i do" this weekend when we come back. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by dove deep moisture body wash with nutrient moisture. [ female announcer ] ever worn your clothes in the shower? if you're using other moisturizing body washes,
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of the number one-rated behr paint.
8:16 am
from the time they are little girls most women dream about their wedding and few of us would want to share the spotlight that special day but this saturday three sisters from wisconsin will all be walking down the aisle
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
interested a little bit and, you know, definitely when she came down she was like i saw on tv and your mom made me cry and all that stuff it definitely was like, yeah, i need to pursue. >> this i took him to prom a week later. >> kind of seems all this was meant to be. one final question. is bad paying for this sthimplts oh, yes. >> yes. >> poor tom. poor tom kunkle. >> we are saving him a little bit of money. >> you know what, we are in love with you guys and we wish you the best. we'll be at the wedding. thanks for the invitation. we will show all the viewers how the crazy kunkles' wedding day
8:23 am
goes. hopefully all goes well. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you're ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing tv... you can take with you. u-verse now lets you download, watch hit tv shows and schedule recordings on your mobile phone. order u-verse tv today. plans starting at just $29 a month for six months, with dvr included.
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legislature is scheduled to vote today on a plan it is 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. that state legislature is scheduled to vote today for a plan to deal with california's $19 billion deficit. the proposed budget includes no new tax or fees and also restores $200 million in funding to the csu system. but it would delay $2 billion in payments to k-12 schools and community colleges. caltrain directors are considering a plan to raise fares and cut services. the commuter line is facing a $2 million budget deficit. the proposal would raise fares by 25 cents for each of caltrain's six zones. the first flight of fleet week today. the navy's blue angels will make practice runs over san francisco bay this afternoon and tomorrow. they will be performing
8:26 am
saturday and sunday afternoon. fleet week also means navy ships will be open for tours along the san francisco waterfront. we'll have your traffic and weather updates coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans
8:27 am
to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again. good morning. let's check the commute out of downtown san jose. still backed up from 101 all the way out to about the lawrence expressway. and then we see speeds improve. here's a drive time now heavy 25 minutes from 101 out towards cupertino. at the bay bridge toll plaza
8:28 am
it's sluggish across the upper deck. we had two earlier problems an accident and stall heading into san francisco and traffic is backed up beyond the macarthur maze. 880 through oakland slow in the northbound lanes past the coliseum. it improves past the oakland exit. that's your traffic. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast this morning, how about some sunshine, yeah, there we go. looking out toward coit tower. it is going to be another beautiful day. seven-day forecast, highs will range from the mid-60s along the coast upper 60s around the bay and the mid-70s inland with a mix of sun and clouds expected. temperatures in the same ballpark tomorrow but they are warming up through the weekend. and we have even warmer temperatures expected next tuesday and wednesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we love pharmacists, especially when they show up so much on the plaza. welcome back to "the early show." coming up, christmas may come early for more than half million jobless americans this year as retailers start hiring extra help for the holidays. we'll let you know where the temporary jobs are and how you can turn them into full-time jobs. >> also ahead this morning, diane lane has had quite a career making the cover of "time" magazine when she was 14 years old. >> why? >> in a movie s sir lawrence olivier. it stunned everybody. more than 30 years later, still looking good and still creating memorable characters. she'll join us here in a couple minutes to talk about the new movie "sect tear crat".
8:31 am
>> she's beautiful. also ahead dr. debbye turner bell is here. i don't know if you know but october is adopt a shelter month, something near and deer to my heart, dave and i have shelter or rescue dogs. >> look she's got her hands full. >> how do you choose your right dog for your family, what questions to look into before bringing them home. >> does he jump on me. >> that's got to be a puppy. >> debbye will be here with that four loveable adoptable pooches. >> if we get that dog, that's a great way to exhaust our children so they sleep all night. >> maggie is on to something. >> doesn't work like that. >> first over to dave for a look at the weather. >> nice to see you guys. hello, hello, hello. you know why you should see a pharmacist? you should see a pharmacist because of allergy medicines, side-effects, pain, children's medication, preventing drug interactions, prescription. do you know how i know that all?
8:32 am
do you know how i know that all? i read the label. thank you. nice to see you all young pharmacists, soon-to-be pharmacists. it takes how many years, five or six? >> six. >> six years to go through this. when you ask your fammist something they should know it because they spent a lot of time studying i. nice to see people from the philadelphia college of pharmacy [ cheering ] >> right? and temple university. [ cheering ]
8:33 am
>> we have friends from welsh university, university of pittsburgh, temple, everybody is here on the plaza and special visitors from where, where from? >> north carolina. >> there we go. maggie, guests from all over the u.s. >> we love that, thank you dave. you might find it annoying to see christmas displays in stores already but they are a glimmer of hope for so many unemployed americans. retailers expected to add up to
8:34 am
650,000 temporary jobs for the holidays and right now is the time to apply. so, cbs news business and economics correspondent reb ja jarvis is back to tell us where the jobs are. good morning. >> hey, maggie. >> this is going to prop up the economy and help so many people, these are so important. >> these are significant jobs. when you think about it, 14.9 million people in this country are counted as unemployed. millions of those people have been unemployed for more than six months. so, this is an opportunity for those individuals, in particular, to get back on that horse, to start working again. that 650,000 number is above where we are last year. last year the economy added about 501,000 temporary jobs this time of year. because, in part, of that but also because they were adding temporary jobs. of course, it tends to be the time where retailers hire, the time retailers make money. >> need more money. >> 3% of their sales come from this time of year. this is when the opportunities are to get them. >> what retailers specifically are looking for people? >> i want to make this clear.
8:35 am
all retailers this time of year are looking for people, but some of the big names to watch out for, ups, adding 50,000 drivers in the next couple of months here with package handlers, toys r us is doubling their workforce. 45,000 new people. a lot of those folks will be looking at pop-up stores, the new stores and kohl's yesterday announcing 40,000 new-hires for the holiday season. 35 ploy he yees for every single one of their more than thousand stores. also best buy 29,000 employees added there. the number one electronics retailer, trying to sell flat-screens. if you get a job at best buy, you will probably be pushing flat-screens. >> there you go. are these the types of jobs that pay pretty well or low-paying jobs? >> well, it's a mixture. for the most part, you are not going to get rich with these jobs, you will get about $8 to $12 per hour for the less experienced positions. for the more experienced positions, you could makes a much as 25 to 40. but, the important thing is what
8:36 am
you do with the job when you have it. you want to make a great impression. like i said, so many millions of people have been out of work for so long in this country, if you can get a job at this point in the year, it just increases your chance of getting a job and having something longer term on your resume. >> shouldn't you, in fact, go out looking for a permanent job while employed. aren't you mo attractive as a can dit. >> you are, when you are employed. one of the first things you want to do when you land that seasonal work, send your resume out elsewhere for long-term work and also a number of these seasonal employers are looking for talent for the rest of the year. i talked to up syed, great story from the individual i spoke to there. he's been working at the company for 32 years. he started out at 17 years old as an ploy we could who worked over the christmas holiday. two weeks after his temporary work came to an end they called him up and said, come on board we want you as a long-term employ employee. that's what you want to try to do with tease opportunities. >> do you think this is a chance
8:37 am
it will make any dent in the unemployment rate? >> the reality is probably slim. it may move the unemployment rate temporarily but the important thing what it will do in terms of allowing consumers to feel a bit better and for those people looking for relief for a long time, maggie, it will make obviously an impact in their own lives. >> especially during the holidays when they want to be able to buy gifts for i their families. >> exactly. it give them something hopefully more to celebrate this year. >> thank you so much. we'll look for the unemployment numbers tomorrow. i'm sure you'll be back with that. thanks. >> thank you. >> harry? in a film career spanning more than three decades diane lane starred in such diverse films as "the perfect storm" under the tuscan sun" and "unfaithful" now back on the big screen as a housewife who realizes the racehorse she owns will be the greatest there ever was in "secretariat." >> you are guaranteeing this horse is going to win the triple
8:38 am
crown, the derby, preakness and belmont, three raedz, three states in just five weeks. hasn't been done in 25 years. >> that is exactly what i'm saying. >> you're that stubborn? >> i'm that right. >> good line, diane lane is with us this morning. good morning. great seeing you in the movie. >> thank you for having me. >> you've played real people before, right? >> true. >> right? but had you ever played someone you've met? >> well, spending time with the person you're representing on screen is -- it's surreal, for both parties. >> sure. >> but, i have to admit that, first of all, you know, penny is and historic figure for a reason. she is a great lady. and i've come out of this with a friend. we never foresaw any of this. >> how great. >> it's lovely. >> it is an extraordinary story, the family has a stable down in
8:39 am
virginia. the patriarch of the family falls ill. and she ends up sort of having to carry the ball for the family. >> you know, honestly, if disney could have written this story for the screen, they would have. >> they would have written it exactly -- >> the story is just off the charts, magical for everybody. i think that this has been trying to get to the screen for decades. and i'm grateful it took this long so i could be the one to standing next to and pretend i'm standing next to secretariat in his glory. >> are you a horse person? >> you know, i am but i don't know my jargon, my far left, this, that and the other. >> there are a lot of scenes you are kind of nose to those with this horse who plays -- >> absolutely. >> one horse or a lot of horses? >> we had five to cover all the ground that was asked of these horses in the time we were filming but there were two that i really spent nuzzle time with
8:40 am
and it was great. i loved them. >> there's an important relationship between you and this horse. >> well, that's true. >> this horse inspires you to basically say to your family and to your husband, this is the work i was meant to do, was to do this work. and the time this is happening, in the early 1970s, women weren't really doing that. >> well, as a mother, i think it served her to trust herself and her gut about what it takes to call forth the greatness of another family member. and she was born into the horse-breeding industry and she grew up with that. and people wanted to forget, i think, and it was a really no vel media way of packaging her to say, you're a housewife, you have no business being here. maybe her hair-do distracted everybody. her hair was enough, you know, to live up to that. >> what was that like? the look of the film is really having -- i graduated from college in 1973. i know it looked like back then. and it is very -- it is
8:41 am
absolutely authentic. >> thank you. i -- you know, teams of professionals make sure of all. >> that sometimes it's like when you go on location or something like that, when you pult on that, it's almost like having a costume. >> the costume designer who worked from just my character, julie weiss, she's amazing a stickler for authenticity. i don't know. i think we are single handedly going to bring back -- we've covered the '70s from what do they call the riff-raff and those kids today. you know, but the establishment and the way jackie bouvier dressed before she became jackie kennedy, jackie o., before that transition for women. >> you said one of the hardest lines for you to deliver in the movie the family in this dispute because your husband is clearly conservative, the kids are involved in a protest movement. i mean, it is sort of really real-life american family in the early '70s. you try to sort of stop things
8:42 am
by saying, does anyone like pie. >> would anyone like pie? that's how it was. you can't actually go down the path arguing with your children about politics with the father in the middle of it all. there is a skill set being the peacekeeper in the family while you acknowledge everybody's point of view. >> the thing most interesting about this, here is this horse, phenomenal horse that brings all the generations together because everybody loves secretariat. >> i think everybody stopped on its axis, stopped for a moment and dropped their negativism and cynicism. this film, if anything is anti-cynical, a breath of fresh air. >> there you go. great to see you congratulations. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming. >> nice to be back. thanks for having me. >> here's erica and cody as furry friends. october is adopt a shelter dog months. our correspondent dr. debbye turner bell is here to help us find the perfect pet for our families. good to have you with us this
8:43 am
morning. >> good morning. >> you have friends that need a home. >> let me introduce them to you, over on your left rocky a poodle mix, two years old, i believe. is that right? cody right here a pomeranian, pure-bread, you can get pure-reds at shelters. i have mr. flops, the ear gifls it away, ten years old really needs a home, as well as nick, the boxer mix who is five months old a puppy. we have a wide variety of dogs here, as you will find, at your local shelter. >> i love you brought this up a point makes people say i need a pure-breed sometimes you do there is a rescue group or you can find one at a shelter. how do you know you are at reputable or good shelter when you ready to find a pet. >> before i answer this, let me say this every animal at a shelter no matter its condition need a home. however you have a better result if you go to a shelter that really pays attention what they are doing and knows what they are doing.
8:44 am
you want to look for a shelter that is clean and the people are friendly and knowledgeable. they are going to ask you more questions, almost, than you will ask them. you -- also it's good to find a shelter, if you can with a staff veterinarian or at least a veterinarian there on a regular basis in a staff behaviorist, all the better. 60% of animals that end up in shelters, most cases end up there because of behavior problems. it is great if they have a behavist that can temper test the animals and properly place them with the right family. >> you can understand, too, what that behavioral issue was. let's start off when you go in, all these things you need to know. the questions we need to ask when we found a pet you love. >> you need to do your homework and know the background of the dog. sometimes dogs end up shelters and don't know their background but sometimes they do. you want to know where the dog came from, how long they've been in shelter, their living situation before they got there and ask about the medical history of this dog. does the dog have a chronic disease, diabetes, heart disease, something ongoing you
8:45 am
need to be prepared for. >> do you need to worry about medication. >> you need to worry about medication and make sure the dog is vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and new turred and ask about the behavior of the dog since at the shelter, outgoing or friendly with other dogs or act fearful and hide in the back of the cage and ask the shelter for their follow-up services. do they offer behavior training classes? will they do consultations if you run into something in the future and finally you want to ask the shelter about their return policy. many good shelters do have a return policy because they want that dog to be in a good home and they don't want to end up abandoned. for instance, the humane society of new york, who graciously brought all these dogs, will take the dog back if it doesn't work out. in fact, mr. flops here was adopted out ten years ago. the family was not able to care for him now in their present situation. the humane society took them back. you want to know about that. >> mr. flops we'll find you another good home. i wish i had room for another dog.
8:46 am
what should you do when you go in, be prepared for in terms of questions they will ask and documentation you may need to have. you ngt just necessarily walk out the door with a dauk. >> these days you almost need your blood type and fingerprints. it is an extensive process. they will ask burr living conditions and make sure you can financially handle the animal, they swl for references and a good shelter will check them and ask you a lot of questions about your expectations, who else lives there, do you have small kids or older kids. >> plans for taking care of the dog. >> that's correct. >> you can expect some shelters to do a home visit. do you have a fenced-in yard so the animal has a place to run. expect to have an adoption fee, usually covers the cost the shelter had to incur to take in the animal and care for them. this can be anywhere from $50 to $150 or more. >> some of that cost, though, correct me if i'm wrong, sometimes it will include your spaying or nurturing, also
8:47 am
something shelters and rescue groups are doing to help keep the pet population down. >> that is absolutely right. a good shelter, you bring up a good point will have spayed or neutered the animal in case they are too young, in many cases they make preparations with you to bring them back when it's time. >> when we adopted our dog at three and a half months they did that with us. they also made us sign a form whether or not we had any intention of big life changes, i than hadn't thought, about will you move, have a child, get married. that all impacts your pet. >> there are 8 to 12 million homeless pets here in the united states, half of them, think about that, four million, five million are euthanized every year because there are not enough good homes. shelters don't want to see these animals abandoned again and are going to go to great lengths to make sure you have as the prospective pet owner knows what they are getting into. also some shelters will follow-ups and call you a month or two later and say how is it
8:48 am
going, how are things, can we help you anyway, another hallmark of a great shelter. >> and the great pet parent, what's the most important thing we can do when we bring the dog home. >> most important, prepare for what you are actually getting and do your homework. of course you want to match the dog to your family and lifestyle make sure you have the right dog and breed. more than anything make sure you are prepared for the commitment so it is a lifetime, happy, forever home. >> because they are sweet, sweet little souls who need a lot of love. >> that's right. >> great to have you there and so nice to have all our friends, as well, who need a home. if you interested in adopting any of these dogs again they are right now at the humane society of new york log onto our website and you will find all the information you need right there to bring one of these friends home for you or perhaps another one in your area. >> that's right. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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welcome back. "forbes" magazine out with its annual list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. >> in the world. >> i mean, really? >> like the world series. i mean -- >> we'll tell who you they are, number one michelle obama. >> really. >> number two the ceo kraft foods, irene rosenfelled, number three oprah winfrey, number four german chancellor angle la merkel, number five hillary clinton. >> number seven lady gaga, not based on wealth and power like last year but creative influence and entrepreneurship and michelle obama was 40 on the list last year but started her "lets move" campaign and getting
8:52 am
these food company to change their labeling. >> i'm not going to argue the first lady, i think lady gaga being the seven this is most influential in the world right now. >> a creative influence. >> unfortunately. >> i'm just responding to most powerful and i know the most powerful woman in the world is my wife. >> so good, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's good. looks like you will get an award yourself later. >> and someone you work with is number 22, someone we all work with, my katie couric. >> how about that? >> that one makes sense. >> very proud of katie. look at that. >> that's it? >> anybody else striking you there. >> pepisco chief executive -- named most powerful woman in the u.s. for the fifth year in a row by "fortune." >> you can read all about it online. >> there you go. >> have a great day. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow, friday! your local news is next. >> friday! [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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headlines... ca it is 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm juliette goodrich. caltrain directors meet this morning to consider a plan to raise fares and cut services. the commuter line is facing a $2 million budget deficit. three proposal would raise fares by 25 cents for each of caltrain's six zones. menlo atherton homecoming game will be away from home because neighbors of atherton high school have filed a lawsuit arguing the lights and the crowds would spoil their peace and quiet. a judge ruled the night game cannot go on until after the suit is heard. the opponent, the king's academy in sunnyvale also host this evening's game. the san francisco giants play their first post-season game in 7 years tonight at at&t park. they are playing the atlanta braves in the national league
8:56 am
division series and this morning, the giants have to finalize their roster for the series. the big question is whether pitcher barry zito will be honest. we'll have traffic and weather in just a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
all right. so let's get a check of the eastshore freeway. we got a couple of accidents right now, one in emeryville approaching powell and then another accident just cleared to the shoulder near hilltop in richmond and possibly another
8:58 am
accident near ashby so it's causing a lot of slow traffic westbound 80 heading towards the macarthur maze from the bay bridge toll plaza. right now there is your look at the drive time. 29 minutes. unfortunately, it's growing though because of those accidents that just popped up from the carquinez bridge to the maze. at the bay bridge, it is backed up to about the 880 overcrossing. speaking of 880, it is really slow now past the coliseum especially in those northbound lanes. 25 minutes between 238 and the macarthur maze. mass transit is all on time but bart is running longer trains for tonight's giants game against the atlanta braves. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for today, some sunshine but along the coastline, not so much. not now, that is. forecast for today does include a mix of sun and clouds for the coast well into the afternoon. today's highs mid-60s along the coast, upper 60s around the bay and the mid-70s inland. warming up for the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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