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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the lengths some people went to... to be part of [ screaming ] giants lead the series in a thriller for the hometown crowd. the lengths some people went to, to be part of the victory. a new shift in the governor's race. the role money may be playing in the polls. that's real egregious. i don't know why public officials would imagine in a somehow they don't have to show up for court. >> and a councilman caught using his laptop while driving. why he landed in even deeper trouble with the law. good evening, i'm thuy vu in for allen martin. >> i'm dana king. they are halfway there.
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they beat the phillies. dennis o'donnell is at the ballpark. >> reporter: i got a buddy at espn who said that all 10 espn baseball experts picked up the phillies to beat the giants. but the east coast mentality figuring out the west coast giants right hand that bad. it came down to good pitching as being the reason the giants are winning the series. it's been 8 years since the giants last hosted a national league championship series game. they honored barry bonds. cody ross drives home edgar renteria within an rbi single adding a second run to make it 2-0. in the 5th sanchez to second, utley boots it. arrow rowan scores. they first ruled an error and changed later. utley should have made that play. matt cain did it from there. he refused to give up a run. 7 shutout innings as the giants
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shut out the phillies and take a 2-1 series lead. it was interesting, i actually didn't get into the ballpark until the 5th inning because of a credential snafu. we'll have more reaction from the locker room in sports. >> thank you. giants fans or not it's hard not to get excited about the idea of a bay area team competing for a championship title. shuling mike sugerman has all the fanfare. i -- mike sugerman has all the fanfare. i heard you struck out trying to get in the game. >> reporter: it wasn't as easy as you think. somebody said two for the bling, six for the ring. i don't know what that means. if we win two more and then four more we would be the champs. there were 43,000 excited fans
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inside the ballpark. thousands of others outside the park. i was there, our photojournalist was there. here's what it was like not being part of the action. >> programs! giants phillies championship programs! >> loyal giants fan in need of one ticket, please. you got tickets. >> people out here making their fortunes. >> some people want to spread good karma. watch this. >> watch this. >> 50. >> oh. >> that's 150 for one. >> oh, no, no. you can't scalp a scalper. what are you talking about? you don't make money off me. it's vice versa. >> reporter: guys going to the game? >> i wish. i wish we were going to the game. we're just out here right now just celebrate. energy. energy. >> we are still picking up the energy. we are still delivering energy. it's all about being positive. hopefully they do well. >> reporter: i'm guessing you
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couldn't get a ticket to the game today. >> no. it's great out hire. weather is great, fog burned off and we're ready for a splash ball. >> i'm ready. here's a guy that can juggle work with fun. >> that's right. what are you doing? going to the game? >> no, i'm not going to be able to go in. i'm just enjoying the festivities outside. >> sheffield, england, originally. >> reporter: how does a brit look at baseball? >> it's like grounders with balls. >> reporter: is that dirty? >> it's a good thing. >> it's not dirty at all. >> reporter: what can you see from here? >> i see great. see everything. >> reporter: you see everything? i can see the whole thing. >> reporter: you got a ticket? remember this guy? >> face value ticket in the bleachers. >> reporter: how much? >> 40 bucks. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. just because you're a loyal fan? >> you know, good people want to sit next to good people. they don't want to give them to a scalper. it all worked out fine.
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>> reporter: here's the play- off beard. this is what happens when the giants keep winning. the beard keeps growing until the giants stop playing. >> can you breathe through that thing? >> no. not really. i can't do this much longer. [ laughter ] >> mike sugerman, thank you. on to political coverage now. it could be some of the toughest antismoking regulations in the country. len ramirez is in san jose with details of the proposal in santa clara county. len. >> reporter: that's right, dana. over the last few years a lot of cities have enacted tough antismoking ordinances that prohibit somebody from lighting up, say, right in front of a building or even in their own apartments. santa clara county seems to be taking a lot of those laws and putting it into one big comprehensive law that's going to make it very tough on smokers in the unincorporated
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parts of the county. michelle is a young person but smoking a long time. >> i'm 21. i have been smoking since i was 13. >> reporter: today she lit up in the parking lot of a 7- eleven but within 30 feet of the store's entrance. under a sweeping new antismoking law, proposed for parts of santa clara county, it's one of the new places where she and her smoke would be banned. >> you get a lot of animosity. like you're a scapegoat tort country basically -- for the country basically. everybody has to have a scapegoat and the smokers are the ones that are attacked. >> if you are neighbor is a smoker you're getting 50% of their smoke. >> reporter: the proposed new ordinance was debated at the board of supervisors. it would be one of the toughest in the nation prohibiting smoke in apartments, condos and duplexes. hotels and motels, food service areas, fairgrounds, parks and hiking trails. it would target tobacco sales to minors by setting up a retail permit process $3 40 to sell tobacco, $425 to renew
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every year, with permits suspensions for underaged sales. retailser call it excessive. >> retailers were not engaged and it will hurt them. >> reporter: board members say it's time to get tough to protect health and young people. >> smoking isn't good for you. we don't have policies in place that are saying, okay, we as a community don't want smokers smoking around others. >> reporter: the board didn't vote today. it will be back for two more hearings in november. it's going to affect santa clara county, the unincorporated areas, but they also hope that other cities will follow the county's lead and start adopting some of these same ordinance in the incorporated city limits. >> all right. i'm sure people are going to have a lot to say about it before it's all said and done.
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len ramirez, thank you. in the governor's race meg whitman is stumping for support in the bay area tonight. a surveyusa poll shows she needs to build as much new support as possible to win the governor's race. simon perez shows why in spite of her record-breaking campaign spending she is still trailing. >> reporter: meg whitman came to oakland today to talk education. and the lesson plan for her campaign, catch up. a surveyusa poll found she lost ground to her opponent democrat jerry brown. he maintained support of 47% of likely voters statewide while whitman support has dropped by 3 points. >> i have invested a lot of my own money in this campaign because i want to give people a choice to who they will elect. >> reporter: jerry brown spent nearly $11 million this year. meg whitman spent 12 times that. look at the more recent spending from july to september. brown spent nearly all of his
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money in those three months. whitman about a third. while he trails in campaign spending, brown trounces whitman in spending by outside groups that support him. independent groups have spent 10 times more money supporting him than whitman. >> the number one contribute to earth independent expenditures that are running attack ads against me is the california teachers association. >> reporter: california working families, labor group, california teachers association and working californians, supported by the seiu, no, sir are brown's contributors. brown says whitman has special interest support of her own accusing whitman of carving out a special exception in her pension reform plans for law enforcement. related it or not she has the support of the statewide law enforcement union and california law and order committee made up of deputies and police officers from california. with two weeks to go, lots of money spent and more to come. in san francisco, i'm simon
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perez, cbs 5. a bay area mayor calls one of his city council members a bad role model. there was a warrant for his arrest after he didn't show up for court. his legal trouble started after he was allegedly caught typing on a laptop while driving. don fernandez on whether that land him in jail. >> reporter: screws congressman tony madrigal was allegedly multitasking in the car. another driver claims the council mass was texting and using his laptop and driving while on august 30 if the allegations are true that the con sill man was typing on his laptop, texting and driving at the same time, what was his driving like? allegedly, very erratic for the councilman. a spokesman for the california highway patrol told cbs 5madrigal was not breaking the
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speed limit but the officer who stopped him saw him using the devices while committing several moving violations and endangering the safety of others. then last month, madrigal was due in court to face the allegations but didn't show up. >> i think it's pretty reckless -- irresponsible behavior. that's bad enough but the real problem is that he had a court date that he just blew off and didn't go to. that's beyond allegation. that probably happened. that's egregious. >> reporter: even in a community like santa cruz with a live and let live attitude, some are drawing the line on this one. >> i used to do all those things, text, try to keep my eye on the road but, you know, realizing how absolutely idiotic it was. now i don't. and so yeah, i think it's pretty idiotic and extremely irresponsible. >> i don't like driving behind people who are texting and stuff like that, either. so it's definitely a bad
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decision by him. >> reporter: madrigal has since made a court appearance and has pleaded not guilty. according to the chp, madrigal faces up to a $1,000 find and/or no more than 90 days in jail. a conviction would be considered a misdemeanor and would count as two points against his driving record. in santa cruz, don fernandez, cbs 5. just when the bay bridge drive was getting routine again, the 500-foot distraction that might catch your eye. it just makes a mess. it's just awful. i mean, i feel sorry that they do kill them, but -- >> a drastic solution to a destructive and potentially dangerous nuisance. why a bay area golf course has hired a hunter. i pick it up now. okay? i said how on earth did you find my telephone number? www yellow and i said
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i'm unlisted. >> unlisted versus online. the gap that prompted one consumer to contact 5 helps you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at around four a-m, caltrans will begin installing the next starting tomorrow a major new phase of the bay bridge construction project beginnings. at 4:00 a.m. caltrans will begin installing the next section of the main suspension tower. crews will work 24 hours a day in 12-hour shifts. the segment is 272 feet tall a little more than half the total height of the tower. and caltrans says unlike the last previous project, drivers will notice this work. and caltrans closed a section of the san mateo bridge over night. the closure was to apply noncorrosive paint to the recently repaired steel beam. workers couldn't apply the paint earlier because of rain. crews also performed maintenance work on other areas of the bridge during the
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closure. a bay area country club has hired a hunter to kill pigs that are tearing up a golf course. the clayton police department is confident that people and property are safe and this is one way of making sure that the pigs don't wander into town. >> they multiply quickly and can aggressive animals. so they are doing the right thing with the method that they are using. >> killing them seems to be the only solution since trapping doesn't work. so far the hunter has shot four pigs. he is usually out between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. the golf course superintendent says he is not sure how long they are going to need the hunter's services. millions of people pay money every month to keep their phone number and address unlisted. it turns out unlisted doesn't mean what you might think. on the consumerwatch, julie
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watts investigates one woman's struggle to keep her information private. reporter: >> you know, it's unfair. >> reporter: lisa is a very private person. so private she asked us not to show her face or last name so it's no wonder she was furious when she got this calling from a stranger. >> i'm so sorry to bother you. i'm actually looking for somebody who is related to a maria or eugene. >> right away i pick it up and i said how on earth did you find my telephone number? i'm unlisted. >> reporter: lisa payings 2.25 every month to keep her phone number and address unlisted so she was shocked when she found them both online. she immediately called at&t and? >> they denied it. they say it's not in the book. it's not in the yellow pages. i said are you sure? because i found my name. i pulled out the copy. >> reporter: that's when she hung up and call 1-888-5-helps- u and we got to the bottom of
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it. turns out her name wasn't in the phone book but it was on at&t's database. and that gets sent out to 411 and various other directories like their website. unlisted means only out of the phone book. you have to pay extra to stay out of all publications and be classified as non-published. in lisa's case, at&t admitted she had requested to be nonpublished and they tell us, quote, we have a process in place to prevent the release of at&t nonpublished numbers on there was a processing error. we have corrected this listing. >> i'm calling of course to apologize for this circumstances and to see if we can also offer you some other sort of recompense. >> reporter: at&t called lisa three times to apologize and they gave her a $400 credit which she is donating to the struggling antioch animal shelter. >> but the thing, how about others who don't even have any idea though that the address and their name and telephone is out there?
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>> reporter: lisa brings una good point. to keep your name off the yellow pages,.com, make sure your bill says nonpublished not nonlisted but we found her information on other sites like and which buys your information from third parties. on some sites, like the white pages, you will find an option that allow you to remove your listing but unfortunately, that's not available everywhere. hey, if you have a consumer complaint or question, give us a call. we'd love to help. 1-888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. she tweets, she's on facebook. do you believe in privacy? [ laughter ] >> you know, i do. i'm very private about my children. but i believe in sharing your daily doings with all of your 2,163 friends, why not? [ laughter ] i love my facebook and i love my twitter because it's a great social media to get out the word, i have people on the coast telling me when the fog's coming in, people inland telling me hey, roberta, look at the moon right now it's
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91% waxing gibbous, friday night october 22 will be a full moon. tomorrow if you have tickets to the game, lucky you. i'm going to be your friend! here's the deal. 59 degrees at 5:00 p.m., partly sunny skies. we'll begin to see the makings of a deeper marine layer by tomorrow night. in fact this evening that marine layer is already about 1,000 feet deep. it's trying to move into the bay. tonight overnight 47 degrees in santa rosa to 53 in redwood city. you can feel the difference in the air, can't you? meanwhile, here you go. the low clouds and fog, already playing tag with the golden gate bridge. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for your commute. we'll have the fog in the north bay, trying to saturate the south bay, then treating back towards the coast. partial clearing at best at the beaches. temperatures coming down a couple of degrees compared to today. in fact, upper 50s at the beaches, 76 degrees in san jose, where we had a high near 78 degrees today. so bringing those numbers down just two degrees.
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otherwise 68 degrees in alameda. 75 in livermore. outside number today was 80 by the way throughout the tri- valley. meanwhile stinson beach no clearing in the low 60s up to 75 in fairfield. this does warrant some explaining. by thursday's game, there is a chance of raindrops, another chance of rain on friday, but more likely north bay will see some rain saturday morning, everybody gets wet on sunday. and that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. text me. you. [ laughter ] why hormone replacement therapy may be even more dangerous than first thought. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford.
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cancer. but now new findings ormones, the hormone use after menopause is known to increase the risk of breast cancer but now new findings reveal with hormones the breast cancer is more likely to be more advanced and deadly. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with this latest story. >> reporter: more bad news, basically. well, hormone therapy is the
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most effective way to treat symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and night sweats. many doctors assume women can safely use hormones for four to five years. well, new data just out today adds to the belief that combination hormone replacement therapy may do more harm than good. reporter: eight years ago a huge nationwide federal study on hormone replacement therapy part of the women's health initiative was abruptly halted. >> they said stop taking the pills they weren't giving us anymore. >> reporter: in the study one using a combination of estrogen and progestin were found to be at higher risk of stroke, blood clots and breast cancer. >> people used to say breast cancer is caused by estrogen and progestin were not as dead think as other breast cancers. this study proves that wrong. >> reporter: the doctor from stanford is part of the team coming up the crunching the
6:25 pm
numbers. the hormones stimulate breast tissue making it mor dense. >> mammography doesn't pick up the larger tumor. it's also more likely to have gone to lymph nodes and moved to the body before you detect it. >> reporter: she says for women with severe symptoms take a low a dose as possible for as short a time as possible. >> women should recognize that menopausal hormones are strictly for a short-term period. >> reporter: but now you need to know something else. once you stop take the therapy the increased density in your breast will persist for a while. >> but it affects the ability of the mammogram to find a tumor for about 18 months after stopping. so there is this window that you want to be sure you have the mammogram, but the good news is that very soon thereafter the risk is back down to the pre-hormone state. >> reporter: now, denser breast
6:26 pm
tissue is one factor. in addition, researchers believe the hormones help a breast cancer grow and spread by stimulating the growth of blood vessels that, in turn, feed the tumor. these findings don't apply to just estrogen, without progestin. >> talk to your doctor. >> reporter: see how this applies to you. >> thank you. the u.s. senate race tightens in california. >> so we were going to look at if there was particular problems. >> barbara boxer defends her position on obama care and sarah palin. how the incumbent answers the critics as election day nears. >> they lost everything in the san bruno disaster even family members. what they want state leaders to do about it. >> trying to get to sleep and then big trucks coming in here with slamming and yelling and moving large items. >> and not everyone loves ikea. why one bay area neighborhood
6:27 pm
is telling the chain, not in my backyard. republican. democrat. independent. your party doesn't matter anymore. it's fixing this m boxer's been there twenty-eight years. and, look what we've got. when bickering ends, solutions begin. i'm prepared to oppose my party when it's wrong. we can change washington but first you have to vote, to change the people we send there. i'm carly fiorina and i approve this message.
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getting tighter. senator barbara boxer is just two points ahead of her challenger, carly fiorina, 46 to two weeks in the election
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and the race is tighter. barbara boxer is ahead 46 to 44% versus carly fiorina. that's according to our exclusive cbs 5/surveyusa poll. terrell brown showings us how they are going off vote. >> reporter: could sarah palin be the next game changer in the california senate race? democratic senator barbara boxer used palin to slam her republican rival's character. >> my opponent is proud to have the support of sarah palin and i can tell you, you can tell about a person when you look at the company they keep. >> reporter: palin is scheduled to be in anaheim for a republican rally next saturday. a recent poll shows her endorsement may do more harm than good for republican senate candidate carly fiorina. she says she will not be attending that rally. >> this isth assault weapons ban is critical. >> reporter: boxer today called for a federal renewal of federal assault weapons ban in
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the county. on jobs she said she did support the president's economic stimulus although unemployment in california has actually gone up since it passed. >> the leading economists say this we not taken the action we did on the economic recovery act and i just talked about the funding the sheriff received there we would have seen an additional 3.5 million unemployed. >> reporter: just before leaving i talked to the three- term senator about healthcare. senator, you said mend it. don't end it. >> exactly. >> reporter: this is right after some of the provision have just taken place. is that an admission that this bill has failed? >> not at all, no. as a matter of fact we said when we passed it that it was very comprehensive. it took 100 years to get this done so we were going to look at if there were particular problems. there are some small issues that we have to fix and we're going to. >> reporter: senator boxer is on the campaign trail since she arrived back in california from washington. meanwhile, fiorina has gotten some outside help to reach a new audience.
6:32 pm
she will air more ads across spanish language television stations. the conservative susan b. anthony lives the national organization for marriage paid for the spots. >> we are now moving... >> reporter: she was also endorsed by orange county sheriff sandra hutchins. the race is still tight. poll shows it's anybody's guess. >> that was terrell brown reporting. a fundraiser for barbara boxer has brought the vice president to san francisco tonight. joe biden is here. and president obama will be in san francisco two days from now to headline events for the democratic national committee five families have filed separate lawsuits claiming pg&e did not properly maintain the san bruno pipeline that exploded. the utility already faces at least two other lawsuits related to the blast. pg&e has not commented on the lawsuits. meanwhile at the first senate hearing in sacramento today, lawmakers called on pg&e
6:33 pm
executives to find out what went wrong. the september 9 blast killed 8 people including jessica morales. her boyfriend's father testified today. >> i sit here with sorrow in my heart knowing that my son's first love that he witnessed her perishing in this awful, awful fire. >> a federal report indicates a power malfunction at pg&e's milpitas terminal led to a build-up of gas pressure in the san bruno pipeline just minutes before it exploded. the investigation continues. buy-outs and bonuses are being offered to home owners devastated by the explosion. pg&e says those who agree to sell their property within six months will get a $50,000 bonus. those who choose to stay, the utility is also offering them $50,000 if they rebuild within 16 months. the blast destroyed 37 homes and damaged 18 others. a bizarre mystery in the east bay. hikers found human remains in a
6:34 pm
remote area off morrison canyon road. fremont police say it appears they have been in the area for at least a year. all investigators can say it appears to be an adult but more testing is being done to determine identity and cause of death. concord police are looking for two men who robbed a roundtable pizza and a subway restaurant at gunpoint last night. both robberies happened within an hour of each other. witnesses say both men wore masks and had guns. no reports of injuries. the men made off with cash in both incidents. so far no suspects or arrest. in less than an hour the emeryville city council will consider a new bid to build a warehouse for ikea. they want a warehouse near hollis and 53rd. some neighbors don't want it. reporter: one of the iconic symbols of the east bay, the ikea store in emeryville, doing business here for over 10 years, business has been good. and now ikea wants more space.
6:35 pm
this warehouse has been empty for more than 10 years, says ikea. and they want to use it for special items. >> the products that will be available for pickup over at the warehouse will be either larger items, items that are complex or items that are lower volume or we just don't sell as many of them. >> reporter: but near the warehouse is a group of homes. and some folks are not happy about the possibility of ikea being their neighbor. >> trying to get to sleep and then big trucks coming in here with slamming and yelling and moving large items and crossing a sidewalk where people are trying to walk to emery go round or people are trying to walk to the childhood development center. i just think it's a --it's an incompatible use. >> reporter: the neighbors are also concerned about pollution from idling trucks increased traffic and forklift activity. many of these items ikea claims will be addressed. the intersection of hollis and
6:36 pm
53rd street is already a light industrial area and ikea claims it will be a good neighbor and says it has reached out to the community and will continue to do so. >> i don't think big box retail belongs in our side of the tracks. it's zoned for west of the tracks and the retail and entertainment district and is zoned that way to protect the residential neighborhood. >> reporter: the decision to allow ikea to expand to the warehouse will be decided here tonight at the emeryville city council chambers. both sides are expected to give vigorous presentations. in emeryville, don ford, cbs 5. a new attraction on the san francisco waterfront. how the redesigned exploratorium took a big step forward today. >> the support was overwhelming. and it's is a great feeling. >> a bay area landmark lives on. the one condition the operators of louis' restaurant had to meet.
6:37 pm
>> i'm dennis o'donnell at at&t park. the giants are halfway to the world series. we'll take you inside the she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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yoknowt's d whenhe pss as if y'd te a e deteor tt. d in cifora. she t caht iinsir dealat gdmanachs shchand hestorabou ysicly asingn emoyee a waundoment. hetv d ev herometned newsper id m whian h
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denstred "loos latishipith e trh" its new home today. well, a groundbreaking ceremony on the embarcadero today for the exploratorium's new home. the $220 million building that will house san francisco's interactive science museum will go up at pier 17 and 15. the project is expected to transform a portion of the waterfront. museum officials hope to raise a total of $300 million for construction as well as the cost of moving from its current home at the palace of fine arts. a san francisco institution that was facing eviction has been saved. louis' diner at lands end had to take part in competitive bidding to keep going. and as patrick sedillo shows us, the restaurant supporters got the word they will still have a place for breakfast. >> i have been coming out here as long as i can remember give or take a decade. >> what's changed here? >> i don't think very much.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: in lands end in san francisco, louis' diner has stood guard since 1937. >> you want some more coffee? >> reporter: kathy started here in 1973. >> people walk in and say, wow, those light fixtures are they new? no, they and the tiles are from 1975. >> reporter: they were in danger of losing their lease on federal land and they had to bid for it with others. >> this was a true competition. there were four bids. the national park service is regulated by congress to put out requested for proposals to operate concessions or restaurant type activities in national parks. they had to put in a proposal like anyone else. >> reporter: so they did. >> well, the waiting, waiting, waiting. we weren't sure, you know, that's my brother and i was all we have ever done, you know? >> reporter: finally last friday an answer. the family won the bid. with conditions. >> louis' will still have the
6:41 pm
character and history but they will be continuing on with more choices and different sustainable offerings. >> more organic and natural. so yeah, we'll still have the bacon and eggs but it will be natural bacon. >> reporter: along which greener menu, they have to be ada compliant. now that they have a longer lease they can upgrade. >> this was overwhelming. [ crying ] >> and it's... it just is a great feeling. >> you do the right thing, you do the right thing it will happen to you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the new lease is for 10 years and their fans and customers will be waiting for them when they re-open in april 2011. in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. he made musicians out of thousands of schoolchildren. how they thanked him for that today. >> check this out. it's absolutely beautiful 91 waxing gibbous moon. we are able to see it now but the clouds are rolling in and the effect all that will have on your wednesday. we'll talk about that with your pinpoint forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people's concert. the oakland east bay
6:45 pm
symphony honored a 99-year-old supporter with a young people's concert. he has been a board member and contributor to the symphony for many years. born and raised in oakland he played with the marin symphony as a young man and then became a businessman. he has been a volunteer piano teacher at local schools for 50 years and until recently worked as a apparently. the oakland east bay symphony starts its season every year with a concert for students. giants fever and felines? they go hand in hand, right? today the peninsula humane society and the spca said about 50 black and orange cats have been adopted since promotion began 10 days ago. if you want to adopt one of those pretty kitties for $9, much cheaper than the normal fee.
6:46 pm
the promotion goes until october 30. >> name one buster and one posey. >> or one cody and ross. >> lots of combinations. >> you're making fun of me because i have facebook friends. i love social media because i can get a lot of information that way. >> i'm not making fun. >> jerry facebooked me and predicted the giants would win 3-0 and did this mathematical equation so i just face booked him back, or mess and him back and said give me the score for tomorrow! who's going to win, game on, i'm going to vegas, baby! [ laughter ] >> there you have the 91% waxing gibbous moon, full moon friday october 22. temperatures going down quickly this evening. it's already 58 degrees in san francisco. falling very quickly. tonight overnight 54 degrees in the city by the bay. we'll have partly cloudy skies inland, thick deck of low clouds and fog already 1,000 feet deep at the immediate
6:47 pm
seashore. here you go, storm tracker as well to the north of the bay area but way back here we have subtropical moisture that's tapping into this and that's what's going to affect our weekend. coupled up with a cold front moving in. this is how we're playing out your morning commute tomorrow morning. we'll stop the down right there. official sun-up 7:21. nobody is going to see it. the fog wants to play tag inland with the altamont pass and then begin to move towards the coast where we'll have partial if any clearing. haze in the atmosphere tomorrow with a southerly wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. otherwise good air quality next to the beaches. tomorrow's high 58 degrees in pacifica to 67-degree in oakland. we'll play it into the 70s to the north and to the south, mid- 70s to the east. these numbers are coming down ever so slightly compared to today when we had 58 in half moon bay and 80 degrees in gilroy. tomorrow for the baseball game, if you get to go, lucky you. 59 degrees partly sunny skies. by game time, when we had that
6:48 pm
first pitch at 5:00 in the evening. here your the extended forecast. temperatures come down but full sunshine tomorrow. thickening clouds on thursday, slight chance of rain by the giants game thursday night into friday morning. then a second system works in on saturday looks like light rain showers likely in the north bay saturday, chances everywhere else. sunday looks like it will be wet everywhere. then we dry out by the beginning of next week. angel, we thank you for this gorgeous picture of the golden gate. keep the photos comes to and don't go away. dennis with sports is next. ,, ♪ [ female announcer ] there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor
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dennis at at&t, what's it like being surrounded by that you will good juju today? >> reporter: i tell you one thing if i'm bruce bochy i'm going to las vegas! every move i make is right. changes centerfielders works. changes the leadoff hit ter works. whatever he does, it turns to gold. that's exactly why the giants are leading 2-1 games in the series. in october baseball meant to be played in the day. that's what we got. as the giants take a 2-1 series lead over the phillies. barry bonds and the 2000 team had reached the world series on
6:52 pm
or before the game. that was the last time the giants hosted an nlcs game. matt cain on the mound for the giants, 3rd inning, fires one up. opposite number cole hamels bunted it kept it out of his face. phillies with the first. best chance to score in the 3rd. utley retired on a routine grounder to short. scoreless. then in the 4th, cody ross continues to tear the cover off the ball smacked a base hit to left scoring edgar renteria, giants 1-0. they're not done. aubrey huff singles just under utley's glove into right field. pat burrell drops home2. -0 giants. utley's long day still not over. in the 5th, freddie sanchez with an in between bouncer utley boots it. arrowaaron rowan comes home.
6:53 pm
2-1 in the 7th. shane victorino grounds out. closes out the threat. ibanez bounces in the 4-6- double play. giants take him 2-1 series lead winning game 3, 3-0. >> this ought to be the it up one to be able to pitch in the post-season is great and to be able to throw the ball and help your team win, you know, is a great feeling. >> i'm not taking the credit away from him. matt cain was too good. he didn't give us any runs. >> ross at first, grounds one off the glove of utley. 2-0 giants. >> when i hit it i thought it was through. >> it's loud. >> it's loud in here, i know.
6:54 pm
[ laughter ] >> he made a heck of an effort at it. just knocked through and i was looking for something off speed and he put the first one right down the middle. i was surprised but i state on it and was able to get through the whole thing. >> rowan. bruce bochy is pulling all the right things. >> bochy is known to do things like that and he is always right. the guy consistently nails it. hats off to him. really did a number today. it was evident. >> he is definitely hot. i think you can't take anything from it. he has been battling and hitting pitches that most normal people can't hit at this time. >> got people chanting your name in the same way usually go reggie or barry or somebody like that. what's that whole experience like for you? >> it's an easy name to chant.
6:55 pm
it's two syllables. don't start comparing me to those guys. >> reporter: what does it mean? game 4 will be back here tomorrow night. the giants will turn to the 21- year-old rookie madison baumgardner. he was the winning pitcher in game 4 clinching the first round series win over the braves. he will be opposed by joe blanton former athletic who should be well rested if not rusty. he has yet to pitch this post- season. he last started three weeks ago on september 29. he says he has been staying sharp in practice. >> most pitchers in this situation throw easily 150 innings, well over 200 and, you know, it's -- if you don't have the feel by now, you're in trouble. >> reporter: blanton has been successful against the giants but there is no question, advantage san francisco with the rookie madison balm gardner. the nfl they are going to be begin suspending players when it deems appropriate for head- to-head helmet hits.
6:56 pm
the steelers james harrison is now $75,000 lighter in his wallet for his violent hit this weekend. in the future he may be suspended for a hit like that. merriwether and robinson fined $50,000 for their hits this weekend. and finally there may be few more memorable moments in world series history than kurt gibson's home one to beat the ace in the 1988 world series. gibson is auctioning that bat and his helmet plus home and road uniforms and his mvp award to raise money for michigan state athletics and to fund partial scholarships. i'm guessing that denis eckersley won't be part of that. back to you, i don't know if you saw aubrey huff's son in the locker room saying how loud it was. and that's the way it is when
6:57 pm
you're ahead 2-1 in a series you were supposed to lose. >> right. >> and we'll keep it that way! >> i bet the fans in the stands were just out of their minds. >> i bet. what was it like today? >> you know, part of the thing is that espn writer told me that all 10 of their experts said the phillies would win and i think the giants fans love the underdog role. they have been underdogs the entire season and they are getting a little payback right now. they are loving it. >> if you thought it was loud today, dennis, if things go well tomorrow, imagine the noise level. >> right. what about thursday if it could possibly prevent the series from going back to philadelphia? >> that would be the dream. see you at 10 and 11. we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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