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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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of gyms at odds with its corporate owner. how your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. everyone is entitled to say what they want and freedom of speech but they are not entitled to get money from people they are owe oppressing a gym at odds with its owner. campaigns invading your home computer, how they are tracking your every mouse click to get your vote. and a violent robbery at a bay area pot club. why cannabis club operators feel they are getting it from all sides. with the election around the corner it might be the last place you would think about for politics. but it has become a heavyweight in the gay right battle a gym pumping millions of dollars to help preserve traditional marriage. but phil matier shows us one
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bay area franchise is flexing its power to support same-sex rights. reporter: it all began last week when stories began popping up on the internet and in the gay press about gold's corporate owners in texas giving $2 million to a political action committee run by republican karl rove to help conservative candidates, some who oppose same-sex marriage and gays in the military. soon the local gyms were hearing the rumble. >> i think it's likely there would have been a boycott. >> reporter: it got their attention. there's already a boycott of target stores going on over their corporate contributions to a conservative candidate in minnesota. and as corporate pr consultant sam singer told us -- >> because there is a new puritanism in america where people want all their corporations and all the people they do business with to be pure in thought and in pom ticks. >> reporter: in gold's case,
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however, the local owners made the first news breaking with gold international and until then they would contribute as much to local homosexual charities as they pay in franchise fees. because of their political contributions to candidates. >> that was the final decision. >> reporter: why? >> because a grateful our member base is from the lgbt community and it's important to them and it's important to us. >> i think it's a courageous move. >> reporter: would you boycott it? >> yes, i would have. i would have cancelled my membership and found elsewhere. >> reporter: what would you say to people who say this is intimidation, trying to squelch free speech? >> it's, you know, absolutely people's prerogative where they spend their money. of course everyone is entitled to say what they want and have freedom of speech but they are not entitled to get monetary people who they are oppressing. >> reporter: gold's corporate in texas says in part this disagreement is also about the franchise agreement which is up for renewal but the locals here say no, this was what the
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decision was based on. whatever the case, proof positive that these days everything is political, whether it's in the voting booth or where you buy or where you pump iron. >> very interesting. and then there's the marin gold's gym that wasn't allowed to fly the american flag, to take it down because its members didn't want to see it inside the gym. >> reporter: everything is political these days. >> sure is. >> phil matier, thank you. and with less than a week until election day, campaigns are going all out to deliver their messages. as julie watts shows us, some races are using a controversial tool to precisely target the voters they want to reach. reporter: maybe your noticed look up something on the internet and online ads for that item follow you everywhere you go. >> it's just scary. spooky. >> something to be concerned about. >> reporter: it's a practice known as targeted advertising. and now political campaigns are catching on. remember prop 17? earlier this year, political consultant chris lahaine was working against the measure that would have changed the way auto insurance rates are set.
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>> with a nip and tuck rates -- >> reporter: so lahaine turned to rap leaf an online company based in san francisco and they helped him target the specific voters he wanted to reach. >> it's like online direct mail. >> reporter: he said for less than $10,000, rap leaf helped identify about 50,000 southern california women over the age of 40 who tend to vote in off year elections. then they bomb barredded them bombarded them with ads. and it worked. >> we had a big impact on the race when we are competing against folks spending $20 million. >> when they have in information it's gold. >> reporter: chris connolly of american civil liberties union worries companies like rap leaf that connect and sell personal information can easily go too far. >> we want people to be able to enjoy new technology all the soccer networks and cell phones and tools of modern life without having to surrender control of their personal information and have to worry about how their online lives are going to be tracked and
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used in ways they never imagined. >> reporter: chris lahaine says when he used rap leaf he also used fire walls to prevent the data from spreading further and even this political veteran who has reaped the benefits believes there should be limits on what data mining companies can do. >> a lot of people would be surprised if they knew what was going on out there all the time. >> reporter: there are a lot of companies that collect and sell personal information but according to "wall street journal," rap leaf is the only one that actually stores your name. most use your email. rap leaf didn't return our request for comment. you can opt out of their system and go to their website. hey, if you have a consumer complaint or question, give us a call. we'd love to help. 1-888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. it has happened again. a bay area pot dispensary robbed. this time the suspects had a gun, tied up the employees and got away with drugs and cash. this may not be the first time they struck. len ramirez shows us what
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police are working with this time. >> reporter: they have good video this time. there are about 80 pot clubs operating in the san jose area right now and they tend to be cash-based businesses. so with a lot of pot, cash on hand, that's were people are -- police say they are being targeted. reporter: you can see the robbers in slow motion security video pointing an automatic handgun and then throwing two pot club employees to the ground where they were tied up and robbed. >> suspects apparently after they tied the victims went and rummaged through the business, stole personal effects to the victims, the two employees, and then also marijuana and cash from the business. >> reporter: it happened at the monterey road dispensary on september 29 forcing the business to permanently close. but police just released a video hoping these close-up images will help catch the rob earns. the first suspect's face is clearly seen, the second behind a hood. >> it's explicit in the fact that you can see the suspect
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with the gun pointed at the victims. >> reporter: police say it's the third pot club robbery in san jose this year and believed to be the second by this pair of suspects. it's making other pot clubs nervous. >> any business that deals with money or product that can be resold needs to take into account everything that could happen. >> reporter: the san jose cannabis buyers collective has not been robbed, but with plenty of cash and cannabis on hand, it has a full-time unarmed security guard and a multicamera video surveillance system. but dave hodges says pot clubs seem to be getting it from all sides, with police raids and now robberies both on the rise. >> you have the criminal element that wants to exploit us and take money from us, and then you have the gray legal area that gets exploited and taken advantage of by law enforcement. >> reporter: in this case, police say it's all about catching violent robbers before someone really gets hurt. >> we are asking the public's assistance in identifying these individuals. >> reporter: now, the two
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robbers in that video are also believed to be part of a group of maybe four other or at least two other robbers that were involved in a four robbery that happened on september 18 here in san jose, as well. dana, they are believed to be driving a four-door green honda sedan. >> thank you, len ramirez in san jose. the sole data state prison guard is -- a soledad state prison guard is under arrest following an undercover investigation. authorities say javier noguera has been providing drugs and cell phones to inmates. he was arrested when he met with officers to allegedly sell them meth, heroin and marijuana. oakland police are gearing up for next week's sentencing of a former bart police officer who killed a passenger. in july a jury convicted johannes mehserle of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 shooting. prosecutors are asking for a prison sentence. the defense had requested probation. oakland police are getting
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ready for that november 5 sentencing. >> we're preparing, we're planning, we're practicing to ensure that we have a good response and that we allow people to have their first amendment rights without destroying our city. >> mehserle faces up to 14 years in prison when sentenced. in other news from around the bay area, investigators are searching for the source of a fire that destroyed a fabric store in a south bay strip mall. wendy's fabric & lace in downtown san jose was heavily damaged. it didn't spread to adjoining businesses. nobody was injured. it was a crime that few people can forget. a peninsula couple arrested for burglarizing the home of a family just days after the parents and their two young children were killed in a car crash. today, amber true was sentenced to one year in county jail and five years probation, far less than what prosecutors had requested. her co-defendant was already sentenced to eight years. the couple claimed that they didn't know that the family had
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died. some doctors and administrators are suing the county-run santa clara valley medical center claiming substandard care and negligence led to patient deaths. the plaintiffs say their complaints about the cardiology department were ignored and one whistle-blower was fired. the hospital says outside and internal investigators found no evidence of negligence in those deaths. it is quite literally the hottest ticket in town. >> what would you be willing to sell them for? >> i wouldn't be willing to sell them for anything? >> $5,000. >> no. >> $20,000? >> no. >> the wheeling and dealing right up to game time. what we might expect the world series games ahead. no graffiti, it's clean. this used to be just a cesspool around here. >> a school remaking its. image. how richmond high has come back after a horrible tragedy on
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campus. the challenge facing carly fiorina with less than a week left to campaign, coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing
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social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. meg whitman: you know, 30 years ago anything was possible in this state. for once meg whitman is right and guess who was leading california? jerry brown. as governor, he cut waste - got rid of the mansion and the limo. budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world-class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. meg whitman: i mean it's why i came to california so many years ago. jerry brown. the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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people are mobbing the so- called knot-ho these are baseball fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the world series for free. people in the knot hole viewing area to see part of the game in mccovey cove but stadium personnel is asking fans, they have to rotate every three innings. but tickets are still available. >> wow. but you better be ready to shell out a lot of do re mi if you want one. one. ann is he at the back with the rush for last-minute tickers. any luck there? >> reporter: well, i don't have them the money but there are tickets to be had if you got the right amount of money. the counterfeit tickets are already starting to surface.
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i talked to a fan an hour ago. he and his buddies spent $2,000 for bleacher seats. when they got to the gate, they were turned away. there are still people out here looking for tickets all across the field to fulfill the life long dream of watching the giants in the world series. >> ticket prices are astronomical. but if you are a true fan, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience which is how i, you know, posed it to my wife. she understood. >> reporter: from newlyweds... >> our whole dream was to get here take the money we got and try to get into the world series. >> i'm like please! >> reporter: the couples who are willing to split over seats. how much are you willing to spend? >> $600 apiece. $500 to $600. >> i'll probably pay $1,000. >> reporter: he said he is only going to $500, $600. you're going in without him? >> oh, of course. but i'm the wife so i run it all. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the atmosphere outside at&t park was a little like the frenzy of buying a home in the bay area in 2006. online, people were willing to
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trade a pool table or electrician skills for a ticket. prices ranged from $500 to $20,000. and then there are the dreamers. >> here is the ticket, face down, 75 bucks for standing room only and i'm inside the park. that's all i'm looking for. >> reporter: sounds like a tall order, though. >> it's going to take some patience. >> reporter: maybe we shouldn't rule out the dreamers. after all, the giants are in the world series. michael bought four $130 seats for his family. >> i sold my tickets for game 2 at $730 each on stubhub and was able to pay for all my tickets for the entire series to take my family to games 1, 6 and 7 for free. >> reporter: the scalpers were working it and one agreed to talk to us if we put our camera down. >> it's a low budget stock market. you buy low, sell high. it's the biggest game of the year and as games get closer you
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want --the price will not drop. >> what kind of seats? >> bleachers and $1,200 per ticket and i may go down to 8 per ticket. but that's about it. >> reporter: and then there are the fans. the real fans who won't part with their seats for anything. >> we're sitting in the center field bleachers and we paid $600 apiece for our tickets. >> reporter: what would you be willing to selling them for? >> i wouldn't be willing to sell them for anything. >> reporter: $5,000? >> nope. >> reporter: $20,000? >> nope. >> reporter: you got to be kidding. >> no, i'm not. it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> reporter: there are a people hoping that the ticket prices would come down closer to game time. the scalpers are saying that's not going to happen. they still want full price even if the game is in the fifth or sixth or seventh inning. they are still holding out for full price. it doesn't really matter if you are inside or outside the ballpark. if you are a giants fans, you probably have a few superstitions.
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mike sugerman has been talking to those fans who are doing everything they can to make sure the giants win tonight. >> reporter: let's start with me. the beard. you know, i look like a ran by. it's itchy. and it's scratchy. but i'm not shaving it. you don't shave a post-season beard until the giants stop playing baseball and that's not until they win the series. what are you doing to help the giants. >> the giants! >> there is no such thing as superstition. >> reporter: no superstition?? you dog, you! >> she is competing with the rally monkey in 2002. >> we have a lucky charm, so... i like to wear it to all the baseball games that i come to. >> have they won when you wear it? >> yes. they have. >> lucky mohawk. got us game 6. keep the mojo going. >> reporter: rally fans! >> go, giants!
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>> my good luck charm is a pair of orange underwear always. yeah. >> reporter: let's see them. >> all right. i'll give you guys a show. these? >> oh. >> it's the hot style. >> reporter: are you wearing one? >> my wife gave it to me. >> reporter: let's see it. >> it's not on now. i'm going commando now. >> have they lost since you have been wearing the leas? >> no, they have done better. >> reporter: orange tie how often do you get to wear this? >> this is it. i guess the last time i wore it was 2003. >> we always drag the field the same way after a win, try to keep the same, you know, positivitity flowing. >> they did so we are going to flip-flop it and drag it a different way. >> i would eat the same food and do the same thing at nighttime and, you know, if you were maybe having a cocktail or two that night and the hitting streak continues, after, you know, 10, 11 day, you're almost hoping it would end.
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>> reporter: i'm not drinking too much but with luck this beard is coming off this weekend. >> because you may look like a rabbi, but we know you're not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tell that to my rabbi. >> mike and ann, thank you both. let's check in with roberta see what we got going for the forecast for the next couple of nights. >> wouldn't you be using your san francisco giants snuggy on a night like tonight? >> of course. >> it's cloudy, cold in the 50s there. tomorrow also in the 50s and there is a possibility of rain showers if not right when the game kicks off, certainly during the game. this is our live cbs 5 high-def doppler radar. looks pretty ominous at this hour. it's because a lot of the precipitation that's gathering off the coast happens to be virga where it's actually evaporating before it hits the ground. this is the precipitation
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that's lifting up north. should be skimming by the baseball park. it's hitting the north bay at this particular time. bottom line if you are out and about tonight, 50s and 60s with mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of a very light rain shower, brief rain shower, very short-lived. tonight overnight numbers from the mid-40s to right around the mid-50s. here comes the rain for your thursday. overnight north of the golden gate bridge. as the day progresses we put a chance of rain in the at&t ballpark there. the rain line plays tag with san francisco. by the time this rain moves out, by friday night, we could see up to 2.5" of rain across the north bay. tomorrow's daytime highs in the 50s and 60s. a few low 70s the oath side number. 73 inland. heaviest rain on friday. by the time all that is said and done, up to 2.5" north bay,
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three-quarters inch across the bay area, in and out of the showers again on saturday, sunday with a half inch of rain. dry skies monday. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood location, how much rain to expect, straight ahead. >> thank you. solving a crime problem on a bay area campus. we'll have that in two minutes. . praises the stimulus plan. while two and a quarter million californians are unemployed. trillions in deficits. billions in taxes. our hopes. crushed by washington. the legacy of barbara boxer. we can change washington. but, not unless we change the people we send there. i'm carly fiorina and i approve this message. but, not unless we change the people we send there. state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away,
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a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations. after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs.
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a shark. lucas mcka a funeral mass tonight is paying tribute to a california teenager killed by a shark. lucas mccain ransom was body boarding near santa barbara friday when a shark severed his leg. it appears the shark was a great white. the funeral for the 19-year-old ransom is happening right now. a memorial service is set for tomorrow morning near his home and then in the afternoon, mourners will paddle out into the ocean to spread flowers in his honor. it's been a year since an east bay student was brutally attacked and since then the school where she was assaulted
6:24 pm
has gone through a transformation. sherry hu shows us millions of dollars in new security equipment. >> reporter: the paddio area next to richmond high where the vicious assault took place has transformed. >> no graffiti, it's clean. this used to be just a cesspool around here. >> reporter: a year ago, police say a 15-year-old girl was brutally attacked here. she was sexually assaulted by a group of young men the night of the school's homecoming dance. >> reporter: former students told the crowd the patio where the rape happened was a problem 30 years ago. >> reporter: cbs 5 heard from parents who at the time said they had been pleading for fencing for years. >> we had to take responsibility for our behavior and what we weren't doing right and what we were going to respond --not feel threatened by that, but understand that people wanted us to improve and do better and we were willing. >> reporter: the contra costa school board member charles ramsey says at the time of the assault a new security system was already in the works. voters passed a bond measure in june that included money to finish the $2.5 million project.
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today, ramsey showed off brand- new metal fences and gates, strong outdoor lighting around the buildings, and more than 200 high definition cameras installed throughout the campus. >> you have eyes that are watching you. that's the deterrent. so it's changed the entire culture here at richmond high school and no longer do you see a lot of people just hanging out doing graffiti, causing problems. >> reporter: 7 suspects have since been arrested. and while the security enhancements may now shed light on campus, what happened to a teenaged girl is a dark point in time, especially for students. >> they are very sensitive about that because they feel like they were unjustly portrayed as -- as -- --as being evil-doers and that's not who our students are. honestly, the emotion for a lot of folks and certainly for the board and for all of us is still very raw. >> reporter: a preliminary hearing is set for mid-november for those seven suspects and
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the prosecutor tells me at least one of them was a student at the time of the tack. in richmond, sherry hu, cbs 5. a key senate race gets tighter as election day gets closer. how a sudden illness may help bouy the fiorina campaign. showing off a factory face- lift in the east bay. the changes made that are expected to lead to hundreds of jobs. imagine a california without yosemite falls and point reyes. the alarming assessment by climate experts that could strip our state of its beauty. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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restin ng out of an carly fiorina's staff says that she will attend a lunchtime event in sacramento tomorrow. she is at home resting after getting out of an l.a.-area medical center earlier today. terrell brown on her medical battle and what senator barbara boxer said about fiorina just after her release from the hospital. >> so help me welcome the next senator of california, carly fiorina. >> reporter: carly fiorina the republican candidate for senate, will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. a spokesman says fiorina was released from the hospital today. >> i am a survivor and i am
6:30 pm
grateful for all the people i met along the way. [ applause ] >> reporter: fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. until this morning, doctors were treating her for an infection related to reconstructive surgery. >> one of the hottest campaigns -- >> reporter: a republican consultant thinks fiorina's hospitalization may have helped her. >> there might be a lot of women out there who can identify with a problem themselves with breast cancer so she might pick up some votes. >> reporter: fiorina left the hospital swinging at her democratic rival today. her campaign sent out a statement saying national democrats are trying to save barbara boxer but her failed policies have caught up with her and come election day her long career ends. >> the journey we began together... >> reporter: the president stumped for senator boxer last week. first lady michelle obama was in los angeles yesterday campaigning for the incumbent senator. >> we need you to work. we need you to get on those phones. knock on those doors. there is still time. >> yeah! >> reporter: time senator boxer
6:31 pm
isn't wasting. at a campaign stop she pushed voters to get to the polls but first, wished fiorina well. >> i just learned that carly fiorina is out of the hospital. she will be back full time on the campaign trail tomorrow. we're all very happy. >> reporter: after that, boxer never directly mentioned her opponent by name again. i asked why. is there any reason why you're taking it easy on her right now even though she is out of the hospital? >> i'm really glad she is out of the hospital and i have a purpose in being here today. it's to thank my volunteers here. >> go get 'em, barbara. >> reporter: she evaded a direct answer and ended the rally. so the boxer campaign is still very sensitive to fiorina's hospitalization but boxer does not want fiorina's name to be the subject of her events as she moves forward. both candidates boxer and fiorina back on the campaign trail tomorrow. fiorina will be in sacramento and orange county. in west hollywood, terrell brown, cbs 5. meg whitman campaigned in
6:32 pm
southern california today following her joint appearance with rival jerry brown yesterday in long beach. today the former ebay ceo said she has no second thoughts about airing attack ads during the final week of her campaign. she was booed yesterday for refusing a truce. jerry brown accepted the challenge. his campaign released a new ad today featuring the clips and the boos from yesterday event. it ends with the message, tell meg whitman let's get positive. opening ceremonies today at an east bay factory that is putting a lot of people back to work. senator dianne feinstein got a firsthand look at tesla motors' new operation. mark sayre tells us how the company is bringing new opportunities to the community and changing the electric car market. >> reporter: eric smith is the plastics manager for tesla in his first weeks on the job but he is no stranger to the former nummi plant. >> you know, i feel very, very
6:33 pm
fortunate to be working here. i was at this plant when it was a nummi plant for 22 years and then unfortunately the nummi plant shut down and that was tough for a lot of people and especially in this economy. >> reporter: he is among the first before 500 employees who will be hired over the next two years as tesla gears up the production lines and smith could not be happier that's able to stay in the bay area. >> with the auto industry leaving with nummi my only big opportunities were as part of a relocation so with tesla performing the facility and maintaining a manufacturing presence in the bay area, it's a huge opportunity for me and my family. >> reporter: whit nummi plant ceased operations in april, more than 4,000 jobs also went away. tesla cannot replace all of those workers, but the company says it will be actively hiring local talent. >> so in terms of the local impact to the employment here, first of all we have already hired quite a few engineers from nummi and local, you know, people here. >> reporter: tesla will be
6:34 pm
producing the model s, which it describes as the first electric premium sedan. the company is now busy retooling the plant, hiring and working on the manufacturing process. >> this is great for california and the bay area. we have a lot of qualified people here in the bay area, whether it's engineers or actually people who know how to produce cars. so it's very good for us to be able to tap upon this pool of talent. >> reporter: initially, tesla expects to produce about 7,000 cars a year here with the capacity to go up to 20,000 cars a year. in fremont, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. two thieves nearly put a northern california dentist out of business after trying to steal copper wire from an office. police got the call last night from the alarm company saying that the alarm had been triggered. well, when the cops arrived, they found two people trying to get under the building apparently to get the copper. both were taken into custody. the dentist is operating temporarily out of a neighboring business because the thieves stripped so much of
6:35 pm
the copper from under the building. dozens of stores are scheduled to re-open tomorrow at the roseville galleria, just one week after the mall was set on fire. another 80 stores will open by thanksgiving. the remaining stores, the ones closest to where the fire was, won't re-open until after the first of the year. the machine accused of setting -- the man accused of setting the fire is due in court tomorrow. he has been filling a need for decades. >> when i retire, i was afraid i would be a potato couch and here i am. >> how that fear has become a cause that has helped feed families that might otherwise go hungry. and ganging up on the neighborhood bullies. cats turning the tables on coyotes. ,,,,
6:36 pm
i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now.
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oakland. and as sharon chin reports, it do you know the muffin people? it's an east bay group that feeds the hungry in oakland and
6:38 pm
as sharon chin reports, it started nearly quarter century ago with this week's jefferson award winner. reporter: call them muffin people. 88-year-old john di palmero's group delivers groceries six days a week to st. mary's center and half a dozen oakland shelters. his mission is simple. >> there is a big need and instead of money, we give them our time. >> reporter: the 30 mostly retired volunteers rise before dawn to pick up expired but still edible food from several store changes. the muffin man admires di palmero's servant heart. >> he is always thinking about others. he never -- nothing is ever a problem. he is always to do anything that's asked of him. >> reporter: the muffin men started in 1988 when the director of st. mary's food program asked john and another retiree, joe stewart to collect- day-old bread and pastries to give to the hungry. john had just retired as a treasurer for a container ship company. >> when i retired, i was
6:39 pm
aafraid to be a potato couch. now here i am. i wanted to get something done. >> reporter: now, you might be wondering how it is that john's group became known as muffin men. he says it all started with a center that serves homeless women. >> at the friendly manor, they used to bring the english muffins in there and the women that they took care of, here comes the muffin man. that's how we developed the muffin man. >> reporter: the group became the muffin people when women joined a few years ago. as the need for food grew, so did the supply. today the muffin people estimate they give out more than $1.7 million worth of food every year. sister marilyn compares john to johnny appleseed. >> we talk fairly often about planning seeds of goodness and that's what he did so many years ago and it has grown. >> reporter: seniors like brenda whitfield depend daily
6:40 pm
on muffin people deliveries. >> if it was not for the muffin men bringing the food here every day, my table would be bare to none. >> reporter: a bad back stopped john from making deliveries in person a few months ago. and his muffin man cofounder has died. but john trudges on. >> just to see people, people get happy and being fed, there's it. that makes me happy and that makes the volunteers happy. >> reporter: for feeding oakland's hungry for the last 23 years this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to john di palmero. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> so much good in the world. so nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at you will find the jefferson awards logo to click for the email form. all right. who needs a watchdog when you have a watch cat? surveillance cameras caught the standoff between the coyote and two cats defending their home
6:41 pm
in orange county. tigger and his brother buddy stared down the coyote. when it came closer, tigger kind of arched his back, turned sideways, something experts say is a defensive move. the cat's owner finally came out and altogether they scared off that coyote. oh, by the way, there was another cat. slept through the whole thing. [ laughter ] >> oh, well. coming up, a warning that california's greatest resources could disappear in the coming decades. that story is next. cloud cover over the bay bridge right now. also cloud cover over ocean beach. and back in through at&t park, but we have rain lurking. when you should expect those raindrops on the rooftops as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,
6:42 pm
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think tank. the future is bleak for california parks. at least that's the warning in a new report by an environmental think tank. that the study's author hopes to educate people that climbed change won't just affect ice caps and polar bears. they say rapidly changing weather patterns could flood
6:45 pm
campground, reduce waterfalls to a trickle. other parks in danger include point reyes, joshua tree and the mojave national preserve. >> right here, right now, we have some rain heading our way. >> it's so amazing because, you know, i do depend on my social media facebook twitter for all of you to ask questions about the weather and everybody was asking about tomorrow's game and whether or not we are going to have rain? then about, oh, let's say 12:00 today, everybody started wanting to know, is it going to rain today for the giants game? well, we'll share with you where it is raining but right now take a look outside. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards a very darkened sky of the bay bridge, whoo, looks very halloweenish. highs today only 59 san rafael, the 3 degrees in gilroy. oakland 6 6, san francisco high of 62 which is almost like 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. all right, we dusted it off, we fired it up, it's live it's hi- def doppler radar. green on the screen means that
6:46 pm
you need an umbrella with a notable exception. actually evaporating before it hits the ground because we have dry air in place. as we look towards san francisco, this is actually some very light precipitation that will affect at&t park for tonight's game. looks like right now at the baseball park which i can hear them they are right about there, it's dry, mostly cloudy, 56 degrees. they should make the game unscathed as far as precipitation is concerned. we do have the slight precipitation that will be in and out any kind of rain that you see will be very brief. not measurable. will not tip the rain buckets at all except for this right here. a more moderate cell that is trying to lift up ever so slightly in a northerly direction. san rafael you should hear a few raindrops on the rooftops through terra linda and up 101 north to santa rosa. bottom line if you are out and about temperatures are still holding steady with a blanket
6:47 pm
of clouds, 50s and 60s, possibility of a raindrop. not as cold tonight due to the layer of low clouds and mid and high-level clouds. 45 to 50 degrees across the bay. this is a beautiful area of low pressure. there is wrap around moisture. the precipitation we are noting at this hour happens to be the prefrontal moisture. it's like renegade showers that ran out in advancement of this main energy. the bulk of the energy will begin to arrive across the northern portion of the district. there is your morning commute tomorrow. and again, everybody appears to be dry except for the far reaches of the north bay. and then the rain gradually slides south across the golden gate bridge. goes across at&t park for game 2 tomorrow ninth. a chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow night of the. notice during the game it wants to stay away from the particular neighborhood. so we can get game 2 action in.
6:48 pm
keel keep you posted. 2.5" of rain friday night from the system. heaviest rain will arrive on friday during the day. up to 2" of rain in throughout the santa cruz mountains. half intop of three-quarters inch generally across the immediate bay area. for thursday from the 50s in the north bay 60s -- 60s san francisco, low 70s san jose, rang around throughout the tri- valley and backing through brentwood. world series forecast for your thursday. the possibility of rain at 56 degrees. bundle up. here's the extended forecast. the heaviest rain on friday in and out of the showers saturday and sunday. with about a half incidentally. everywhere and i am believing at this time rain should taper off by trick or treating. and then sunny skies monday through wednesday. it's giants fall. >> reporter: all orange thanks john from mendocino county. keep the photos come to mypix
6:49 pm
at >> thank you. an average home with a unique selling point. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, why it isn't your average three-bedroom house. i'm dennis o'donnell outside at&t park. the 49ers have made a change in quarterback. and the warriors tip off their nba season tonight. we'll tell you all about it next. [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform.
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all right. the big question was, can the giants' bats match the rangers pitching? >> i'm thinking let's go to dennis o'donnell and ask him. >> yeah. hi, you guys. it's live even outside the ballpark where the giants are taking control of game one leading 8-2. it's funny the warriors have changed owners but the same problems remain. they have nothing but bad luck. tonight they tip off across the bridge against the houston rockets in the first game of the nba season and there have been a lot of changes in warrior land. >> i know everything here, i know all the faces, i know all the smiles, i know everything. i know where the bones in the
6:53 pm
backyard are buried. >> reporter: a lot of changes have brought about new surrounding the warriors practice facility these days. there is a new coach, a new owner, a new logo, afew new players. so does head coach keith morse have any but ther flies taking over a warrior team that did not have a good season last year, does he have any butterflies? >> you prepare, up experience, you're not nervous about that. i'm excited. my father and mother are going to come down for opening game. my dad doesn't get on a plane so it will be the first time him coming to a game since college. but i think it will be everyone around excited for me. i won't get too excited. win or lose i won't get too low. i stay close to the reality as i can. >> reporter: okay, here's what coach keith smart starting line- up looks like against the
6:54 pm
rockets. stefan curry and monta ellis the guards. newcomers wright and lee the forwards with [ indiscernible ] at center. nfl big news regarding the 49ers. alex smith is out of sunday's game with a separated nonthrowing shoulder. he is going to be out 2 to 3 weeks. so who is your new quarterback? mike singletary announced that third string quarterback and former heisman trophy winner troy smith will start in place of alex smith. david carr finished out sunday in carolina and threw a costly interception that led to the loss. troy smith hasn't started a game in three years. he joined san francisco six days before the season started. his experience in the nfl pales in comparison to smith. he will be holding the clipboard on sunday. >> number one thing that i like about him and it's a recurring theme with anyone i talk to
6:55 pm
whether it's here or baltimore or ohio state, whether it's former teammates and that's leadership. that is the ability to get everybody on the same page. >> reporter: so meanwhile here's david carr's response after being passed over to start. quote, of course i don't agree with the decision. i would love to get a chance to go through a week of preparation. it's frustrating to put it nicely." a very frustrated backup quarterback for the 49ers. earlier this month we brought i a sad story out of golden gate park's golf course. >> that used to be a green down there and it will be again. >> you can see they hit this pretty hard. it's very depressing. >> vandals destroyed three holes at the golf course and rode off vehicles on two separate occasions in early october. so what's the latest almost a
6:56 pm
month removed from the incident? over $75,000 of damage was caused. there are no suspects and no leads. but two of the three holes are being receded. hole number 7 has the most damage is being resodded this week, park official have had to increase patrol around the golf course. >> we decided two of them we just re-seeded them and sanded them top dressed them heavy aerated them and the one in the corner we have to resod it. this is the worst i have seen in 40 years in public golf. about four to six more weeks and i'll have this green playable. it looks terrible now but it will come back. we need somebody to come forward and, you know, to -- find out who is doing this and that it's wrong. >> we were horrified and we still are. we still don't understand why anybody would want to do this to our valuable park resources. >> i would like to have to make them come out here and work with me. i could use some helpers. i would appreciate that. >> this is like going in where they have collected all the
6:57 pm
toys for the poor kids and then you steal the toys, that's what this act is equal to. >> reporter: the schwab cup is going to harding park this weekend. if you go to to buy your tickets, 75% of the ticket price will go towards the clean- up and efforts to fix the recent vandalism. i want to tell you also that six of the nine holes are still open for business. it's a small company trying to make business there as well in the pro shop there so help them out. that's it from outside at&t park. even if you can't get a ticket, they are going nuts here. [ screaming ] >> is it the warriors or the giants the big story? i can't tell. >> have you lost your mind, dennis? >> nice spin. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. s for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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