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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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vacations. how they you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> there's a lot of waiting. >> oh, yeah, people just now getting home from their holiday vacations, how they described their travel nightmares as storms blanketed much of the country. inauguration day tomorrow for a number of state offices including governor. what's ahead for jerry brown in his third term. thousands of people are facing a more expensive commute when they go back to work tomorrow, how much more it will cost to take the golden gate ferry. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. the nightmare is finally over for some airline passengers. many are finally in the bay area after their travel plans were interrupted by the big holiday storm that struck the east coast. we'll hear what some passengers faced trying to get home. >> reporter: find a flight
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coming from the east coast and you'll find passengers with stories to tell. >> a lot of layovers, a love the time. >> it was a lot of waiting. -- a lot of time. >> it was a lot of waiting. >> reporter: there are some of the passengers that saw all the video from airports snowed in at end of last year. j.p. rowland just touched down at ffo after a global ordeal starting when the christmas time snowstorm over europe stranded him in dublin. >> i got to call my recruiter, tell him i can't start. >> reporter: he was due to start a new job tuesday in mountain view, but the airline said he'd have to stay until january 13th. >> i should pretend i was deaf and go in the disabled line and type to them. that was the only way to get through to a representative. >> reporter: they finally for the him to new york friday until today that's where he lived. >> i had one day to pack everything, move here, start my new job on tuesday. >> reporter: this family is is getting home from a trip to grandma birthday party in new york which they barely made.
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>> instead of flying from san francisco to jfk we flew to l.a.x. then they flew to philadelphia and got in a car and drove to new york and they got there at 2:00 in the morning two days later. >> reporter: only adding to the airport drama, a number of flights are delayed or canceled here at sfo today because of wet weather up and down the state. if only everyone can look at the bright side. >> there wouldn't have been as much snow, so it wouldn't have been as much snow. >> reporter: as for this guy. >> they lost all my bags. it had all my underwear in it. >> reporter: and it was off to her and service to wait some more. at sfo, cbs5. today is the last full day of the governator tomorrow. jerry brown will reprise his role as the state's leader. brown served two previous terms from '75 to '83 and his father served two terms in the 1960s.
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jerry brown will be the first california governor to serve in two different eras. e will have to confront a deficit -- he will have to confront a deficit as large as the entire state budget in the 1980s. the inauguration happens tomorrow morning. there will be a reception later in the afternoon at the state railroad museum. three other newly elected officials will be elected tomorrow. kamala harris will be sworn in as attorney general in a private ceremony at the museum for history, women and the natters sacramento. at 9 a.m. tom tore lugson will become the superintendent -- torligson will become the superintendent of high school instruction and dave jones will be inaugurated as insurance commissioner at 5 p.m. in sacramento. san francisco mayor gavin newsom is delaying his inauguration of lieutenant governor until his replacement of mayor can be found.
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oakland's new mayor june qwon will be sworn in tomorrow beginning 9:00 tomorrow morning when she with her family and friends will trace her own and oakland's history. they will walk from chinatown to the fox theater on telegraph avenue. the swearing in ceremony at the fox takes place at 11:00. the city council and school board members will also be sworn in from 6:00 to 9 p.m. qwon will host an open house at city hall. in other bay area headlines tonight arson at a storage facility in martinez. the fire destroyed a motor home and the whole thing was captured on security cameras. officials say the cameras show a person with a gas can walking up to the motor home and around it. moments later the motor home exploded into flames. the same person was also seen near a travel trailer parked behind the motor home and that vehicle had a broken window. in concord police were called out late last night to look for a naked man walking
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around. witnesses say he was wearing only his tennis shoes and they say he also appeared to be drunk. he was last seen in the area of treat and cowell, a busy intersection. he is the second naked person recently seen around the city. displays are being taken down san jose's christmas in the park 2010 is officially over and displays are being taken down today. it's unclear if this event will take place in 2011 because of budget cuts. organizers had asked everyone who attended this year for a $1 donation to keep the event going. so far they have not raised enough money. mendocino county tonight dozens of people and dogs are searching a rugged area in mendocino county tonight for a mushroom hunter who has been missing for two days. 50-year-old john bass was last even friday. he was looking for mushrooms in the jackson state demonstration forest it. is a heavily wooded area 20 miles east of ft. bragg. rescue workers are concerned about the rain and cold
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temperatures. it dipped into the low 40s last night and early today. golden gate well, another bay area transit system is raising its prices this weekend. riders on the golden gate transit ferries between marin county and san francisco who use clipper cards will be paying 10% more. that's after fares were raised 5 parse last year. cash fares will remain the same -- 5% last year. cash fares will remain the same but could go up by summer. >> it makes me wonder if they're expenses have gone up or they're just raising it because it's convenient because everybody else is raising their prices. >> i was surprised how much the two tickets were today, but i don't do it very often. so if i have visitors, i'll still pay the price. >> the 10% increase is a compromise. the transit district originally planned to raise fares more than 12%, almost 32% depending on destination and it lowered the increases after riders complained. the california street cable car line will be shut down for
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six months beginning tomorrow. it's to allow for renovations between the embarcardero and venice avenue to replace the electronic system under the tracks and do some work to the surrounding streets and sidewalks. at least one lane of traffic in each direction will be open during construction. a muni shuttle bus will run from 6 a.m. to midnight to alleviate traffic. next what republicans are promising the obama administration when congress gets to work this week. and what's ahead for jerry brown after he becomes governor tomorrow. we'll talk to political analyst joe tuman about brown's agenda for the first 100 days. hi, meteorologist lawrence karnow, still showers around. when will the rain end? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california governor...36 years after he began his first term as governor. tomorrow jerry brown will be inaugurated as california governor 36 years after he began his first term as governor. governor brown is now exactly twice the age he was the first time he took the oath and the state's deficit is now as large as the entire budget was during
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brown's second term. so here to talk about what we can expect from the 21st century brown administration is our analyst. tomorrow's inauguration includes hotdog, water and chips. the big issue is, of course, the california budget. this is setting the tone. >> well, we're facing a $28.1 billion budget deficit if you believe governor brown's numbers and i think they're accurate and frankly, to spend lavishly for a celebration when you know you'll have to close that deficit by making cuts would really send the wrong message. so you're seeing anoas steer kind of real -- an austere real low budget tomorrow and i think he's setting a tone you'll see in the first 100 days with some stark realities about how we may have to make some deep cuts and probably try and extend some taxes. >> he's been giving speeches a lot lately trying to get the leader ofs to talk about the
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budget and he's told everybody -- leaders to talk about the budget and he's told everybody you won't be happy and yet he said his priorities are going to be education, powerful teachers union. is he going to be able to strengthen them and make compromises? governor schwarzenegger couldn't. >> well, brown has one thing going for him and he's got a party that will back him on things. governor schwarzenegger's inability to control his own party in the state legislature was really his undoing in the last several years. what jerry brown will have as a difficulty is if he wants to go to the ballot to extend taxes he needs some cooperation from the republican legislature. so the sequence you can expect to see is look for him this week and into early next week to make a series of proposals that will be kind of drastic cuts including public education to raise consequenceness among voters that we'll have to do something dire. he'll need to do that to get republican cooperation to put that on the ballot. then look to see if voters give
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him extension of taxes that he wants for paybacks and it will be a combination of cuts and taxes that will get us out of this deficit. >> what kind of governor jerry brown do you think we'll see? >> i think everybody is who they are in the end, but i think people evolve and as a resident of oakland i can tell you since jerry brown was our mayor that he's not ideologic anymore. i think he thinks outside the box and sometimes takes moderate or conservative positions it. depends on the issue and at 72 years old you depend to speak your mind and think a little more creatively. i don't think he'll do what you saw when he was 36 definitely. >> joe tuman, we'll talk about oakland's new mayor at 6:30. a battle is set to begin this week when the new congress is sworn in. wednesday 87 new republicans will be sworn into the house. the gop will hold the majority. both parties say they want bipartisanship and plan to make compromises, but republicans
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vow to cut spending and reverse president obama's healthcare law. >> i'm going to see the fight on obama care across the board in the house and nature to try to defund the bill and start over. >> as president obama prepares to return from his hawaii vacation, he's asking both parties to cooperate and focus on jobs and the economy. when apple expects to have it fixed. d with all the rai a glitch for iphones, the problem that popped up and when apple expects to have it fixed. and with all the rain so far this season what does that mean for some of the bay area's reservoirs? the county already saying it won't face water restrictions this summer. >> we're not done with the rain just yet. there's more rain coming our way. we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there is now a bounty of water with all the recent rainfall in the bay area has an
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upside for some local areas. officials say there is now a bon tiff water in marin's reservoirs. -- a bounty of water in marin's reservoirs. seven reservoirs have reached 100% capacity. this is only the third time in 20 years reservoirs there have reached capacity by december. that means it is very unlikely there will be any summer water restrictions for the 195,000 customers between san rafael and sausalito. >> another storm coming in, is this packing a lot of rain? >> it's sliding down into southern parts of the bay area now, but maybe more importantly for our water supply the snowpack is just incredible, 100, 200 plus% in parts of the sierra nevada and still -- plus percent in part of the sierra nevada and still more to come. we've been watching this storm winding down outside right now, still a couple raindrops, but the showers starting to head a little further south as it looks like this system will continue to make its way down into southern california and they really tonight want the rain either. they've had tremendous amounts of rain, even more than parts
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of the bay area in some spots. hi-def doppler picking up on that moisture now, we had a pretty good soccer overnight, some places over 1/2-inch, showers continuing in hayward and freemont and more in the south bay. in towards san jose scattered light showers especially up in toward los gatos and santa cruz mountains. over the central bay just widely scattered activity and even less heading further north. the storm system is sag further and further south. throughout the evening things will be tapering off. so we've got some pretty good weather headed our way, probably the dryest slot of weather in quite some time. here's your area of low pressure. look at it spinning along the coastline sagging south, all that moisture and just the low making its way near point conception. tomorrow here we go. we'll dry things out, partly cloudy skies, probably a little bit warm around the bay area, been looking at very chilly temperatures for highs, in the 40s and 50s, got some very cool numbers, but tomorrow afternoon
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we'll watch the temperatures pop up a bit. if you plan on traveling, certainly a couple leftover showers in monterey bay and fresno and a couple snowflakes in the sierra nevada, not a whole lot. then heading towards tuesday and wednesday we should dry things out inventory nicely. of course, just a ton of snow to ski on up there. here's your storm system making its way into southern california. behind that high pressure starting to sneak in, it's going to build in. there's one low that's going to drop on the backside. the showers will end overnight. tomorrow looks pretty good and i think we start a string of some dry days probably well into the week, maybe next weekend, too. our computer models picking up on those leftover showers, quickly drying things out through the midnight hour and really snow it will be done by that period. looking toward tomorrow morning looks like a good commute. if you're headed out to work, the skies will part a bit. we even see sunshine heading throughout the day. temperatures will be warmer into the afternoon, maybe some mid-50s in some of the warmer spots inside the bay. temperatures running up to the
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50s in many spots inland. over the next couple days we'll see looks like normal weather. i think the main concern will be some of that patchy fog developing in the central valley. if we do see that happening, i've got temperatures in the mid-50s, but if that happens you usually stay in the 40s but i think staying dry probably into next weekend maybe the next week and a half. >> that would be nice. >> we need that. we've had so much rain. >> we need a face weekend to get out. people who were late for work or church or other appointments over the weekend can blame their iphones for making them late. apparently there was a glitch in the latest operating system software and that meant some alarms didn't go off at the start of 2011. apple reps say a fix is in the works and all iphones will work properly starting tomorrow with their alarms. apparently no delivers 49ers or the raiders today. >> no, no. those teams look to finish the season strong and the raiders, wow, playing for their head coach tom cable today.
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playoffs... its not because of their performace within the lawrence could not be happier. >> if you're not going to make the playoffs, this is the way to do it. >> playing for pride without two players and reports swirling that tom cable could be losing his job, you could see the guys loved him and wanted to get them a winning season. the raiders aren't going to the
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playoffs. it's not because of their performance within the division. today in kansas city oakland had a chance at perfection in the afc west. darren mcfadden out with a turf toe injury. straight to the 3rd quarter, jamaal charles runs in for a 5- yard touchdown. kansas city ties the game at 10, but that's the closest they would get without mcfadden. michael birch got to start and didn't miss a beat. he made a 26-yard touchdown, 17- 10 oakland. bush had 137 yards on 25 carries. chief quarterback matt cassel was running for his life all day. his pass picked off by michael huff. he takes it back inside the 20 and then bush takes the handoff and reverses it to jacoby ford and gets around a the edge and weaves his way into the end zone, 24-10 raiders. oakland defense continued their effect on tackle. seven sacks for the raiders
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without richard seymour. on the very next play cassell to stanford, returning the interception for a touchdown. 31-10 is the final. playoffs... >> i hope everybody will write this. we're not losers anymore. we're not and we're 8-8. that's not what we wanted. we wanted to be a playoff team, but we came here to get the eighth win which means we went 6 -0 in the division and most importantly we're done without losing. we're not losers anymore. >> the raiders' win knocks the chief down to the fourth seed in the afc. they'll host the ravens next sunday and the colts get the jets saturday night. new england and pittsburgh have both earned first round byes. the 49ers won't make the playoffs either, but today's game against the cardinals likely marked alex smith's final san francisco game. interim head coach and a former player brian young justin smith made the coach proud.
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1st quarter he sacked john skelton, one of three for the pro bowler on the afternoon. it was a breeze for smith against the arizona secondary. he puts a perfect throw on ted ginn for his 57-yard touchdown. 7-09ers. 10-749ers late in the 2nd quarter. vernon outruns everyone, a 59- yard touchdown, 276 yards and two touchdowns for alex, 17-7 san francisco. the 9ers pour it on in the 2nd half outscoring arizona 28-0. brian westbrook for two, the second touchdown on the day, 38- 7 the final. it was all hugs for the coach after a the game who is 1-0 as an nfl head coach. >> the little fat guy running around on the practice field and them putting up with me. nobody put me in a garbage canal. >> reporter: are you still the head coach as of we just talked
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to you? >> well, i just finished. there's a search. bears on jay >> the packers needed to beat the bears to get into the playoffs, up 10-3 late in the 4th, bears on the move, but jay cutler overthrows his receiver and nick collins picks it off to seal the win. packers beat the bears 10-3. they pick on the eagles next week in the playoffs. chicago has a first round bye. cal running back enters the nfl draft running for 1,100 yards and 16 touchdowns last season and despite leaving berkeley early vereen did graduate in 3 1/2 years receiving his degree in media study. pac-10 opener against cal, jeannette poland sends it ahead to kayla pedersen for the layup, part of an 11-0 run by stanford. later in the half mecca gets it
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on the wing and somehow splits the two cal defenders for the lay up. stanford puts an exclamation point on their week with a 78- 45 win. tuesday they blew out fourth ranked xavier 89-52. thursday they ended yukon's 90- game winning streak and today they blew out cal state. they'll move up a few spots tomorrow. it will be interesting what they do with baylor because baylor lost to yukon. so do they make them the no. 1 or does yukon stay there? i would venture to stay yukon will move up and the cardinals will probably move up at least three spots. a change in leadership in the east bay, how mayor elect qwon will attack the city's budget challenges, that story and more coming up on cbs5 in 30 minutes. our our eyewitness news in 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour. until then updates are on good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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