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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 4, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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change in command? the skipper of the aircraft carrier "enterprise" could lose his job today, following a starring role in some raunchy videos. murder mystery. the body of a former white house aide is found dumped in a delaware landfill. and out of bounds. new allegations of sexual misconduct for retiring new allegations of sexual misconduct for retiring quarterback brett favre. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, good to see you on this tuesday. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. the commander of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier "uss enterprise" could lose his job as early as today. captain owen honors is at the
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center of a navy investigation. he's featured in some raunchy videos that were shown to the ship's crew. randall pinkston is in washington with the latest on that. randall, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. captain owen honors was a u.s. naval graduate, a top gun commander and naval aviator. he had risen to the pinnacle of his career as commander of the "uss enterprise." now that career is in jeopardy. military officials tell cbs news captain owen honors could be relieved of his command aboard the "uss enterprise" as early as today. >> there's a really good chance you're going to be offended by this. >> reporter: he will reportedly be removed from his post while the navy investigates racy tapes from 2006 and 2007. honors, then second in command, both produced and starred in the videos which were shown to nearly 6,000 sailors. >> finally let's get to my favorite topic and something foreign to the gay kid over there. >> reporter: the clips are filled with anti-gay slurs, simulated sex acts and
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suggestive shower scenes. >> this evening we've got some different tricks in a shower in a clip that was previously too sensitive to show. >> reporter: in may honors took command of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier. officials are looking into why he was never officially reprimanded, and was even promoted despite the fact that the navy knew about the film. at the time, the tapes were made, some crew members complained, but say their concerns were brushed aside. now, other crew members are coming to captain honors' defense, both online and on camera. thousands of people are backing him on facebook. one woman who served on the carrier writes, his xo movie night brought comic relief to miserable deployments. lieutenant commander pepler also served with him. >> he was, in my opinion, very visionary. i would definitely sail with captain honors again. >> reporter: but now it appears honors will not be at the helm when his ship is deployed to the middle east later this month. so far captain honors has made no public comment about the controversy.
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terrell? >> randall pinkston in washington for us this morning. randall, thank you. meanwhile, delaware police say they have no leads in the murder of john wheeler. he's a military expert who served in three republican administrations. wheeler's body was found when a garbage truck emptied its contents in this delaware landfill on new year's eve. his death has been ruled a homicide. wheeler served in vietnam, then worked in both the reagan and bush administrations. both bushes. he was scheduled to be on an amtrak train december 28th. wheeler was not reported missing. john wheeler was 66 years old. a 10-year-old ohio boy has been charged in the murder of his mother. the boy was charged as a juvenile monday. 46-year-old deborah mcveigh was found dead sunday night. she was lying on the floor of her home with a single gunshot wound to the head. a neighbor called 911 after her son told her he had just shot his mother. >> i shot her with a gun. >> you shot your mom? >> yeah. >> okay. the little boy shot his mom. >> she's dead.
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>> relatives say the boy had gotten into an argument with his mother about collecting firewood. neighbors who know the boy say he isn't a bad kid. >> it's shocking. i mean, you never expect a, you know, a child of that age to do anything like that. >> the 10-year-old boy remains in custody. he's entered the juvenile equivalent of not guilty. prosecutors say he won't be tried as an adult. president obama returns to washington today. he's been on a family vacation in hawaii. the president left honolulu early this morning. mr. obama delivers his state of the union at the end of the month. he says he'll take another shot at trying to pass immigration reform legislation. but the president will face a divided congress where republicans are also determined to repeal as much as they can of the president's signature piece of legislation. health care reform. joel brown has that part of the story. >> reporter: republicans who will have the majority in the house won't waste any time trying to push through their priorities. the new majority leader promises
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the house will approve a measure to repeal president obama's health care law on january 12th. a symbolic vote before his state of the union address. 87 new republicans will be sworn in to the house on wednesday, giving the gop control of the chamber. they've vowed to repeal and replace what they call obama care. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: republicans are asserting their power after a period of bipartisanship late last year in which congress approved a number of laws, including extending bush-era tax cuts for another two years, repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and ratification of the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear treaty with russia. but democrats will not go quietly. senate majority leader harry reid fired off this letter to john boehner, the soon-to-be speaker of the house, saying that democrats will block any repeal of the health care legislation. even if republicans are successful in repealing the health care law in the house, it will not likely pass the democratic-led senate. but republicans promise to push their agenda in other areas, such as limiting government
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spending. it all adds up to what could be a contentious few months with the president, who's coming off of a restful family vacation in hawaii. joel brown, cbs news, washington. the president is also in the midst of reorganizing his senior staff. he's considering naming former commerce secretary william daley to be his chief of staff. daley is an executive at jpmorgan chase. he's the brother of chicago mayor richard daley. the president's first chief of staff, rahm emanuel, resigned to run for mayor of chicago. for the first time the national debt has topped $14 trillion. the current debt ceiling is just under $14.3 trillion. if congress fails to increase the ceiling when it votes next month, which some republicans are threatening, the government would have to stop borrowing and maybe default on its obligations. "cbs moneywatch" time on this tuesday morning. stocks in asia kick up a rally. ashley morrison is in new york with more. >> good morning, terrell. asian markets continued their climb. japan's nikkei added more than 1.5% while hong kong's hang seng gained nearly 1%.
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today wall street gets the very latest on auto sales and factory orders. on monday stocks rallied to kick off the new year. the dow gained 93 points while the nasdaq added 38. bank of america has agreed to pay $2.8 billion to settle claims it sold bad home loans to mortgage finance giant fannie mae and freddie mac. the settlement is tied to mortgages made by countrywide, which bank of america bought during the financial crisis. more trouble for toyota. seven insurance companies have sued the automaker in an attempt to recover money paid to cover crashes they blame on sudden acceleration. the companies blamed 725 crashes on the alleged defect, and fault toyota for failing to equip its vehicles with an override system. toyota says the lawsuits are without merit. toshiba is raising the stakes in the tablet wars. it's offering a larger screen than apple's ipad and will include an upcoming version of google's android operating
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software. the toshiba tablet will be on store shelves by the end of june. no word yet on the price tag. well, if you want to impress a potential employer, put on a pair of specs. a british study finds job hunters are more likely to get hired if they wear glasses to their interview. a third of adults surveyed think people wearing glasses look more professional, and 43% think they appear more intelligent. >> and you got to be in it to win it. tonight's mega millions jackpot has now hit $330 million. tickets are sold in 41 states and the district of columbia. the odds of winning are approximately 1 in 176 million. but it's like they say, terrell, you can't win it if you don't play. right? >> that's exactly right. i'd love to win it, make it rain in here, ashley. >> always. >> ashley morrison here in new york. good to see you this morning. just ahead on the "morning news," the sex scandal involving brett favre widens.
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got to love this. this, by the way, what you're seeing right now, a partial solar eclipse in the skies over jerusalem this morning. it will extend over europe a little later today. the shadow of the moon appeared to take a large bite out of the sun. a solar eclipse happens when the moon lines up between the sun and the earth. a texas man who wrongfully spent 30 years in prison is expected to get his conviction officially overturned at a hearing today. cornelius dupree jr. was just 20 years old when he was sentenced to prison for robbery. monday prosecutors say dna test results cleared him. dupree is now 51. he served more years in a texas prison for a crime he did not commit than any other person.
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preliminary hearings start today to determine if dr. conrad murray will stand trial for the death of pop star michael jackson. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death in june of 2009. the hearing in los angeles is seen by most legal experts as a formality. they expect to see a trial. defense is expected to claim that jackson gave himself some kind of drug to kill him. newly retired quarterback brett favre is being sued by two massage therapists. the women are suing the new york jets and favre for sexual harassment. they claim that he sent them suggestive text messages. when they complained they say they lost their part-time jobs with the jets. the nfl fined favre $50,000 for not cooperating with the investigation. it surrounded charges involving lewd text messages and photos. the stunt man injured last month during a preview of "spider-man: turn off the dark" wants to return to the show. christopher tierney is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow. in an exclusive interview he told dana tyler of our new york station wcbs-tv about his fall,
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and his future. >> reporter: it was a horrific moment for a death-defying performer. spider-man actor christopher tierney tumbled 30 feet before a stunned audience on december 20th. his safety harness was not correctly attached. he's recovering now from extensive injuries. including a skull fracture, broken ribs, and three cracked vertebrae. and described to us what went through his mind as he plunged to the floor. >> i was falling, and then i saw once i hit the darkness of the stage, i had to just turn it real quick so i wasn't going to fall on my head. the last thing i remember was just going oh, gosh. >> reporter: you say it was human error. do you blame anyone? >> the person involved, the people involved, we've already came and visit and we've seen completely like water under the bridge and forgiven and forgotten. >> reporter: i hear what you're saying. but you suffered really serious injuries. >> yeah. >> reporter: but you are a forgiving person? >> yeah. >> reporter: you feel -- you weren't pushed too hard? >> no.
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>> reporter: you don't feel? >> no. i'm glad -- i'm glad to be working on the show. i mean, not glad, overjoyed to be working on the show. >> reporter: tierney is one of four performers injured on the set of the $65 million musical, which features 38 aerial stunts at speeds of more than 40 miles an hour. last week the lead actress quit the show. she suffered a concussion during a preview performance in november. for now, the show will go on. tierney says he's eager to return to work. but as controversy mounts, the most expensive show in broadway history will have to wait until february 7th for an opening night. dana tyler for cbs news, new york. and you can see more of dana's exclusive interview with christopher tierney a little bit later on this morning on "the early show." when we come back on your tuesday morning we'll have your weather forecast. plus in sports, the stanford cardinal need a little more than luck in the orange bowl. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin.
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gradually steps you down off of nicotine in just three steps, doubling your chances for success. nicoderm cq. 3 steps, 10 weeks and you're free. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. partly cloudy and 40 in new york. 77 degrees, partly cloudy in miami. 31 degrees and sunny in chicago. 55 and partly cloudy in dallas. 62 and sunny in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows two areas of clouds pushing towards the east coast. clear skies can be found from washington state down to missouri. later did, mild weather for almost the entire western half of the country.
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and snow is expected around the great lakes and western new york, as a new storm takes shape. in sports this morning, number 5 stanford rolled over number 12 virginia tech in the orange bowl. four touchdown passes, stanford broken wide open in the fourth quarter. stanford an easy "w" over the hokies 40-12. in the nba, miami keeps rolling. dwyane wade and lebron james of the heat each had more than 30 points against the bobcats. atlanta beat charlotte 96-82. the heat have won 18 of their last 19 games. in boston paul pierce scored 23 points to help the celtics rally from behind against the timberwolves. boston held off minnesota in the fourth quarter. they win 96-93. the celtics are in first place in their division. and a big upset in college basketball. justin brownly of st. john's scored 15 points against number 13 georgetown. st. john's surprising georgetown 61-58. that's the red storm's fifth win
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in a row. when we come back we'll have another look at this morning's top stories. and lion king. why a florida man has locked himself in a cage with two very big cats. how can expedia save me even more on my hotel? by giving me ginormous discounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia. >> ( beeping, beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software.
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it's the second attack in the area in less than a month. how a neighbor came to the rescue this time. plus.. her first day on the job.. and oakland mayor jean quan is squaring off with police. the sacrifice she's asking officers to make to prevent more layoffs. keeping smart meters out of one bay area city. the decision today that could resolve a showdown with p-g and e. and.. the social networking sit,
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on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. a clipper system continuing to race across the northern tier of the country toward the northeast. it will bring lake-effect snow showers to the great lakes and another system is going to form in texas and move towards the southeast with rain. here's another look at the top stories on a tuesday morning. the commander of the aircraft carrier "uss enterprise" could be relieved of duty as early as today. it follows the release of raunchy videos made several years ago that were shown to the crew. and delaware police say they have no leads in the murder of former white house aide john wheeler.
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his body was found on new year's eve. in spring hill florida, the lions sleep tonight, and they've got some company. the owner of a wildlife rehab center plans to be caged up with the lions for a month in a publicity stunt. tammy fields of our tampa st. petersburg station wtsp reports. >> now he's getting aggressive. he just clawed me. feeding time is going to be the test. i've gotten my bites. i've gotten my holes and my claws. >> reporter: james jablon is a man on a mission. a wildlife rehabilitation expert, he plans to spend the next 30 days with these two african lions, leah and ed. >> oh, that feels so rough. no. >> reporter: he'll eat with them, play and sleep with them. and says he understands the danger. >> especially if they're playing with something, you try to take it or you go near it, they go after you. and when they fight with each other, which they do, you don't want to be near them. because as soon as something touches them, they don't disconcern themselves with who's touching them.
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it's, they're going to bite. >> reporter: jablon owns and runs this family-owned nonprofit, wildlife rehabilitation of hernando. it's been around for about ten years and about 100 animals live here on 14 acres. but with the downturn in the economy, jablon needs to raise money for his facility in order to keep it open. >> this place takes about $75,000 to $100,000 a year to run, just to take care of the animals. i would be comfortable with having between $100,000 and $200,000 made from this to put into the account so that i know we have what we need for these animals right now. >> reporter: his every move is being broadcast, thanks to live streaming video. you can even chat with him and donate all in one place. >> it's going to be a really hard month for me, my family. but we really like the community to try to step up. >> he'll start looking tasty in there. that was tammy fields of wtsb reporting this morning. on "the early show," paula abdul stops by the studio. i'm terrell brown.
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or any other disaster. get a kit, make a plan, be informed. visit you know, you see a lot of strange things in new york city, but this is a new one. it's a man skiing down park avenue in the middle of last week's blizzard. he was being towed by an suv going 40 miles an hour. it's all fun and games until he runs into one of those parked cars in the street and an ambulance was not coming. newly elected governors in this country are facing some of their own bumps as they're being sworn in in this new year. one of the major issues, out-of-control spending. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: raising their right hands may be the easy part of the job for the newly elected governors taking office this week. in california, jerry brown took over a state facing a $28 billion budget deficit.
4:26 am
and unemployment over 12%. >> no more smoke and mirrors on the budget, no empty promises. >> reporter: brown's no frills inaugural ceremony featured a high school choir and hot dogs. in nevada the new governor is republican brian sandoval. at 14.3%, his state has the highest unemployment in the nation. >> we live in a statement when the odds seem to be against us. >> reporter: in new york, andrew cuomo became governor of a state with a $10 billion deficit. he came in asking for a pay freeze for all state employees. >> my gray hairs are multiplying just thinking about what we have to do. >> reporter: here in california, and across the country, what governors are likely to have to do is cut spending. it's one reason that in the 37 states that elected governors, 23 went to republicans and only 13 to democrats. but on inauguration day, at least, no matter their party, the governors sound much the same. >> if you had to sum up the message that just about every
4:27 am
governor is telling constituents, it's this, this is going to hurt. >> reporter: if there's any good news for the new governors, it's this. state tax revenues have climbed, from $1.27 trillion in the first quarter of 2009, to $1.33 trillion in the last quarter of 2010. an increase of $61 billion. and the governors proclaim enthusiasm for the challenge. >> i take my oath proudly optimistic. >> california, here i come, right back where i started from! >> reporter: indeed, jerry brown was first elected california governor in 1975. his predecessor was a movie star, ronald reagan. this time, brown follows another movie star, arnold schwarzenegger. who posted his own twitter video as he left the tough job of governor behind. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. coming up a little later on "the early show," fallout from the raunchy navy videos that have surfaced. we'll hear from crews, or a crew member of the "uss enterprise."
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also the cost of traveling is going up this new year. but don't get ripped off, tips on how to get the most for your money. and singer/choreographer paula abdul stops by the studio with her brand-new dance competition show. that and more coming up on "the early show." that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day.
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