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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 6, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> i don't think that's right and i don't think that city hall has done the right thing. i'm really ashamed of them. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars given to the city for the san bruno fire victims. where is the money? forced to make split decisions on whether to open fire. tonight we will take you inside how police officers are trained. it was no ordinary bank robbery. why police say it was an inside job. you may have given one or maybe you have one. gift cards that simply don't work. the embarrassing goof we have uncovered and what's being done to fix it. i'm ken bastida, good evening. >> i'm dana king. it is still sitting in the bank. hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that flooded in after san bruin
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burst into flames destroying homes. tonight, neighbors are demanding to know why that money has not been handed out. >> reporter: the city council listened. they want to do this, dana, in a very democratic fashion which is why they handed out cards. they got a lot ideas but they got a lot of complaints as well. nearly four months after parts of san bruno exploded and then erupted in flames the city is still trying to figure out how to distribute $395,000 that was donated at a committee hearing. some council members got an earful. >> why are we waiting so long? these people have been suffering since september. come on. i mean, you know, i don't think that's right. and i don't think that city hall has done the right thing. i'm really ashamed of them. >> i don't need it but i know people who do in my neighborhood and that's because i talk to them. i don't sit at a table and wait
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for them to come to me. >> michael sahl czar and a council member defended the city saying with pg&e paying for some things and homeowners' insurance paying for others they wanted to use the money to pay for unmet needs. >> as a city organization, we didn't have a lot of experience with handling these donations. >> it is not something that we have had to deal with before. and our first impulse was to just kind of take a step back, see what was being done. and try to identify that. >> the city doesn't need to be put in the position that you guys are putting them it. you are supposed to be here to help the city. not put the city on the spot. >> the hearing was set up to generate ideas. residents filled out cards with suggestions. some want to add a park. others want to divide the money mathematically three quarters going to red tag homes and a quarter to yellow tag ones.
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nothing was decided tonight. the only thing that was clear, many are still frustrated that they are still without a permanent home. >> when there are things like this that people need money immediately, you're jerking us around. >> prior to this meeting the mayor said that they weren't sure if there was a service that the city could provide with this money but after this meeting they say the popular sentiment is to give cash to the victims. so that's the recommendation that they will make to the city council on tuesday. 7:00 p.m. meeting. whether they make a decision, dana, it is hard to say. >> grace lee in san bruno. thank you. a number of police shootings in san francisco in just the past month have led to some questions about justification. just yesterday officers opened fire in the south of market district after a man in a wheel chair stabbed a police officer. and late last month a man with the knife shot and killed by police after a woman claimed that she was stab. so what goes through the minds
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of police officers dealing with these life threatening situations? well, tonight an inside look at how police officers are trained. joe vazquez walks in their shoes and shows us what happens when they are forced to make split second decisions on whether or not to open fire. >> get away. get away. what do you think you're going to do? take his side now. >> reporter: it happens so fast. watch this lady waving the knife around. >> calm down please. put the weapon down. >> reporter: in a split second she throws the knife at me. i could have been killed. >> okay okay i didn't have time to do anything. >> it is the real deal. no do overs. >> reporter: at the san francisco police academy they train officers for these real life scenarios. there is no benefit of hind sight with a program called force officers training it is in the business of life and death. >> it is training. this is training and this is going to prepare an officer when they are out there on the street. >> i said put it down. let me see your hands. >> reporter: watch this guy.
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he is sitting in a movie theater one second and charging at me the next. >> on that unwhat they are saying is it could be justifiable force. >> reporter: but i missed the guy. i fired several shots and completely missed him. today san francisco police gave reporters a chance to see what it is like to be in their shoes following three officer- involved shootings in the city in the last month. mistakes were plenty. watch how my colleagues shoot this guy. well after he put his gun down and surrendered. police say they are doing this bus they want the public to know how hard it is to make the right judgment during such chaos. even in the cases where you don't have to shoot. >> look at this. >> what could happen? >> the glass is completely fogged up. >> reporter: in my final scenario a teenager at the mall jump ropes and takes the officer's gun and starts shooting. >> i was shot in both of my legs but i still managed to get off a few rounds and may have
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hit some passersby. i struggled to explained my actions which highlights the problem with how news reporters handle these situations. >> i fired several shots at him. >> so when you report it, you're going to say that. any problem with that? >> reporter: i would not report it that way. here is hoping i wouldn't. joe vazquez, cbs5. >> police believe a robbery at a san jose bank was an inside job. kit dough shows us what tips investigators had. >> reporter: it was a lot of little things, dana, and what the teller said during the investigation that led detectives to believe this was just not a real robbery. >> at first it seemed like a run of the mill robbery at this bank of america inside a lucky's on west capital expressway in san jose but detectives had a hunch it was fishing. >> it was determined this was actually a fake robbery. >> reporter: last week 20-year- old stephen davis walked in
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wearing a hooded shoot and sunglasses an passed a note demanding money from 2 the teller. luna handed over an undisclosed amount of cash but he did not follow proper bank procedures on what to do during a robbery and that was a red flag. >> a lot of times they will go in there and they will start interviewing individuals, they will look at evidence and before you know it things just kind of stop adding up and it was at that time you really have to start going with your gut feeling and good old fashioned police work. >> reporter: officers arrested luna that day and later that night davis turned himself in along with the money. >> back in '08 three suspects tried to pull off an inside job at this wells fargo inside a safeway in east san jose. police say they were inspired after watching the movie oceans is oceans 11. inside jobs have increased in the past two years and they are warning other banks to beware. >> when the evidence stops
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matching the statements, that's kind of a clue to start looking at those things. >> reporter: so these detectives are very experienced and they say there are a couple of things that they almost always see because of robberies that they just didn't see in this particular case. dana? >> yes, the movies always end up with the guys getting caught. so...maybe they should watch those movieses. game against the hornets was about as close as the two teams will get. ceo ellison saying his bid to bring the hornets to the south bay was shot down who knew. the news came just hours after a report on that ellison planned to buy the team, move it to san jose. the city was apparently on board with the idea. less than six months ago you'll
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remember larry ellison lost the bid for the warriors. kim will be along to show you who came out on top in tonight's game a little later in sports. a changing of the guard in the house of representatives tonight. john baynor is now speaker and he is ready to get down to business. >> the people voted to end business as usual and today we begin to carry out their instructions. >> baynor accepted the oversized gavel from nancy pelosi. baynor who is known for showing his emotionsed teared up when he acknowledged that his family was in the gallery. >> it is a natural time period to make the decision to recharge a little bit. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs announced today that he is leaving. he will step down early next month. gibbs says he is quitting for the less demanding and more
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lucrative role of giving paid speeches. no word yet on the replacement but an announcement should come within the next two weeks. a series of aappointments from governor brown today including a job for his wife. first lady appointed as unpaid special council. the governor today also appointed two other people as executive secretaries to help craft policy. well, a celebration today in san francisco's hard fought victory. it is larry ellison back in the news. the or acle racing owner and outgoing mayor gavin newsom were at the big to do at city hall marking san francisco's winning bid to host the next america's cup race. new year's evil ellison signed the deal with san francisco to host the 2013 cup. his team won the event in february giving him the right to pick the next city for the race. >> quite a cup. it is the gift that nobody
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wants to give or get. gift cards that simply don't work. the mystery has been solve. what to do if you get one? >> anyone can make a balloon animal, right? the artist that says the image is his and the bay area store he is going nose-to-nose with. chopper 5 flying high in the sky picking up the clear conditions now numbers dipping into the 20s. we will pinpoint those areas as eyewitness news continues. ,,
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worse yet, imagine giving it happens. your credit card gets rejected at the register or the gas pump. worse yet imagine giving someone a gift card that is actually worthless. that's what we uncovered after hearing from a number of people who gave or received holiday gift cards that simply don't work. on our consumer watch julie watts explains how to tell if you've got one of these no good cards. >> yeah, they kind of accused me of stealing saying i already
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used the $500 gift card and i'm just trying to go back to get a refund. >> reporter: that was the second time she was publicically embarrassed after buying gift cards for her boyfriend. the first time was when she went with him to redeem the card for a new t.v. >> it was kind of embarrassing. they said they were inactive or invalid appeared to go back to the supermarket where i bought them. >> reporter: also embarrassed but not by a store clerk by his employees when they told them their christmas gifts didn't work. >> two went through their supervisor to tell me. >> reporter: two best buy cards and one for starbucks. but in his case, they were purchased at safeway which happens to own the company black hawks that manufactured the cards. safeway told them to submit a claim. >> they said they were backed up. they had thousands of these claims this year. >> reporter: that's when he called cbs5 and we began investigating. we have come across at least 11 invalid starbucks or best buy gift cards all purchased at safeway or lucky's. representatives from lucky's tell us they had no idea there was a problem with the cards
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but safeway says they know exactly what's going on. turns out the problem is in the packaging. in a statement to consumer watch they say "we sincerely apologize to any customer who experienced a problem with these particular gift cards. over the past year due to a concern over possible tampering an fraud card vendors changed their packaging to better protect all consumers. unfortunately, the cards purchased in this situation were part of an older inventory with older packaging. a safeway representative personally delivered him new gift cards along with a batch of cookies. >> i just want a refund. that's all i want. >> reporter: and that's exactly what she got. late this afternoon, lucky called to apologize and offered her money back. lucky says they are clearing their shovels and safeway which owns the company that manufacturers the cards they will imreimburse the stars from either store. how do you know if you have one? well, first look at the packaging. if there is a window that
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allows you to see the number your card could be compromised. the next step is to find out if the card works either in a store or online. if it doesn't we put a link on our website to blacklock and they will reimburse you for the compromised card. julie watts on the consumer watch for cbs5. halfway through the week and we saw some more sunshine today. we got more coming, roberta? >> we certainly do. but first we have to make it through a very col night tonight. currently temperatures mid- 50s. city of san francisco low 40s. that will be our overnight low. 43 degrees in san francisco. away from the bay, 27 degrees. 20s in santa rosa and in pengrove. freezing from napa through fairfield. delta, concord. tri-valley. mid-30s santa clara county. we do have some fog that is now beginning to seep into the northern and eastern portion of our bay area. a dense fog advisory is now in
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effect for the strait as well as the delta and with the fog and the freezing temperatures that will cause some freezing fog for the morning commute. and dress in layers. it is going to be cold as you head on out. but sunshine will return as high pressure diverting that very vigorous storm tracks to the north of the bay area. sure we have some storms there. i'll show you how it will affect your seven-day forecast. but first off you can bank on tomorrow being the warmest day of the workweek. stagnant air quality. spare the air day for your thursday. numbers up to 61 degrees in santa cruz otherwise 50s will be common. a string of sunshine days but increasing the cloud cover over the weekend. a threat of showers in the north bay monday. widespread showers certainly possible on tuesday and wednesday. maybe you captured the frost this morning. this picture was sent in to make it a great night.
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ken? >> thank you, roberta. can anyone own the image of a balloon animal. the thing that clowns make. a bay area store is now facing a question after getting a warning letter from a famous artist. the san francisco shop pack life was selling this book end in the shape of a balloon dog online and at its store. well, the co-owner stays just whose lawyer fired off a cease and desist note telling them to take it off the shelves. what's the big deal? this is coons balloon dog sculp tour. the running joke now is if you're a party clown watch out, because he will come after you. >> well, a toronto company makes the book ends. for now park life has stopped selling the $30 item. this one is just for display but the store says they will probably begin to sell them again. we have breaking breaking
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news coming out of oakland right now. a fatal shooting. about an hour and a half ago they found a man slumped behind the wheel of a car. police tried to revive him but they weren't successful. there was also a fatal shooting in west oakland last night near market and 26th street. we will have more news when we come right back. ,, i see a lot of teeth that look great... until i look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline that can lead to gingivitis. in fact, one in two adults actually has gingivitis and might not even know it. that's why i recommend new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste.
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in black point wants to know: where did the dungeness crab get that strange name? makes for a good dinner in an unusual din meal. tonight's good question is where did dungnness crab. >> would you feel it? >> so what do you really know about the food you eat? take this, for instance. somebody back in the 1800s figured it would be a whole lot easier to call this thing the dungness crab. >> the name comes from a small town in washington, state. dungness where these crabs were first harvested.
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>> it is on the coast near port angeles. >> reporter: louisiana has the craw fish but we don't have a state crustation. but the aquarium of the bay says we do have a very healthy dungness crab fishery. >> they are normally on rock ledges or sandy floor an they can actually bury themselves with just their eye sockets sticking out to escape from predator. >> reporter: crabs can live 8 to 10 years in the wile with only males being harvested for food. but watch your fingers. go to click on the i con. con. the latest on jim harbaugh coming up in sports. it's really delicious, mom.
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head coach has begun... according to multiple reports, officially promoted to and now looking for a new head coach. jim harbaugh was interviewed. niners were prepared to offer the stanford head coach $5 million a year. but the niners aren't the only
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suitors. miami dolphins owner flew to the bay area making his pitch to jim harbaugh tomorrow. jim harbaugh has a link to other jobs including the raiders, broncos and michigan vacancies. today the wolverines athletic director crossed his school off the list. >> there has been a lot of jim harbaugh noise out there and i personally believe that jim harbaugh is headed to the nfl. but that's my opinion as opposed to any qualified judgment i can give you on that. >> raiders offensive coordinator hugh jackson reportedly also interviewed with the 49ers today. jackson is still the front runner to replace tom cable as the raiders head coach. the silver and black went from 31st in the league in scoring last season to 6th this year >> i like him. i think he did a phenomenal job with our offense and i think he will be a great head coach. no doubt. i think the team would
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definitely be better. i think he would do a great job. i mean, everyone loved tom cable. he did a great job. i think he will do a phenomenal job as well if he was the head coach. >> chris paul's mouth guard isn't the only thing collapsing against the warriors in new orleans. hitting three of his 29 points to pull golden state within 4. then a block. finishing with a fast break. warriors go on a 27-7 run in the final quarter. later warriors up 1. david lee on a pick and roll. gets the hoop and the foul. lee had 13 points. warriors beat the hornets 110- 103. elected to the baseball hall of fame today. robertroberto alomar. going to the hall of fame. bert blylevan gets on the board
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going as well. go press conference. danica still learning the finaller parts of football. >> my husband is impressed with my increasing knowledge of the game. i know what an offencive line is now. number 4. this line from o'donell. have a nice trip. see you next fall. number 3, jay rich can still dunk with the best of them. a one handed alley-oop that helps the magic beat the bus. another former warrior making the top five. jamal crawford. hawks beat the jazz. timely the tokyo marathon. keep your eye on the leader. about 200-meters before the finish. where are you going? he follows the t.v. truck around the corner. not the best time to be on auto pilot. he finishes in third place. the college he was running for ended up in 10th place. we will be right back.
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