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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  January 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the suspected gunman in the gunman in the arizona shooting spree.. set to face a judge we want more than one ambulance. >> suspected gunman in the arizona shooting spree set to face a judge today. >> incriminating evidence investigators found and the latest on the wounded congress woman's condition. >> jerry brown, his plan for solving the state's $28 billion budget problem. >> bundle up, another cold and frosty start we will take a look at those frigid temperatures in just a few moments. and emily morning construction may slow you -- early morning construction may slow down your commute. good morning it is monday the 10th of january thanks for joining us i am sydnie kohara. >> i am elizabeth wenger. time now is 4:30 a.m.
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new developments in the mass shooting in arizona that left six dead and an arizona congress woman critically injured the suspected gunman is set to face a judge for the first time today. investigators searching his parents home found incriminating evidence and doctors are showing optimism in the congress woman's recovery she was shot in the head during the political meet and greet saturday. sankara hughes is in hue son -- sandra hughs is in tucson. >> reporter: 22-year-old jared loughner will face a host of charges when he appears in federal court including murder and attempted assassination. >> how many people are injured? >> a total of 10 people maybe more. oh, my god. >> reporter: he is accused of single handedly turning this tucson grocery store into a blood bath he shot congress woman gabriel giffords in the head point blank range before
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turning his gun on six innocent by standers. 14 were injured, 6 killed. at loughners home, investigators found a letter the congress woman sent him in 2007 and an envelope, giffords, i plan to head, and my as says nation on it. doctors are optimistic about her odds but it could take weeks or months before they know the full extent of their brain injuries. >> brain swelling at any time can take a turn for the worst but i am cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: giffords intern is being credited with helping to save her life he was just days on the job when he rushed to her side. >> first thing i did was try and get her up so she wasn't slumped over the next thing i did was to make sure i applied pressure to her wound to stem the flow of blood. >> last night her husband released a statement thanking supporters gabby was doing what
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she loved most he said hearing from her constituents when this tragedy occurred serving southern arizonans is her passion and nothing makes her more proud than rep them in congress. >> -- representing them in congress. >> president obama will lead the nation in a moment of silence this morning. the president and staff will gather on the white house south lawn at 8:00 a.m. our time. congress has postponed all major legislative business this week. >> one of the victims in the tucson shooting was a federal judge. 63-year-old judge john roll was at the center of the state battle over immigration. in 2009. roll received hundreds of threats after he allowed a lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants to go forward. >> the youngest shooting victim just 9 years old, kristina green had just been elected to student council she went with a family friend to hear congress woman giffords speak to learn more about serving in a
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government. aside from judge roll and the 9-year-old girl, four others were killed in that attack including gain zimmerman, who was an aid to congress woman giffords and a graduate of uc santa cruz and three people in their 70s. phyllis, dorothy morris and darwin store card. >> governor jerry brown will unvail his budget this morning and he has already warned it will be painful. deep across the board spending cuts are needed to deal with the state's deficit he wants to restructure state government shifting cost of some programs to citycounties he is expected to oppose a special election. gavin newsom finally becomes california's lieutenant governor today. he will be inaugurated this afternoon in sacramento he could have taken the oath last monday but kept his job as san francisco mayor until a new board of supervisors was sworn
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in over the weekend. they are expected to appoint ed lee as interimmayor tomorrow. >> his last act as mayor was swear in a new district attorney. it was a suffer surprise, the new da is former san francisco police chief george gascon he talked with him to select a new da and offered him the job. >> i believe that i can offer something, to this role that will be somewhat unique in having the understanding of policing and the career that has been incredible to me and one that i love and has really been part of my identity. >> he replaces new california attorney general, kamela harris, his second in command at the police department will be acting police chief. a man found shot to death in san jose sunday morning is believed to be tied the a
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double homicide at a club the night before the latest victim was found in the backseat of an suv yesterday the body was blocks away from mixicali club. officers says the not clear how the man in the car is linked to the club shootings. >> right now quite honestly anything is possible we need to figure out who was the aggressor who was trying to flee. it could be either. a fourth man shot at the club remains hospitalized with life threatening injuries police havable a vague description of the suspects three or four hispanic men. pg&e has acknowledged its briefly raised the pressure on the gas pipeline in san bruno, two years before it exploded. experts tell san francisco chronicle pressure increase for two hours in 2008 could have placed a strain on the pipeline, made it vulnerable to failure, pg&e says it believed
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the higher pressure of 400 pounds per squarism was safe the explosion destroyed 38 homes and killed 8 people. 4:37 a.m. let's look at weather and traffic on this back to work monday. tracy good morning. >> chilly out there. >> it is a chilly morning you got that right sydnie, chilly, cold, 28 degrees fairfield currently, 30 degrees concord, 29 in liver more, 35 in napa as well vallejo just below freezing and below freezing santa rosa. 32 san raphael, 41 san francisco looks mild comparatively speaking, 39 pacifica, 34 redwood city, 33 fremont and also in mountain view. cold, start to the day, frost and fog expected while inland, patchy fog around the bay as well for the coastline and again those cold temperatures ranging from upper 20s to just near 40 degrees this afternoon sun and clouds, and temperatures actually slightly
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higher than yesterday, but i can't technically call them warmer but higher and still below average highs ranging from upper hos to mid--- 40s to mid-50s it is cold eventually we will add rain on top of those. for your traffic this morning, joy anna. >> good morning. well, we are accident free right now but the bad news we have closures for road work. hoping to wrap things up by 5:00 a.m. this morning headed south of there golden gate bridge. traffic has been nice not a lot of cars observing your gold -- on your golden gate bridge commute. closed at doyle drive for ongoing road work through there. on the bay bridge metering lights are off. clear, headed into oakland heads up between the sky way and tunnel, one lane will be blocked 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for road construction. that is the look at your morning commute back to you two ladies. >> thanks very much. it is 4:38 a.m., for the first
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time bay area doesn't have the most expensive gas in the country. plus $2 billion on the way to help struggling california homeowners why the program has taken so long to get off the ground. >> an electric car that takes half the time to charge. a sneak peek at fords new green car that plans to blow out the competition ,,,,
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homeowners is set to launch today. later on today temperatures cool across the bay area. 50 pacifica, mix of sun and clouds, 52 berkeley, san francisco, 53 santa clara. mix of sun and clouds across the bay area today, more rain on the way. i will tell you when you need to grab that umbrella again, coming up. all right thanks very much. 4:41 a.m. california program to help struggling homeowners set to launch today in the first phase, the state government will make direct mortgage payments for up to six months
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for people who are unemployed in a second phase to begin next month the state will also lay out money and work with lenders to reduce loan principles. the whole effort is being funded with nearly $2 billion in federal funds. approved tonight, implemented tomorrow that could be the story about garbage rate hikes in redwood city city council holds a hearing at 7:00 p.m. tonight on an 18% increase for collecting garbage and recyclables. it is based on last year's cost and projected costs for this year. it also considers a city fund aimed at stabilizing rates. >> chrysler wants the pay back government loans to stop paying interest and ford announces plans for its first electric car. alexis has more in today's money watch report. >> head of chrysler and fiat says he wants to pay back the
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loans chrysler got from the u.s. and canadian governments this year. fiat took a 20% stake in chrysler in 2009 gaining control after chrysler emerged from bankruptcy, they expect to boost their chrysler stake to 35% this year in part by repaying those loans. >> on wall street, stocks lost ground after a dispointing unemployment report. dow slipped 22 points, nasdaq fell 6. we will get the latest on inflation, retail sales and consumer sentiment. a car that will be able to go up to 100 miles on an electric charge, the focus can be fully charged in 3 to 4 hours using a 240-volt outlet half the time to charge the nissan rival leaf. this will be ford's first electric car on the market and plans to roll out four other electric vehicles over the next
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two years. for more head to cbs money in new york, i am alexis. unfortunately this isn't much of a surprise it is costing more to fill our gas tanks a new survey shows price per gallon went up an average of 9-cents in the past two weeks the average price for mid- grade gas is $3.22 a gallon. surprisingly san francisco is not the highest in the nation the current survey shows the highst gas price in the country right now is chicago, $3.35 a gallon these are national averages the low, $2.73 is in salt lake city utah. a new box office champ this weekend. >> how many men have you shot? >> shot or kill? >> true grit taking number one spot, the movie stars jeff bridges hired by 14-year-old girl to track down her fathers
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killer, brought in $15 million this weekend. >> little fockers held the number one spot for two weeks but moved down one spot, raking in $13 million. season of the witch, tron and black swan rounding out the top five. >> what did you see this weekend? >> clown bake with elvis presley. >> love it. 4:45 p.m. a major winter storm is halting travel. how it can ruin the biggest game of the year. >> surprising sibling connection between autism and pregnancy how timing of kids births could increase risk. >> word of a facebook shut down spreading like wild fire online. the company puts those rumors to rest
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struck haiti, killing more than llion people and wednesday marks one year
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since the 7.01 quake struck haiti, it striggerred a deadly cholera epidemic. new construction has barely begun and won't be enough money to complete all the projects. it is estimated the country will need $10 billion to build decent housing for the homeless and destitute another $1.2 billion will be needed to remove the quake rubble. >> flash floods swept through an australian city killing at least four people. as you can see heavy rain and over flowing rivers have been causing misery for weeks in the state of queens land. this time the forrent of muddy water picked up carcarried away furniture a female pedestrian was among those killed the floods effected 200,000 people since late november. back in the u.s., governors of louisiana, alabama, georgia, tennessee have declared emergencies for their state due to snow, sleet, freezing rain. the winter storm warning forced
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cancellation of 2,000 flights out of atlanta, the bad weather has forced georgia officials to move tonight's inauguration of their newly elected governor in doors. >> football fans will miss the bcs championship game tonight. fans in auburn stranded flights cancelled yesterday and unclear when those flights will resume. i don't know what i can do. i don't know what i can do. i am devastated. i am literally in tears. >> i am frustrated how u.s. airways and ground crew handled some handicapped passengers and other passengers, not paying for hotels just stranding us. the game starts at 5:00 p.m. on espn tonight. as university of alabama graduate isn't it a shame they won't be able to make it to their first bcs. oh, man. no, good luck that should be a
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great game. 29 runt, currently liver more. cold outside, 30 degrees concord, 28 fairfield, 35 napa and vallejo and below freezing, santa rosa, 28. 32 san raphael, 41 san francisco, 36 in oakland. 33 fremont, 35 mountain view as well as san jose. some mornings in the newsroom we have the debate over whether it is cold outside. we didn't have that debate this morning everyone is on the same page. cold start to the day frost and fog expected well inland patchy fog for the bay as well. coastline this afternoon temperatures cool, sun and cloud and temperatures upper 40s. to the mid-50s. it was a cold weekend, today will also be cold and eventually we will add rainfall into the mix. here is a look at the next system moving in and clouds associated with it. coming in tomorrow. tuesday rainfall expected monday a cold day will remain
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dry but rainfall just around the corner. sierra forecast, partly cloudy conditions expected, that will be for today and snowfall moving in, tuesday and a rain and snow chance wednesday. highs the day, 3 to 6 to 7 degrees cooler than avenue rack, 49 in liver more, 52 concord, 49 fairfield, 59 napa, 52 vallejo, i willer 50s. san fran -- lower 50s. san francisco and pacifica, 53 in san jose. here is a look at our five day forecast another cold day expected mix of sun and clouds, rain showers moving in tomorrow wednesday, sunshine and then another round of showers for thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday expecting a dry end to the workweek as well as weekend but the fog coming back into play, as we move toward the end to have week. that is a look at your seven- day forecast for traffic here is giana. lots of road construction
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to lookout for working your way on the east shore freeway, willow avenue on ramp from east 80 shut down, for quite some time until further notice this is an ongoing project. eastbound, highway 4, a little sluggish as they come away from 80. not bad westbound 4 out of antioch. elsewhere, southbound, 101 closure effecting a couple mainlines of the roadway near highway one, that ramp is closed hoping to have everything opened up within the next 10 minutes, not seeing too many delays, north or southbound, traffic still light, 19th avenue remains closed, on ramp for that doyle drive replacement project. headed on the bay bridge metering lights off. don't forget later on between 7 and 2 on that eastbound side lower deck will have one lane shut down that wraps up at 2 this afternoon. bart, ace, muni all on time. ace train number one, left with
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no problems, also if you are in the south bay everything looking pretty good. highway 87, 85, no delays, 101 and 280 clear, 11 minutes, 101 to highway 85, check out our radio partners, kcbs that is a look at traffic back up to you. >> thanks very much. new this morning congress woman jackie spear will fight for hundreds of thousands of filipinos who served our country she is introducing a bill that makes filipino veterans of world war ii eligible for the same benefits received by other u.s. veterans they were promised those veterans by president roosevelt but in 1946 congress stripped them of benefits. there is at least a temporary fix to the problem that caused some guests to get sick at san francisco hotel thursday night. a water heater at a neighboring restaurant leaked carbon monoxide into the walls of marriott hotel 4th and mission it made four flight attendants
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sick the restaurant has a new water heater. new studies show closely spaced pregnancies may be tied to autism. and teenagers can often be moody but staying up beat could improve health, terrell brown explains. >> reporter: spacing pregnancies far apart may low era child's risk of autism according to new reports second born children were more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism if conceived within 12 months of the birth of their older sibling. when possible -- one possible explanation, following a pregnancy, women are likely to have lower nutrient levels and higher stress levels >> chef when it comes to teens health, being optimism was better. teens were less likely to engage in substance abecause and anti social behaviour. >> nearly 10 years after the world trade centre attack they
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find thousands of survivors suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, nearly all of the evacuees reported suffering from at least one symptom of ptsb. 15% tested positive for it 2 or 3 years after the attack. i am terrell brown, cbs news new york. >> facebook is battling a growing rumour, apparently false, it is shutting down in march the hoax started on the website of a tabloid, weekly world news. facebook says it is unfounded but that story has been getting a lot of attention on twitter and other networks and one of the top searches on google. >> wondering what the word of the year is, there is an ap for that. that's right. the tech term has been named the word of the year for 2010 by the american dialect society. ap is short for the application programs used on computers and smart phones, coming in secondnu
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nm, num. the sound cookie monster makes. well, no pants, no problems thousands of new york subway commuters went pantless yesterday for the annual no pants subway ride event. >> do they have on pants or shorts. >> even snow and cold weather didn't stop these people from participating. events taking place across the country, hundreds of pantless bart riders participating at powell street station. >> a little chilly to show your legs. >> that could be dangerous. time, 4:56 a.m., something for everyone to hate in governor brown's new budget from taxes to cuts who stands to give up the most. gavin newsom will be sworn in as the states new lieutenant governor after a little bit of musical chairs during his last day as san francisco mayor. >> live in arizona, as the gunman accused of shooting a
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congress woman in a supermarket rampage faces a judge, letters found in his home, what they reveal about the attack metering lights off at the bay bridge later on due to construction that could change. details coming up ,,,,
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accused of injuring an arizona we need more than one ambulance there is more than one person down. >> suspect accused of injuring an arizona congress woman in a shooting rampage faces a judge. incriminating letters found in his home plus the latest on to congress woman's condition. >> governor jerry brown prepares to release his budget and it is coming with a grim warning the painful cuts and taxes in store for all of us. and a cold and frosty start this morning we have a number of locations at or below freezing we will look at the coldest spots coming up. ongoing road work may slow your monday morning commute down. details coming right up. >> good morning everyones is monday the 10th day


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