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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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he is being held without bail facing charges of murder and the attempted assassination of a member of congress. officials believe he specifically targeted congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head and gravely wounded. >> there's substantial eyewitness eye testimony as well as documents we have, there is no doubt he intended to cell her. >> reporter: several people who know him say he was unstable. he was kicked out of community kennel last fall after repeatedly disrupting classes. >> he pointed at the flag and the constitution up at the front of the room and said it was taking away his freedom of speech. >> reporter: they believe loughner may have been tracking giffords for several years. here at the home he shared with his parents they found the nfl with the congresswoman's name on it and the words "i planned ahead" and"my assassination." >> reporter: she remains in critical condition but she can
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respond to simple commands. >> not only are those centers of the brain working but they are communicating with one another. >> reporter: president obama led the nation in a moment of silence this morning. >> daniel. >> reporter: later the arizona state legislature recognized the 20-year-old intern who ran toward the gun fire to give the wounded congresswoman first aid. a memorial is alsobling held today at the school attended by the youngest victim, christina green who was just 9 years old. in open court today the judge said he considers loughner to be a threat to his community, a danger to his community, that's why he denied bail. he does have a very high- powered attorney by his side. her name is judy clark, he represented everybody from the oklahoma city bomber to the uni bomber. >> karen brown, tucson, thank you so much. across the bay area flags being flown at half-staff to honor those lives lost. the youngest of the victims,
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christina taylor green, she was born september 11th, 2001, the day of the terrorist attacks. 64-year-old federal judge john m roll and three of giffords' constituents, giffords' 30-year- old aide gab zimmer hand also killed. he was a uc santa cruz graduate who studied sociology, his father said his son loved the school and graduated with honors. now the day before she was wounded representative giffords sent an email to her friend kentucky secretary of state grayson who is a republican and said "we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down. many in washington and beyond are asking if the heated political atmosphere could have helped spur the attack." >> it could lead to the argument that it could lead to more violence? i don't know if it does but i cannot afford to be that it does not. >> northern california
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congressman dennis car doze a says he is closing his stockton office and moving into a government building to have better security for his staff. two others said they plan to start carrying guns themselves. after our news here at 5:00 we have a special edition of "the cbs evening news" coming up, katie couric live tucson with a look at how people are coping tonight. she also speaks to some of the unsung heroes who helped prevent larger tragedy. news in richmond, a 16-year- old boy has been shot and killed. this is chopper 5 above this crime scene, on fleming avenue. we're told it is south of booker. the anderson park. police tell cbs5 the boy who was shot ran into one of the homes there. apparently he died inside the home. the gunman has apparently taken off. an enterprise rent a car, a
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white dodge avenger, the license plate, 6luu524. again, this breaking news out of richmond where a boy has been shot. we'll be updating that throughout the newscast and of course at 6:00 tonight. we're told it's going to be painful. that's what governor jerry brown was saying about the city budget he released today. he says the deep cuts and taxes he is proposing is what it will take to close the huge deficit we're facing. phil joins us with specifics. what are we talking about phil. >> reporter: we're talking about something that is going to be painful for everyone and the governor wasted no time questioning right to the point. here is the story. >> proposed will be painful, it's going to take sacrifice from every sector of california. >> reporter: with that newly elected governor jerry brown rolled out a state spending plan that has something for almost everyone to dislike. first up, some $12.5 billion in spending cuts including an 8 to 10% pay cut for most of the
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state workers, large cuts in welfare and state health programs, plus $500 million in cuts for both uc and state colleges and another $10 fee hike for community colleges. >> it's better to take our medicine now and get the state on a balanced footing. >> reporter: it will also mean counties having to take on some more of the load like keeping conviction who would usually go to state prison in their own local jails. he hopes to at least keep k through 12 funding at the present level but to do that. >> i'm asking for five years of extension of existing current taxes. >> reporter: and those taxes include the current 1% hike in the sales tax plus the hikes in personal income tax and vehicle license fees all set to expire later this year. if the legislature and voters say no to the taxes then brown said education will certainly be cut. plus you can take the current $12.5 billion in cuts and -- >> multiply by two.
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>> reporter: but republicans, whose votes will be needed each to get the proposed tax steppings before voters in june are already saying "no way." >> what would you do instead of raising taxes. >> i'm gonna say again and again, we examine everything that state government spends money on, spend lesson a lot of it. >> reporter: well the first step the governor is going to take is to go before the legislature and have those $12.5 billion in cuts done. he wants them done by march. and then see if he can get it to the voters. it's nowhere near a done deal, alan, we have seen budgets like that in the past, we have seen resistance to them. the difference this time however is that half of thate assistant the answer that came from the democrats now appears to be gone. >> phil matier in sacramento, thanks for the details. gavin newsom pledged to help businesses and create more jobs after being sworn in as california's 49th new lieutenant governor. >> we've got to unleash that
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innovative spirit because at the end of the day what is california if not this, a state of doers, dreamers, a state oven trey pre-nurse. >> the 43-year-old democrat was sworn in by his father, a retired society juts in san francisco. his wife and young daughter was at his side. to put a final stamp on his 7 years in the city he made a move that caught some off guard. he chose police chief george gascone to replace kamala harris as district attorney gascon will service tv rest of her term. he holds a law degree but has never tried a case. >> i wasn't hired here to prosecute cases, i was continued to bring the good work that has been done in the past and bring other things on board. >> his second in command, jeff godown will become acting chief of police. >> i'll continue to go with the plan the department has put in
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plan the last couple months and i don't see big hiccups or problems with the transition. >> he said he'll continue to do work that gascon started during his 18 months as police chief. a pilot killed after a plane crashes in contra costa county. what went wrong. a possible change on the golden gate bridge. the plan to save millions by getting rid of your cash. and use your debit card at the gas station? the money mess it caused one bay area man, how not to get "hosed" at the pump. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so
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the sacramento delta today. the plane went down in a farm field on kin at the pilot of a crop duster was killed when it crashed on king edward island this morning. that is about 2 miles north of bethel island in unincorporated contra costa county. the sheriff satisfies department says it received reports that the plane's wing, one of them, hit a tower before it went down. the pilot the only one on board, his name has not been released yet tonight. a major change could take place on the golden gate bridge. they are giving serious thought to switching exclusively to electronic toll collection. it could save millions of dollars but will cost nearly 3 dozen toll-takers their jobs.
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>> reporter: the golden gate bridge could do away with something it has had since it opened in 1937. the bridge district is considering eliminating them and adopting an all-electronic toll system to save $16 million over 10 years. at a news conference the bridge manager said it's the way of the future. >> most new toll facilities that are being built will be cashless from their outset and several here in the united states and around the world have also made the conversion from a cash system to an all- electronic toll system. >> the all he electronic toll system is one of 33 ideas the bridge district has begun putting in place to reduce its current $89 million deficit over five years. they paid $340,000 for a study that said all he electronic tolls would work especially since 2/3 r4th 4th of vehicles use fasttrack the remainedders
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would society a credit card with your license plate. but 15-year toll collectors says it's about humans, not numbers. >> we can't just be goin' over here and saying 60%, let's go 100%, forget about who is operating the thing. if you go to hawaii and going to go over there and say "eh i'm on vacation" do you walk in the booth and say eh are they gonna drop a lay around my neck instead of having a kiss and hug from the female? give me a break. you're dealing with peoples' lives. >> reporter: the bridge district will be looking at the proposal to make this an all he electronic toll system. they could vote to take it to the full board on january 28th. next an important factor in family planning. the risk to the new baby when pregnancies are too close together. for the cbs5 weather center in san francisco monitoring a storm that is heading this way, the commute it will affect for
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your tuesday, pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues.
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one of the bay area's
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oldest interchanges is about to get a very much needed face lift. the dolly rode lifts were built back in the 50s and drivers say it's one of the worst bottlenecks in the area. len ramirez is in san jose, on what's going to change and how that's going to affect the commute. >> take a look at the traffic behind me. that's the kind of jam-up you don't want to get stuck in. the tully interchange has been overburdened for years if not decades, but things are going to get better. however, motorists are going to have to slog through this before it does. >> reporter: driving along southbound on highway 101 in san jose. everything is fine until you take the tully exit, an off- ramp that seems to swallow time. >> this is one of the worst in the bay area. as far as business and inconvenience and congestion is
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concerned. >> reporter: it's so bad people go the extra mile. >> i try to bypass it. i'll go a whole exit down to go around it. >> reporter: that bad. >> that bad. >> reporter: built in the 50s and never upgraded the tully interchange cannot handle today's traffic loads. exiting cars routinely back up on highway 101 bringing the speeds down to a measly 15 minutes a mile. >> everybody is kind of stimuluster rated a little bit. >> reporter: things are about to get better for the interchange. work has begun with barriers and prep work to rebuild it. they are spending $45 million in a 16 month project that will replace the cloverleafs with exits. they'll wide ten tully rode bridge and drivers say it's long overdue. >> hallelulia. yeah, thank you, and thank the state and whatever they can do for us down here. >> reporter: caltrans will begin the heavy work tonight. they will be closing the ramp
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that's going from eastbound tully to southbound 101 tonight from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and work will continue along until approximately april or may 201 reporting live in san jose, len ramirez. a lot of us use debit cards, they help manage money better. but on a consumer watch julie watts reports if you use them to buy gas you may get hosed at the pump. julie. >> if you put 30 bucks of gas in your car you could be out hundreds of dollars the next couple days. it's called a holding fee, i'm sure you hold of it, absolutely legal but catching some consumers by surprise. swipe your card and fill up your tank. two simple steps that could cost you more than you think. especially if you choose debit instead of credit. that's because many gas stations charge a holding fee, 75 to 100 bucks just for swiping your card. >> holy cow, no, i had no idea. >> i think that's crazy.
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that sound happen. >> reporter: but it does. it happened to robert at the gas station. the first one didn't go through. he swiped it a second time. >> i look i got charged $150 as a holding fee for getting $30 worth of gas. >> reporter: two $75 charges taken directly from his bank account for four whole days. >> merchants are just trying to ensure they are paid in full. >> reporter: joe ride out says gas stations, hotels and rental agencies all charge these holding fees as insurance to make sure you have enough money to cover the bill. but as long as these phantom charges are tied to your debit card you won't have access to your own money. >> what if you need the money and you don't have money in the bank. >> reporter: that's the problem. phantom charges can lead to overdrawn bank accounts and bounced checks. we have heard of customers who had to wait 15 days to get access to their own money. no one, not the federal trade commission, the comptroller of currency and the bankers association were able to say how long businesses could
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legally hold onto your money. >> reporter: i didn't okay it or authorize it. there was nothing on the screen. >> reporter: there is no law saying gas stations to have get your permission or even tell you they are holding your money. >> that's ridiculous. that's ridiculous. that should stop right away. >> reporter: what can you do to protect yourself? if you have a choice choose credit, not debit. if you pay inside type in your opinion number because opinion- based transactionses is registered immediately. give us a call 888-5-helps-u. allen. >> julie watts on the consumer watch. thanks. time for the weather, roberta, we're not freezing your account, we're freezing this morning. frost were bad. >> temperatures dipped down into the upper 20s in the bay area to kick start a new workweek. this is the scene as the sun begins to set at 5:09 increasing clouds over the bay area, today we had temperatures anywhere between 3 and 7 degrees below normal for this
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wintertime. meanwhile if you have any plans or are going to be out and about take a look to the north. to the east danville at 42, belmont around the peninsula is 40 and 40, 3 degrees, a as the sun sets in sunnyvale it is now 44. increasing cloud cover from the inland area through the bayside all the way to the sea shore, dipping down below freezing again in santa rosa, we have some areas where we have pounding on the roadways we can certainly see some black ice developing in the overnight hours. away from the bay temperatures freezing otherwise mid-30s santa clara valley, note 36 degrees redwood city and 40s around the coast. your morning commute tomorrow as you leave home don't forget that umbrella. we have rain back in the forecast here in the bay area. albeit light rain. in fact this is what you can expect. the rain will begin during the afternoon hours in the north bay gradually spreading across the entire area by the evening commute. anywhere from a 10th of an inch of rain in san jose to a half
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inch of rain in the heftier locations north of the golden gate bridge and the possibility of some of that freezing rain if we see a few raindrops earlier than really photographed in the computer models. this is the area of low pressure. notice it's offshore. it looks really impressive but what is happening it is banging up against a ridge of high pressure that has been providing with us with all that dry air mass, that is going to brek down that low and bring us just about a half inch of rain after what has fallen. notice by this time tomorrow evening everybody is on the wet side except you the east towards the tri-valley and the santa clara valley, everybody fills in at one point or another during the evening hours. the winds will be rotating also from the northeast to the east, 10 to 20 miles per hour, a bit of a please in the air as well. daytime high temperatures going up there ever so slightly with that rotation of the wind into the 40s and the 50s, a little bit more seasonable. out there at the delta, however, fairfield, core delia in the mid-40s, extended forecast, we do have a chance
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of a lingering shower north of the gelden gate bridge wednesday, otherwise, drive time wednesday afternoon through friday, we do introduce it friday. sheila from pleasanton said this is what it looks like the last time the storm was a coming and we invite you to send us your storm pictures or any pictures around the bay area to don't go away, we'll be right back.
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some other breaking news for you. chopper 5 now over the glen park neighborhood in san francisco. a water main has broken there. this is on miguel street, you can see the water rushing down the hills there. it was flowing even stronger than that, crews just getting on the scene there to try to get it fixed. the streets in that area are gonna be closed for a while. you can see traffic has been stopped already on miguel, that's where they have it shut down. we'll keep an eye on that. the possible link between autism and the timing of having a second child. second-born children are three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism if they were conceived within 12 months of the birth of their older sibling. one possible explanation is that following a pregnancy a woman is more likely to have thaw lower nutrient levels and possibly higher stress levels.
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americans consume more sugars and sweeteners than any other nation in the world and, tonight, new evidence on how all that sweet stuff may boost the risk of heart disease in teenagers, dr. kim joining us on how you can cut down. >> reporter: that's right. once again the bittersweet truth about sugar. teens who consume a lot of added sugars are showing some troubling signs of heart disease risk. kids who eat a lot of sugars have higher levels of triglycerides and ldl's the so- called bad cholesterol. and lower on good cholesterol. teens eight aate around 7 third party spoons, today they consume 30 a day. all the sugar may set the stage for full-blown heart disease in adulthood. >> if not is done we can expect an entire generation of cardiac cpis by the time they are 40. >> for teens a big source of
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added sugars comes from soft drinks. a single bottle 20 ounces of pop can contain 16 teaspoons of sugar. a lot of prepared foods are loaded with sugars. a lot of them, cereal, shredded wheat, natural advantage contains 12 grams of sugar per serving. on the right the post wheat brand contains less than a gram. threes two bottles of vitamin water look the seam but the one on the left contains 13 grams of sugar per cut cup, the one on the right less than 1 gram. how about chowder. the hearty rich corn chowder contains 6 grams of sugar per serving, the new england clam chowder two grams. with yogurt your best bet is plain with 10 grams of sugar and all of it comes from milk sugar. compare that to the low-fat strawberry and it has 30 grams.
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your best bet stick with plain. have the fruit on your own. we'll be right back. . here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak.
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