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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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jerry brown announced his budget and there is plenty of pain to go around. phil joins us with the specifics. phil? >> reporter: you know, dana a week ago when jerry brown said it would be an honest but tough budget for sacrament -- sacramento. he didn't waste any time. >> this will take sacrifice from every sector of california. >> reporter: and with that newly elected governor jerry brown rolled out a state spending plan that has something for almost everyone to dislike. first up, some $12.5 in spending cuts, including an 8- 10 percent pay cut for most of the state workers. large cuts in healthcare and state health programs. plus 500 in cuts for both uc and state colleges. another $10 fee hike for community colleges. >> it's better to take our medicine now and get the state on a balanced footing. >> reporter: it will also mean counties having to take on some more of the load, like keeping
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convicts who would usually go to state prison in their own local jails. brown hopes to at least keep k- 12 education funding at its present level. but to do that. >> i will ask for five years of extension of existing current taxes. >> reporter: and those taxes include the current 1% hike in the sales tax includes the current hikes in personal income tax and the vehicle license fees, all set to expire later this year. and if the legislature or voters say no to the taxes then brown said education will certainly be cut. plus you can take the current $12.5 billion in cuts. >> and multiply by two. >> reporter: but republicans, whose votes will be neated even to get the proposed tax extensions before voters in june, are already saying no way. >> what would you do instead of raiding taxes? -- raising taxes? >> i will say again, again, examine everything that state government expends money on, spend lesson a lot of it. >> reporter: even if jerry
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brown is successful in getting these taxes and cuts through the legislature behind us, he still faces the engine of selling it to the voters. i have to tell you that not only in that area is facing a budget monetary deficit but a trust deficit. because as we all know we have been here at this place saying much the same thing year after year and california continues to remain in the budgetary hole. dana? >> that's a perfect point. we say this every year and hand it over to the legislature and they sit on it for months on end. i mean, the governor can say at this point anything he wants. it's the legislature that has to pull this through. >> the difference this time, dana, keep your eye on it. is that jerry brown says he wants those cuts done by march. no matter what. the taxes come later. the final say is up to the voters. >> all right. boy, we will keep hanging our hats on that one then. we will see if it happens by
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march. >> gavin new some says we need to renew the state's entrepreneurial spirit. this after being sworn in as california's 49th lieutenant governor. >> we have got to unleash that innovative spirit because at the end of the day what is california if not this, a state of dreamers and doers and a state of entrepreneurs. >> the 43-year-old democrat was sworn in today at the state capitol by his father, a retired associate justice? san francisco. >> attending his inauguration is the man expected to take over as mayor of san francisco. ed lee is already thinking about the tasks that lie ahead. >> there will be a lot of interesting questions that i am facing. i am not really ready to announce any of that yet. >> okay. >> i want to confide in a lot of people, i want to get everybody's opinions. that is what the mayor's office has traditionally done. that's what i want to do. and, you know, my message is to get a lot of opinions first before i announce everything. >> the new board of supervisors
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is expected to approve his appointment as interim mayor. he is currently the city's administrator. >> one of gavin newsom's final acts has stunned the halls of law and order. form you are police chief george gascone is now the city's top prosecutor. what he has finished and what he has to come. >> reporter: the san francisco's attorney general admits he has no trial experience but he can still be the city's lead prosecutor. >> i am not a prosecutor by trade. and i recognize that. but we have a lot of good men and women in this organization that are. and i was not hired her to prosecute cases. >> he took the oath of office because he believes he can condition the work of the da to effectively prosecute criminals and add new programs to the mix. and he says he would have no problem going after bad cops. >> it is more critical for police officers that any prosecutor will ever be. i have absolutely no problems
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when police officers violate the law. >> he was police chief for only 18 months. his surprised departure has rattled the rank and file. >> he is a good chief. he will probably make a good da. >> are you disappointed that he is leaving as your boss? >> yes. but we are all very concerned about the new chief, who is next? >> well, i understand the concerns. and there is no question there will be bumps along the road. >> some of those bumps include the still unsettled crime lab scandal and several high profile officer involved shootings, including a case where a mentally ill man was killed. >> i'm very concerned about the decisions that are going to have to be made in the next few weeks as far as the permanent chief of police. and that the best selection is made because this is a critical, critical time and we cannot afford to make a bad decision here. >> ed is the acting chief but there is little support to make him permanent. >> i don't see a big hiccup or
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problem with the transition. >> do you have a desire to remain as chief? >> i have a desire to remain on the san francisco police department. in what capacity, somewhere down the road i don't know. i don't think there is anybody that wouldn't want to be chief of police. >> having enough bad to say about jeff, i just don't think that's a relationship that will work with the membership and with the police department. it is time to go back to an inside chief. time to go back to one of our qualified people. >> gascon will take a hit in his salary. his chief's pay was $289,000 a year. a district attorney makes just over $200,000. but gascon said it was never about the money. observers say it's always about the politics. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> two arrests but still no end to a string of robberies in the south bay. more than a dozen cases so far. mark sayer is in palo alto with what most of these crimes have in common. mark? >> well, dana what has police here in palo alto so concerned is that many of these robberies
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are not just occurring downtown but in residential streets and residents's own driveways with the victims caught completely off guard. it was in this quiet residential neighborhood on st. francis drive between embarcadero road and oregon avenue that the latest robbery occurred. it was just after midnight on saturday morning when a woman unloading her car in her own driveway was robbed by a man at gunpoint. he demanded her purse and other personal property. the victim complied and was not physically hurt. >> very scared, yes. >> this woman lives on st. francis and says the news of the robbery is making her more alert. >> well, i just close the blinds. and i start driving more often. >> try to keep your eye out to see if anyone is around? >> yes, i just keep driving if i seep something strange, i just keep driving and not stopping in front of my house. >> if this latest robbery is found to be connected to the others, it would be the 16th such crime since september.
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this map shows the previous robberies stretching all the way from the crescent park neighborhood in the north to the green meadow neighborhood in the south. and in all cases, the mo is the same. >> the suspects are going to random parts of the community and the outskirts of the downtown area. they are typically approaching people who are just parked, getting out of their cars, removing the contents of their cars. >> last week palo alto police arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with at least two of the robberies. a juvenile was arrested in another case last november. but so far, the arrests have not put an end to the rash of robberies. >> no one has been hurt fortunately. but this is a serious violent came we are faced with right now. >> we moved here because it seems very safe. and a nice neighborhood. but now i have to be very cautious. >> reporter: palo alto police say it is impossible for them to give advice on how to handle these situations. in every specific case. but they do point out one of the reasons nobody has been
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hurt, they believe, is because all of the victims have complied at this point. and dana, the city of palo alto is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the suspect or suspects in this string of crimes. >> you've got to give them what you have in your hands, your car keys, your wallet, whatever. >> that's what they are saying. >> marks sayer, thank you. a 16-year-old boy has died in richmond's first homicide of the year. the victim has been identified as deshawn grisly. he was shot multiple times south of booker t anderson park just after 3:30 this afternoon. the boy then ran into his grandmother's apartment where he died. the gunman fled the scene. the richmond police say that the getaway car might be a white dodge avengeerment the motive is so far not now. >> a busy night for san francisco water crews. they are scrambling to deal with a couple of water main breaks. one in the city's glen park neighborhood sent water cascading down miguel street there. part of that roadway collapsed.
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crews are still evaluating the second break in the portola neighborhood. well, when it comes to bottlenecks, it is one of the worst in the bay area. but help is on the way. when drivers can expect relief at this 101 trouble spot. >> you don't have toll cash? no worries. the new cost saving plan for the golden gate bridge. >> and the threat to your heart. many people don't even know about it. why so many americans need to sharpen their skills when it comes to reading nutrition am labels. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the plane went down in a field on island, at about . >> the pilot of this crop duster was killed when his plane crashed in the sacramento delta today. the plane went down in a field on king edward island at 11:00 this morning. that is about two miles north of bethel island in the unincorporated part of costa
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contra county. the sheriff's department received a report that one of the plane's wings actually hit a tower before it went down. the pilot, the only one onboard. his name has not been released. drivers say it is one of the worst bottlenecks in the area. the fully ramps built in san jose, those were built back in the 1950s. they will get a much needed upgrade. len ramirez details on the changes and how that will affect your commute. >> reporter: that's right, big changes coming for san jose. but just imagine as you mentioned a lot has changed in san jose since the 1950s. with you bush but the highway 101tully road interchange isn't one of them. unfortunately motorists will have to slog through several more months of this before that happens. driving along southbound on highway 101 in san jose. everything is fine until you take the tully exit and off ramp that seems to swallow time. >> this is one of the worst in
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the bay area. as far as busyness and inconvenience and congestion is concerned. >> reporter: it is so bad people literally go the extra mile. >> i too i to bypass it. i will go a whole exit down just to go around it. >> reporter: it's that bad? >> yes, it's that bad. >> reporter: built in the 1950s and never upgraded except for re-striping the tully road clover leaf interchange cannot handle today's exit loads. exiting cars routinely back up on highway 101 bringing the speeds down to a measly 15 minutes a mile. >> serve kind of frustrated a little bit. >> reporter: but things are about to get better for the overworked interchange. work has just begun with barriers to rebuild it. cal trans is spending $15 million in a 16 month that will replace the clover leafs with exits and add merge lanes and widen the tully road bridge. drivers say it is long overdue.
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>> hallelulljah and thank the state and whatever they can do for us down here. >> cal trans will begin the heavy road tonight. they will close the eastbound tully to southbound 101 interchange. the ramp just behind me will be happening tonight. they will close it tonight, allan, at 11 p.m. closed all night and open again at 5:00. that will be going on all week. in fact, going on until approximately april and may of 2012. so relief isn't coming any time soon. >> wow. okay. thanks for the warning. golden gate bridge officials are considering a plan to save millions of dollars. it involves switching exclusively to electronic toll collection. but as sharon chin shows us, it also means the loss of nearly three dozen jobs. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge could do away with something it has had since it opened in 1937, toll collectors. the bridge district is considering eliminating 32 toll takers and two related jobs and
6:16 pm
adopting an all electronic toll system to save $16 million over ten years. at a news conference today, the bridge manager said it's the way of the future. >> most new toll facilities that are being built will be cashless from their outset. and several here in the united states and around the world have also made the conversion from a cash system to an all electronic toll collection. >> reporter: the all electronic toll collection is one of 33 ideas the bridge district has begun putting in place to reduce the current $89 million deficit over five years. the district paid $340,000 for a study that said all electronic tolls would work, especially since two-thirds of vehicles use fast-track across the golden gate bridge. the challenge would be offering other payment options for the remaining third, like associating a credit card with your license plate. but 15 year toll collector ben ramirez says they are the landmarks's ambassadors, and it's about humans not numbers. >> we can't just go over here
6:17 pm
and saying, well, 67% let's go 100%. forget about who is operating the thing. i mean, if you go to hawaiian and you are going to go over there and say i'm on vacation, do you walk in a booth and say hey, they are going to drop a lei around my neck instead of having a kiss and hug from a female? give me a break. you are dealing with people's lives. >> reporter: the bridge finance committee will be looking at this proposal to make this an all electronic proposal. at the toll plaza sharon chin, cbs 5. >> a new twist on what you could call a billboard battles that playing out at bart stations. new posters are going up. they are part of an ad campaign launched by stand with us, a group described as a national pro-israel group. the posters show the eyes of a masked man and children at a palestinian israeli soccer game. organizers say the new posters are meant to counter a recent
6:18 pm
campaign co-sponsored by jewish voice for peace. the artwork was approved by bart. >> these two ads talk about peace. they don't talk about violence. and so because they don't incite violence because they are talking about peace they are accessible and fall within our guidelines. >> the new posters will go up in six stations in berkeley, oakland and san francisco on january 17th. >> do you really know how much sugar you eat? why so many americans don't. and it is contributing to a growing health crisis. that's up in two minutes.
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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sugars and sweeteners than any . >> and the big question is just how low did it go? everybody, serve talking about the cold weather here in the bay area. good evening. let's take a look outside at the weather camera looking out towards the cloud cover in the city of san francisco.
6:21 pm
where today we did see temperatures averaging anywhere between 3-7 degrees below average. cold overnight returns. in fact, we had a record low early this morning in sonoma at 25 degrees. shattering the old record of 28. livermore the average overnight low is 29. we checked in at 27 degrees. san jose is below freezing. mid-20s in santa rosa. san francisco is typically 46. but instead this morning it was 40 degrees. now, it looks like tonight the temperatures won't be as called but still below freezing. santa rosa and also the sonoma area and talking about pin grove. below freezing throughout the tri-valley. mostly cloudy skies. winds rotating to the northeast. a brand new area of low pressure. it is actually quite impressive as far as the satellite imagery is concerned. but this lowest projected got bang -- banked up against this huge ridge of high pressure. cold air mass and dry weather so we won't see as much rain as
6:22 pm
really earlier forecasted. so basically anywhere from a 10th of an inch to a half an inch in the north bay area. tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies and pending rain showers from the north gradually fighting to the south. the temperatures in the 40s and low 40s -- 50s. a lingering shower very early wednesday. high pressure settles in providing us with dry conditions from wednesday through friday. albeit a bit on the foggy side dana on saturday. break down exactly when you should expect that rain to move into the area coming up later in the newscast. >> roberta, thanks so much. >> americans consume more sugar and sweeteners than any other nation on the planet. well, tonight new evidence on how all of that sweet stuff may boost the risk of heart disease in teenagers. dr. kim joins us now with that. in teenagers? >> teenagers. we have talked about it in adults but now teenagers. as you said the study found
6:23 pm
teens who consume lots of added sugar are showing some warning signs of heart disease. experts warn that may spell big trouble for their future. harvest park middle school in pleasantton. the media class took a tour of cbs 5 news. little did they know they would be part of a big story on sugar. >> i really like coke and root beer. >> hershey bars. >> basically any fruit or candies are really good. >> a new study warns all of these sweets are adding up. a century ago on average teens ate seven tea spoons of sugar a day and now they say the average teen consumes roughly 30 teaspoons a cay. -- day. >> wow, 30 teaspoons a day that's a lot. >> the teens who consume the most added sugar and sweeteners found troubling warning signs of heart disease, even slender teens. experts believe too much sugar early in life may set the stage for full blown heart disease in
6:24 pm
adulthood. >> and if nothing is done then we can expect an entire generation of cardiac cripples by the time they are 40. >> reporter: ucsf is a pediatric endocrinologist. >> children are showing signs of cardiovascular disease even during puberty. >> reporter: the doctor says a big part of the problem is hidden sugars and sweeteners. >> being able to read a food label has been very difficult. the food industry and the fda has not made it any easier. >> reporter: take, for example, pop tarts, strawberry low fat baked with real fruit or the desert-like s mores. they have 19 grams perfect pastry. the low fat strawberry is a whopping 21. that's not all. >> there are 40 different names for sugar. >> reporter: the mean ingredient is enriched flour. however we found nine different types of sugar sprinkled
6:25 pm
throughout the long list of ingredients, including these sugars that may be lower on the list. but adds them up and they could be closer to number one. now, the sugar association questions the methods used in the study. they believe sugar is safe and that when consumed in moderation it can be a healthy part of a balanced diet. i think that's important to understand that we are not saying don't have your birthday cake. >> right. >> but moderation, yes. >> but if you don't know that it's hidden in there your kids consume it. >> we have to moderate it. >> learn what those 40 names are. >> and those processed as foods. >> a bad idea. >> thank you, kim. >> thank you very much. >> if the shooting wasn't disturbing enough now, a mug shot for the history books. the emerging picture of the would-be assassin. >> and then there is all of the talk about the talk. but is america really more angry today than in years past? >> and in observance of saturday's shooting, flags around the bay area are now
6:26 pm
flying at half staff. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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at&t. 14 injured, in tucson arizona on
6:29 pm
saturd rent . >> in washington, president obama honored the six people killed and 14 injured in tucson, arizona on saturday. the apparent target congresswoman gabrielle giffords today showed more small but significant signs of recovery after being shot in the head. the 22-year-old man who police say is responsible for the shooting rampage faced a judge today. karen brown is in tucson with some of the warning signs that the suspect showed months before the attacks. karen? >> reporter: hey, there, allan. tonight the memorial here outside the hospital continues to grow. but earlier today all eyes were on a federal courtroom in phoenix. that's where laughner made his first court appearance. you know, he had a freshly shaved head. he had a gash over his right eye. and he appeared very competent as he told the judge he understood his rights. 22-year-old jared lee laughner made his first court appearance in handcuffs. he is being held without bail facing charges of murder and the attempted assassination of a member of congress.
6:30 pm
officials believe he specifically targeted congress woman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head and gravely wounded. >> there is substantial eyewitness testimony, as well as documents that we have. there is no doubt that he intended to kill her. >> reporter: several people who knew laughner said he was unstable. he was kicked out of community college last fall after repeatedly disrupting classes. >> he pointed at the flag and the constitution up at the front of the room and said that i was taking away his freedom of speech. >> police believe he may have been tracking gabrielle giffords for several years. here at the home he shared with his parents, they found an envelope with the congresswoman's name on it and the words "i planned ahead" and "my assassination." gabrielle giffords remains in critical condition. but doctors say she can respond to simple commands. >> not only are those center of the brains working but they are communicating with one another. >> reporter: president obama
6:31 pm
led the nation in a moment of silence this morning. later the arizona state legislature recognized a 20- year-old intern who ran toward the gunfire to give the wounded congresswoman first aid. a memorial is also being held today at the school attended by the youngest victim, christina green, who was just 9-year-old. and cbs news has learned that president obama will travel here to tucson on wednesday. he is set to meet with the families of the shooting victims. reporting live in tucson, arizona, i'm karen brown. allan, back to you. >> karen, thank you so much. the shooting rampage in arizona has prompted a central california congressman to move to a government-owned building. democrat representative dennis cordoza has been looking to move from his stockton office. but the shooting made him hasten his move so he and his staff and constituents will
6:32 pm
receive security. he and gabrielle giffords are friends who shared similar positions on many issues. washington today paused to remember the victims of the arizona massacre. and now members of congress are calling for a more civil tone in politics. and as joel brown reports, they are re-evaluating their own security. >> reporter: the president and first lady led a national moment of silence at the white house for congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the other victims of the arizona shooting. >> all of us are still grieving and in shock from the tragedy that took place. >> reporter: lawmakers from each side of the aisles filled the steps of the capitol in tribute to one of their own. >> when one of your members are attacked, you don't even look to see what have party she was from. >> saturday's rampage is bringing business in washington to a halt. the house cancelled most of its legislative business, including a gop-led plan to repeal the healthcare law on wednesday.
6:33 pm
instead, lawmakers will be discussing security and whether they have enough. the senate sergeant at arms says he is re-evaluating how to protect lawmakers in washington and at home. >> what we will do is work with their staffs to evaluate what evens they have and is there any security risk there. >> and while well wishers leave flowers here at the capitol and condolences pour in from around the world, many are concerned that politics could have played a role in the tragedy u. >> do you buy into the argument that overheated political rhetoric can lead to more violence like this? >> i don't know if it does. but i cannot afford to believe that it does not. >> reporter: okay. >> we don't have all of the facts but we do know that violence has no place in the democratic process. >> reporter: both sides are looking into ways to try to prevent this type of violence from happening again. joel brown, cbs news, washington. one bay area member of congress had a strong reaction to a question about the gabrielle giffords shooting. representative jackie spear was in san mateo for a meeting with
6:34 pm
filipino war veterans. she recalled her own experience as a survivor of the ghana massacre. but she dismissed any information that she would not return to congress. >> there is no suggestion that she won't be able to regain the ability to be a full fledged member of the house. in fact, i expect that she will. and i look forward to her return. >> jackie spear added she will not curtail her meetings with constituents because of the gabrielle giffords shooting and in the near will most of her colleagues. >> the arizona gunman was armed with a handgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition. some say he may have carried hatred set up by a poisonous political atmosphere. the calls for civility and whether they fall on deaf ears. >> and i think it's time as a country that we need to do a little soul searching. >> reporter: clarence dupenick started the discussion after the shooting in his county
6:35 pm
about toning down the political debate and it struck a nerve. a facebook page clarence is my hero went up almost immediately. >> the anger and the hatred and the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. >> reporter: no matter what the shooter's motivation was, a lot of people are saying, yeah, let's take a minute and look at the political speech and imagery we are seeing and hearing. much was made of her bulls eye on the districts including gabrielle giffords's. and then a democratic with bulls eyes on it, too. >> definitely, the rhetoric has become too extreme. >> i am a centerist and i sense that a lot of the americans want the bickering to stop between the two parties. get on with doing the business of governing. >> well, there has always been violence in american political discourse. we are all human. >> reporter: berkeley professor robert doesn't like how the country is talking now.
6:36 pm
but as a student of language she has seen it before. >> if we go back to the earliest years of the republic people said terrible things about jefferson and jefferson's people said terrible things about adams. >> reporter: could this be a teachable moment? could the country stop and say let's dial it down a little bit. a lot of people hope so. she is not very optimistic. >> the problem is that we need excitement. we need something to be happening. and while i think for the next few days, maybe a week, we will be nice boys and girls and we will not -- you know, we will be worried about this and we will be thinking seriously about what can we do to make things better? and then something else will happen. you know, some celebrity will be caught with his or her pants down and we will all swoosh over to that. and that will be the exciting thing. and we will really forget that this happened. >> and that was mike sugarman reporting. >> getting a job these days is certainly no easy task.
6:37 pm
but how much would you be willing to pay for some help? what you should know before you hire a job bounty hunter. >> and 65 years after the war, getting veterans the benefits that they have been denied. >> the next head coach first the raiders or the cardinals? the next candidate who is not interested in replacing jim harbaugh down on the farm. that's coming up. ,,,,,,
6:38 pm
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a group of f rs and . >> governor jerry brown's proposed budget is already drawing protests. a group of families, seniors and people with disabilites held a news conference today outside brown's san francisco office. and they are urging the new governor to put all options for the budget available on the table. >> we have suffered enough cuts. we want the cuts to stop. there is other areas of revenue that they can take in, such as oil. they are not taxing the oil drilling on the coast of
6:40 pm
california. >> the group says it especially wants to avoid cuts to social service programs. well, how far would you go to get a job? the job market is so competitive now that some people are going as far as offering a reward to somebody who can help them find a job. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains how it all works. julie? >> reporter: allan, networking and want ads and recruiters that's how people look for work. but one radical man has come up with a job idea offering a reward for a job. >> reporter: kim daly wants a job as a permanent assistant. >> it is a passion that i truly enjoy. >> reporter: she is willing to pay $1500 to get it. one of many job sookers now posting bounty-s on the website career benefit. its pitch offer a reward and land your dream job. >> i thought it was a great opportunity versus the traditional sending your resume out there or responding to
6:41 pm
different posts. well, let somebody do the homework for me. >> reporter: paul campbell got the idea last year when he was searching for a job. >> i wanted to work at facebook. and i thought i would pay around $7,000 to get that job. >> wishful thinking. but there was no place to make the offer. so he decided to create one. for the most part people that are on careernet are job seekers or recruiters or agents. >> edgy, kind of a flip on the idea of a recruiter. >> reporter: denise is a business researcher at san francisco state university. she says taking money to find somebody a job could raise some questions. >> that could potentially pose ethical dilemmas for businesses worrying about their own internal employees tipping off people about positions before they are publicly available. >> reporter: but campbell says that shouldn't be a concern. >> the company will still vet each of the candidates. and it's still going to be the best candidate that gets the job. but what we do is we help accelerate the job search process. >> reporter: and that's
6:42 pm
attracting job hunters from various fields, engineers and accountants to those seeking a job in retail or looking to work from home. many post their bunties anonymously and they respond directly through the website. she is hoping her job bounty calls it a small price to pay for the right job. >> i think it is all part of really helping each other out at the end of the day. >> reporter: well, so far only one person has landed a job bying up the bounty. but career element has only been around for a few months. they do keep 12.5% of the reward which has to be paid been 060 days of starting your new job. hiring managers and ceos are not going to collect. after all allan that could pose a click conflict of interest. if you have a consumer story go to our website web web. from headhunters now to county bunters. >> julie watts, thanks. >> exactly. >> well, coming up after the break, benefits long overdue for a group of world war ii
6:43 pm
veterans. >> and here it comes, rain returns to the bay area. we will pinpoint when you should expect the rain in your neighborhood. stay with us. eyewitness news continues right after this. ,,,,,,
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6:46 pm
benefits are getting some help in their efforts. . >> 65 years later filipino world war ii veterans trying to collect government benefits are getting some help in their efforts. representative jackie spear will introduce a bill that will make filipino vets or their survivors eligible for the same survivors other u.s. veterans receive. 250,000 filipinos fought alongside american troops against the japanese. they were promised benefits by president roosevelt but congress passed an act in 1946 that took those benefits away. >> all right. roberta, you talked earlier about some change. >> yes. and i think a lot of people are ready for some change. because with the dry air mass in place and some very cold air mass as well a record low of 25 degrees this morning in sonoma. also 25 in santa rosa. highs across the bay area averaging a good 9 degrees below normal.
6:47 pm
this is the scene at the city by the way. the city of san francisco. while we do have increasing cloud cover the sunset was officially 5:09 by the time it comes up tomorrow everybody will be under mostly cloudy skies. temperatures go urgently. but right now 39 degrees in danville. in the lower 40s throughout the pennsylvania. and petaluma to the north at 40 degrees. tonight overnight not as cold as last night. but nevertheless temperatures still blow freezing in santa rosa. below freezing in throughout the tri-valley area. and in san jose we had 31 degrees. upper 30s low 30s across the central bay. we should be right around 46 degrees. for the morning commute we will have some areas of frost in land under mostly cloudy skies. even though item dress in layers because of the cold temperatures make sure to grab your umbrella because we do have rain returning to the bay area. a very impressive area of low pressure winding out tightly out over the eastern pacific. but what's happening?
6:48 pm
it's banging up against that bridge of high pressure that has dried us out. it will sheer apart at the seams allowing very little rain to move into the bay area. in fact, i am forecasting anywhere from a 10th of an inch across the santa clara to half an inch of rain across the southern portion of our district. rain looks like it wants to begin during the mid-day hours. although we could see a little bit of light showers early in the morning hours. very mindful of that because we could see some freezing rain as a result. but otherwise it looks like by this time tomorrow night everybody will be wet at one point or another as this system begins to fall apart as it traverses through the bay area. but we do have an inch to three inches of snow expected tomorrow during the day in the high sierra. a another couple of inches down to lake level by tomorrow night. now, it looks like as far as we are concerned our temperatures are going up gradually into the 40s and into the 50s. a little bit more seasonal. and there you have the extended
6:49 pm
forecast. a lingering shower early on wednesday. otherwise partly cloudy skies. it looks dry throughout the period from thursday all the way to the holiday on monday. although we will re-introduce fog back into the forecast over the weekend. a storm is coming. that's what kim holme says. this is what she took a picture of the last time we had rain here in the bay area. we welcome you to send us your favorite photos right here at my picks at dennis, welcome back, buddy. you know, i actually missed you. >> really? >> yeah. >> i must have been gone a long time. >> i want you to say that back at you. >> that goes without saying, you know that. >> the jets rex ryan is stirring it up before this week's game with the pats. why it was such an emotional post game for the ravens. ,,
6:50 pm
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[ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. cardinal..tonight, the cardinal can officially cross one name . two high profile bay area football jobs remain open. the raiders and the stanford cardinal. tonight the cardinal can officially cross one of the names off their list. chris peterson is a hot commodity. but after having a conversation withstand ford petersen announced he is staying there. he turned the broncos into a national power house. that guy former oregon coach
6:53 pm
mike billaty and is a concord native has said that he might be interested if the cardinals want him? >> i am interesting it. and, you know, it depends on the job. it has to be the right fit. it has to be in a place where i thought i had a legitimate chance to win and to keep a good staff. but i am also not actively seeking a job. i am sure seeing what's out there. i hope it happens next year in all honesty because my youngest child is a junior in high school. i would like to watch him play. and if this opportunity arrises in a year it would probably be a different thing. >> jim harbaugh's perfect football player is adding some hardware to his trophy case. owen is the first ever paul horning award winner given to the most versatile player in college foot. he certainly fit the bill as the only major college player lineup regularly on offense and defense. he averaged 110 plays per game as a full back and linebacker for stanford this passed
6:54 pm
season. eight teams left for the superbowl. we all know the chiefs hit a pothole and they were called the baltimore ravens. >> this is the nfl at its best. this is what the world wants to see. >> this is great for all four teams. >> meet the head of publicity tugs. a full week of trash talk the ravens face the steelers in the second round of the playoffs. each team won once this year. in the other game the jets and the pats will settle their annual feud. jets coach rex ryan is starting the week off right, taking the heat off of his team for their 45-3 loss the last time these two teams met. >> this is about bill bellicheck versus rex ryan. there is no question it is about personal. it's about him against myself. >> i might have a little quickness on him. he has probably got a little more strength and power on me. i think you won't see any of us
6:55 pm
out there making any blocks or tackles or runs or throws or catches. at least you won't see my doing that. probably a good thing for our team. >> the talk will get better as we progress. >> the baltimore ravens peep for their third meeting with the steelers this saturday safety ed reid's thoughts are with his family. authorities in louisiana have called off a search for his younger brother brian who in an attempt to escape the police dove into the mississippi river. only found a jacket and shoes. he has still not been found. reid played yesterday in kansas city as the ravens took five takeaways. after the game it was an emotional baltimore locker- room. >> he came out here and he put it on the line for us even though he knew what was going on back home. he put it aside and played for a us a true champion and this is for him and his family. >> reid. >> i know my brother. he loved football. but he wanted to be good. now for the bowl let's do it,
6:56 pm
baby. baltimore ravens on three. >> 1, 2, 3 ravens. >> and if you are out and about this weekend, here are the plays for the weekend. [ music ] >> you got texas in overtime walker with the prayer to beat the buzzer. yes, walker 7-of 22 and the heat scored 896 of miami's 97. >> hockey minnesota's three the record had to stand on his head to stop this barrage by the dallas stars. and nobody could top lynch. >> and at the 45 he is on the runway. 40. look at the man looking to go. he is down to the 20, 15, and he is going to go right now touchdown seahawks.
6:57 pm
oh, my word! a 67-yard run. lynch unbelievable. >> unbelievable it was. and one of the greatest runs i think in playoffs history. and certainly one of the greatest upsets in playoffs history as the 7-9 seahawks, winners of the very mediocre nfc west beat the defending superbowl champions. >> wow. >> you never know. >> that's why they play at home. >> yes. >> the 12th man, seattle is an incredibly difficult place to play football. now they go to chicago and their season is over. >> that's it. >> he was like a man poised. >> oh, yes. >> that was really cool. >> good for lynch. >> it wasn't pretty. >> and look at that. >> we will live you with this and say good night. see you tomorrow. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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