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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 12, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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call or click today. how she did it. "governor do you have a state you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it is hard to get a smart meter removed but this lady did it. how she did it. >> state issued cell phone. do you have one? have you turned it in? >> i have it my desk ready to turn in. >> from the governor on down state workers are losing the cell phones in we all pay for. who gets to keep them? the arizona shooting suspect isn't saying anything. but his parents are saying something tonight. reality t.v. made these rats famous. now you'll see the home they came from and why a bay area shelter can't adopt them out fast enough. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. we have heard a lot of
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complaints about those new smart meters. well tonight one bay area woman took on pg&e and won. she managed to get the utility to do something it never does. pg&e removed her smart meter and replaced it with the old fashioned kind. joe vazquez tells us how. >> reporter: the lady said she called pg&e and told them the wireless transmitter on the smart meter was causing interference problems. you've got to remove it. replace it. pg&e said we do not remove senate meters. but check this out. the old fashioned kind. they made an exception here. >> that's the motion detector. >> reporter: jane leveeinson's motion detector has been on the blink since september. >> on and off. on for a minute, off for a minute. on, off. >> reporter: what's the problem? at first she didn't know. my daughter first night this happened my daughter said it is your smart meter. her daughter was right. smart meters are the devices
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that automatically measure your use of electricity. they can also sometimes interfere with electronics. she called pg and p gog&e. they replaced it with shore -- with another smart meter. >> that's where it went in on the 13th of september. >> reporter: finally the company reinstalled the olds style analog meter. >> i talked to pg&e spokesman jeff smith who said they are not finished. at some point they do plan to bring a smart meter back. >> reporter: it works now but they said eventually wattly they may have to replace the motion detector or change its position. >> you're going to get another
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smart meter? >> eventually they will make me have it. they are here to understand to stay and they are the wave of the future and i understand what they do. >> reporter: there is a lot of anxiety especially here in marin about the smart meters and meters and the question is whether they are hazardous to your health. the report concluded, dana, that the smart meters put out less electricity than a cell phone or micro wave often. as you know there are people that believe that even cell phone signals can cause some health problems. >> but obviously there is some kind of interference going on. did pg&e or homeowner have an elect trir an eelect trish chan
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an >> serves the purpose. joe vazquez, thank you. you might be surprised to learn just how many state workers have cell phones. cell phones that you pay for. now governor jerry brown is telling thousands of state employees to hang them up for good. grace lee on what the governor said when asked about his own state-issued cell phone. >> governor jerry brown is ringing his new term by taking away 48,000 state-issued cell phones. >> i think it is important because it is one more thing that voters can see, look, we are going to go as far as we can in making the state as efficient as possible. >> reporter: the governor issued his first executive order while facing a $25 billion budget shortfall in the next year and a half. he said no one is exempt.
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>> according to the state's 96,000 state workers have a government issued cell roughly 40% of them. the cut takes away half of the cell phones. that would save taxpayers about $20 million per year. >> that's a lot of teachers and police officers. >> reporter: everybody needs to take -- tighten their belt a little so i think it is probably not a terrible idea. >> i would rather have cell phone use dramatically reduced than have employees led off. >> reporter: he works in communications in the department of industrial relations and says managers will decide who gets to keep their state cell phones. >> but first we want to look at the usage. >> okay. >> those who aren't using it you don't need it. >> reporter: will be ordered to take back 48,000 phones issued just this afternoon. some state workers may not even know if they will lose that
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perk yet. >> have you heard of anyone complaining about having their phone taken away? >> not yet. >> not yet. >> but maybe soon? >> yes. >> the governor is hoping that those 48,000 cell phones will be returned by june 1st. but being frugal he also points out that he will not in any of those contracts end them early because they don't want to pay termination fees. >> crazy. in a way you have to give the governor credit. he is doing exactly what he said he would do. go from the top to the bottom and check every nook and kherani for there is waste in the state and he is doing it. >> surprisingly a lot of state workers were okay with it. at least to us. on camera. >> thank you, grace. political history in san francisco. >> for the city and county of san francisco. >> ed lee was sworn in as interim mayor this afternoon. first asian-american to lead
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the city. he will be mayor until next january taking the place of gavin newsom who resigned to become lieutenant-governor. >> this is an opportunity to come together. to move the city forward. to roll up our sleeves and go to work on the significant challenges we all face. for the benefit of all people in san francisco. >> the former city administrator said at first he was not interested in the mayor's position. but colleagues and friends convinced him to take it. on his to-do list, close a $360 million deficit and find a new police chief. other bay area headlines now on the peninsula a pregnant woman jumped out of this burning apartment building in belmont into the arms of her husband. fire officials say the man ran down through the flames to the parking area and then caught his wife after she leaped from the second story. they were among 28 people inside when the fire broke out overnight and all got out safely. investigators say the fire does
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not appear to be suspicious. in sonoma county a mystery involving more than 100 dead birds appears to be solved. the carcasses were scattered this weekend across all lanes of 101 near geyserville. a witness says she saw a semitruck drive through a low flying flock of birds killing them. one of people injured in the arizona shooting used to live in the bay area. susan hialman was with that 9- year-old girl who was killed. susan lived in tiberon in 2006 then served on the school bird. cand c -- >> reporter: at two services tuesday night community members came together to mourn and try to heal. >> we offer comfort. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at the church where the youngest victim 9-year-old christina green was christened. across town the fbi continued
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working the crime scene. the parents of the suspect, 22- year-old jared lee loughner issued a statement, saying we don't understand why this happened. it may not make any difference but we wish that we could change the events of saturday. a neighbor says the parents are devastated. >> they are in as much pain as everybody else, maybe more because he feels guilty but i told him, i said, it is not your fault. >> reporter: the memorials here are just beginning. president obama will speak at the university of arizona wednesday evening. the white house says he plans to focus on the victims and the heros who came to their aid. for the first time since saturday doctors say the congresswoman gabe give is breathing congress
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congresswoman gabriel giffords is breathing on her own. >> she keeps asking about christina and she feels responsible. >> reporter: cbs5 news, tucson, arizona. a judge has ordered michael jackson's personal doctor to stand trial for involume tear involuntary manslaughterrer. they say he did not properly monitor michael jackson after giving him a powerful anaesthetic. he delayed calling 911 and withheld information about the singer's medication it is alleged. >> were you surprised by it at all? you weren't surprised by the judge's decision? >> no. >> can you share your thoughts with us? >> i'm so happy so far. >> reporter: murray's attorney suggested jackson administered the drug to himself. the coroner said even if that were the case, jackson's death
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would still be considered a homicide because of murray's actions. if convicted dr. murray could face up to four years in prison. up to 3/10ths of rain in the santa cruz mountains. now the clouds continue to fill in in the overnight hours and will have a dramatic effect on your wednesday as well. the temperatures and effects, the it will take with your pinpoint forecast. rats, rats. we have got to get rid of the rats. after hundreds of adoptions a south bay pet store is still swarming with rats. the airline that is letting you name your ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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about a man with thousands of last night the season finale of the television show hoarders showed an episode about a man with thousands of pet rats. you may recall that a few months ago we showed you how some of those rats ended up right here in the bay area. kiet do is in san jose tonight to show us there are still plenty of rats to go around. >> reporter: ken, we are live here outside of andy's pet shop in downtown san jose where that "hoarder" episode gave them a nice shot of publicity. they did adopt out some of the rats, a lot of them actually, but still have a long way to go. the a&e network called it their
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most shocking episode of "hoarders" ever. rats in a home in southern california. the hoarder had to live in a shed in the backyard. it all started with a male and female who escaped and after a few dozen litters they took over the house. >> get this. >> reporter: that footage was shot back in november. the rats have since been cared for at a rescue shelter at andy's pet shop in san jose. owner lisa saying it was fascinate to go see where all the rats came from. >> were you grossed out? >> no, i think that i was thankful i wasn't smelling what that house must have smelled like. >> we have peanuts. come on. enough for everybody. >> reporter: the pet shop took on 1000 rats many of whom were pregnant. >> we obviously don't put the boys and girls together. >> reporter: in the past two months they adopted out about 500 but after all those babies were born, they still got about 1000 rats left. it is $10 for the first rat. any more after that are $5 each.
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>> it remains to be seen how many more we can adopt from here over the next few weeks. >> reporter: she says rescuing the rats has been an amazing albeit life changing experience one that she will never do again. >> and so it turns out it is not cheap to keep 1000 rats warm, fed and healthy so they are taking donations of cash and supplies. so if you want to see this for yourself make it quick because they will all be in foster homes by ends of february. >> let's hope so. they have rat camp, is that what it says. >> reporter: this is vary version of marketing rat cam trying to take advantage of all this attention they have gotten from "hoarders." >> plenty of rats to go around. kiet do in san jose. thank you. blind bidding. that's how delta is dealing with overbooked flights. so here is how it works. when passengers check in online or at airport kiosks the
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carrier discuss them whether they are willing to be bumped and then to name their price ahead of time. they don't know what other passengers have requested and that gives the airline the ability to bump people who have asked for the least amount of compensation in travel vouchers. the airline says it helps limit the time consuming auction process at the gate that can delay flights. >> i'm throwing down $10,000. 10, 20 grand if you want my seat. roberta, what do you think? >> today, 46. 55 degrees half moon bay. still 10 degrees below average in san francisco. livermore only 45. down from the average high of 55. rain is out of here. today just about less than 2/10ths of an inch of precipitation from san jose into the peninsula. 11/100ths of an inch.
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3/10ths in the santa cruz mountains. with a blanket of clouds. not as cold as it has been. mid and high 40s. tomorrow morning cloudy skies. could see a sprinkle north of the golden gate bridge. that's about it. otherwise it will be a dry day. as high pressure tries to build in with the passage of this dissipating system that jumped 3 inches of snow above 7000 feet in the high sierra. it banked up against the ridge of high pressure upstream yet another area of low pressure. there is going to affect the northern portion of our bay area on thursday. now, until then clouds are still part of our forecast with the departure of today's system and then we start to see the increasing clouds during the afternoon hours from the approaching storm. so we will call it partly to mostly cloudy skies for our wednesday but otherwise
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returning to a north east breeze 15 miles per hour. numbers going up to about 60. i know, that's optimistic. 60 never sounded so good before, did it? there you have the extended forecast. rain north of the golden gate bridge. very light on thursday. return of patchy fog friday through the week. martin luther king day monday. look at that. nearly 70 inland on tuesday. wow. look at this. chad harwood thank you for sending this photograph all the way from switzerland. got to get away. i guess so. got to get away to get sunshine. it i gorgeous. the homeless man who became an internet station was briefly detained by police in los angeles last night. ted williams -- remember this guy? he was in l.a. for television appearances. williams and his daughter apparently got into an argument, a loud one at a hollywood hotel. police were called in and they
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were taken to the police station and they ended up releasing them. williams has been very open about his problems with alcohol. and drugs which led to his homelessness. >> well, for some reason they just can't get along. why dogs hate mail carriers. we will have that answer in tonight's good question. ,,,,,,,
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but there is some truth to the schtick. this one goes out to my brother danny and all the other many mail carriers out there who brave dogs every day to deliver your mail. why do dogs hate the mailman? that's tonight's good question. most people don't know it but dogs have a built in ability to find guys like robert pedia. >> this dog came out of nowhere and attacked me. jumped on me. i sprayed him. he jumped again. sprayed him again.
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then he took off. >> every letter carryiour -- carrier has a story like that to tell. >> dogs are naturally protective of their environment so they see a stranger, albeit the letter carrier that comes by every day. they see somebody unusual that is not necessarily living at the house coming by so they get protective of the property and the children and the owners and that sort of thing. >> some have theorized because they have walked in different yards every day they pick up the scent of every dog along that route. that can be a confusing threat to even the most quiet pet. stats say despite their close encounters with dogs every day mail carriers are at the top of the list. children are more likely to get bit than the mailman. go to and click on the icon to tend me your good question. sharks had an old friend for dinner tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell and 49ers
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general manager clears up the general manager clears up the picture on who ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] i love you guys. [ laughs ] i mean, just, you know, the whole heist thing. just putting jewels in teddy bears. this guy's wearing a wire the whole time. right? look at that! he's wearing a wire! [ laughs ] all right, let's do this. all right? before my wife changes her mind. go. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. whoops. no sequel for that guy. you've got a head coach. g.m. now you need a quarterback. >> you need a quarterback. the last one. alex smith made it pretty clear he wants to change the scenery. troy smith isn't the answer. could be looking at a veteran. >> so far new 49er coach jim harbaugh is doing his best impersonation when it comes to questions about who the next
2:06 am
niners quarterback could be. vernon davis and the general manager tonight weighed in on national shows. >> i would love to catch an pass from donovan mcnabb. that would be tremendous. that would be outstanding having donovan mcnabb. >> if you could be the g.m then who would you bring in? >> i would bring in donovan mcnabb. >> you've got the draft. potential trades and you've got free agency. you know. is the quarterback of the future on this roster? i think it is obvious that he isn't at this point. >> so far defenseman dan boyle is the sharks lone all star and that's the way it will be. pretty indicative of the team's last place status that got even worse tonight. how bad is it? >> never seen anything like it in 13 years with lack of scoring especially with the talent in the locker room. >> hosting toronto. former sharks head coach looking for his 600th career win. bad news in the 2nd. a rookie sensation suffering a knee injury after a cheap shot.
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day-to-day now. third period san jose down 2-1. patrick marleau sneaks in. ties the game at 2. second goal for him. -to-scores all three of their goals in the third. carl gunnerson breaking the score. deflection. sharks lose 4-2 and have lost a season high 5 straight. defeating sacred heart in the annual bruce mahony classic. great game. 42-40 the final score. i have in my han the top five for tuesday night. number 5. about to win it for michigan state but it is sent to o.t with that rejection. michigan state won the game anyway. number 4. ice bowl between the can you goes and islanders. down he goes. slams mason raymond into the boards. canucks win in a shootout. 76 people in the crowd.
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76ers. got to see this. beat the sixers. utah. byebyu wins. the lakers beat the cavs tonight. ready for the score? 112 to 57. >> 112-57. >> here comes shannon brown with a half court shot. lakers won by 55. the cavs have lost 11 straight. ,
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