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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 21, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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winter blast. the latest deadly storm slams the northeast after pounding the nation's midsection. the long road ahead. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords prepares for the next step in her recovery. >> she's a strong person, a fighter. i mean she is a fighter like, you know, nobody else that i know. and medical miracle. a groundbreaking surgery gives a california woman the one thing a groundbreaking surgery gives a california woman the one thing she wanted most. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, on this friday. good to see you. i'm terrell brown, in for betty nguyen.
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we begin with the weather this morning. it is the winter that keeps on giving. another deadly winter storm that has slammed the midwest has moved on to the east coast. it is moving fast and furious this morning, an entire area from the nation's capital to new england is getting hit with snow and freezing temperatures. on thursday, the storm caused all kinds of travel trouble from oklahoma to missouri. even ohio. at least six traffic deaths are blamed on this storm. some drivers didn't even have a chance on the slick roads. >> just coming around the curve and i guess coming too fast whatever, doing about 35, and cars behind me so i tried to tap my brakes and lost control. >> trailing the storm, bitter, dangerous cold temperatures could dive to 30 belown cities.he heda ago she can stand, sit in a chair, and on thursday got her first breath of fresh air since the attack. scott goldberg is in washington
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with more. scott, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. indeed, if all goes as planned today congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be taken by ambulance to the airport in tucson, and then flown from houston. this after nurses took her outside for the first time yesterday to breathe the fresh air, and feel the arizona sunshine. just a day after her first hospital trip outdoors, congresswoman gabrielle giffords will say good-bye to tucson. she's scheduled to move to this houston rehab center today, where doctors are ready for her arrival. >> i'm very confident she'll do very well in transfer. but those times are always a little bit dangerous for people. and so we will evaluate her completely when she gets here. >> reporter: this new phase in her recovery comes less than two weeks after she was shot in the head. she can now stand up with help and even scroll through pictures on an ipad. >> the fact that she's able to do all these things is quite encouraging. >> reporter: her husband, mark kelly, is even predicting his wife will be able to walk in two months. >> she is a fighter like, you know, nobody else that i know. >> reporter: police from the
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u.s. capitol also have been preparing for giffords' transfer. officials began setting up extra security at the houston rehab center thursday. her medical staff there is planning intense physical therapy. >> one key thing in rehabilitation is that we have to challenge the individual. it's just like going to the gym. >> reporter: it's unclear how long giffords will have to stay at this facility. doctors still aren't sure whether she can speak or how well she can see. >> the discharge day from the hospital is always a moving target. >> reporter: doctors warn that despite her incredible progress so far the congresswoman still faces a long road to recovery. several people will be with giffords as she goes to houston, including her husband, astronaut mark kelly, who trains there, her mother, her trauma surgeon, and her chief of staff. terrell? >> scott goldberg in washington for us this morning. scott, thanks. the economy now this morning. president obama has created a new panel charged with finding ways to create jobs and promote economic growth. he's named general electric ceo jeffrey immelt to head the panel. it's called the president's council on jobs and
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competitiveness. this replaces the economic advisory board led by former fed chairman paul volcker. a just-released cbs news/"new york times" poll finds a large majority of americans, 74%, say the condition of the economy is bad. that same poll finds the president with a 49% approval rating, just slightly better than the past few months. >> people are sensing that the economy is gradually recovering. so you would expect that number to continue to go up. it's still not very high. and for president obama to be re-elected it has to be a heck of a lot higher by 2012. >> it's reported that a large group of house republicans are calling for steeper cuts in federal spending. "the new york times" reports the group wants a $2.5 trillion cut from the budget over the next decade. that includes at least $100 billion in immediate reductions. that's far more than the gop leadership had sought so far. later today, arizona governor jan brewer will sign a federal bill seeking a federal waiver that allows arizona to temporarily cut its medicaid enrollment. brewer said the state can't afford its current medicaid
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program. arizona wants to suspend medicaid coverage for nearly 300,000 people. that would save over $541 million. this is the first request by a state that's like this. opponents say it's unlikely the waiver request will be approved. u.s. health officials are investigating a rise in the number of fever-related seizures in young children who get the flu vaccine. flu zone is the only vaccine recommended in this country for infants and very young children. there have been 36 confirmed reports of seizures. this is in children ages 6 months to 2 years. the seizures occurred one day after they were vaccinated. ten were hospitalized but all recovered. the recommendations for using that vaccine have not changed. on the "cbs moneywatch" this friday, another day of losses for stocks in asia. ashley morrison is here with more. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, terrell. asian markets saw more profit taking. japan's nikkei tumbled more than 1.5%, capping its biggest weekly loss in three months while hong kong's hang seng lost half a percent.
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today wall street plans to finish out the week on a high note. on thursday despite better than expected job numbers stocks took another dip. the dow lost 2 points while the nasdaq gave back 21. good and bad news on the housing front. numbers released thursday showed 2010 was the worst year for sales of previously owned homes since 1997. but home resales jumped more than 12% in december. the median home price fell to $168,000, down from a little over $170,000 in november. a surprise shake-up at google. co-founder larry page will take over at ceo, replacing eric schmidt. schmidt had been brought in a decade ago because google's investors thought page, then just 27 years old, wasn't ready to lead the company. the management change overshadowed google's quarterly earnings which soared past analyst's estimates. don't hold your breath waiting for the new nissan leaf to pull up in your driveway.
4:07 am reports deliveries of the new electric car are being delayed for up to seven months from the time customers place their orders. the automaker says it was not prepared for the rush of orders. nissan says the leaf could go 100 miles on a single charge. and are you a financial cheater? according to a recent poll, one-third of americans in committed relationships have lied to their partners about money, and more than half have hid cash or minor purchases. psychologists say these little lies can add up to big problems, and of course, terrell, i would never do anything like that. and i know you wouldn't either. >> yeah, really, ashley? really, ashley? as long as you can get your purses and your shoes -- >> that's a minor, minor purchase, right? do those count? >> a little bit. ashley morrison here in new york. ashley, thank you. i think we just lied on television, both of us. that's okay, though. >> oh, well. >> we'll move on. ashley morrison in new york, thanks. next on the "morning news,"
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i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] it's a new year. so, ask your doctor about chantix. and find out how you could save money on your prescription go to to learn more and get terms and conditions. we have ignition of the main engines. we have liftoff. >> it's the biggest rocket ever launched from the west coast. a mammoth delta 4 heavy launch vehicle blasted off thursday from vandenberg air force base in california. its payload, a top secret spy satellite. ground-breaking transplant surgery. surgeons have performed a rare voice transplant. they gave a california woman the power to speak on her own. bill whitaker reports on the complex operation. >> reporter: brenda jenson came to speak today, the press and medical world waiting to hear her every word, because she's a pioneer. the first person expected to fully recover from a voice box
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transplant, to swallow, breathe and talk normally. she lost her voice 12 years ago to complications from a previous surgery. she was only able to breathe through a tube in her neck, and like some 32,000 americans, only able to speak with a handheld electronic voice box. a device she called frustrating and humiliating. >> they always look at me in amazement. they think i'm a robot. >> reporter: but last october a team of doctors at the university of california-davis did what once was science fiction. extracted a larynx from a donor, an accident fatality and transplanted it in jenson. a complex 18-hour operation involving the larynx, thyroid, trachea, arteries, veins and nerves. >> it was really her only option if she wanted to be able to speak and breathe again out of her mouth and nose. >> reporter: and 13 days later, for the first time in 12 years. >> good morning. >> reporter: she spoke. >> i want to go home. >> reporter: raspy, but in her voice.
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and today, still breathing through the tube in her neck, her words were heard around the world. >> it's just amazing. simply, simply amazing. >> reporter: you found your voice? >> the doctors found my voice. they were the miracle workers. >> reporter: doctors expect to remove the breathing tube soon so brenda jensen can walk on with her life and into medical history. >> it's been an incredible journey. it's been a lot of work. but it gets better every day. >> reporter: bill whitaker, cbs news, davis, california. for the ongoing flap now over british comedian ricky gervais. he emceed last sunday's golden globe awards in hollywood. if you were watching you know he is known for his sharp-tongued humor. he drew heavy criticism for what many thought were offensive jabs at film and tv stars. even from the foreign press association that sponsored the award. in a cnn interview last night, gervais refused to apologize. >> they hired me for a job and if they didn't want me they shouldn't have hired me.
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i don't think i did anything wrong. i honestly, you know, those were like jibes at this people and i'm sure they've got a sense of humor. i'm sorry if they've been offended but i'm not sorry for anything i've said. >> officials haven't said if gervais will host next year's golden globes. biker businessman and reality tv star jesse james confirms he's engaged to l.a. ink star and tattoo artist kat von d. james began dating von d. last summer following his very public split from oscar winning actress sandra bullock among allegations that he cheated. they were divorced in june after five years of marriage. coming up your friday morning weather forecast and in sports follow the bouncing ball. well, kind of. maybe not. we'll explain the bounceless ball next. the bounceless ball next. [ male announcer ] little oliver had a fog horn nose. it shattered his tissue with hurricane blows. no person or place was safe from the spray.
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turbotax lets me do my taxes the same way. its unique gps feature guides me step-by-step. searching over 350 deductions. so i get everything i deserve which helps me know it's done right. and gets me right to my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, morning snow, 33 degrees. miami, 80 and thunderstorms. partly cloudy, 7 in chicago. sunny and 48 in dallas. 79 and sunny in los angeles. time now for a look at your national forecast. latest satellite shows scattered showers in the northern plains and northwest. a mixed bag of precipitation. the northeast is looking at more clouds and snow moving in from the latest winter storm. later today snow and gusty winds will move deeper into the northeast and into new england.
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snow showers are also sweeping across parts of the northern plains. the southwest is very warm with temperatures in the 70s. and by contrast, the northern plains are seeing some dangerously cold temperatures way below zero. in sports this morning, a bit of vengeance for the charlotte bobcats. four days after losing to philadelphia in overtime, the teams met again. bobcats an early lead. a career high 31 points. in the fourth charlotte's henderson hit an 1-foot jumper. bobcats win this one 100, 97. in chicago, bulls point guard derek rose put on a show. first quarter double pump reverse lay-up! in the fourth, he recovered a stripped ball and drained the three pointer. bulls beat dallas 82-77. college hoops a big win for 20th ranked washington. matthew brian set the tone early with the alley-oop pass for the one-handed jam against arizona. the huskies led the whole way. they win 85-58. they have sole possession of first place in the pac-10
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conference. finally from the australian open. on the court, near the net an umpire dropped the ball and it sits. no bounce at all. on a tennis court. turns out it was a dead spot in the court. it was caused by an air bubble under the surface. bit of a drill there and it fixed the problem. don't think i've ever seen anything like that before. when we come back another look at this morning's top stories. also slashing prices and calories. walmart teams up with the first lady in a campaign for healthier foods. lady in a campaign for healthier foods. discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus on travel.
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it pays to switch, it pays to discover. graders in oakland. the school's apology to parents.. and what's happening to the teacher who was supposed to be supervising them. plus.. the mother of the man suspected of kidnapping a 4 year old speaks out. the new insight into her son's mental state.. a big day for barry bonds in court. the move today.. that could help clear the slugger's name. and.. congresswoman giffords.. leaving tucson. the next step in
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her recovery. join us for cbs 5 early edition, >>on thecbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. another winter storm is hitting the northeast. behind it is extremely cold air that will spread across much of the country. the west coast will be nice. and the south, plenty of sun. gloomy in the north with mixed showers.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories on a friday. it's expected that wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be moved to a rehabilitation center in houston today. giffords got her first taste of fresh air and sunshine thursday. she was shot in the head nearly two weeks ago. and the northeast is getting hit with another winter blast this morning. the snow, wind and frigid temperatures have moved in from the country's midsection. at least six deaths are blamed on the weather. attention walmart shoppers, the world's biggest retailer has pledged to make some major and healthier changes in the food it sells. first lady michelle obama and her campaign to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy eating habits. mark strassmann reports. it's new muscle in america's nutrition battle. a good eating alliance between walmart and the white house. >> i am thrilled about walmart's new nutrition charter. >> reporter: in that charter, walmart promises revised recipes, with good nutrition in mind. from bread to bacon to processed cheese. as america's largest grocer,
4:21 am
walmart's committing to make and sell healthier choices. starting with its own great value brand, and then pressuring its name brand food suppliers to do the same. among walmart's changes over the next five years, eliminate trans fats. cut sodium by 25%, and sugar by 10%. walmart promises to change, to make healthy food less expensive. it needed change. surveys show two-thirds of americans are overweight. and with walmart now selling one-fourth of america's groceries, a new study holds the company partially responsible, because it sells so many unhealthy choices so cheaply. dietitians warn weaning consumers from all that fat, salt and sugar will take time. >> the taste buds will change, and it will be more of a gradual thing. if we kind of take it all out at once people will definitely kind of revolt against it. >> reporter: case in point.
4:22 am
the white house state dinner. a feast that included ribeye, double-stuffed potatoes, creamed spinach and apple pie a la mode. 2,400 total calories. more than a day's recommended total for most adults. proof that for many americans, old food habits die hard. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> they sure do. also that morning mrs. obama gave tourists visiting the white house a big surprise. >> hey. what's going on? >> that's the first lady. what would you do? it's a personal meet and greet along with first dog bo in what's become a tradition for the obama family. it was the two-year anniversary of president obama's inauguration. but one tourist had food on his mind. >> where can i find ben's chili bowl? >> where is ben's? oh, ben's chili bowl. u street. >> great. >> of all things to ask the first lady in the white house, ben's chili bowl. it's a washington landmark as you can see there.
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even the president has dined there. coming up this morning on "the early show," more on the winter storm hitting the east. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." what this paint's got: and that's a number one rating. it's a paint and primer in one -- so it goes on bold, and looks even better. it means getting more done -- in half the time. and it means the shade you see on that swatch -- ends up on that wall... and is as durable as it is colorful. you know where to find it. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. try it for yourself. get your own 8-ounce sample of the number one-rated behr paint. now, just $2.94. of the number one-rated behr paint. with chili's new $6 lunch break. choose a salad or tasty soup.
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the fbi took aim at the mafia in a big way. on thursday dozens of people allegedly connected to seven crime families in the northeast were arrested in a sweeping operation. the attorney general called it one of the biggest mob busts in fbi history. armen keteyian has details. >> reporter: the raids began before dawn, and by the time they ended, 110 alleged members of organized crime had been arrested in three states. street bosses, underbosses, consigliere's capos, soldiers and associates with nicknames like meatball, vinnie car wash and johnny bandanna, caught up in a sweep involving more than 800 law enforcement officers. >> we are permitted and we are
4:26 am
determined to eradicate these criminal enterprises once and for all and to bring their members to justice. >> reporter: members of seven organized crime families from new york to new jersey to rhode island were charged in 16 separate indictments. the colombo and gambino families in new york taking the biggest hits. >> some allegations involve traffic mob hits to eliminate perceived rivals. others involve truly senseless murders. >> reporter: the litany of alleged crimes seems straight out of a mafia handbook, murder, gambling, loan sharking, arson, extortion, drug trafficking, robbery and racketeering. exhibit "a," bobby vernace, aka bobby glasses, an acting head of the gambino family. charged with the 1981 murder of two men following a dispute in a bar over a spilled drink. akd new england crime boss luigi "baby shacks" manocchio indicted for shaking down strip club owners in providence, rhode island. >> our goal is to eradicate these folks as menaces to this
4:27 am
nation. >> reporter: according to the government, the mob's influence and control stretches all along the new york/new jersey waterfront. including the extortion of christmastime bonuses received by members of the long shoreman's union. today's coordinated strike was driven by wiretaps, informants, and increasingly, sources say, cooperating witnesses. turncoats no longer married to the mob. >> the vow of silence that is part of the oath of omerta is more myth than reality today. >> reporter: and while today's takedown will certainly grab headlines it will also provide an unwanted service. allowing others to fill the void, and move up the ranks of organized crime. armen keteyian, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. coming up a little later on "the early show," more on gabrielle giffords' move to rehab in houston today. we'll hear from giffords' close aide in an exclusive interview. also working online from home is getting increasingly popular. don't get scammed. advice on how to find legitimate work from home.
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and action star jason taylor will be in the studio this morning to talk about his new movie "the mechanic." all that and more coming up this morning. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown from new york. take care, everybody, have a great weekend. take care, everybody, have a great weekend. ,,,,
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